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history of australian national rowing championships

1972 National Championships

Men's Championships, Lake Kurwongbah QLD 1st & 3rd April and Women's Championships, Lake Burley Griffin ACT 15th April

1972 Programme Cover
1972 Programme Cover

The Men's Championships were conducted a month after the Interstate Championships. The weather was a problem with a cyclone not that far away and a strong cross breeze in the heats.


Organising Committee


Jim Dowrie (Chairman), Jack Pritchard (Secretary), Steve Hinchy, Jack Hutchinson, Ian Mitchell, Robert Longmore, Robert Bleakley, Ronald Mahoney, Walter Highes, Anthony Philbrick and Anthony Levick.

Boat Race Officials

QLD - Jack Hutchinson, Jim Dowrie, Steve Hinchy, John Drewe, Berry Brown, Donald McClymont and Rodney Pillbeam

NSW - William Winkworth, Don Roberts, Spencer Grace, Ossie Rosevear

VIC - Alec McLeish


Not known

Men's Double Scull

Time: 7:15.6
First and final two crews

1st Haberfield/Glebe (NSW) - Bow: Richard Reddell, Str: Islay Lee, Cch: George Cook
2nd Sydney University/Colleagues (NSW)-
Bow: Doug Burrell, Str: Paul Bakos

Men's Coxless Pair


1st Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Kim Mackney, Str: Guy Horsley
2nd Haberfield/Mosman (NSW)
- Bow: Lindsay Freeman, Str: Robert Shirlaw
3rd Corio Bay (VIC)
- Bow: Jeff Sykes, Str: Jeff Watt, Cch: David Ramage
4th Joondalup (WA) - Bow: John C Whitehead, Str: George Xouris, Cch: Joe Saunders
Barwon (VIC) - Bow: Richard Garrad, Str: Robert F Fitch - Withdrew after 300 metres in the final

E1: 1st Haberfield/Mosman, 2nd Joondalup, 3rd Lindisfarne, 4th GPSOB
E2: 1st Sydney, 2nd South Melbourne, 3rd Murray Bridge, 4th GPSOB No 2
E3: 1st Barwon, 2nd MUBC, 3rd Corio Bay
R1: 1st 1st Corio Bay, 2nd Lindisfarne
R2: 1st Joondalup, 2nd MUBC

1972 Men's Pair

1972 Sydney Rowing Club - National Champions

Men's Coxed Pair

Time: 7:23.2
First and final

1st Barwon (VIC) - Bow: Richard Garrard, Str: Robert Fitch, Cox: Robert Gardner
2nd Torrens (SA)
- Bow: A Matson, Str: G Harvey
3rd Lindisfarne (TAS)
- Bow: Eric Miller, Str: Paul Myler, Cch: G Omay

6th Glebe (NSW) - Bow: Craig Williams, 2: J Williams, Cox: Craig Herman

Men's Coxless Four

Time: NTT

1st Sydney composite - Bow: Robert Shirlaw, 2: Lindsay Freeman, 3: Kim Mackney, Str: Guy Horsley, Cch: Maurice Grace

Men's Coxed Four

First and final

1st Haberfield Composite (NSW) - Bow: John Lee, 2: Phil Wilkinson, 3: Chris Stevens, Str: Brian Denny, Cox: Vern Bowrey
2nd Joondalup (WA) -
Bow: Gary Dehring, 2: Keith Whyatt, 3: Jeff Howard, Str: Laurie Anderson, Cox: R Cruthers, Cch: Joe Saunders
3rd Adelaide University (SA) -
Bow: Rod Elleway, 2: Michael Page, 3: Brian Richardson, Str: William Dankbaar, Cox: Brenton Parsons
4th Monash/Yarra Yarra (VIC) - Bow: David M Michelmore, 2: John G McKeand, 3: David B Bishop, Str: Will J Baillieu, Cox: Robert England, Cch: Roger L Moore

1972 National Champion Men's Coxed Four

1972 National Championship Coxed Four

Bow: John Lee, 2: Phil Wilkinson, 3: Chris Stevens, Str: Brian Denny, Cox: Vern Bowrey 

Men's Lightweight Scull

Time: 7:24.4

1st Sydney (NSW) - Michael Phillips
2nd Queensland University (QLD)
- Robert Bleakley
3rd Haberfield (NSW)
- Steve Roll

