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history of psa head of the river rowing regatta western australia

1999 PSA Head of the River

The regatta was conducted on Saturday 20th March on the Canning Bridge course. 

The 1999 regatta marked one-hundred years since the PSA Head of the River first began. Multiple changes have occurred since the headmasters of four local Public Schools met and formed the regatta on the 3rd March, 1899. These changes over the decades have since included an expansion of crews ranging from year 9’s to seniors’ boys in a range of boat categories. This is much different from 1899 when it was only one race with a winner take all scenario. Other changes include three additional Public schools, and a collaboration with PSA (Public School Association) since 1905. These additions have widened the audience and recognition for the regatta making it an important event of the WA rowing calendar.  

The weather conditions for the regatta was mostly cloudy with average temperatures at 22 degrees Celsius (71.6 degrees Fahrenheit). The win speed for the regatta was on average 11.5 mph (18.5 kph) from a South Eastern direction. 

Trinity College were the fastest crew in the First VIIIs event in a time of 6:17.5 with Aquinas College coming in second and Christ Church Grammar School followed in 3rd place. Joseph Tamigi, who rowed in position five for Trinity College crew, later become head coach of Trinity’s first VIII’s a decade later, winning the 2010 PSA Head of the River.      

A rivalry for success in the Challenge Cup had developed between Trinity College and Aquinas College in the 1990s. The two Colleges have closely thought against one another in the past six regattas in the first VIII’s. Aquinas have however been more persistent in success with wins in four out of the last six regattas (1998, 1997, 1995, 1994) and Trinity picking up the remaining two (1996 and 1999). 

Hamer Cup

The Hamer Cup is awarded to the school with the highest aggregate points across all events at the Head of the River regatta.

The winning school was Aquinas College, with Wesley in second place and Trinity College third.


First Eights

Challenge Cup


Time: 6:17.5

1st Trinity College - Bow: L. Clozza, 2: F. Bruni, 3: C. Di Lorenzo, 4: S. Featherby, 5: J. Tamigi, 6: S. Szczurowski, 7: P. Ford, Stroke: J. Garrick, Cox: J. Clarke, Coach: P. Jurjevich

2nd Aquinas College - Bow: A. Hofmann, 2: J. Metaxas, 3: T. Hegarty, 4: B. Woinar, 5: A. Foster, 6: Q. Lynch, 7: S. Chadwick, Stroke: J. White, Cox: R. Holdsworth, Coach: P. Collins

3rd Guildford Grammar School - Bow: B. Eggleston, 2: C. Meecham, 3: B. Munro, 4: P. Langlands, 5: R. Green, 6: A. Denniss, 7: T. Murphy, Stroke: B. Johnson, Cox: O. Lenegan, Coach: T. Lorrich 

4th Christ Church Grammar School - Bow: S. Webb, 2: A.R. Hugall, 3: G. Miller, 4: M.D. Gibson, 5: B.J. Woffenden, 6: T.D. Newton, 7: D.J. Gibson, Stroke: D.J. Knevevic, Cox: J.P.E. McGuiness, Coach: R. Wait

5th Scotch College - Bow: J.K. Lane, 2: M.R. Beckett, 3: C.P. Anderson, 4: J.P. Tidbury, 5: S.P. Moulin, 6: N.R. Dennis, 7: N.P. Pike, Stroke: A.R. Pears, Cox: D.L.T. Palmer, Coach: G.W.W. Ford 

6th Wesley College - Bow: M.G. Hinsley, 2: P.K. Hagen, 3: A.G. Frean, 4: R.L. Barnes, 5: B.A. Slocum, 6: W.J. Strong, 7: T.J. Morcombe, Stroke: D.V. Vitale, Cox: B.N. Wood, Coach: S.J.O. Whitehouse 

7th Hale School - Bow: I. Gray, 2: J. Bairstow, 3: N. Armour, 4: A. Pearce, 5: M. Stroud, 6: P. Cowan, 7: J. Faulkner, Stroke: D. Speyners, Cox: M. Knuckley, Coach: S. McKinney/ T. Smith 

Second Eights


Time: 6:33.6

1st Aquinas College - Bow: S. Boladeras, 2: R. Lee, 3: J. Bennett, 4: L. Stewart, 5: C. Hesford, 6: N. Guidera, 7: B. Miles, Stroke: I. Pritchard, Cox: S. Holdsworth, Coach: C. Poole 

