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History of Ballarat Head of the Lake rowing regatta

1947 Ballarat Head of the Lake

The 33rd Head of the Lake was conducted on Lake Wendouree on Saturday 3rd May 1947. The previous two regattas were cancelled due to lack of water in the Lake.

It was a momentous regatta as Ballarat High School won for the first time, and won well. They won the Dowling Cup which was presented by Mrs Graeme Dowling.


Organising Committee: Ballarat Public Schools' Association.

Regatta Managers: Ballarat Rowing Association

Starter: Mr A Hall

Assistant Starters: G  McIlvena and E Powell

Umpire: G Htchins

Judges: F W Marxsen, T Edwards and Otto Hauser

Timekeeper: H Marks

Clerk of Scales: G Hager

Despatch Steward: E Laughton

Committee: N A Banks (CEGS), A Green (BHS), Rev Br W T O'Malley (SPC), G R Newson (BC)

Boys' Open Four Division 1

1 mile

Time: 5:43.6

Margin: 3 lengths

1st Ballarat High School - Bow: Ian McWilliams, 2: Syd Pargeter, 3: J Quillam, Str: Ken Quinert, Cox: Cliff Restarick, Cch: Arch Dawson

2nd Ballarat Grammar - Bow: K J Wilkinson, 2: R E Bygrave, 3: F J Clementson, Str: D L Morton, Cox: B Newson, Cch: Otto Hauser

3rd St Patrick's College - Bow: B A McCormack, 2: M L Byrne, 3: E T O'Donoghue, Str: J H Leetham, Cox: P J Quinlan, Cch: W F Donnelly

4th Ballarat College - Bow: A M McDonald, 2: E J Rowland, 3: R G Lemke, Str: J R Jopling, Cox: D H Dunn, Cch: K D Baird

Ballarat High School First Crew. Photo: The Courier

Boys' Open Four Division 2

0.5 mile

Times not known

1st Ballarat High School - Bow: G Rogers, 2: J Blackie, 3: R Jelbart, Str: E Ackroyd, Cox: Cliff Restarick, Cch: Arch Dawson

2nd Ballarat College - Bow: D W Oxbrow, 2: M W Siemering, 3: R C Gilmore, Str: J W Cook, Cox: I M Foyster, Cch: F Ritchie

3rd St Patrick's College - bow: N W Loughnan, 2: K F Tobin, 3: B R Malady, Str: F A Nihill, Cox: K T Rowe, Cch: W R Blackie

4th Ballarat Grammar - bow: D R Oxlade, 2: P L Burgess, 3: M B Calvert, Str: K R Lucas, Cox: J A Nice, Vch: N Banks

Boys' Open Four Division 3

0.5 Mile

Times not known

1st St Patrick's College - Bow: J G Vaughan, 2: B C McDougall, 3: R E Groutsch, Str: B J Lourey, Cox: W J Hancock, Cch: F J Webster

2nd Ballarat College - Bow: K J McIver, 2: D L Karmouche, 3: G A Hewitt, Str: R B Young, Cox: R J Bradshaw, Cch: F Ritchie

3rd Ballarat High School - Bow: W Wheeler, 2: T Gleeson, 3: R Bailey, Str: K Bilston, Cox: Cliff Restarick, Cch: Arch Dawson 

4th Ballarat Grammar School - Bow: P E Richards, 2: J A A Monti, 3: R H Gallagher, Str: A E Hancock, Cox: C Newsome, Cch: K Thomson


1947 Regatta Program

Ballarat Courier 100 years Head of the Lake Supplement

Row Up, High School, Celebrating Ballarat High School Rowing 1910-2019 by Barry Ryan and Robert Simmonds, Published by Ballarat High School 2020

SPORT IN THE COUNTRY (1947, May 5). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957), p. 17. Retrieved October 16, 2021, from

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