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history of australian national rowing championships

1966 National Championships - Lake Wendouree Victoria

1966 Programme Cover

This was the second time that the National regatta had been conducted over the Olympic 2,000 metre course at Lake Wendouree. The regatta was held over two days, 29th and 30th of April. As with past National Championships, there was no duplication of events between the Interstate and National Championship regattas.

A PDF copy of the 1966 Men's National Championships program can be found through this link.

Full definition copies of images from both these championships and those of the 1966 Interstate Championships can be found on the Australian Rowing Images website.


Organising Committee

Norman W Cairnes (Chairman), L Valpied, R G Harding, A T Trahar. J William Bradshaw, A Harden, P Thompson, Stan R Jeffrey

Men's Double Scull

Time: 7 min 40 sec
2/3 length
1 length

1st Wendouree/Corio Bay (Vic) - Bow: Jeff Sykes, Str: James Thomas
2nd Balmain No 2 (NSW) - Bow: Frank Gardner, Str: Gary Pearce
3rd Yarra Yarra/Richmond (Vic) - Bow: James Skidmore, Str: D Williams
4th Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Richard Reddel, Str: Thomas (Tom) Treseder

E1: 1st Balmain No 2, 2nd Yarra Yarra/Richmond, 3rd Haberfield
E2: Wendouree/Corio Bay, 2nd Balmain No 1
R1: 1st Yarra Yarra/Richmond, 2nd Haberfield, 3rd Balmain No 1

Men's Coxless Pair

Time: 8 min 14 sec
5 lengths
2 lengths

1st Mosman (NSW) - Bow: Robert Shirlaw, Str: Rodger Ninham
2nd Nepean ( NSW) - Bow: Colin Death, Str: Lindsay Callaghan, Cch: John Lack
3rd Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Gordon McWhirter, Str: Howard Croker, Cch: Kevyn P Webb
4th Colleagues (NSW) - Bow: Peter Robson, Str: Ian O'Rourke, Cch: Peter Raper

E1: 1st Colleagues, 2nd GPSOB & BRC
E2: 1st Mosman, 2nd Haberfield, 3rd Nepean
R1: 1st Nepean, 2nd Haberfield, 3rd GPSOB & BRC

Men's Coxed Pair

Time: 8 mins 37 sec
2 lengths
1 1/2 lengths

1st Mercantile (Vic) - Bow: Stephen M Gillon, Str: Graeme Boykett, Cox: Tom C Daffy, Cch: Martin G Tomanovits
2nd Wendouree (Vic) - Bow: Ken Fraser, Str: William Coutts, Cox: Brendan Zala, Cch: Jack Barnett
3rd Mildura (Vic) - Bow: John Cleary, Str: Barry Kilpatrick, Cox: Philip Ramsay, Cch: William (Bill) Astbury
4th Sydney Rowing Club (NSW) - Bow: Graeme (Mick) Allan, Str: Peter Wood, Cox: Alan Grover
5th Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Warron Patmore, Str: Harold Anthony (Tony) Campbell-Cowie, Cox: Rodney Grey

E1: 1st Mercantile, 2nd Melbourne, 3rd S A Composite
E2: 1st Mildura, 2nd Wendouree, 3rd Sydney Rowing Club
E3: 1st Haberfied, 2nd Hawthorn, 3rd Banks
R1: 1st Sydney Rowing Club, 2nd Melbourne
R2: 1st Wendouree, 2nd S A Composite, 3rd Hawthorn

Men's Coxless Four

Time: 7 min 56.5 sec
It is believed that this time should be 30 sec less.

2 lengths
1/3 length

1st: Mercantile (Vic) - Bow: George Xouris, 2: Peter E M L Philp, 3: Richard J Garrard, Str: David Palfreyman, Cch: Simon Newcomb
2nd Mosman/Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Ian McWhirter, 2: Howard Croker, 3: Robert Shirlaw, Str: Roger Ninham
3rd Sydney (NSW) - Bow: William Glover, 2: Jim Hanson, 3: Michael Morgan, Str: Joe Fazio
4th Yarra Yarra/Banks (Vic) - Bow: Peter Healy, 2: Kim Luff, 3: Peter Gillon, Str: Terry Davies, Cch: Jim Howden

This was a first and final.

