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history of head of school girls rowing regatta victoria

1996 VIC Head of Schoolgirls' Regatta

The host school this year was Carey Grammar School.

The regatta continued its considerable growth with 27 events, 38 schools and 1275 competitors.

After the introduction of sculling races in 1995, Susie Palfreyman in her President's Report in 1996 stated her hope that over the next few years that such racing would consolidate and build to place greater emphasis on sculling for younger rowers. Her hope was realised with most school programs adopting sculling as the preferred pathway into the sport.

The complexity of hosting the regatta without prior experience was evident. Rob Blair prepared an operations manual for host schools in 1995 to guide them in how to run the regatta. The detailed manual was critical in enabling schools to manage the complexities of the event.

1996 Programme Cover


Organising Committee and Officials

Head of the Schoolgirls Regatta Committee: Susie Palfreyman (President), Rob Zahara (Vice-President), John Hale (Treasurer), Jim Spithill (Secretary), Stephen Mollard, John Downie, Josie Millard, Pam Westendorf, James Gobbo, Rob Kemp, Michael West, Rene Klupacs, Geoff Barden and De Fraser.

Regatta hosts: Carey Grammar School. Convenor: Susie Costello. Regatta Secretary: Robert Blair, Assistant Regatta Secretary: Jim Spithill

Jury: Ron Podbury (Referee), Robin Murphy (Assistant Referee), Robert Allen, Noel Clark, Rod Florence, Nadia Gishen, Jane Greig, Sophie Lloyd, Emma Kelson, Ian Murray, Ralph Murphy, Ron Negri, Sandy Collins, Bernie Crimmins, Rob Kemp, Jane Kemp, Kelly Jenkins, Rene Klupacs and Sally Pianta.

Open Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Open Division 1

Final A

1st        St Anne’s & Gippsland - Fiona Wilde, Cch: Kate Borger

2nd        Mathew Flinders - Meghann Jones, Cch: Dick Gerrard

3rd        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Megan O’Mullane, Cch: David Boykett

4th        Goulburn Valley - Ann Tadich, Cch: James Lewis

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 1

Final A

1st        MLC - Bow: Sally Gentle, 2: Dianna Horman, 3: Astrid Gray, Str: Penny Cottle, Cox: Emily Trewartha, Cch: Brenton Terrel

2nd        Genazzano - Bow: Kate Perry, 2: Julia Deangelis, 3: Nicole Van Helden, Str: Meike Boynton, Cox: Liz Reid, Cch: Sue Herold

3rd        Sacred Heart - Bow: Sarah Klupacs, 2: Marnie Dahlhaus, 3: Carolyn West, Str: Megan Vokic, Cox: Kate Matson, Cch: Rob Kemp

4th        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Emily Klopper, 2: Lisa McPhail, 3: Stephanie Williams, Str: Kate Rickards, Cox: Anna Duncan, Cch: Cameron Boykett

Coxed Four Open Division 1

Final A

1st        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Charlotte Coote, 2: Sarah Morton, 3: Julia Smith, Str: Kate Hudson, Cox: Katherine McDermott, Cch: Lyall McCarthy

2nd        Lauriston - Bow: Elizabeth Ryan, 2: Annemarie Pollard, 3: Rachel Constantopoulos, Str: Hannah McKeand, Cox: Anneli Johansson, Cch: Nic Boileau

3rd        Lowther Hall - Bow: Clare Lehner, 2: Alina Hoyne, 3: Matti Clements, Str: Bonnie Lakey, Cox: Cara Burns, Cch: Paul Sullivan, Karen Courtney-Haag

4th        Caulfield Grammar - Bow: Chelsea Evans, 2: Heidi Gartner, 3: Lisa Farrelly, Str: Ky Saunders, Cox: Kate Pennycuick, Cch: Ross Henderson

