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History of Ballarat Head of the Lake rowing regatta

1925 Ballarat Head of the Lake

Saturday, 9th May,1925

Enthusiastically accepted as one of Ballarat’s leading sporting and social fixtures, the Head of the Lake boat race of the city’s associated public schools, was rowed on Saturday, under arrangements made by the Ballarat Regatta Association.There was an exceptionally large and interested gathering, including the Mayor,Cr.A.Levy, and representative citizens. View Point was crowded with spectators, and the lake steamers and other craft followed the race. Special significance was attached to the occasion, as the Woolcott Cup was at stake, Grammar School and St.Patrick’s College each having two “legs in”. In winning by three lengths from their rivals, Grammar School achieved a popular victory, and a new record, 6 minutes, 14 and 2/5 seconds, beating their own previous record of 6 minutes 17 seconds made in 1923. Age newspaper, 11/5/1925

A race for Second fours was again held this year with Ballarat Grammar also winning this race. The Old Collegian’s race was won by Ballarat College with the crew of K Bradley(bow), A McKay(2), H L Fraser (3) and Archie Dawson Junior in the stroke seat.

The Woolcott Cup was handed to the winning stroke R Jelbart and Dr Champion announced the cup had been won outright by Grammar, having been victorious on three occasions. A new cup was offered by Mrs Phillip Must, whose sons were old Grammarians to be competed for in next year’s race.

Organising Committee and Officials

Organising Committee: Ballarat Public Schools' Association

Primary source: Sporting Globe. 9/5/1925 page 4

Principal researcher: Kate Elliott


Head of the Lake

Time: 6.14.4 (New record)

Margins: 3 lengths and 1 length

1st Ballarat Grammar - Bow: J M Beattie, 2: J McKay, 3: I Hare, Str: R Jelbart, Cox: J Suffren, Coach: Mr J B Suffren

2nd St Patrick's College - Bow: R Costin, 2: G McDonough, 3: W O Reilly, Str: R Costin, Cox: H Finnegan

3rd Ballarat College - Bow: W A Strickland, 2: J A N Williamson, 3: J M McKay, Str: H H Thomas, Cox: J Millhouse

Grammar led from the start the race was won by three lengths to St.Patrick’s and a length Ballarat College in third place  

Second Crews

Time: No known time

Margins: 0.5 length and 2 lengths

1st Ballarat Grammar School - Bow: G Erskine, 2: A McKay, 3: H L Fraser, Str: D Barker, Cox: A Carter

2nd Ballarat College - Bow: L T Wotherspoon, 2: W Patterson, 3: A Wearne, Str: M Todd, Cox: R Hammon

3rd St.Patrick’s College - Bow: D Henessy, 2: B L Quin, 3: P Connelly, Str: A Virgona, Cox: T Mahoney

Was won by Grammar School with half a length to Ballarat College in second place and two lengths back to St.Patrick’s College in third.

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