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history of australian national rowing championships

1970 National Championships

Men's Championships, Nepean River NSW and Women's Championships, Milton Reach Brisbane River QLD

1970 Men's Programme Cover

The men's regatta was held over two days, 8th and 9th of May. It included representation by a New Zealand 'Colts' team coached by Rusty Robertson and also a crew from Manilla, the first oarsmen from the Phillipines to race at an Australian regatta. Alan May from Sydney Rowing Club coached these Phillipine crews.

The women's regatta was held on the Milton Reach of the Brisbane River in Queensland on May 9th.


Organising Committee and Officials

Organising Committee: Laurie E Stepto (Chairman), Maurie C Grace (Secretary), Kevyn P Webb, George E Parlby, C William (Bill) Winkworth, Maurie (Mo) T Redden, Geoffrey E McIntyre, Ken Henson, Peter Chapman, Anthony Campbell-Crowie

Regatta Officials: Jack McFarlane, Ian Mitchell, Kevin Bertram, Michael Rudder, Ken Hinchey, George Parlby, Kevyn Webb, Alan Callaway, John Ferres, Keith Cummins, Geoffrey McIntyre, Anthony Campbell-Cowie, Arthur (Scotty) Dalyrmple, Dr Rolo Rylance

Boat Race Officals:
NSW: Oswald Rosevear, Vic Mossong, Don Croot, Maurie Grace, William C (Bill) Winkworth, Neil McCallum, Geoffrey McIntyre, Laurie Stepto, Don Roberts, Robert Tinning, Perce Spurling, Samuel Hobbs, Spencer Grace, Phillip Cayzer
VIC: Norman Cairnes, Robert Aitken, Robert Duncan, Alec McLeish, Noel Wilkinson
QLD: Jim Dowrie, Jack Hutchinson
WA: Robert Hemery, William (Bill) Burbidge,
SA: William Wallace

Weigh-In Stewards: Ken Henson, Charles Davison, Peter Chapman, Jack McFarlane, George Neilson, Charlie Smith, Jim Goulding

Bi-Centenary Men's Single Scull

Time: 7 min 23 sec
4 sec
6.2 sec

1st South Australian Railways (SA) - Norm Talbot
2nd Barwon ( Vic) - Robert Fitch
3rd Corio Bay (Vic) - Jeff Sykes

1970 Neil Talbot
1970 Men's Single Scull - Norm Talbot

Bi-Centenary Men's Eights

Time: 6 min 4.7 secs
1 sec
24.1 secs

1st New Zealand Colts - Bow: G Minnell, 2: S Byrn, 3: R DeLeeuw, 4: W Quinn, 5: S Sutherland, 6: R Murphy, 7: F O'Gorman, Str: B Johnston, Cox: Simon Dickie, Cch: Rusty Robinson
2nd Victoria - Bow: David Bishop, 2: Jack Shanasy, 3: Kerry Jelbart, 4: Paul Guest, 5: John Harry, 6: David Douglas, 7: Stephen Gillon, Str: Graeme Boykett, Cox: Geoff Godkin, Cch: David Boykett
3rd Sydney University - Bow: David M Matheson, 2: Larry D Cornell, 3: Christopher G Noel, 4: Hugh Watson, 5: Colin P Allsop, 6: Wotjek (Stan) S Perkowicz, 7: Phillip Holmes, Str: Robert B Hampshire, Cox: John F Boultbee, Cch: Alan Callaway

This was a first and final.

1970 New Zealand Crew
1970 New Zealand Crew

Men's Double Scull

Time: 7 min 4.2 sec
27.3 sec
6 sec

1st Haberfield/Colleagues (NSW) - Bow: Chris Stevens, Str: Richard M Reddel, Cch: Tom Treseder
2nd Sydney University (NSW) - Bow: Iain A Macdonald, Str: Peter Hoban
3rd - Haberfield (NSW) Bow: Colin Bullard, Str: Steve Roll, Cch: Tom Treseder

This was a first and final.