Eight Open Division 1

Final A

1st        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Sophie Currer, 2: Ruth Langford, 3: Georgina McInnes, 4: Euphemie Harris, 5: Sarah Morton, 6: Charlotte Coote, 7: Julia Smith, Str: Kate Hudson, Cox: Katherine McDermott, Cch: Lyall McCarthy, D. Belcher

2nd        MLC - Bow: Kate Huntington, 2: Edwina Howell, 3: Kate Pirrie, 4: Deanna Horman, 5: Catriona Oliver, 6: Sally Gentle, 7: Astrid Gray, Str: Penny Cottle, Cox: Emily Treewartha, Cch: Brenton Terrel, M. Cade

3rd        Wesley - Bow: Sally McManamy, 2: Alison Poore, 3: Emma Wartski, 4: Kristina Batchelor, 5: Cathy McArthur, 6: Crystal Antica, 7: Sharon Waters, Str: Nadine Kapitaniak, Cox: Jessica Blood, Cch: Craig Adrians, Pam Westendorf

4th        St Catherine’s - Bow: Prue Lording, 2: Melissa Clark, 3: Sally Mcapherson, 4: Cecilia Riebl, 5: Angela Lie, 6: Gemma Butler, 7: Charlotte Strang, Str: Zoe Carr, Cox: Filamena Bruce, Cch: N. Forbes, Tim Fogarty

Single Scull Open Division 2

Final A

1st        Toorak College - Cassie McConnell, Cch: Jack Bennett

2nd        Genazzano - Hannah Lenehan

3rd        St Catherine’s - Joanna Pizzey, Cch: Annabelle Eaton, Colley Beer

4th        St Anne’s & Gippsland - Caroline Wilde, Cch: Alison Parker

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 2

Final A

1st        Firbank Grammar - Bow: Alicia Snelling, 2: Rachael Lloyd, 3: Melanie Hayden, Str: Georgina Fast, Cox: Sally Anderson, Cch: Stephanie Fast

2nd        Genazzano - Bow: Ricci Shepherd, 2: Clare McCardel, 3: Kate White, Str: Alexandra Neumann, Cox: Olivia Smith, Cch: Richard Harvey

3rd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Jacinta Hayes, 2: Catherine Ogilvy, 3: Kate Robinson, Str: Elizabeth Doody, Cox: Amy Brennan, Cch: Nick Inglis

4th        Loreto MH - Bow: Louisa Coleman, 2: Vanessa Seconinno, 3: Colette Herman, Str: Georgina Quinn, Cox: Marielle Sullivan, Cch: Stuart Peele, Paul Reedy

Coxed Four Open Division 2

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Prue Lording, 2: Cecilia Riebl, 3: Sally Macpherson, Str: Melissa Clark, Cox: May Lilley, Cch: Tim Fogarty

2nd        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Melinda Tyak, 2: Kate Urquhart, 3: Natalya Morgan, Str: Libby McMillan, Cox: Nicole Holmes, Cch: Stuart Purves

3rd        Loreto MH - Bow: Catherine Stribley, 2: Miriam Slattery, 3: Katherine Woodruff, Str: Caroline Petricola, Cox: Lucie Douez, Cch: Brad Kerr

4th        Lauriston - Bow: Sally Crittenden, 2: Georgina Consett, 3: Eleanor Garnys, Str: Katrine Peden, Cox: Sophie Simpson, Cch: Al Isherwood

Coxed Four Open Division 3

Final A

1st        Robinvale SC - Bow: Andrea Guest, 2: Louise Ellis, 3: Sally Goullet, Str: Sianne Farnsworth, Cox: Ebony Markham, Cch: Stephen Goodwin

2nd        Loreto MH - Bow: Jane Castles, 2: Clare Papaluca, 3: Pia Sabbadini, Str: Monique George, Cox: Georgina Coleman, Cch: Joanna Hawker

