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australian rowers profiles and history

Cecil Park Leslie

Albert Park Rowing Club, now Albert Park South Melbourne Rowing Club (VIC)

Leslie served in WWI and survived.

His race wins prior to WWI follow. He was a prolific racer whose rowing career was cut short whilst he was in his prime by WWI.

1911 - Colac Regatta, Men's Maiden Eight, five seat - First

1911 - Upper Yarra Regatta, Men's Maiden Four, two seat - First

1912 - Seymour Regatta, men's Maiden Pair, bow - First

1912 - Melbourne Regatta, Men's Junior Four, bow - First

1914 - Ballarat Regatta, Men's Senior Eight, three seat - First

1914 - Geelong and Barwon Regatta, Men's Senior Eight, three seat - First

1914 - Victorian Men's Eight Championship, three seat - First

1915 - Victorian Men's Eight Championship, bow - First

1915 - Victorian Men's Four Championship, bow - First

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