Men's Coxless Pair

Time: 7 min 27.8 sec
13.7 sec
4.2 sec

1st Corio Bay (Vic) - Bow: George Xouris, Str: Jeff R Watt
2nd Banks (Vic) - Bow: Geoff J Hardie, Str: R Ken Cusworth
3rd Mosman No 1 (NSW) - Bow: Ross Jorgenson, Str: Rodger Ninham, Cch: Bruce L Evans

This was a first and final with crews from Haberfield, North Shore and Mosman No 2 competing.

1970 Men's Coxless Pair
1970 Corio Bay Men's Coxless Pair in Training

Men's Coxed Pair

Time: 7 min 36.4 secs
5.5 secs
1.0 secs

1st Corio Bay (VIC) - Bow: George Xouris, Str: Jeff Watt, Cox: Kevin Stevens
2nd University of NSW/Sydney University (NSW) - Bow: Bryan Curtin, Str: John Curtin, Cox: Joe Donnelly, Cch: Alan Callaway
3rd Haberfield/Drummoyne (NSW) - Bow: John Lee, Str: Phil Wilkinson

Heats and finals were conducted for this event.

Men's Coxless Four

Time: 6 min 32.6 secs
0.6 sec
6.8 secs

1st Mosman (NSW) - Bow: Robert Shirlaw, 2: John Clark, 3: Malcolm Shaw, Str: Ian Ballard, Cch: Bruce Evans
2nd Victoria - Bow: David Bishop, 2: Jack Shanasy, 3: Stephen Gillon, Str: David Palfreyman
3rd Nepean (NSW) - Bow: Colin Death, 2: Michael Scarlett, 3: Edward O'Loughlin, Str: Lindsay O'Callaghan, Cch: Dr Rolo Rylance
4th Sydney/Haberfield (NSW)- Bow: Kim Mackney, 2: Lindsay Freeman, 3: Michael Morgan, Str: Gary Pearce, Cch: Phillip Cayzer

Men's Coxed Four

Time: 6 min 50.7 sec
5 sec
1 sec

1st Buckingham (Tas) - Bow: Victor Gibson, 2: Reg Free, 3: Tim McKay, Str: Roger Manton, Cox: David Rattray
2nd Mosman (NSW) - Bow: Robert Shirlaw, 2: John Clark, 3: Malcolm Shaw, Str: Ian Ballard, Cox: J Carlisle, Cch: Bruce L Evans
3rd : Composite - Bow: Will Liley, 2: Rod Elleway (SA), 3:W (Jack) Hume (SA), Str: Chris King (Tas)
4th Victoria No 1 - Bow: Paul Guest, 2: Kerry Jelbart, 3: John Harry, Str: Graeme Boykett

The New Zealand "Colts" crew and Sydney/Haberfield also competed in this event.

Men's Lightweight Single Scull

Time: 7 min 23 sec
4 sec
6.2 sec

1st Haberfield No 3 (NSW) - Colin Bullard, Cch: Bert Harding
2nd Geeveston (Tas) - Robin Jarrett
3rd Barwon (Vic) - Alan L Hart
4th Drummoyne (NSW) - Patrick (Pat) Hannan

Other starters included Steve Roll (Haberfield) and Robert Bleakley (University of Queensland)

Men's Lightweight Pair

Time: 7 min 31.9 secs
4.2 secs
8.3 secs

1st Haberfield No 3 (NSW) - Bow: Dirk Krause, Str: Phil Sharp, Cch: Bert Harding
2nd Murray Bridge (SA) - Bow: R Bolt, Str: P Newell
3rd Corio Bay (VIC) - Bow: Terry Poole, Str: R Farmer

This was a first and final with Haberfield No 2, Haberfield No 1 and Sydney University competing.