Mercantile four of Xouris, Philp, Garrard and Palfreyman

Men's Coxed Four

Time: 7 min 40 sec
2 1/2 lengths
1 length

1st NSW Composite (NSW) - Bow: John Ranch, 2: Chris Stevens, 3: Alf Duval,
Str: Peter Dickson, Cox: Brian Thomas, Cch: Alan R Callaway
2nd Banks (Vic) - Bow: Chris J Bartlett, 2: Ian R Mc Cann, 3: Paul M Guest, Str: David B Ramage, Cox: Geoff Godkin, Cch: Ian E Douglas
3rd South Australian Composite (SA) - Bow: Robert J Russell, 2: David B Bishop, William E Hay, Str: M N Jeffries, Cox: P J Taylor, Cchs: William L Wallace and C S Ellis
4th Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Ian McWhirter, 2: Lindsay Freeman, 3: Erroll Brazenall, Str: Terry Hayes, Cox: Peter Cunningham, Cch: Frederick (Fred) J Fullerton

E1: 1st Haberfield, 2nd S A Composite, 3rd Essendon
E2: 1st NSW Composite, 2nd Banks
R1: 1st Banks, 2nd S A Composite, 3rd Essendon

1966 NSW Composite Coxed Four in Australian Uniform

1966 NSW Composite Four were selected as the Australian crew

Men's Lightweight Single Scull

Time: 8 min 49.5 sec
Margin: 10 lengthss

1st Haberfield (NSW) - Colin Bullard
2nd Buckingham (Tas) - Ian R Winter
3rd Melbourne No 1 (Vic) - Gary Ramsbottom
4th Drummoyne ( NSW) - Pat Hannan
5th Melbourne No 2 (Vic) - Ron Willis

E1: 1st Haberfield, 2nd Melbourne No 1
E2: 1st Buckingham, 2nd Drummoyne, 3rd Yarra Yarra
E3: 1st Melbourne No 2, 2nd Richmond
R1: 1st Melbourne No 1, 2nd Yarra Yarra,
R2 1st Drummoyne, 2nd Richmond

Men's Lightweight Coxed Pair

Time: 9 min 16.7 sec
6 lengths
4 lengths

1st Ballarat City (Vic) - Bow: Alan Dixon, Str: Daryl Brown, Cox: Stan Butler, Cch: Frank Findlay
2nd Haberfield No 1 (NSW) - Bow: Dirk Krause, Str: Colin Schofield, Cox: Rodney Grey, Cch: Bert Harding
3rd Essendon (Vic) - Bow: John Ward, Str: Alan Darker, Cox: L Cummings, Cch: R Moloney
4th Albert Park (Vic) - Bow: Robert Rodway, Str: Noel Carter, Cox: Kevin Wickham, Cch: Patrick Harrison

E1: 1st Albert Park, 2nd Essendon, 3rd Haberfield No 2
E2: 1st Ballarat City, 2nd Haberfield No 2
R1: 1st Haberfield No 1, 2nd Essendon, 3rd Haberfield No 2


Ballarat City Men's Lightweight Pair

Men's Lightweight Coxless Four

Time:8 min 7.5 sec
Margin: 1 1/2 lengths

1st Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Dirk Krause, 2: Malcolm Craig, 3: William Paget, Str: Colin Schofield, Cch: Bert Harding
2nd Ballarat City (Vic) - Bow: Allan Dixon, 2: Terry Austin, 3: Mick Rowan, Str: Darryl Brown, Cch: Frank Findlay

This was a first and final.

Men's Lightweight Eight

Time:7 min 19 sec
2 lengths
3 feet

1st Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Robert Stone, 2: Don Capetti, 3:Dennis Carmody, 4: Dennis Purcell, 5: Ian Carmody, 6: Robert Powell, 7: Bruce Holden, Str: Bruce Downie, Cox: Larry Crick, Cch: W Howard Holden
2nd South Australian Composite (SA)- Bow: H S Newland, 2: R M Bonnin, 3: J Chrominsky, 4: Vaughn H Bollen, 5: Robert Cooper, 6: G Footer, 7: D R Brooks, Str: T R Gordon, Cch: William L Wallace and S C Ellis
3rd Banks (Vic) - Bow: Peter O'Connor, 2: Peter Storey, 3: Garry Osborn, 4: William (Bill) O'Keefe, 5: Ian Albert, 6: Robert Stephenson, 7: Eddie Mallia Str: Paul Bennett, Cox: Gary Morgan, Cch: W Ray B Todd & Don W Todd
4th Mercantile (Vic) - Bow: Graeme G Smith, 2: Tim J Hogan, 3: R J Roberts, 4: William T Hogg, 5: J Anthony Fox 6: H Penry Green, 7: Peter J Downey, Str: Phil V Wood, Cox: Simon P R Tulloch, Cch: Michael F McKenna