2nd Scotch College - Bow: P.L. McKerracher, 2: L.R. Atkins, 3: A. Duarte, 4: C.M. Emett, 5: A.C. Pope, 6: J.P.J. McNamara, 7: S.A. Cater, Stroke: T.J.H. Springbett, Cox: J.S. Heanes, Coach: S.W. Coll  

3rd Hale School - Bow: B. Mongorosy, 2: M. Tompson, 3: T. Forbes, 4: C. Atkinson, 5: T. Forbes, 6: S. Watt, 7: A. Purtill, Stroke: R. Stroud, Cox: A. Lane, Coach: D. Vernon 

4th Trinity College - Bow: S. Fuller, 2: A. Hewlett, 3: M. O’Hanlon, 4: A. Zuccarino, 5: R. Bannon, 6: M. Bonavita, 7: J. Dennis, Stroke: D. D’Alessio, Cox: N. Scaffidi, Coach: P. Parker/ D. De Jesus

5th Guildford Grammar School - Bow: B. Collins, 2: P. Verschuer, 3: T. Brown, 4: C. Hawkins, 5: A. Beaton, 6: M. Durrant, 7: T. Wheeler, Stroke: J. Ryan, Cox: J. Seabrook, Coach: G. Hartley 

6th Wesley College - Bow: J.K. Nelson, 2: B.J. Luscombe, 3: J.T. Robertson, 4: S.C.R. Ramsden, 5: G.W. Nash, 6: J.B. Boylan, 7: A.W.D. Wiese, Stroke: R.M. Liesegang, Cox: S.W. Richards, Coach: S. Burt 

7th Christ Church Grammar School - Bow: L.H. Rees, 2: J.M. Zimmerman, 3: N.J. Winnall, 4: R.A. White, 5: C.P. Paterson, 6: S.P. Ackland, 7: H.W. Joyce, Stroke: R.W. Hockings, Cox: C.J. Harrison, Coach: A. Salisbury 

Third Eights


Time and margins unknown.

1st Aquinas College

2nd Guildford Grammar School

3rd Trinity College

Other detail are not known.

Senior Quad Scull


Time: 7:24.5

1st Aquinas College - Bow: J. Chapman, 2: C. Wright, 3: T. Schilling, Stroke: P. Fagan, Cox: N. Glorie, Coach: M. Sweeney

2nd Wesley College - Bow: J.N. Van der Schyff, 2: N. Kay, 3: M.A. Vandenbos, Stroke: D.A. Fox, Cox: J.A. Bennett, Coach: B.W. Loftus 

3rd Trinity College - Bow: N. Nixon, 2: C. Beaton, 3: C. Shields, Stroke: J. Sinagra, Cox: B. Young, Coach: C. Venard/ L. Reed

4th Scotch College - Bow: P.J. Allen, 2: J.J Owenell, 3: J.W. Paterson, Stroke: T.M. Nicholls, Cox: M.S. Kimber, Coach: P. Griffiths 

5th Hale School - Bow: M. Somic, 2: R. Davies, 3: P. Francis, Stroke: S. Benson, Cox: J. Bevis, Coach: S. Berridge

6th Guildford Grammar School - Bow: S. Murphy, 2: S. Howes, 3: C. Harris, Stroke: R. Baker, Cox: M. Lush, Coach: M. Patton 

Second Quad Scull


Time: 7:39.0

1st Aquinas College - Bow: T. O’Brien, 2: L. Dolton, 3: K. Marley, Stroke: S. Payne, Cox: L. Kerr, Coach: R. Anderson 

2nd Trinity College - Bow: N. Lynch, 2: J. Hutchinson, 3: A. Santa Maria, Stroke: P. Vagg, Cox: C. Ridge, Coach: C. Venard/ L. Reed 

3rd Wesley College - Bow: M.J. Loss, 2: L.S. Oldfield, 3: B.V. Smythe, Stroke: N.P. Miller, Cox: C.J. Jasper, Coach: C.E. Taylor

4th Scotch College - Bow: J.J.D. Thomson, 2: L.E. Coyle, 3: G.P. Coyle, Stroke: N.G. Hayder, Cox: N.D. Wroth, Coach: P. Griffiths

5th Guildford Grammar School - Bow: C. Hamersley, 2: B. Logan, 3: T. Sevenson, Stroke: B. Collinson, Cox: D. Gillman, Coach: R. Bellinge

6th Hale School - Bow: S. Jeffrey, 2: A. Ceber, 3: T. Scholz, Stroke: B. Strong, Cox:     Newby, Coach: W. Rowan-Robinson 

Year 10A Eights


Times and margins unknown

1st Aquinas College

2nd Wesley College

3rd Trinity College

Other details are not known.