Men's Lightweight Coxless Four

Time: 7 min 8 sec
16 sec
1.8 sec

1st: Haberfield No 1 (NSW) - Bow: Ronald McConville, 2: Dirk Krause, 3: Colin Bullard, Str: Phil Sharp, Cch: Bert Harding
2nd: Sydney University (NSW) - Bow: L Stewart, 2: G Meates, 3: Norm Croker, Str: R Bennett, Cch: Dr Bill Webb
3rd Haberfield No 2 (NSW) - Bow: R Sharp, 2: Allan Fisk, 3: Dennis Hatton, Str: John Lincoln, Cch: Bert Harding

This was a first and final.

Men's Lightweight Eight

Time: 6 min 29.1 sec
0.2 sec
2.4 sec

1st Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Larry Favaloro, 2: Andrew Favaloro, 3: Robert Tierney, 4: John Nicoll, 5: Ian Carmody, 6: Robert Tagg, 7: Alan Phillips, Str: Robert Allen, Cox: Kevin Hollingworth, Cch: Robert Stone
2nd Mosman (NSW) - Bow: John Fuller, 2: Stephen Spencer, 3: Robin Poke, 4: John Cody, 5: Brian Keats, 6: Terry Pinson, 7: Jon Bentley, Str: Rod Clementson, Cox: Robert Arentz, Cch: John Raper
3rd Glebe (NSW) - Bow: Stephen Millard, 2: Charles Harris, 3: Terry Sheehan, 4: Charles Roberts, 5: Phillip Holt, 6: Stephen Herd, 7: Graham Gardiner, Str: William Taylor, Cchs: Les Wilkinson and Bernie O'Reilly
4th Barwon/Melbourne Composite (VIC) - Bow: Michael Morgan, 2: Phil Morgan, 3: Kevin Chandley, 4: William Ferguson, 5: Brian Dillon, 6: Joe Coppi, 7: Peter McHugh, Str: Phil Armitage, Cox: Geoff Hunter, Cch: Len Gladman
5th University of Queensland (QLD) - Bow: R Bellis, 2: M Russell, 3: J Kluver, 4: R Louf, 5: Anthony Philbrick, 6: J Buchanan, 7: Ian Duthie, Str: G King, Cox: Allan Bromiley
6th Power House/South Melbourne (VIC) - Bow: Geoff Pullin, 2: Colin Dalton, 3: Geoff White, 4: Hal Greer, 5: Keith Tyrell, 6: Brian Dalton, 7: John O'Dowd, Str: Titto Radas, Cox: Kirk Anderson, Cch: Terry H Goss

Men's Junior Scull

(This was not an under 19 race. Junior at these times was for oarsmen who had not won a senior race.)

Time: 7 min 40.6 sec
1.5 sec
6.7 sec

1st Glebe (NSW) - Islay Lee, Cch: George Cook
2nd Sydney University (NSW) - Robert B Hampshire
3rd Sydney (NSW) - Rod Cutting

Heats and final were conducted for this event.

Men's Junior Four

(This was not an under 19 race. Junior at these times was for oarsmen who had not won a senior race.)

Time: 7 min 2.5 sec
6.5 sec
5.3 sec

1st Balmain (NSW) - Bow: Richard (Dick) Hunt, 2: Francis (Frank) Gardiner, 3: Cliff Fountain, Str: Terry Maher, Cox: Stephen Purkis, Cch:Don Croot
2nd Griffith (NSW) - Bow: John Bonnetti, 2: Graham Montgomery, 3: Lennie Bertoldo, Str: Angelo Salvestro, Cox: Gordon Gregory, Cch: Stan Aliprandi
3rd Glebe (NSW) - Bow: Michael Kelly, 2: Victor Smakal, 3: Peter Sheehan, Str: D Dickinson, Cox: Phillip Gardiner, Cchs: Ken Bell and Brian Blowes

Heats and final were utilised in this event.

Men's Junior Eight

(This was not an under 19 race. Junior at these times was for oarsmen who had not won a senior race.)

