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History of Ballarat Head of the Lake rowing regatta

1960 Ballarat Head of the Lake

The 46th Head of the Lake was conducted on 39th April 1960 on Lake Wendouree. Ballarat College won the Head of the Lake for the second year in succession. It was the school's 14th success in the event since 1913. The College also won the seconds and fourths with St Patrick's breaking their winning streak in the thirds.


Conducted under the management of the Ballarat Rowing Association.

Boys' Open Four Division 1

1 mile

Time: 5 mins 17.2 secs

Margins: 0.75 length, canvas

1st Ballarat College - Bow: R J E Quayle, 2: David H Haymes, 3: V C Spiers, Str: B W Jenkins, Cox: N Mott, Coach: Mr Jack Barnett (average weight 11st.12lb)

2nd St Patrick's College - Bow: I Slockwith, 2: A S McDonald, 3: M B Vear, Str: D J Foschia, Cox: D F Lynch, Coach: Mr. Pat Harrison (average weight 12st.2lb.)

3rd Ballarat Grammar - Bow: R J Goulden, 2: P J A Taylor, 3: T T Gillet, Str: I C Buerckner, Cox: P J Hollick, Coach: J G McKay (average weight 11st.10lb.)

4th Ballarat High - Bow: S Levitsanos, 2: F Boermans, 3: D Bolster, Str: G George, Cox: D Matthews, Coach: Mr Frank Ritchie (average weight 10st.13lb.)

Boys' Open Four Division 2

Half a mile

Time: 3 mins 50.2 secs

Margins: 1.5 lengths, 0.2 sec

1st Ballarat College - Bow: M G Fox, 2: J A Williamson, 3: J S Binder, Str: W W Coutts, Cox: G Fraser, Coach: C Rimmington

2nd Ballarat Grammar - Bow: T G Sephton, 2: G A Dowie, 3: C H D Stevens, Str: A S Thomas, Cox: R Newsome, Coach: P G Titheridge Esq.

3rd St Patrick’s College - Bow: Michael Harrison, 2: P N Hoye, 3: D Murphy, Str: B Kelly, Cox: J Kelly, Coach: Mr Pat Harrison

Boys' Open Four Division 3

Half a mile

Time: 3 mins 52.8 secs

1st St.Patrick’s College - Bow: B Penny, 2: T Baker, 3: G Hardiman, Str: A Basham, Cox: P Zala, Coach: N Carter

2nd Ballarat Grammar - Bow: B L Brown, 2: D J Gale, 3: R J C Brocklebank, Str: W S Hinton, Cox: R T Northey, Coach: G R Titheridge

3rd Ballarat College - Bow: R J Mott, 2: A M Fraser, 3: G J Dixon, Str: N S Fowler, Cox: G Fowler, Coach: Robert J Lemke

Boys' Open Four Division 4

Half a mile

Time: 3 min 58.4 seconds

Margins: 2 lengths, canvas

1st Ballarat College - Bow: J M Coutts, 2: A R F Dowling, 3: R Davies, Str: J Menzies, Cox: A Gough, Coach: A Sargent

2nd Ballarat Grammar - Bow: M Subramaniam, 2: A D Miller, 3: P A Jobe, Str: P F Chapman, Cox: J McGregor, Coach P W Dalton Esq.

3rd St Patrick’s College - Bow: I O’Halloran, 2: G Callan, 3: K Forster, Str: P Dickinson, Cox: C Hall, Coach: B Hickey

4th Ballarat High - Bow: R Brown, 2: R Donaldson, 3: B Adam, Str: J Nultz, Cox: D Clogan, Coach: H Dany


Crew names from Kate Elliott 2022

Results from The Age 2nd May 1960, page 23 extracted from 3rd September 2023

Program cover reproduced from Row Up, High School by Barry Ryan and Robert Simmonds published by Ballarat High School 2020

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