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history of head of school girls rowing regatta victoria

1995 VIC Head of Schoolgirls' Regatta

This was the 10th anniversary of the regatta. The programme issued the following comments on the occasion. 

Tradition is not something which can be created overnight. But this 10th Head of the Schoolgirls" Regatta shows how tradition is acquired in gradual increments over time.

The table of results over the decade reveals how the Regatta has grown in size and scope year by year. The number of competitors is up by 150 this year to 1131, and there are four extra schools. The geographic range is wide: from Robinvale to Warrnambool, Shepparton to Sale and everywhere in between. And the range of events is extended to include two Quad Sculls at each level. Who can say what the Regatta will look like in another 10 years?

There are now several thousand young women who can say they've rowed at the Head of the Schoolgirls' Regatta (and have the T-shirt to prove it). Several thousand who have experienced the highs and the lows that accompany this marvellous sport: the discipline of training, the commitment to the crew, the perfect summer mornings and bitterly cold winter days, the frustration of a bad row and the elation when everything clicks together. The chances are they have few regrets and many happy memories of their time in the boat.

How fitting that the 1985 winning MLC crew will row down the course, in their original boat, during the Sunday luncheon interval: the start of a new part of the tradition of this remarkable Regatta.

26 events were competed for at the regatta this year.

Programme Cover


Organising Committee and Officials


Head of the Schoolgirls Regatta Committee: Susie Palfreyman (President), Nick Green (Vice-President), John Hale (Treasurer), Jim Spithill (Secretary), Stephen Mollard, Mal Batten, Rob Zahara, Fiona Morris, David Boykett, Andrew Payne, John Downie, Josie Millard, Pam Westendorf and James Gobbo.

Regatta hosts: Lauriston Girls' School

Jury: Ron Podbury (Referee), Ralph Murphy (Assistant Referee), Robert Allen, Noel Clark, Nadia Gishen, Sophie Lloyd, Robin Murphy, John StV Welch, Emma Kelson, Ian Murray, Ron Negri, Sandy Collins, Bernie Crimmins, Rene Klupacs and Rob Kemp.

Open Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Open Division 1

Final A

1st        Firbank Grammar - Stephanie Fast, Cch: John Downie

2nd        Mathew Flinders - Bonnie Dalton, Cch: Lex Quinn

3rd        Bendigo - Hannah Every, Cch: Dennis Nihill

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 1

Final A

1st        Loreto MH - Bow: Aisling O’Donnell, 2: Emily Tribe, 3: Victoria Ellis, Str: Jennifer Zahara, Cox: Edwina Holbeach, Cch: Julian Vince

2nd        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Kate Rickards, 2: Olivia Burgess, 3: Stephanie Williams, Str: Lisa McPhail, Cox: Anna Duncan, Cch: John Curnow

3rd        MLC - Bow: Julianna Lesley, 2: Kate Huntington, 3: Astrid Gray, Str: Penny Cottel, Cox: Nicki Hart, Cch: Hamish McGlashen

4th        Genazzano - Bow: Nicole Van Halden, 2: Sarah McArdle, 3: Donella Cutts, Str: Susannah Cary, Cox: Rebecca Brezzi, Cch: Sue Herold

Coxed Four Open Division 1

Final A

1st        Lauriston - Bow: Charlotte Waters, 2: Sarah Billens, 3: Amber Paterson, Str: Hilary Poole, Cox: Sophie MacKinnon, Cch: Tim Derham

2nd        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Skye Fisher, 2: Penny Troedel, 3: Amelia Coote, Str: Penny Harvey, Cox: Alice Gibson, Cch: Llyal McCarthy

3rd        Geelong College - Bow: Vickie Mol, 2: Rebecca O’Loughlin, 3: Meaghan Bone, Str: Katherine Davis, Cox: Freya Fidge, Cch: Dick Bartlett

4th        Loreto MH - Bow: Alice Hume, 2: Ainslee Spadaro, 3: Belinda Gibson, Str: Nerita Benetti, Cox: Lisa Anderson, Cch: Antony Rickards

Eight Open Division 1

Final A

1st        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Sarah Morton, 2: Bree Paynter, 3: Penny Troedel, 4: Caroline Chee, 5: Amelia Coote, 6: Fiona McDonald, 7: Skye Fisher, Str: Penny Harvey, Cox: Alice Gibson, Cch: Lyall McCarthy, David Wood

