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history of head of school girls rowing regatta victoria

Year 9 Scull Division 1 summary


1994Korowa - Shannon Burton, Cch: James ScottNo time
1995Toorak College - Sarah Lloyd, Cch: Cassie McConnell, Kath BennettNo time
1996Toorak College - Kylie Lloyd, Cch: Dougall EthellNo time
1997Toorak College - Kylie Lloyd, Cch: Dougall EthellNo time
1998Marian - Sally O’Shea, Cch: Leisa WilsonNo time
1999Mentone GG - Joanne ChargeNo time
2000Brauer - Kirsty Bertrand, Cch: Val BertrandNo time
2001Melbourne GC - Katie Franks, Cch: Barry GardnerNo time
2002EmmanuelNo time
2003Results missing
2004Results missing
2005Brauer Secondary - Megan Earls, Cch: Kirsty Bertrand4:22.71
2006St Columbus - Jacqueline Blake, Cch: Celeste O’Keefe, Mark Dwyer4:31.09
2007Barwon Rowing Club - Courtney Blythe, Cch: Terry Blyth No time
2008Lowther Hall AGS - Lucy Trembearth, Cch: Jessica Cook, Tamara McPherson4:56.58
2009Melbourne GC - Selma Richter, Cch: Sue Taylor4:43.04
2010Emmanuel College - Angela MeadeNo time
2011Galen College - Georgie Goodear, Cch: Wesley Canny5:10.78
2012Siena College - Peta Terrell4:45.27
2013Corowa High School - Megan Vogel, Cch: Wesley Canny6:02.82
2014Galen Catholic College - Paige Cooper, Cch: Wesley Canny4:18.15
2015Galen Catholic College - Paige Cooper, Cch: Wesley Canny4:24.79
2016Firbank Grammar - Ava Hales, Cch: Katelyn Johnson4:31.55
2017Melbourne GC - Katy Froebel4:23.40
2019Maribyrnong Secondary - Chloe Robinson, Cch: Tony Lawless4:28.09
2021Victory Lutheran College - Adelaide Robb, Cch: Wesley Canny4:23.35

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