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History of Rowing Victory Inc

History of Rowing Victoria Inc

5. The rise of Henley on Yarra (1900-1909)

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In an interview in Western Australia in 1906, the highly regarded boatbuilder and coach Syd Edwards was asked why Victorian rowing was so successful. His answer has some historical interest as he highlights that in the early days of rowing in New South Wales, used whale boats rather than racing boats. Thus Victoria had a good start on NSW. He then went on to say that the still water in Melbourne enabled rowers to row better and throughout the year. Thia natural advantage was in his view important. Finally, he highlighted that rowers were within an easy walk from the city, and further, there were many boathouses in the same area on the Yarra River. This kept the interest in the sport at a higher level than elsewhere. These natural advantages were regarded as significant and he highlighted that the differences in personnel were not an issue.


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