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australian rowers profiles and history

William Steinle

Albert Park Rowing Club, now Albert Park South Melbourne Rowing Club (VIC)

William Steinle was born in Hawker, South Australia. He was a 22 year old joiner when he enlisted on 6th October, 1916 as a gunner in the 2nd artillery brigade.

Bill was a successful oarsman for Albert Park. Joining in 1914, he won a maiden four and two maiden eights before being selected for the winning 1915 Champion Eight crew.

His service was spent entirely in England. In 1917 he was at Boyton and Lark Hill, before being transferred to the Australian Flying Corps at Ternhill. By April 1918, he had been promoted to sergeant. He returned to Australia on New Year’s Day, 1920, after suffering from pneumonia.

Returning to the club, Bill went into business with Harry Duncan. He died in the 1930-31 season of appendicitis. 

Pre WWI racing wins:

1914 - Nagambie Regatta, men's Maiden Four, two seat - First

1915 - Albert Park Lake Regatta, Men's Maiden Eight, stroke - First

1915 - Upper Yarra Regatta, Men's Maiden Eight, stroke - First

1915 - Victorian Men's Eight Championship, six seat - First

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