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history of head of school girls rowing regatta victoria

2010 VIC Head of Schoolgirls' Regatta

2010 saw another future Australian representative win the open sculls, namely Katrina Bateman. 

The open eights were again won by MLC, Gippsland Grammar took out the quad scull and Lauriston won the open four.

The regatta was a great success with many good aspects outlined in the post regatta review. The review highlighted the need for timing to be integrated into other regatta software shows the growing sophistication demanded by such a regatta.

The Committee held a valuable forum on the regatta during the season. Topics covered included regulation versus racing boats, alignment of school to club underage rowing, the possibility of indoor rowing, selection criteria for the proposed tender for the HOSG venue, involvement of past rowers in the regatta, regatta format, change of season and nature of racing - round robin or heats, semi-finals and finals.

Finally, the Committee sponsored the State women's youth eight and two athletes who had progressed from the regatta to club/State/National rowing.

Full results can be found through this link.

2010 Programme Cover


Organising Committee and Officials

Head of the Schoolgirls Regatta Committee: Josie Millard (President), Robert Zahara and Steve Mollard (Vice-Presidents), Susie Lachal (Secretary), Christian Neeson (Treasurer), Grant Cosgriff (Executive Officer), Sophie Rigg, James Petering, Sue Chong, Paul Blanchfield and Jane Mitchell.

Regatta personnel: Laura Schouten (regatta secretary), Roger Wilson (race commentary), Reene Klupacs (timing), Alice Evans, Richard Bartlett, Nick Gall and Ross Paul (event management)

Jury: Robin Burrows (referee), Terry Blyth, Glenn Bottrell, Sue Chong, Greg Falk, Kelly Jenkins, Sophie Mouttie, Robin Murphy, Phil Reynolds, Eric Waller, Ron Widgery, Lesley Skevington, Kevin O'Brien, Sandy Mitchell, Wayne Hindson and Neville Doughan.

Open Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Open Division 1

(1,500 metres)

Final C

No times

Final B

No times

Final A





Final C

1st    Lowther Hall - Emily Gregg, Cch: Jared Cummings, Zoe Ryan

2nd    Methodist LC - Lucy Laussen, Cch: Marietta Ouzas, Julia Lake

Final B

1st    Belmont High School - Courtney Blythe, Cch: Andrew Cleary

2nd    Kardinia Int. College - Ainslie Morris, Cch: Andrew Cleary

3rd    Korowa AGS - Lucy Sinclair, Cch: Greg Van Prooyen

Final A

1st    Mentone Girls’ School - Katrina Bateman, Cch: Sandy Mitchell

2nd    St Columbas - Brittany Jones, Cch: Matt Wilson

3rd    Emmanuel College - Bernadette Meade 

4th    Notre Dame College - Renee Tattersall

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 1

(1,500 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Gippsland Grammar - Bow: Molly Connolly, 2: Tess Morrison, 3: Melissa Irving, Str: Fiona Munson, Cox: Louise Kemsley, Cch: Richard Hardy

2nd    Sacred Heart - Bow: Caroline Powers, 2: Grace Mandic, 3: Elizabeth McKeown, Str: Ailish Ryan, Cox: Mary Kate Prendergast, Cch: Leisa Wilson, Leisa Wilson, Wayne Nitschke

3rd    Ruyton GS - Bow: Felicity Allen, 2: Emily Clifford, 3: Sarah Bush, Str: Angelica Rush, Cox: Hannah Tabart, Cch: Matt Wilson

4th    Loreto - Bow: Roz Stanley, 2: Amanda Chong-Halliday, 3: Clare Daly, Str: Alexandra Mattei, Cox: Tess McPherson, Cch: Sophie Morrison

Coxed Four Open Division 1

(1,500 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Lauriston GS - Bow: Emilie Soust, 2: Meg Maitland, 3: Jessye Watt, Str: Alex Von Schoenberg, Cox: Lani Cleland, Cch: Sam Hutchison, Tom Abramowski

2nd    Ballarat & Clarendon - Bow: Katrina Werry, 2: Brittany Hughes, 3: Eliza Vincent, Str: Guinevere Jones, Cox: Elizabeth Gibney, Cch: Bruce Sarah

3rd    Toorak College - Bow: Casey Harrison, 2: Emily Heijden, 3: Krystin Borain, Str: Rebecca Piesse, Cox: Sarah Cain, Cch: Belinda Mathews

4th    Loreto College - Bow: Stef Seeary, 2: Bec Young, 3: Teagan Boadle, Str: Laura Kavanagh, Cox: Sarah Haberfield

Eight Open Division 1

(1,500 metres)

Final B

No times

Final A





Final B

1st    Wesley - Bow: Sara Baker, 2: Alice Arch, 3: Ailish Regan, 4: Rachel McCloskey, 5: Wilde Anderson, 6: Antonia Niteros, 7: Emma Cook, Str: Ellen Walls, Cox: Talyshia Kainey, Cch: Samara Quinlan, Fiona Milne

