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History of Rowing Victory Inc

History of Rowing Victoria Inc

Appendix 5. Roll of Honour WWI

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Members of Victorian Rowing Clubs who served in The Great War.

In 1919, the then President of Rowing Victoria Henry Gyles Turner wrote:
The members of the various rowing clubs who were affiliated with the Victorian Rowing Association numbered at the outbreak of the war 2,117; of these no less than 1,261 men in the prime of physical life—heard and voluntarily answered to the call of duty, not waiting for any idle talk about conscription. Surely such a stimulating record is justifiably a source of pride in the Association to which we belong, and it should never be forgotten. It is therefore intended to erect on the site where oarsmen are wont to foregather a permanent memorial to the memory of those members of that gallant contingent who fell in the desperate struggle for the world's freedom, sealing with their life's blood their devotion to a noble cause.

Let us dwell on their sacrifice to the nation and the extent of carnage to the sport in Victoria:
2,117 registered members before the war.
1,261 enlisted.
320 did not return.

The following information originated from the list prepared by John Lang in 1919 and has been enhanced by information from Clubs.

Military Orders and Decorations - Abbreviations.

Order of the Bath—Military Companions—C.B.
Companions of the Distinguished Service Order—D.S.O.
Meritorious Service Medal—M.S.M.
Military Cross—M.C.
Military Medal—M.M.
Colonial Auxiliary Forces, Officer's Decoration (sometimes called Victoria Decoration)—V.D.
Order of the British Empire

  • Knight Commander—K.B.E.
  • Commander—C.B.E.
  • Officer—O.B.E.
  • Member—M.B.E.

(Those names which are bolded are those who died in the Great War.)

Albert Park Rowing Club

Albert W. Asker William Joseph Henderson C McKenzie
Royce J BetancorC JacobsC Broadley McMinn
Ernest James Boyd Fred Johnson Spencer W Pedder, DCM
Robert Brownridge Alfred King Royden M Ralph
Keith Wallace-Crabbe Victor F Langsford Roy F Reardon
L. Daniel Malcolm John Last William Steinle
Lyndhurst S Davis Cecil P. Leslie Jack Stewart
Herbert S. Dickinson Douglas London Henry James Thornton
Stanley A. Ditchburn Richard J London Louis Vawfynice
Henry R DuncanCharles D Monteath, MC Harry J Whiting*
Harold Arthur Fleming Allen James McBride Joes Williams
Adam Gordon Fletcher Likely H McBrien  
Jack Haley Patrick McFarlane  
John S. Harrison George McIlroy, MC *Also in University list

Antwerp Rowing Club

James A. Davidson James Hook, MM Richard J Matthews
Albert G Elliott, MM James Johnson Michael J Scanlon
James W FerryAlfred G Kühne  

Bairnsdale Rowing Club

L. P. Andrews
R. D Ennis R. J. Moss, M.C.
Albert W Battye, MM Gordon H Evans Thomas J S McDonald
Milo A Beaton Erle F D Fethers A. A. McMichael
Allan J Boyd Garnet V S Gaylor A. Pearce
C. S. Boyle B. E. Gibney
R. Potter
A. C. Brabet W. Grant A. Rennie
J. C. Bull Archibald M Green E. J. Savage
H. J. Burgess A. L. Hemley, MSM J. L. Shannon
J. T. Campbell G. M. Holly Clyde L Sharrow
J. L. Commins Russell W Hosie George S Sibbin
C. J. Cooper A. Hurley
J. M. Sibbin
K. C. Corney
Charles R Jeffreys J. Smith
F. H. Crooke John D. Jeffreys F. V. Ternes
G. G. Day, MSM William I Jennings
F. M. Tilson
John S Deam
N. C. Johnson A. Tingate
William Deam P. C. King F. S. Towner
A. V. Dean C. W. R. Laird Martin J Towner
Francis B Duke D. S. Lawrence W. Twitchett
R. T. R. Dunbar, MM
A. Lloyd
William Wallace
H. J. Duncan J. W. Lush E. H. D. White
K. T. Duncan W. H. Mathieson W. Wilson
Lennox G Duncan John Moore K. R. Witt
R. H. Ennis Lindsay Morrison F. C. Yeates

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