2nd        Genazzano - Bow: Johanna Boland, 2: Catherine Pritchard, 3: Clare Kelliher, 4: Nina Brandt, 5: Clare Molan, 6: Emily Ryan, 7: Anne Jurcevic, Str: Kate O’Brien, Cox: Sarah Clancy, Cch: Robert Manning

3rd        MLC - Bow: Lynda Forsyth, 2: Greer McCracken, 3: Michelle Tehan, 4: Jamie Hocking, 5: Anna Fletcher, 6: Stephanie White, 7: Sally Chapman, Str: Eliza Harvey, Cox: Emily Trewartha, Cch: Brian Dalton, Cait Fraser

4th        Geelong College - Bow: Jackie Pigdon, 2: Amy Sanders, 3: Elly Young, 4: Edwina Laidlaw, 5: Vickie Mol, 6: Rebecca O’Loughlin, 7: Meagan Bone, Str: Katherine Davis, Cox: Freya Fidge, Cch: Alan Darker, Stuart Purves

Single Scull Open Division 2

Final A

1st        Toorak College - Cassie McConnell, Cch: Jack Bennett

2nd        St Catherine’s - Shelley Beer, Cch: Sally Ninham

3rd        St Anne’s & Gippsland - Fiona Wilde, Cch: Alan Borger

4th        Balwyn High - Natalie Attrill, Cch: Kath Bennett

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 2

Final A

1st        Fintona - Bow: Alex Baker, 2: Danielle Hook, 3: Kate Warren, Str: Syke Windebank, Cox: Brooke Dujela, Cch: Jason Day, J. Baker

2nd        Fintona

3rd        Lauriston - Bow: Lucinda Gabriel, 2: Sarah Archibald, 3: Annabelle Loras, Str: Zoe Keon-Cohen, Cox: Sophie Simpson, Cch: James Scott

4th        MLC - Bow: Marni Peterfor, 2: Deanna Horman, 3: Mel Kefford, Str: Merran Alwag, Cox: Nicki Hart, Cch: Hamish McGlashen

Coxed Four Open Division 2

Final A

1st        Geelong College - Bow: Jackie Pigdon, 2: Edwina Laidlaw, 3: Elly Young, Str: Amy Sanders, Cox: Alison Warrior, Cch: Stuart Purves, Tim Fogarty

2nd        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Bree Paynter, 2: Sarah Morton, 3: Fiona McDonald, Str: Caroline Chee, Cox: Katherine McDermott, Cch: David Wood

3rd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Natasha Lindros, 2: Prue Lording, 3: Charlotte Strang, Str: Zoe Carr, Cox: Filamena Bruce, Cch: Laurie Cumper

4th        Toorak College - Bow: Melanie Wood, 2: Jane Rickards, 3: Sarah Nosworthy, Str: Caroline Smith, Cox: Kristy Hopgood, Cch: Kath Bennett, Brian Dalton

Coxed Four Open Division 3

Final A

1st        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Barbara Hunter, 2: Kate Hudson, 3: Georgina McInnes, Str: Piera Negri, Cox: Eliza Holt, Cch: Kylie Lewis

2nd        Geelong College - Bow: Megan Jones, 2: Tania Rogers, 3: Bronwyn Galbraith, Str: Athena Lucas, Cox: Zoe Harkin, Cch: Andrew Gibson

3rd        Wesley College - Bow: Kate Habersberger, 2: Vibika Pederson, 3: Chiveon Reynolds, Str: Christina Batchelor, Cox: Romy Stewart, Cch: Craig Adrians

4th        St Catherine’s - Bow: Fiona Clemens, 2: Chloe Paul, 3: Like Lovett, Str: Gina Theophilos, Cox: Elizabeth Cantor, Cch: Sam Smith

Coxed Four Open Division 4

Final A

1st        Geelong College - Bow: Natalya Morgan, 2: Belinda Dawson, 3: Kate Morgan, Str: Annabel Senior, Cox: Nicole Holmes, Cch: Ken Smith

2nd        Caulfield Grammar - Bow: Chelsea Evans, 2: Jaclyn Howard, 3: Merry White, Str: Heidi Gartner, Cox: Nicole Peterson, Cch: Samantha Tilbrook

3rd        MLC - Bow: Anita Scott, 2: Sarah Broadbent, 3: Anne Charalambous, Str: Felicity Greenland, Cox: Dianne Smith, Cch: Tom Brown

4th        Toorak College - Bow: Melissa Hanton, 2: Anna Seletto, 3: Ami Bennett, Str: Claire McKeown, Cox: Katrina Selth, Cch: George Keon Cohen

