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australian rowers profiles and history

John S Harrison


1914 - Interstate Men's Eight Championship three seat - third

The following interesting extract comes from The West Australian, 7th January 1925, page 11. 

Older rowing men and particularly members of the 1914 interstate eight will be glad to hear of Jack Harrison, who rowed No. 3 in that great crew. He enlisted during the first days of the war, and served unscathed from Gallipoli to the Armistice, but through an accident, lost the sight of both eyes, after hostilities had ceased. While an inmate of St. Dunstan's he went in for a good deal of rowing, and word has been received here, that he has, in open competition, for two years in succession, stroked the champion four of his club to victory. His success will be welcome news to all who had the pleasure of being associated with him while be was resident in Western Australia.

1914 WA crew

1914 race showing the first three crews

Steve Roll, Jan 2018



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