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history of psa head of the river rowing regatta western australia

1927 PSA Head of the River

The 1927 PSA Head of the River was conducted on Saturday 3 May 1927, over the mile course finishing at the Narrows (Mill Point).


Head of the River - Fours

Challenge Cup

One Mile


4 lengths, 3 lengths & 4 lengths

1st Christian Brothers College - Bow: RA Paul, 2: AD Scott, 3: BJ Buzolic, Str: AF Dobson. Cox: RW Durack, Coach: CJ Wroblewski

2nd High School - Bow: A Cameron, 2: J Cowan, 3: R Duncan, Str: AR Wright. Cox: L Oliver, Coach: GE Rogers

3rd Guildford Grammar School - Bow: IR Tunney, 2: TH Taylor, 3: JM Hearman, Str: FA Davis. Cox: R Malden, Coach: SB Gravenall

4th Scotch College - Bow: JS Nelson, 2: KW Robertson, 3: EC Sticht, Str: CC Forman. Cox: WR Murray, Coach: WA Goland

Old Boys' Race

Half Mile (in Practice Fours)

No time recorded

Canvas, 1.5 lengths & Canvas

1st High School - Bow: M Beecher, 2: LA McKenzie, 3: AT Connolly, Str: M Lotz, Cox: 

2nd Guildford Grammar School - Bow: W Bateman, 2: G Builder, 3: L Cleland, Str: K Skinner, Cox: 

3rd Christian Brothers College - Bow: JB Lyon-Johnstone, 2: EF Jackson, 3: W McManus, Str: G Orgill, Cox: 

4th Scotch College - Bow: K Langley, 2: G Nunn, 3: W Witchell, Str: J Gordon, Cox: 

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