1972 M Phillips

1972 National Champion Lightweight Scull - Michael Phillips

Men's Lightweight Double Scull

Time: 7:12.5
First and final three crews

1st Haberfield No 1 (NSW) - Bow: Colin Bullard, Str: Stephen Roll, Cchs: Tom Treseder & Bert Harding
2nd Balmain (NSW)
- Bow: Grant McKern, Str: Warren Fountain, Cch: Don Croot
3rd Haberfield No 2 (NSW)
- Bow: Phillip Morgan, Str: Peter Riccord, Cch: Bert Harding

Men's Lightweight Pair

Time: 7:01.1

1st Balmain (NSW) - Bow: Richard Hunt, Str: Terry Maher, Cch: Don Croot
2nd Haberfield (NSW)
- Bow: Paul Rowe, Str: Phillip Sharp, Cch: Bert Harding
3rd Melbourne University (VIC)
- Bow: Andrew McKinley, Str: Cam Johnston, Cch: Rob Zahara

E1: 1st Haberfield, 2nd MUBC
E2: unknown
R: 1st MUBC, 2nd Mosman

Men's Lightweight Four

Time: 6:32.1

1st Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Ronald McConville, 2: Paul Rowe, 3: Colin Bullard, Str: Phillip Sharp, Cch: Bert Harding
2nd Drummoyne (NSW)
- Bow: Michael McReynolds, 2: Graham Wearne, 3: Peter Stroud, Str: Patrick Hannan, Cchs: Ron Bath & Richard (Dick) Tarlinton
3rd Barwon (VIC)
- Bow: Kevin M Chandley, 2: Phillip J Morgan, 3: Phillip A Armitage, Str: Alan L Hart, Cch: S Len Gladman

Men's Lightweight Eight

First and final five crews

1st Melbourne University (VIC) - Bow: David Yates, 2: Ian D Harbeck, 3: Robert Stewart, 4: Murray A Feddersen, 5: Christopher Low, 6: Andrew Michelmore, 7: Andrew McKinley, Str: Campbell Johnstone, Cox: David England, Cch: Mark Schapper
2nd Drummoyne (NSW) -
Bow: Robert Jackson, 2: Robert O'Dell, 3: Denis Higham, 4: Terry Thurtell, 5: Michael McReynolds, 6: Graeme Wearne, 7: Peter Stroud, Str: Patrick Hannan, Cox: Graham Atkinson, Cchs: Ron Bath and Richard (Dick) Tarlinton
3rd Haberfield (NSW)
- Bow: John Fitzgerald, 2: Ian Morgan, 3: Phillip Morgan, 4: Ronald McConville, 5: Paul Rowe, 6: Peter Riccord, 7: Colin Bullard, Str: Phillip Sharp, Cox: David Taylor, Cch: Bert Harding

Melbourne University Lightweight Eight

Melbourne University Lightweight Eight

Men's Junior Scull

Time: 7:49.5

1st Sydney University (NSW) - Doug Burrell
2nd Mercantile (VIC)
- Patrick McNamara
3rd Haberfield (NSW)
- Warron Patmore

Men's Junior Four

Time: 6:43.9

1st Nepean (NSW) - Bow: Anthony Chandler, 2: Michael Boyden, 3: Daryl Brewer, Str: Gary Fisher, Cox: Lester Minery, Cch: Neville Bowe
2nd Sydney University (NSW)
- Bow: William Brooks, 2: Norman C Croker, 3: Russell G McLean, Str: Eric F Carter, Cox: Brian Casey, Cch: Maurice Grace
3rd Wendouree Ballarat (VIC)
- Bow: Rick Blanchfield, 2: Steve Rassmussen, 3: Brian Whitecross, Str: John Faulkner, Cox: Michael Zala, Cch: Eric Waller