Coxed Four Open Division 5

Final A

1st        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Natalie Butyn, 2: Ruth Langford, 3: Krystin Rathbone, Str: Kelly Begg, Cox: Lucy A’Beckett, Cch: Karin Hagberg Dingle

2nd        Geelong College - Bow: Georgina Hart, 2: Caroline Rennick, 3: Libby McLean, Str: Jacqui Girvan, Cox: Georgie Lee, Cch: Bob Morrell

3rd        Caulfield Grammar - Jacqui McDonald, 2: Clare Moran, 3: Binske Miller, Str: Jacqui Brock, Cox: Carmel Cumberbatch, Cch: Kate Rutherford

4th        Brauer College - Bow: Karen Lewis, 2: Tammy Grove, 3: Stephanie Walters, Str: Margaret Allen-Taylor, Cox: Chris Reilly, Cch: Dianne Lewis

Single Scull Open Division 3

Final A

1st        Genazzano - Adele Nervo, Cch: John Downie

2nd        Sacre Coeur College - Meaghan Clarke, Cch: Greg Van Prooyen

3rd        Goulburn Valley Grammar - Ann Tadich, Cch: Peter Cooper

4th        Caulfield Grammar

Year 10 Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Year 10 Division 1

Final A

1st        Genazzano - Kirsten McArdle, Cch: Darren Balmforth

2nd        Genazzano - Jo McBride, Cch: Darren Balmforth

3rd        Lauriston - Larissa Wolf Tasker, Cch: Sara Haywood

4th        Norlane High - Kelly Jenkins

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 1

Final A

1st        Loreto MH - Bow: Miriam Slattery, 2: Fiona Bremner, 3: Sally Carrodus, Str: Catherine Stribley, Cox: Lucie Douez, Cch: Gus Higgins, Courtney Johnstone

2nd        Genazzano - Bow: Alexandra Neumann, 2: Mieke Boynton, 3: Gabrielle Stewart, Str: Ricci Shepherd, Cox: Sara Higgins, Cch: Richard Harvey

3rd        MLC - Bow: Stephanie Andrew, 2: Sahra Huntingford, 3: Jacqui Parkinson, Str: Catriona Oliver, Cox: Lizzie White, Cch: Lynda Skidmore

4th        Lauriston - Bow: Amelia Philips, 2: Andrea Onley, 3: Katrina Peden, Str: Catherine Sewell, Cox: Libby Pearce, Cch: Georgie Radcliffe Smith

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 1

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Claire Simm, 2: Angie Lie, 3: Cecilia Reibl, Str: Gemma Butler, Cox: Sophie Viska, Cch: Bec Joyce

2nd        Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Katrina Walsh, 2: Tamsin Barnett, 3: Madeline Cussack, Str: Melissa Walsh, Cox: Anna Lazanyi, Cch: Robert Gray

3rd        Wesley College - Bow: Lauren Robertson, 2: Emma Wartski, 3: Emma Fenton, Str: Sally McManamy, Cox: Charlotte Burgell

4th        Carey Grammar - Bow: Megan Genat, 2: Delphine Smit, 3: Carin Black, Str: Catherine Bingham, Cox: Amanda Sarll, Cch: Andrew Wilcox

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 2

Final A

1st        Fintona - Bow: Adriana Hillard, 2: Belinda Earle, 3: Charlie Hall, Str: Ingrid Earle, Cox: Sarah Hanson

2nd        Lauriston - Bow: Kate Knight, 2: Nina Jankelson, 3: Alice O’Connell, Str: Elizabeth Ryan, Cox: Claire Hammond, Cch: Simon Polinelli, Jason Baker

3rd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Annie Moylan, 2: Rowena Martinek, 3: Jacki Palmer, Str: Edwina Fordyce, Cox: Lucy Olsen, Cch: Ben Sullivan

4th        Fintona - Bow: Olivia Chambers, 2: Lucy Crouch, 3: Catherine Bragg, Str: Laura MacKenzie, Cox: Suzi Munro, Cch: Jason Day

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 2

Final A

1st        MLC - Bow: Meg Graham, 2: Nadia Rowe, 3: Alex Brooke, Str: Jo Hocking, Cox: Brooek Streathfield, Cch: Bronwyn Thompson

2nd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Jess Jones, 2: Fiona Costello, 3: Catherine Ogilvy, Str: Emma Stanley, Cox: May Lillie, Cch: Anna Stanley

3rd        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Caz McCallum, 2: Kate Gorman, 3: Belinda Wallace, Str: Anna Smith, Cox: Fi Bird