3rd        Genazzano - Bow: Danielle Brenton, 2: Elizabeth O’Brien, 3: Antonia Magee, Str: Cassandra Frost, Cox: Stephanie Higgins, Cch: Martin McGavin

4th        St Catherine’s - Bow: Edwina Fordyce, 2: Fiona Costello, 3: Jessica Jones, Str: Emma Stanley, Cox: Sophie Viska, Cch: Sophie Morrison

Coxed Four Open Division 4

Final A

1st        Firbank Grammar - Bow: Amie Paynter, 2: Georgia Bunn, 3: Laura Blunden, Str: Barbara Kurdiovsky, Cox: Emily Anderson, Cch: Geoff Barden

2nd        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Kate Cromie, 2: Liz Kelly, 3: Alice Cook, Str: Andrea Collis, Cox: Georgina Knight, Cch: Sam Smith

3rd        St Anne’s & Gippsland - Bow: Anna Blandford, 2: Caroline Wilde, 3: Laine Bell, Str: Sarah Daleish, Cox: Kendall Slater, Cch: Alison Parker

4th        Lowther Hall - Bow: Jessica Gavaghan, 2: Henna Hannermann, 3: Leah Dickinson, Str: Amy Drew, Cox: Sarah Cleary, Cch: Karen Courtney-Haag

Coxed Four Open Division 5

Final A

1st        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Hilary McGeachy, 2: Emily O’Brien, 3: Rosa Marchetti, Str: Jessica Probert, Cox: Moyan Phillips, Cch: Amanda Hinds

2nd        Geelong College - Bow: Kelly Hughes, 2: Reiko Kimura, 3: Caroline Renick, Str: Jane Chisholm, Cox: Claire Hammond, Cch: Louise Monotti, Murray Johns

3rd        Ruyton - Bow: Brianna Grigg, 2: Meg Lewis, 3: Liz Sayers, Str: Georgina Sutton, Cox: Liz Andrews, Cch: Ronny Brazdil

4th        Catholic College Sale - Bow: Rebecca Telling, 2: Anika Lambrecht, 3: Kate Morrissey, Str: Lauren Butler, Cox: Gaye Davies, Cch: Noel Thomas

Coxed Four Open Division 6

Final A

1st        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Jodie Cloke, 2: Bronwyn Puttyfoot, 3: Glenda Riddoch, Str: Amy Lehmann, Cox: Lynlet Anderson, Cch: Richard Ryan

2nd        Geelong College - Bow: Georgina Hart, 2: Jane Dennis, 3: Jane Billings, Str: Matilda Hobbs, Cox: Isobel Laker, Cch: Murray Johns, Louise Monotti

3rd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Sarah Carlile, 2: Sarah Cumming, 3: Kate Wyld, Str: Victoria Pearce, Cox: Penny Smith, Cch: Robert Kemp, Caroline Viska

4th        Catholic College Sale - Bow: Lauren Ditmar, 2: Penny Silby, 3: Bridget Griffin, Str: Sarah Coleman, Cox: Carolynne Considine, Cch: Rebecca Considine, Stephen Parker

Year 10 Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Year 10 Division 1

Final A

1st        Toorak College - Sarah Lloyd, Cch: Dougall Ethell

2nd        Oberon - Amanda Haynes, Cch: Don Bridges

3rd        Norlane High - Danielle Jenkins, Cch: Don Bridges

4th        St Catherine’s - Charlotte Molesworth, Cch: Shelley Beer

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 1

Final A

1st        MLC - Bow: Nicole Kee, 2: Belinda Martin, 3: Angela Richmond, Str: Katie Davies, Cox: Rebecca Lawton, Cch: Georgie Radcliffe-Smith

2nd        Genazzano - Bow: Megan Gannon, 2: Sarah O’Connell, 3: Rebecca Rush, Str: Jane McGuiness, Cox: Lucy Ford, Cch: Richard Harvey