Year 10B Eights


Time: 5:13.0

1st Wesley College - Bow: B.M. Minchin, 2: J.M. Vukusich, 3: J.W. Haak, 4: M.K. Robertson, 5: M.J. Thorley, 6: B.D. Herbert, 7: G.J. Falls, Stroke: L.D. Beverley, Cox: D.F. Wilkes, Coach: M.M. Doyle 

2nd Aquinas College - Bow: L. Cotton, 2: M. Wiley, 3: J. Quigley, 4: N. le Moignan, 5: A. Deetman, 6: S. Day, 7: B. Addison, Stroke: T. Stone, Cox: J. McKay, Coach: A. Fievez

3rd Scotch College - Bow: W.H. Shields, 2: S. Banister-Jones, 3: A.I. Simmonds, 4: N.J. Shilkin, 5: S.H. Tosif, 6: M.J.B. Rowe, 7: E.M.T. Carter, Stroke: A.J.S. de Cuyper, Cox: L.F. Kent, Coach: R.A. Dickson 

4th Hale School - Bow: J. Mann, 2: S. Sharpe, 3: L. Tyler, 4: J. Ennis, 5: G. Stewart, 6: S. Gregory, 7: L. Crilly, Stroke: J. Morris, Cox: B. Crilly, Coach: A. Stewart

5th Trinity College - Bow: G. Goodison, 2: J. Wilson, 3: L. Gardner, 4: J. Fitzgerald, 5: M. Claydon, 6: S. Trinca, 7: D. Neri, Stroke: N. Pires, Cox: M. Milzen, Coach: S. Wiencke 

6th Christ Church Grammar School - Bow: R.E. Clarke, 2: J.M. Zorzi, 3: P.K. Norman, 4: B.P. Mansbridge, 5: P.R. Woods, 6: P.L. Birmingham, 7: S.D. Geelhoed, Stroke: D.T. Veling, Cox: T.S. Dixon, Coach: F. Robson 

7th Guildford Grammar School - Bow: A. Maguire, 2: I. Bellinge, 3: S. Cherriman, 4: R. McNaught, 5: L. Yeaks, 6: R. Adamson, 7: J. Allin, Stroke: S. Chakrabati, Cox: J. Smith, Coach; I. Stewart 

Year 10 Coxed Quads


Time: 5:40.6

1st Trinity College - Bow: B. Regan, 2: C. Zampatti, 3: M. Turnbull, Stroke: M. Wojcik, Cox: N. Hastings, Coach: P. Abrahams/ B. van Son 

2nd Wesley College - Bow: D.C. Meharry, 2: D. K-C Tan, 3: A.J. Vandenbos, Stroke: J.G. Earl-Spurr, Cox: J.R. Conway, Coach: V.R. Keogh/ A.L. Blyth 

3rd Aquinas College - Bow: X. White, 2: J. Perron, 3: M. Baker, Stroke: J. Holst, Cox: D. Malony, Coach: P. O’Donoghue

4th Hale School - Bow: D. Montgomery, 2: J. Burger, 3: D. Hosken, Stroke: L. Walker, Cox: R. Adams, Coach: B. Yates 

5th Guildford Grammar School - Bow: K. Jothy, 2: C. Sapwell, 3: L. Gamboe, Stroke: B. Norrish, Cox: S. Jolly, Coach: G. Isallo

6th Scotch College - Bow: R.A. Syme, 2: P.C. Stokes, 3: A.W.M. McGregor, Stroke: M.G. Pears, Cox: A. Duarte, Coach: D.M. Werner

7th Christ Church Grammar School - Bow: R.B. Drinsdale, 2: B.H. Ward, 3: J.T. Chambers, Stroke: C.H. Hayes, Cox: S.C. Black, Coach: A. Gilbert 

Year 9A Eights


Time: 5:13.4

1st Hale School - Bow: K.N. Rudeforth, 2: J.A. Benwell, 3: M.E. Wilson, 4: E.F. Jackson, 5: D.A. Kelly, 6: T.I. Freebairn, 7: J.A. Carleson, Stroke: C.J. Green, Cox: J.G. O’Mahony, Coach: D.A. Bean 

