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australian rowers profiles and history

Richard J London

Albert Park Rowing Club, now Albert Park South Melbourne Rowing Club (VIC)

Richard John London was born in Warrnambool and lived at 30 Park St, St Kilda.

Richard joined the Albert Park club together with his brother Doug during the season of 1914-15. He won several maiden races during that season.

A 26-year-old fitter and turner, Richard enlisted on 13th March, 1916 as a private in the 24th Battalion.

He was wounded at Bullecourt in May 1917, receiving a gunshot wound to his right eye and arm. Richard lost his eye, and with little sight in his left eye, he was discharged to furlough by the end of the year.

Richard married Dorothy Margaret Rose Leonard, who was seven years his senior, just two months after being blinded. In 1919, he trained as a masseur, returning to Australia on 28th September.

There are no recorded race wins prior to 1920 follow.

1914 - Nagambie Regatta, Men's Maiden Four, stroke - First

1915 - Albert Park Lake Regatta, Men's Maiden Eight, bow - First

1915 - Upper Yarra Regatta, Men's Maiden Eight, bow - First

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