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History of Ballarat Head of the Lake rowing regatta

1931 Ballarat Head of the Lake

This race was conducted on Lake Wendouree on Saturday 2nd May 1931. It was a great year for Grammar winning all events at the regatta and at the junior regatta, held on the Wednesday beforehand. The race was also won in record time.

Organising Committee and Officials

Organising Committee: Ballarat Public Schools' Association


Head of the Lake

Time: 5:45 (record time)
Margin: 3 lengths and 1 1/2 lengths

1st Ballarat Grammar - Bow: C D Coventry, 2: J H Heinz, 3: G E Morrhouse, Str: P B Jelbart, Cox: W J Tame, Cch: Mr Sergeant
2nd Ballarat College
3rd St Patrick's College

The following is on excerpt of a report which appeared in The Ballarat Courier in 1931 after Ballarat Grammar's successful year at Head of the Lake and which was reproduced by the Courier in 2012 for the centenary of the regatta. Apart from winning the title in record time, Ballarat Grammar's second, third and fourth crews and the Old Grammarians' Crew all won their respective races.

Grammar School delighted its supporters on Saturday, May 2nd with winning not only the Head of the Lake event, but also the Seconds and the Old Collegians' Races. It was certainly Grammar's "day out", and coming as it did on top of their two previous wins, the "thirds" and "fourths" which were rowed on Wednesday, stamped them as easily the best crew on the Lake for the year.

Record time for the event was made in 1926 by the Grammar School, 5 min 46 secs. This year the school again won and knocked a second off the time.
Both St. Patrick's and Grammar had two legs in for the R.A. and N.P. Must Cup, a trophy which the family presented five years ago, and Ballarat College won once. The holders in 1930 were St Patrick's, and a win by either them or Grammar would finally dispose of the trophy.

The crews were sent away to a very good start, and Grammar at once took the lead. They were on the south station and well steered. Rowing with a fine swing and not worrying about their competitors, settled down after the first half-mile and drove their boat through the water at a pace that showed they were sure of themselves. In fact they were hardly challenged throughout, and passed the winning flag three lengths ahead of Ballarat College, who again were one and a half lengths in front of St Patrick's. The last crew did not seem to do itself justice. Time: 5min 45 secs - a record for the race.

The crews were -
Grammar School. C.D. Coventry. 11.4 (bow), J.H.Heinz. 11.9 (2), G. E. Moorhouse 11.13 (3), P.B. Jelbart 12.5 (stroke), W. J. Tame 6.0 (cox), Coach. Mr Sergeant

The average weight of Grammar and St Patrick's crews was 11st. 41b. and of Ballarat College 10st. l lb.

As the crews come in sight the noise from the crowded View Point and boat sheds was terrific, and when Grammar passed the post with three lengths in hand and every man rowing within himself the barrackers excelled themselves, After the judge had signalled all clear and the winners paddled round to the Ballarat shed their admirers simply hauled them out of the boat, hoisted them shoulder high and carried them triumphantly, if a trifle uncomfortably to the second Floor of the shed, the young cox being almost dismembered in the process.·

Second Fours

Time: Not known

1st Ballarat Grammar

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