3rd        Loreto MH - Bow: Lucinda Gannon, 2: Anne Conroy, 3: Stephanie Keenan, Str: Vivienne Ringersma, Cox: Phoebe Knowles, Cch: Gus Higgins

4th        Lauriston - Bow: Julia Gaylard, 2: Caroline Fiddler, 3: Georgie Johnston, Str: Katie Moore, Cox: Miranda Noble, Cch: Josh Noakes

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 1

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Sally-Anne Miller, 2: Amy Bell, 3: Sarah Webster, Str: Alicia Vivarini, Cox: Annabelle McRae, Cch: Annabelle Eaton

2nd        Geelong College - Bow: Katie Gladman, 2: Lauren Fleetwood, 3: Kiri Bilson, Str: Alison McMillan, Cox: Kelly Bollen, Cch: Andrew Gibson

3rd        Sacred Heart - Bow: Annelise Jens, 2: Sally McKeag, 3: Kate McMannus, Str: Irene Haase, Cox: Aleisha Klupacs, Cch: Colin Harvey

4th        Ruyton - Bow: Sarah Anderson, 2: Kristen Huxley, 3: Jessica Morgan, Str: Sarah Chapman, Cox: Amy Rhind, Cch: Sally Ninham

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 2

Final A

1st        Firbank Grammar - Bow: Cathryn Coady, 2: Penny Thistlethwaite, 3: Virginia Carr, Str: Natalie Logan, Cox: Janet Buntine, Cch: Andrew Fast

2nd        Loreto MH - Bow: Emily Petricola, 2: Sarah Candolfo, 3: Clare O’Neill, Str: Katie Ralph, Cox: Meaghan O’Loughlin, Cch: Jason Faranda

3rd        Lauriston - Bow: Lisa Leung, 2: Lucy Cohen, 3: Lauren Thompson, Str: Daniela Skotnicki, Cox: Lauren Constantopoulos, Cch: Edward Archibald

4th        MLC - Bow: Alice Forsyth, 2: Zoe Lane, 3: Louisa Carter, Str: Alison Trewartha, Cox: Coco Pinnis, Cch: Linda Skidmore

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 2

Final A

1st        MLC - Bow: Kari Entwistle, 2: Ros King, 3: Sara Croke, Str: Clare Looker, Cox: Veronica Loras, Cch: Melissa Lawton

2nd        St Anne’s & Gippsland - Bow: Amy Lewis, 2: Gemma Noble, 3: Kelly Foat, Str: Angela Gaw, Cox: Joanna Macmeikan, Cch: Roger McLaurin

3rd        St Michael’s - Bow: Cassandra Black, 2: Jane Loveday, 3: Anna Barton, Str: Laura Barlow, Cox: Unknown, Cch: David Wood

4th        Firbank Grammar - Bow: Madeleine Tempany, 2: Louisa Vickers, 3: Nicole Scotis, Str: Danny Van der Griend, Cox: Janey Tootel, Cch: Jo Teasdale

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 3

Final A

1st        Loreto MH - Bow: Alice Penna, 2: Angela McFarland, 3: Nancy Sposato, Str: Lucy Maule, Cox: Alana Spadaro, Cch: Ross Featherstone

2nd        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Emily Henry, 2: Sophie Pateras, 3: Julia North, Str: Anna Loughnan, Cox: Sarah Landy, Cch: Tavis Watt

3rd        MLC - Bow: Edwina Scott, 2: Michelle Tuck, 3: Mary O’Connor, Str: Kathryn Holliday, Cox: Jessica Ginnane, Cch: Jo Monger

4th        Genazzano - Bow: Karla Boynton, 2: Jessica Gole, 3: Catherine Bolton, Str: Jane Higgins, Cox: Chantal Vallence, Cch: Nick Kuchin

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 4

Final A

1st        Genazzano - Bow: Jodie Angus, 2: Stephanie Price, 3: Kate MacNamara, Str: Anna Dupuche, Cox: Amanda Wilson, Cch: Sarah Billens