Time: 6 min 28 sec
2.7 sec
0.2 sec

1st Joondalup (WA) - Bow: Jeff Howard, 2: Alex Granville, 3: N Smith, 4: G Donnegan, 5: Gary Dehring, 6: Peter Shakespeare, 7: W Finnigan, Str: Peter Dawkins, Cox: P Worsteling
2nd Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Rowan Burrell, 2: K Postlethwaite,3: Michael Phillips,4: D Moore, 5: M Kim Mackney, 6: Rob Rowland-Smith, 7: Graeme Hartman, Str: M Hill, Cox: T Croker, Cch W Howard Holden
3rd Mercantile (VIC) - Bow: Richard Roberts, 2: Bruce Adam, 3: Roger Redman, 4: Russell Knowles, 5: James Fitzpatrick, 6: David Colechin, 7: Jim Keeran, Str: Peter O'Brien, Cox: Adrian Maginn, Cch: John Burford

This was a first and final with Haberfield/Balmain, Mosman and North Shore also competing.

Schoolboy Four

Time: 7 min 13.6 sec
3.3 sec
1.5 sec

1st Ballarat College (Vic) - Bow: Robert Hutchinson, 2: Brian Reid, 3: Ian Gaunt, Str: Robert Gaunt, Cox: Lance Deveson, Cch: Frank Ritchie
2nd Newington College (NSW) - Bow: Alan G Hooper, 2: Alan R Farrer, 3: Anthony Postlethwaite, Str: Anthony J Brown, Cox: Graeme C Sayer, Cch: Ernest W Chapman
3rd Penrith High School (NSW) - Bow: Christopher Stevens, 2: Darryl Honeysett, 3: Stephen Foot, Str: Gary Fisher, Cox: Donald Mulligan, Cch: Neville Bowe

Heats and final were conducted in this event.

Schoolboy Eight

Time: 6 min 32.1 sec
0.3 sec
2.4 sec

1st Melbourne High School (VIC) - Bow: Alex Mackenzie, 2: Michael Manley, 3: Sid Ellis, 4: Dave Hawkins, 5: Peter (Barney) Barnett, 6: John (Bugs) V Dorovic, 7: John Harris, Str: Glen Carruthers, Cox: Peter Hollis, Cch: H Penry Green
2nd Sydney High School (NSW) - Bow: J Chrlich, 2: P Harvey, 3: C King, 4: Ian Luxford, 5: I Chrichton, 6: W Wall, 7: P Logan, Str: G Franklin, Cox: R O'Connor, Cch: Norm Grounds
3rd Guildford Grammar (WA) - Bow: Charles Somerset, 2: Lachlan Taggart, 3: Jonathan Holmes, 4: Douglas Mitchell, 5: Michael Drake-Brockman, 6: Colin Sippe, 7: Dale Stokes, Str: Lincoln Hands, Cox: Andrew Blackburn, Cch: William Burbidge

Women's Senior Pair (in tub boats)

Time: 2 min .01 sec
No Margins

1st Mosman/Sydney University (NSW)

Women's Lightweight Scull

Time: 3 min 25 sec
Margin: 2 feet

1st Tweed Heads (Qld) - Shirley Graham
2nd Nestles (VIC) - Valmai Bertrand
3rd Nestles (VIC) - Sue Bartlett

Women's Lightweight Pair (in tub boats)

Time: 2 min 5 sec
Margins: 0.5 length and 1 length

1st Nestles (Vic) - Bow: June Thorne, Str: Valmai Bertrand, Cox: unknown, Cch: Roy Scutcheon
2nd YWCA (VIC)
3rd Tweed Heads (NSW)

Women's Junior Scull

(This was not an under 19 race. Junior at these times was for oarswomen who had not won a senior race.)

Time: 3 min .52 sec
No Margins

1st Sydney (NSW) - Joan Lake

Women's Junior Pair

(This was not an under 19 race. Junior at these times was for oarswomen who had not won a senior race.)

Time: 1 min 48 secs
No Margins

1st YWCA (Vic)

Women's Junior Four

(This was not an under 19 race. Junior at these times was for oarswomen who had not won a senior race.)

Time: 4 min 0.3 sec
No Margins

1st YWCA (Vic)

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