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History of Ballarat Head of the Lake rowing regatta

1914 Ballarat Head of the Lake

St Patrick's College took their first win in this event raced on Wednesday 21st October. Also, Ballarat College first joined the competition.

The race was rowed between Ballarat College, Church of England Grammar School and St Patrick’s College. St. Patrick’s College got “smartly” away and led comfortably throughout, winning by four lengths. A good race for second place resulted in the favour of Grammar School by a couple of feet.

The level of the Lake was lower this year than it had been for twenty years. There were concerns that if the level continued to fall at its present rate, Ballarat Regatta, which was usually held in February, would be in danger of not being held.

Organising Committee and Officials

Organising Committee: Ballarat Public Schools' Association
Judge: Dr Hardy
Referee. S Seward
Course: Mile course finishing at the boatsheds


Head of the Lake

Time: Not known. Several lengths to second and a couple of feet to third

1st St Patrick's College - J Bourke (str), J Hickey (3), J Stonehouse (2), A Shilling (bow), Clements (cox), Coach: Fred Luke
2nd Ballarat Grammar
- Campbell (str), Vernon (3), Robin (2), Hoare (bow), Woolcot (cox)
3rd Ballarat College - Walker (str), Buchanan (3), Doney (2), Gribble (bow), Woodward (cox)

1914 St Patricks Crew

1914 St Patrick's Crew

From 100 Years of the Head of the Lake published by The Courier in 2012

Principal researcher: Kate Elliott

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