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australian rowers profiles and history

Allen J McBride

Albert Park Rowing Club, now Albert Park South Melbourne Rowing Club (VIC)

McBride does not appear to have won any races prior to WWI but was an active Club member. 

He served in WWI but sadly did not return.

McBride was a 26 year old, married bank teller at the time of his enlistment in 1916. His height was 5 foot 8.5 inches, a reasonable height in those days, with blue eyes and fair hair. His father was noted as being the Very Reverend James McBride of Geelong. 

He served only three month in France as a gunner in the Field Artillery before he was struck down with influenza. This developed into pneumonia and he died within days in France. 

Also recorded on his military file is that his widow Edith Frances McBride remarried after his death.

Grace Blake and Andrew Guerin
July 2021


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