4th        Firbank Grammar - Susie Lorback, 2: Laura Blunden, 3: Georgina Fast, Str: Amy Paynter, Cox: Emily Anderson, Cch: Geoff Barden

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 3

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Julie Bongiorno, 2: Prue Middleton, 3: Melissa Clarke, Str: Elizabeth Doody, Cox: Amy Brennan, Cch: Alexis Gillespie

2nd        Genazzano - Bow: Elizabeth O’Brien, 2: Stefanie Vitale, 3: Kate White, Str: Antonia Magee, Cox: Olivia Smith, Cch: Nick Kuchin

3rd        Lauriston - Bow: Alex Mountford, 2: Michelle Moran, 3: Briana Whittle, Str: Miranda Coleman, Cox: Anna Keating, Cch: Sophie Morrison

4th        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Zoe Broughton, 2: Olivia Ashton, 3: Vanessa Richards, Str: Zoe Fuller, Cox: Bec Christian, Cch: Chris Gillon, Megan Smith

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 4

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Kate Robinson, 2: Caroline Ray, 3: Victoria Green, Str: Emma Yunghanns, Cox: Sophie Pelman, Cch: Bryan Wilson

2nd        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Chrissy Lawson, 2: Anna de Mayrick, 3: Sarah Dunn, Str: Sarah Parkes, Cox: Zoe Ganim, Cch: Dannielle Jenner

3rd        MLC - Bow: Nikola Plummer, 2: Fiona Newman, 3: Alex Candy, Str: Kate Pirrie, Cox: Petrea McGhee, Cch: Georgie Costello

4th        Genazzano - Bow: Rachael Allsopp, 2: Clare Batrouney, 3: Jessica McGrath, Str: Danielle Brunton, Cox: Stephanie Higgins, Cch: Perdy Mitchell

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 5

Final A

1st        Genazzano - Bow: Lisa Sette, 2: Elizabeth Pattison, 3: Storm Robinson, Str: Brigid Monahan, Cox: Jacinta Ormando, Cch: Paul McVey, Megan Lanarch Jones

2nd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Jo Kenna, 2: Danielle Signorino, 3: Sonya Sampson, Str: Kate Cleary, Cox: Lucy White, Cch: Sally Farrow

3rd        Geelong College - Bow: Jane Chisholm, 2: Bethan Hazell, 3: Felicity Scott, Str: Alicia Scott, Cox: Candice Murdoch, Cch: Phil Bell

4th        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Nicole Birkill, 2: Lisa Burke, 3: Hilary McGeachy, Str: Phillipa Smith, Cox: Virginia Chomley, Cch: Louise Gardner

Year 9 Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Year 9 Division 1

Final A

1st        Toorak College - Sarah Lloyd, Cch: Cassie McConnell, Kath Bennett

2nd        Genazzano - Megan Gannon, Cch: Fiona McKinnon

3rd        Mathew Flinders - Meghan Jones, Cch: Lex Quinn

4th        Genazzano - Jodie Angus, Cch: Fiona McKinnon

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 1

Final A

1st        Loreto MH - Bow: Anne Conroy, 2: Stephanie Keenan, 3: Katie Ralph, Str: Lucinda Gannon, Cox: Phoebe Knowles, Cch: Sarah Lachal

2nd        Lauriston - Bow: Victoria Rosen, 2: Sally Chisholm, 3: Katie Moore, Str: Georgiana Consett, Cox: Caroline Cox, Cch: Ben Grodski

3rd        Genazzano - Bow: Jane McGuiness, 2: Rebecca Rush, 3: Emma Lawler, Str: Susannah Cleeve, Cox: Alexandra Bacash, Cch: Richard Harvey

4th        Carey Grammar - Bow: Rebecca Michael, 2: Chloe Bergelin, 3: Anna Kelly, Str: Kim Smiley, Cox: Kathryn Ponsford, Cch: Joel Hines

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 1

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Sally Ann Miller, 2: Amy Bell, 3: Sarah Webster, Str: Alicia Vivarani, Cox: Annabelle McRae, Cch: Annabelle Eaton

2nd        Ruyton - Bow: Caitlin Grover, 2: Kristen Huxley, 3: Caroline Burke, Str: Sally Crittenden, Cox: Emily Unger, Cch: Sarah Patterson

3rd        Sacred Heart - Bow: Erin MacNeill, 2: Irene Haase, 3: Kate McManus, Str: Mirerva Holmes, Cox: Laura Burt, Cch: Colin Harvey