2nd Aquinas College - Bow: K. Turco, 2: A. Amara, 3: B. Francis, 4: B. Saunders, 5: D. Clark, 6: A. Guidera, 7: A. Thompson, Stroke: M. Hesford, Cox: P. Dopson, Coach: P. Rich

3rd Wesley College - Bow: C.R. Gilchrist, 2: A.L. Johnston, 3: Z.J. Holman, 4: K.J. Kim, 5: B.A. Sharp, 6: S.R. Ellis, 7: P.J. Renner, Stroke: J.S. Green, Cox: M.S. Bossong, Coach: K.A.G. Reynolds

4th Guildford Grammar School - Bow: S. Bunthorn, 2: G. Beer, 3: J. Mendez, 4: M. Haase, 5: D. Cowan, 6: A. Bettridge, 7: C. Poulton, Stroke: A. Grochowski, Cox: B. Wheeler, Coach: L. Taylor

5th Trinity College - Bow: A. Harries, 2: S. Beale, 3: C. Coleman, 4: J. Arto, 5: A. Edwards. 6: D. Sinagra, 7: D. Ewart, Stroke: C. Dawson, Cox: S. Moody, Coach: M. Limb/ R.Blascetta

6th Scotch College - Bow: A.J. Corroll, 2: Y. Egerton-Warburton, 3: B.A. Karel, 4: C.J. Shaw, 5: A.G. Hohnen, 6: L.G. MacDonald, 7: D.E. Johnson, Stroke: L.M. Roberts, Cox: J.S.C. Bailey, Coach: R.T. Luke 

7th Christ Church Grammar School - Bow: J.A. Marangou, 2: T.N. Randles, 3: K.B. Stein, 4: R.S. Valance, 5: W.S. Hughes, 6: Ts. Brophy-Williams, 7: R.C. Cargeeg, Stroke: T. Skipworth, Cox: M.T. Utting, Coach: S. Collins

Year 9B Eights


Time: 5:33.8

1st Hale School - Bow: J.S. Strom, 2: M.J. Fisher, 3: C.T. Yeoh, 4: L.W. Hayes, 5: A.M. Heber, 6: J.W. Stewart, 7: P.A. Testi, Stroke: J.S. Zorbas, Cox: P.J. George, Coach: S.J. Connor 

2nd Guildford Grammar School - Bow: T. Mitchell, 2: D. Riley, 3: S. Fisher, 4: A. Qnaglia, 5: R. McNamara, 6: K. Halliday, 7: P. Carter, Stroke: S. O’Sullivan, Cox: K. Hustwitt, Coach: H. Nicholls

3rd Wesley College - Bow: D.L. Kirby, 2: A.J. Buckley, 3: C.J. Tieleman, 4: D. W-T Howe, 5: T.O. Morris, 6: J. G-L Tjhung, 7: K.W. Reindler, Stroke: K. Tonokura, Cox: R.A. Boserio, Coach: Ms C.E.F. Reeson

4th Christ Church Grammar School - Bow: W.M. Baston, 2: O.A. Milne, 3: J.R. Adams, 4: I.D. Cameron, 5: M.B.H. Gibson, 6: J.Z. Eicker, 7: J. Eldred, Stroke: D.P. Stezina, Cox: J. Baker, Coach: T. Phillips  

5th Scotch College - Bow: R.G. Pember, 2: T.D. Webster, 3: C.H. Jackson, 4: C.B.D. Cutler, 5: S.A.I. Medcalf, 6: J.R. Knox, 7: B.P. Hiller, Stroke: M.R. Boulter, Cox: C.G. Fraser, Coach: R.A. Fitzhardinge

6th Aquinas College - Bow: R. Drewery, 2: E. Munns, 3: S. Larsen, 4: M. Norrish, 5: R. Coakley, 6: M. Packer, 7: T. Buckley, Stroke: N. Lewis, Cox: L. Keating, Coach: N. Collins

7th Trinity College - Bow: D. Richardson, 2: A. Taggart, 3: M. Oswald, 4: A. Mavrick, 5: B. Gough, 6: K. Kaminskis, 7: C. Garlett, Stroke: R. Norman, Cox: M. Berryman, Coach: D. Bursey/ N. Fuller 


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