E1: 1st Sydney, 2nd Mercantile, 3rd Tasmania
E2: 1st S A Composite, 2nd Banks
R1: 1st Mercantile, 2nd Banks, 3rd Tasmania

1966 Sydney Lightweight Eight

1966 Sydney Rowing Club Lightweight Eight

Men's Junior Eight

(This was not an under 19 event. At this time the Junior category was a person who had not won a senior race.)

Time:6 min 59 sec
1/3 length
2/3 length

1st Mercantile (Vic) - Bow: Rod S Weatherhead, 2: Warwick B Hutchins, 3: Roger B Wilson, 4: Ron Negri, 5: John Burford, 6: David G A Douglas, 7: Vic G Mulder, Str: Jim E Bourke, Cox: Martin F Owen, Cch: Norman W Cairnes and Graeme A McCall
2nd Mosman (NSW) - Bow: Peter Johnman, 2: Geoff Pritchard, 3: Michael Everett, 4: Nick Padol, 5: John Clark, 6: Ian Ballard, 7: Ian Porter, Str: John Langdale, Cox: Richard Bruce, Cch: Bruce L Evans
3rd Melbourne University (Vic) - Bow: J Thompson, 2: S Gray, 3: Anthony Oakley, 4: Ross Robson, 5: D Birke, 6: James Robson, 7: Robert Wakefield, Str: David Elder, Cox: G Robbins, Cch: Chester Keon Cohen
4th Yarra Yarra (Vic) - Bow: Augustus Walter (Wal) Oakley, 2: Chris Long, 3: Stephen Mason, 4: Russell Mason, 5: David Howe, 6: Peter Dalton, 7: John Carr, Str: Graeme Voight, Cox: Kevin J Wickham, Cch: Jim Howden

This was a first and final.

Schoolboy Four

Time: 7 min 58 sec
6 feet
2 lengths

1st Ballarat Grammar (Vic) - Bow: Raymond J Vallance, 2: H T Wood, 3: Brian C Clarke, Str: Stephen Carroll, Cox: Trevor J Wilson, Cch: Jack Nevett
2nd Ballarat College (Vic) - Bow: Robert J Evans, 2: John Benjamin, 3: William F Chistopherson, Str: Bruce Sarah, Cox: Morris W Price, Cch: Jack Barnett
3rd Hutchins School (Tas) - Bow: Chris Jones, 2: Edward (Ted) G Hale, 3: Graeme Groom, Str: Michael A Wood, Cox: Peter K Limb, Cch: Paul R Cox
4th Devonport High School (Tas) - Bow: David Bates, 2: Robert Jacobs, 3: Barry McInnes, Str: Peter Douglas, Cox: Geoffrey Billett, Cch: John (Jack) Jeffries

E1: 1st Ballarat Grammar, 2nd Ballarat College, 3rd Ballarat High School, 4th Reservoir High School No 1
E2: 1st Hutchins School, 2nd Devonport High School, 3rd Richmond River High School, 4th Reservoir High School No 2
R1: 1st Ballarat College, 2nd Richmond River High School, 3rd Reservoir High School No 1
R2: 1st Devonport High School, 2nd Ballarat High School, 3rd Reservoir High School No 2

Schoolboy Eight

Time: 7 min 39 sec
Margin: 2 1/2 lengths

1st Hutchins School (Tas) - Bow: Fabian B Dixon, 2: William A Webster, 3: Phillip H Boyd, 4: Lance G Morrisby, 5: Graeme Groom, 6: Edward (Ted) Hale, 7: Chris J T Jones, Str: Michael A Wood, Cox: Peter K Limb, Cch: Paul R Cox
2nd King's College (SA) - Bow: C Harrington, 2: J Trevivian, 3: J Love, 4: J Halliday, 5: Michael Lohmeyer, 6: R Payne, 7: A Fleming, Str: A Lipp, Cox: P Hughes, Cch: Graham D Coldwell

This was a first and final

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