4th        Toorak College - Bow: Claire Fitchett, 2: Francine Smith, 3: Emily Ryder, Str: Kristen Harper, Cox: Lisa McNaughton, Cch: Jenny Molloy

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 2

Final A

1st        Loreto MH - Bow: Nancy Spotsato, 2: Meg Ockleshaw, 3: Clare O’Neill, Str: Emily Petricola, Cox: Megan O’Loughlin, Cch: Nanna Hedberg

2nd        Fintona - Bow: Sarah Bragg, 2: Ros Conelly, 3: Rose Thom, Str: Emily Spicer, Cox: Vanessa Foo, Cch: Jason Day, J. Baker

3rd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Jemima Toby, 2: Gigi Reid, 3: Ineke Hay, Str: Charlotte Molesworth, Cox: Bridget McCall, Cch: Bruce Winnen

4th        Lauriston - Bow: Miranda Noble, 2: Rosheeka Amarasekura, 3: Jess Van Roosendaal, Str: Lucy Cohen, Cox: Alison Green, Cch: Danni Cooper

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 2

Final A

1st        Mathew Flinders - Bow: Kathryn Ackland, 2: Meagan McDonald, 3: Fiona Copelly, Str: Anthea Pyers, Cox: Belinda Greskie, Cch: Lex Quinn

2nd        Geelong College - Bow: Sally Steel, 2: Bindi Menzies, 3: Laura Morgan, Str: Alison McMIllan, Cox: Angela De Stefano, Cch: Louise Monotti

3rd        Ruyton - Bow: Jacqui Oriander, 2: Aimee Stewart, 3: Jessica Morgan, Str: Sarah Chapman, Cox: Eliza Catchlove, Cch: Sally Ninham

4th        Firbank Grammar - Bow: Madeleine Tempany, 2: Nicole Scotis, 3: Eliza Baker, Str: Danny Van der Griend, Cox: Janet Buntine, Cch: Jo Teasdale

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 3

Final A

1st        Mathew Flinders - Bow: Kate Marshall, 2: Jessica Bateman, 3: Rebecca Elliot, Str: Amy Jokic, Cox: Merrin Jokic, Cch: John O’Hara

2nd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Georgie Jeffries, 2: Penny Smith, 3: Harriet Kelly, Str: Louise Coldham, Cox: Eliza Peters, Cch: Tory Boag, Jim Ferguson

3rd        Loreto MH - Bow: Rachel Hoy, 2: Caroline O’Brien, 3: Sara Little, Str: Olivia Sweeney, Cox: Jane Serong, Cch: Brad Kerr

4th        Geelong College - Bow: Nadine Blyth, 2: Katy Gladman, 3: Kirilee Milsom, Str: Lauri Dawson, Cox: Catherine Leighton, Cch: Kylie Rogers

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 4

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Fiona Bartlett, 2: Sara Roach, 3: Melinda Robertson, Str: Caroline Vinecombe, Cox: Lisa Strain, Cch: Suzi Brown

2nd        Loreto MH - Bow: Anna Clarke, 2: Rachel Ball, 3: Sarah Balmer, Str: Lucy Maule, Cox: Alice Dwyer, Cch: Tom Woodruff

3rd        Catholic College Sale - Bow: Amelia Moulton, 2: Ella Wharf, 3: Kate Foster, Str: Leree Van Berkel, Cox: Caroline Considine, Cch: Ian Howard

4th        Genazzano - Bow: Catherine Bolton, 2: Alysha Dean, 3: Amanda Wilson, Str: Johanna Molan, Cox: Cybel Stockley, Cch: Rhys Tyrrell

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 5

Final A

1st        Loreto MH - Bow: Vivienne Ringersma, 2: Jody Fry, 3: Cate Chamberlain, Str: Jane Foley, Cox: Phillipa Zahara, Cch: Phillipa Devine

2nd        Loreto MH - Bow: Katey Lee, 2: Monica Nisbet, 3: Catherine Meehan, Str: Gemma Fleurisson, Cox: Unknown, Cch: Rachel Taylor

3rd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Laura Jacabovits, 2: Alex Folie, 3: Katherine Pala, Str: Ruth Ellis, Cox: Julia Kilvington, Cch: Penny Gude

4th        Geelong College - Bow: Sascha Lawler, 2: Janelle Todd, 3: Charlotte Paton, Str: Annabelle Idle, Cox: Kelly Bollen, Cch: Hamish Hobday


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