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history of psa head of the river rowing regatta western australia

Hamer Cup Winners - PSA Head of the River

The Hamer Cup is awarded to the school with the highest aggregate points across all events at the Head of the River regatta.

Previous Cup places are as follows.

  First Second Third
1983 Aquinas Scotch Wesley
1984 Scotch Aquinas Hale
1985 Aquinas Scotch Guildford
1986 Aquinas Hale & Scotch Guildford
1987 Aquinas Guildford Wesley
1988 Aquinas Scotch Guildford
1989 Aquinas Christ Church Scotch
1990 Aquinas Scotch & Guildford Hale
1991 Aquinas Scotch Guildford
1992 Guildford Scotch Hale
1993 Aquinas Wesley Scotch
1994 Aquinas Scotch Trinity
1995 Aquinas Wesley Trinity
1996 Aquinas Scotch Trinity
1997 Aquinas Trinity Scotch
1998 Aquinas Guildford Wesley
1999 Aquinas Wesley Trinity
2000 Hale Guildford Scotch
2001 Guildford/Hale   Aquinas
2002 Trinity Christ Church Guildford
2003 Trinity Aquinas Christ Church
2004 Trinity Hale Christ Church
2005 Christ Church Scotch Trinity
2006 Scotch Christ Church Trinity
2007 Trinity Aquinas Christ Church
2008 Trinity Scotch Christ Church
2009 Scotch Trinity Christ Church
2010 Trinity Scotch Christ Church
2011 Trinity Christ Church/Guildford Scotch
2012 Trinity Scotch Guildford
2013 Guildford Trinity Scotch
2014 Scotch Guildford Trinity
2015 Trinity Guildford Aquinas/Scotch
2016 Trinity Guildford Christ Church
2017 Trinity Hale Christ Church
2018 Christ Church Trinity Hale 
2019 Trinity Guildford Christ Church
2020 Regatta not conducted    

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