2nd        MLC - Bow: Felicity Robb, 2: Marcelle Gray, 3: Clare Phillips, Str: Suleen McLeish, Cox: Katrina Yip, Cch: Amanda Coster

3rd        Catholic College Sale - Bow: Rochelle Foggo, 2: Tina Rickwood, 3: Stelia Hadjiangeli, Str: Alison Fraser, Cox: Penny Fraser, Cch: Ian Howard

4th        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Catherine Chisholm, 2: Clea Wallace, 3: Vivian Gerrand, Str: Belinda McPhail, Cox: Ella Curtis, Cch: Danielle Jenner

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 5

Final A

1st        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Sarah Pilcher, 2: Casey Long, 3: Bree Harrop, Str: Elizabeth Sanders, Cox: Emma Cable, Cch: Lucy Broome

2nd        Loreto MH - Bow: Anna-Marie Black, 2: Emmaline Jones, 3: Jodie Fry, Str: Rachel McInerney, Cox: Jennifer Bishop, Cch: Phil Bell

3rd        Geelong College - Bow: Jane Mitchell, 2: Rachel Mol, 3: Bronwyn McDonald, Str: Lucinda Kent, Cox: Nikki Gunawardana, Cch: Matthew Pigdon

4th        Geelong College - Bow: Belinda Peardon, 2: Jean McLean, 3: Louise Lochhead, Str: Josette Loomes, Cox: Cathy Morris, Cch: Jackie Pigdon

Year 9 Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Year 9 Division 1

Final A

1st        Toorak College - Kylie Lloyd, Cch: Dougall Ethell

2nd        Ruyton - Katia Sanderson, Cch: Sally Ninham

3rd        Genazzano - Anna Perry, Cch: Katherine Cary

4th        Genazzano - Bridget Borgobello, Cch: Louise Peterson

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 1

Final A

1st        Loreto MH - Bow: Megan Walters, 2: Genevieve Audley, 3: Louise Lonergan, Str: Philippa Zahara, Cox: Charlotte Hickey, Cch: Sarah Lachal

2nd        Genazzano - Bow: Kate Mulgueen, 2: Nicola Voselis, 3: Rebecca Howsam, Str: Stephanie Thomas, Cox: Maree Wilding, Cch: Rhys Tyrrell

3rd        Fintona - Bow: Sara Bragg, 2: Vanessa Foo, 3: Katie Mainsbridge, Str: Kate Syme, Cox: Marcail Arthuthnot, Cch: Fleur Diprose, Jason Day

4th        Lauriston - Bow: Meagan Shand, 2: Alex Augustine, 3: Emily Wilmonth, Str: Lisette Schlesinger, Cox: Diana Poole, Cch: Danielle Cooper

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 1

Final A

1st        Ruyton - Bow: Gina Booth, 2: Kate Johnson, 3: Georgie Lewis, Str: Eliza Catchlove, Cox: Lucy Terracall, Cch: Cathy Knight

2nd        Toorak College - Bow: Nicole Jackson, 2: Rochelle Nicholl, 3: Racheal Lockwood, Str: Ruth Hackel, Cox: Claire Kimpton, Cch: Lee Halligan

3rd        Lowther Hall - Bow: Erin Cordwell, 2: Caroline Ayers, 3: Kate Gavaghan, Str: Kate Dullard, Cox: Miranda Malimuk, Cch: Cath Mason

4th        St Catherine’s - Bow: Laura Douglas, 2: Alice Agar, 3: Bridget Ross, Str: Jessica Tallent, Cox: Annabelle Peters, Cch: Rebecca Joyce

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 2

Final A

1st        Firbank Grammar - Bow: Candice Pickering, 2: Stefanie Oakes, 3: Fiona McKell, Str: Amy Palfreyman, Cox: Victoria Bulfin, Cch: Andrew Fast

