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history of psa head of the river rowing regatta western australia

1904 PSA Head of the River

The race was held on Saturday 25th June 1904 on the seven furlong (1400M) course used in 1903.

The Western Mail reported on the race as follows.

The annual four-oared race for the Secondary Schools' Challenge Cup was rowed on the Swan River, over a course of about seven furlongs in distance, on Saturday afternoon, and resulted in a victory for the Scotch College representatives after an exciting and well-fought out contest. Crews from the following colleges competed:-Scotch College, Perth High School, Christian Brothers College, and Guildford Grammar School. Intense interest had been demonstrated in the training for the race, and, although the winning crew had shown the best form in their spins on the river, it was anticipated that they would have to fight hard to secure a victory. Each college was naturally well represented by supporters on the banks of the river and in every imaginable variety of boat, and, in addition, a crowd of about 2,000 spectators witnessed the race.

The crews were ready punctually at the starting line. The positions, commencing from the west side of the river, were : Scotch College, Perth High School, Christian Brothers' College, and Guildford Grammar School. 

From an excellent start, the Scotch and Guildford crews got away clearly, but the High School representatives were slow to move, and the Christian Brothers' boys commenced rather unevenly. The Scotch and Guildford crews took the lead together, the former, in the first couple of hundred yards, averaging 36 strokes to the minute, and the latter 35. 

At the end of about two furlongs, Scotch College led by a quarter of a length from Guildford, with Christian Brothers' a length away third, and High School last. At the Brewery, Scotch College and Guildford were on terms, both crews rowing strongly. Shortly afterwards Scotch College stretched themselves out, rowing 35 to the minute, and three furlongs from the winning post they again led by a quarter of a length from Guildford. 

The Scotch boys gradually increased their lead, and when the last hundred yards were commenced they had an advantage of three-quarters of a length from the Guildford representatives.

The Guildford boys then put in a splendid finish, but Scotch College kept going strongly, and won by nearly a length.

The Christian Brothers' crew followed, four lengths behind the Guildford boys, with the High School another three lengths away, last. The result was as follows:

Scotch College 1

Guildford Grammar School 2

Christian Brothers' College 3

Perth High School 4

The prize for the best form shown was awarded to T. Hill, the stroke of the winning crew.



Judge, Mr. C. B. Cox; umpire, Mr. W. A. G. Walter; starter, Mr. S. E. Underwood; judge of form, Mr. P. Ryan; timekeeper, Mr. L. Boxhorn; and secretary, Mr. F. D. Stevenson.

Head of the River - Fours

Challenge Cup

Seven furlongs (1400M)

No time taken.

Margins: 0.75 length, 3 lengths and 3 lengths

1st Scotch College - Bow: A R Traylen, 10st 21b; 2: H Bell, l0st;  3: G G Taylor l0st 3lb; Str: T Hill, l0st 5lb; Cox, P L Miller, 6st; Cch: W A Goland

2nd Guildford Grammar School - Bow: C Shaw, 9st 7lb; 2: H L Gull, 9st 12lb;  3: E Stewart 12st 2lb; Str: P Harper, 11st 1lb; Cox: W Dawbarn, 5st; Cch: C R Penny

3rd Christian Brothers' College - Bow: J Quenley, 9st 4lb; 2: M Grover, 9st 13lb;  3:  Bovell, 10st 7lb; Str: A Juett, 11st llb; Cox: E Gibbs, 5st 1lb, Cch: R Cobham

4th Perth High School - Bow: J L Walker, 8st 12lb; 2: G L Burges, 9st; 3: G B Wood, 9st, Str: A E Gorrie, 9st 8lb; Cox: H E Kevan, 5st 9lb; Cch: H B Stone

The winning Scotch crew

Source: Western Mail 2 July 1904 page 27

Guildford Grammar School crew

Source: Western Mail 2 July 1904 page 27


Western Mail 2nd July 1904 pages 27 and 38

Subsequent regatta programs providing past results.

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