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History of Ballarat Head of the Lake rowing regatta

1944 Ballarat Head of the Lake

The 32nd race was conducted on Lake Wendouree on 29th April 1944.

Ballarat High School joined the Association on 20 July 1943. Without a shed or equipment, Ballarat Rowing Club assisted the High School in participating in the regatta. 

Organising Committee and Officials

Organising Committee: Ballarat Public Schools' Association


Head of the Lake

Distance: 1 mile
Time: 5:38 (record)
Margin: Not known

1st Grammar School - Bow: W J Gallagher, 2: K N Thomson, 3: T A Reeby, Str: J B Meredith, Cox: P R Webster, Cch: Otto Hauser

2nd St Patrick’s College - Bow: P J Raphael, 2: B M Leonard, 3: J G Crameri, str: M G Caine, Cox: J M Quinlan, Cch: W Donnelly

3rd Ballarat High School - Bow: G MacDonald, 2: V Allen, 3: J Vawdrey, Str: G Cooper, Cox: G Cunningham, Cch: Mr F Luke

4th Ballarat College - Bow: F T Davies, 2: J M Salmon, 3: K C Hofmaier, Str: F Ritchie, Cox: D L K Hobson, Cch: A W W Lynch

From right to left; Otto Hauser, coach winning 1944 Head of the Lake crew, Ballarat Grammar shaking hands with stroke of the crew on Ballarat City jetty. 

Collage of Ballarat High School crews from 1944 - from Row Up, High School

Second Fours

Time: Not known
Margin: Not known

Results not known

Ballarat High School - Bow: I Hall, 2: N Edwards, 3: R Walsh, Str: N Frenchman, Cox: E Tippett, Coach: Mr F Luke

Third Fours

Time: Not known
Margin: Not known

Results not known

Ballarat High School - Bow: T Atkinson, 2: R Wheeler, 3: W White, S: J Tippett, Coach: Mr F Luke 


1944 regatta program

Ballarat Courier 100 years Head of the Lake Supplement

Row Up, High School, Celebrating Ballarat High School Rowing 1910-2019 by Barry Ryan and Robert Simmonds, Published by Ballarat High School 2020

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