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History of Ballarat Head of the Lake rowing regatta

2021 Ballarat Head of the Lake

The Head of the Lake was again conducted on Lake Wendouree. There were no heats and all races were conducted as finals. 

Both the girl's and boy's first crews were won well by Ballarat and Clarendon in the girls and Ballarat Grammar in the boys.

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Organising Committee: Ballarat Associated Schools Inc


Girls' Open Four Division 1






1st Ballarat Clarendon: Bow: C Sutherland, 2: I Ellis, 3: E McClure, Stroke: R Lovel, Cox: H Williams, Cch: N Plucinski

2nd Ballarat Grammar: Bow: A McClure, 2: J Hawker, 3: C Robson, Stroke: K Walker, Cox: G Pittard

3rd Loreto Ballarat: Bow: L Dodd, 2: B Main, 3: E Martin, Stroke: C Dodd, Cox: A Love

4th Ballarat High: Bow: T Broad, 2: T Bigham, 3: E Phillips, Stroke: J Condon, Cox: C Ellis, Cchs: O Spagnolo, R Simmonds

5th Damascus: Bow: S Longmire, 2: G Byrne, 3: L Vanderlinden, Stroke: J Blackmore, Cox: O Reyntjes


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