2nd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Fiona Turner, 2: Amy Burke, 3: Georgina Oliver, Str: Barbara Veall, Cox: Miranda Hanger, Cch: Ben Sullivan

3rd        Loreto MH - Bow: Sarah Cichy, 2: Elizabeth Harvey, 3: Stephanie Doyle, Str: Suzanne Castles, Cox: Sara Woodruff, Cch: Nanna Hedberg

4th        Lauriston - Bow: Sarah Rist, 2: Olivia Dobrzanski, 3: Emily Keon-Cohen, Str: Lydia Gedge, Cox: Wendy Adams, Cch: Sophie Morell

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 2

Final A

1st        Ruyton - Bow: Felicity Irvine, 2: Phoebe Croyle, 3: Sophie Smibert, Str: Fiona Finlayson, Cox: Lue Kew, Cch: Sophie Loras

2nd        Firbank Grammar - Bow: Elizabeth Kinnon, 2: Clare Hicks, 3: Amy McLean, Str: Louise Marshall, Cox: Hannah Jones, Cch: Haley Frodshan

3rd        Toorak College - Bow: Tess Sly, 2: Sarah Jay, 3: Kristen Bunyard, Str: Amy Jones, Cox: Sandy Briglia, Cch: Dougall Ethell

4th        Sacred Heart - Bow: Laura Burt, 2: Kathryn Andrews, 3: Katherine Ryan, Str: Lia Rizzi, Cox: Rhonda Panjkov, Cch: Carlie Grant

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 3

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Rebecca Troon, 2: Ingrid Vickery, 3: Carla Valmorbida, Str: Jessica Hyams, Cox: Eliza Bartlett, Cch: Anna Stanley

2nd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Claire Stewart, 2: Chrystal Smith, 3: Amanda Hodder, Str: Xanthe Ranger, Cox: Fleur Forsyth, Cch: Dan Fahy

3rd        Genazzano - Bow: Lauren Demarte, 2: Olivia Nervo, 3: Jade Minterm, Str: Georgia Randell, Cox: Sarah O’Brien, Cch: Stephanie Rodwell

4th        Toorak College - Bow: Alana Stanley, 2: Liza Wallis, 3: Ainslie Hill, Str: Katie Baird, Cox: Belinda Mathews, Cch: Michelle McConnell

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 4

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Lindsay Williams, 2: Anna Crawford, 3: Madeleine Jenkins, Str: Jacqui Pearse, Cox: Amanda Shiels, Cch: Bryan Wilson

2nd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Skye Milchman, 2: Rosie Cirrito, 3: Georgia Hargraves, Str: Lissa Rainford, Cox: Margaret Harrison, Cch: Alexis Gillespie, Tom Kennedy

3rd        Loreto MH - Bow: Jane Balmer, 2: Jennifer Turnbull, 3: Elanor McInerney, Str: Olivia Garvey, Cox: Belinda Bowman, Cch: Sarah Chibnall

4th        Loreto MH - Bow: Zoe Kitchen, 2: Hannah Whiting, 3: Olivia Burns, Str: Natalie Flegg, Cox: Jane Serong, Cch: Pip Harry

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 5

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Jessica Wilson, 2: Chloe Bourne, 3: Alex Paton, Str: Prue Hogg, Cox: Georgina Hinton, Cch: Paul Roberts

2nd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Rebecca Parker, 2: Philippa Elder, 3: India Ramsey, Str: Anna Lucas, Cox: Caroline Roylance, Cch: Nicholas Brooks

3rd        Loreto MH - Bow: Hannah Price, 2: Jacqui Vidal, 3: Amy Wark, Str: Amber Madden, Cox: Isobel Kitchen, Cch: Louise Juracich

4th        Catholic College Sale - Bow: Danielle McAlpine, 2: Claire McGoldrick, 3: Emily Anderson, Str: Janelle Harper, Cox: Grace Greenwood, Cch: Ian Howard


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