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history of psa head of the river rowing regatta western australia

1914 PSA Head of the River

The 1914 PSA Head of the River was conducted on Saturday 25 April 1914, over the mile course finishing at the Narrows (Mill Point).

The race was considered the most exciting since the inception of the Head of the River in 1899, not least because it was the 1st time that High School emerged as victors since the inaugural race in 1899. In the interim High School had struggled at the rear of the field in most years, and were still regarded  as outsiders this particular year. As such, theirs was a popular win. 

Unfortunately the margins of the crews at the rear of the field were impacted by the number of motor launches that opted to follow the race, with many of them "racing" the leading crews to the finish line.

The launches were also of concern in the Old Boys Race with the Scotch College crew said to be nearly swamped by a motor launch wash at the critical point of their race.



Patron - the Governor, Sir Harry Barron

Judge - The Right Rev. COL Riley, Bishop of Perth

Form Prize Judge - Mr CR Penny

Umpire - Mr CB Cox

Starter - Mr C Jones

Timekeeper - Mr SB Burke

Hon. Secretary - Mr Leo Wroblewski 

Head of the River - Fours

Challenge Cup

One Mile


1 length

1st High School - Bow: J Smith, 2: C Davy, 3: E Mears, Str: G Maitland, Cox: AE Arney, Coach: TAL Davey

2nd Scotch College - Bow: K McNeil, 2: H Campbell, 3: VE Fry, Str: JD Richardson, Cox: HC Palmer, Coach: WA Goland

3rd Guildford Grammar School - Bow: AW Potts, 2: L Edwards, 3: RS King, Str: JA Law, Cox: K Gardiner, Coach: SE Underwood

4th Christian Brothers College - Bow: R Mouritzen, 2: C Zowe, 3: J Kilfoyle, Str: J O'Dea, Cox: JE Rodoreda, Coach: C O'Donnell

College Eights

Lapsley Challenge Cup

One Mile

No Time Recorded

2 lengths

1st Scotch College - Bow: GE Wellard, 2: R Hamersley, 3: EH Henning, 4: S Hewby, 5: J McCracken, 6: JP Wheatley, 7: EM Barker, Str: DG Gawler, Cox: OR Wellard, Coach: WA Goland

2nd Christian Brothers College - Bow: J Mayhew, 2: M Hallion, 3: K Moylan, 4: N Pozzi, 5: J Thomas, 6: B Hallion, 7: C Zowe, Str: J O'Dea, Cox: JE Rodoreda, Coach: C O'Donnell

Old Boys' Race

One Mile

5:50 (Record)

1 Length

No other margins recorded

1st Christian Brothers College - Bow: CJ Wroblewski, 2: ALR Sadler, 3: W Witte, Str: LG Wroblewski, Cox: W O'Brien

2nd Scotch College - Bow: H Stead, 2: W Hewby, 3: EA Roberts, Str: C Burmeister, Cox: 

3rd High School - Bow: ED Slee, 2: TG Walker, 3: TAL Davy, Str: AP Turnbull, Cox: EM Fowler

4th Guildford Grammar School - Bow: G Gardiner, 2: G Taylor, 3: J King, Str: J Lukin, Cox: J Heron


The Daily News (Perth WA) - Page 2 - 25 Apr 1914 - ROWING. - Trove (

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