Men's Junior Eight

Time: 6:01.8

1st Sydney University (NSW) - Bow: Donald Roberts, 2: Ian G Plater, 3: John StV Welch, 4: Danny Stiel, 5: Stephen C Newnham, 6: Edward V O'Loughlin, 7: Austin M Curtin, Str: Chris Shinners, Cox: Joe I Donnelly, Cch: Maurice Grace
2nd Mosman (NSW)
- Bow: Anthony Neville, 2: David Tomkinson, 3: Frank Stone, 4: John Gray, 5: John Punshon, 6: Bryan Weir, 7: William Stephens, Str: Michael Crowley, Cox: Robert Arentz, Cch: Stuart Evans
3rd Lindisfarne (TAS)
- Bow: J Walker, 2: R Kadziolka, 3: T Martin, 4: B Moss, 5: R Ward, 6: J Pollard, 7: D Harvey, Str: R Guest, Cox: G Omay, Cch: R Howlett

E1: 1st Mosman, 2nd Lindisfarne, 3rd Sandy Bay
E2: 1st Sydney University, 2nd Toowong, 3rd Queensland Uni/Commercial

Schoolboy Four

Time: 7:00.6

1st Brisbane Boys College (QLD) - Bow: James Skerman, 2: Ronald Bell, 3: Christopher Worcester, Str: M Scott Foote, Cox: Ian G Terry, Cch: D John (Spud) Murray
2nd NSW Combined Schools (NSW)
- Bow: G Coates, 2: G Zuev, 3: P Cipllone, Str: B Ferguson, Cox: D Coleman, Cch: John Coates
3rd St Josephs College Geelong (VIC)
- Bow: Gregory Van Mourik, 2: Michael Moloney, 3: Peter McMahon, Str: Peter Morgan, Cox: Mark Woodmansey, Cch: L D Renouf

Schoolboy Eight

Time: NTT
First and final five crews

1st Aquinas (WA) - Bow: Chris D Mallon, 2: James H Pollitt, 3: Peter Bongiasca, 4: Stephen J Saunders, 5: Marc Nulsen, 6: Paul F Duckett, 7: Robert M Hesford, Str: Bernie P Pozzi, Cox: Damien Cooper, Cch: Stan Omodei
2nd Brisbane Grammar School (QLD)
- Bow: Richard Henderson, 2: Ronald Martin, 3: Peter Sinden, 4: Alan MacPherson, 5: Roger Ellwoood, 6: Anthony Millman, 7: David Jackson, Str: Simon Bewg, Cox: Bradley Merritt, Cch: R Alec C Evans
3rd Brisbane Boys College (QLD)
- Bow: Harolg G Foxton, 2: Christopher J Worcestor, 3: Roderick M Banks, 4: D Ross Fraser, 5: James B Skerman, 6: Richard F N Bell, 7: W Bruce Crichton, Str: M Scott Foote, Cox: Ian G Terry, Cch: D John (Spud) Murphy

Women's Senior Pair

Time: 4.37.0

1st Mosman (NSW) - Bow: Elizabeth Cato, Str: Pam Murray, Cch: Howard Croker

This was the first race over 1000 metres and in racing boats. Previously, these races were conducted in tub boats over 500 metres.

Women's Jubilee Four

Time: 4.05.6

1st Nestles (VIC) - Bow: Megan Tonkin, 2: Gail Johnstone, 3: Valmai Bertrand, Str: June Thorne, Cox: Diane Edge, Cchs: Roy Scutcheon & Kath Suhr.

Women's Lightweight Scull

Time: 4.24.6
Margin: 3 lengths

1st Val Bertrand, Nestles Rowing Club (VIC)
2nd QLD

Women's Lightweight Senior Pair

Time: 4.51.3

1st YWCA (VIC) - Kath Suhr and Helen Murnane

This race was conducted over 1000 metres and in racing boats for the first time. Previously this race was conducted over 500 metres in tub boats.

Women's Junior Scull

Time: 4.24.20

1st Tweed Head Rowing Club (QLD) - Joan Wilkie

Women's Junior Pairs

Margins: 3 feet & 1/2 length

1st Port Adelaide (SA)
2nd Corio Bay (VIC)
3rd Tailem Bend (SA)

Women's Junior Four

Time: 4.22.6

1st Essendon (VIC) - Ezergailis triplets Maijk, Leva, and Zane together with Christine Brass, coxswain Lyn Duff, Victorian manageress Mrs.Claire Kinder

Schoolgirl Coxed Four

Time: 4.42.30

1st Canberra Grammar School (ACT)

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