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history of australian national rowing championships

Women's Adaptive Double Scull

2000Port Macquarie/Nepean - Bow: Melinda Howlitt, Str: Ruth Jacka, Cch: Jim Young 4:17.62
2001Nepean - Bow: Melinda Howlett, Str: Lisa Tengdahl, Cch: Stephen Parker 3:58.23
2002ECU Perth/WARC - Bow: Caroline Chapman, Str: Megan Edwards, Cch: Barbara Edwards 4:44.48
2003Swan River - Bow: Lesley Scogna, Str: Teresa Killeen 4:37.46
2004ECU Perth - Bow: Megan Edwards, Str: Judith McCombe 4:50.87
2006Lakes Rowers/North Shore - Bow: Norma Perry [NSHR], Str: Kristin Mercer [LAKES], Cch: Peter Albisser 4:28.05
2007Yarra Yarra - Bow: Fiona Munn, Str: Carol Cooke, Cch: Sally Shaw 4:37.78
2008Penrith/Yarra Yarra - Bow: Carol Cooke [YARRA], Str: Julia Veness-Collins [PENRI], Cch: Hilary Poole 4:15.24
2009Penrith/Yarra Yarra - Bow: Carol Cooke [YARRA], Str: Julia Veness-Collins [PENRI], Cch: Stuart McShane 5:52.82
2010Mercantile/UNSW - Bow: Alexandra Green [UNSW], Str: Carol Cooke [MERC], Cch: Stuart McShane 4:11.00

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