2nd    St Catherine’s - Bow: Millie Fox, 2: Luciana Darling, 3: Sophie Holmes, 4: Hilary Grover, 5: Annabelle Atkins, 6: Cate Cormie, 7: Emma Clark, Str: Alex Hinchcliff, Cox: Bronte Ratcliffe, Cch: Ben Bailey

Final A

1st    Methodist LC - Bow: Jane McMahon, 2: Georgia Watson, 3: Phoebe Hill, 4: Sarah Watson, 5: Alex Waddell, 6: Felicity Jacob, 7: Lucca Meagher, Str: Olympia Ward, Cox: Frances Rickard, Cch: Pete Kupcis

2nd    Geelong College - Bow: Alexandra Kvant, 2: Katherine Monotti, 3: Rebecca Widdicombe, 4: Sarah Sturges, 5: Jennifer Cleary, 6: Addy Dunkley-Smith, 7: Hannah Welleman, Str: Georgia Ratcliffe, Cox: Emily Carr, Cch: Alan Darker

3rd    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Lucy Harkin, 2: Zoe Sleigh, 3: Hannah Robertson, 4: Phoebe Rothfield, 5: Georgina Farrell, 6: Liv Fish, 7: Alexandra Thompson, Str: Grace Morrison, Cox: Elizabeth Lingard, Cch: Ross Featherston

4th    Caulfield GS - Bow: Lucy Anderson, 2: Jessica Rice, 3: Lauren Herkess, 4: Alex Bartram, 5: Verity Nunan, 6: Jessica Jackson, 7: Georgina Ingleton, Str: Raine Thomson, Cox: Jami Klisaris, Cch: Nick Edwards

Single Scull Open Division 2

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    PLC Melbourne - Sam Hauptman, Cch: Rosie Popa

2nd    Shelford GS - Holly Hughes

Final A

1st    Aitken College - Brynley Cooper, Cch: Kevin Bourke

2nd    Clonard - Jordan Machnyk, Cch: David Crittenden

3rd    Clonard - Teneille Linehan, Cch: David Crittenden

4th    Korowa AGS - Kate Fettes, Cch: Claire Baker

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 2

(1,500 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Korowa AGS - Bow: Rebecca Smith, 2: Jessica Eastick, 3: Laura White, Str: Jessica Dee, Cox: Hannah George, Cch: Louise Parry, Claire Bowtell

2nd    Matthew Flinders - Bow: Sarah Petschel-Middleton, 2: Dinny Webb, 3: Claire Kenneally-Dabrowski, Str: Laura Petschel-Middleton, Cox: Rachel Dohnt, Cch: David Crittenden

Final A

1st    Sacred Heart - Bow: Madeline Thomson, 2: Sinead Traynor, 3: Anna McKernan, Str: Georgia Russell, Cox: Laura Simko, Cch: Leisa Wilson, Wayne Nitschke

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Ellen Lucas, 2: Florien Pickering, 3: Holly Kelly, Str: Jessica Durst, Cox: Sophie Murphy, Cch: Frances Smyth

3rd    Ruyton GS - Bow: Hannah Maxwell, 2: Stephanie Mirabito, 3: Ally Pearce, Str: Amelia Lachal, Cox: Emma Ulrick, Cch: David Purdue

4th    Gippsland Grammar - Bow: Elizabeth Cameron, 2: Chelsea Fernandez, 3: Meg Hinkley, Str: Claire Jarvis, Cox: Molly Jarvis

Coxed Four Open Division 2

(1,500 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Lauriston GS - Bow: Lucy Badge, 2: Grace Mead, 3: Alana Kirby, Str: Grace Watkins, Cox: Alice Brady, Cch: Tom Abramowski, Sam Hutchison

2nd    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Hannah Quirk-Meeks, 2: Anna Fairbairn-Calvert, 3: Kate Lawrence, Str: Emily Wilkie, Cox: Siobhan Tobin, Cch: Shayne Barnett

3rd    Toorak College - Bow: Rebecca Taylor, 2: Athlete Unknown, 3: Jessica Wlliams, Str: Millie Sloan, Cox: Rachael Cleasby-Jones, Cch: Emma Kenner

4th    Melbourne GC - Bow: Elise Regan Gomm, 2: Alice Fotheringham, 3: Sian Sharpe, Str: Josephine Schmid, Cox: Hannah Beiers, Cch: Jack Fotheringham

Eight Open Division 2

(1,500 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Lauriston GS - Bow: Caroline Fazakas, 2: Alice West, 3: Madeleine Buckland, 4: Bryony Schmidt, 5: Danielle Mavrodis, 6: Fiona Kerr, 7: Isabelle Stevenson, Str: Dimity Morgan, Cox: Isabelle Stevenson, Cch: Georgina Robinson, Claire Lang

2nd    Carey GS - Bow: Kate De Highden, 2: Annie Gallon, 3: Julia Godfrey, 4: Juliet Mentor, 5: Tamara Charlwood, 6: Madi Hickey, 7: Amy Perryman, Str: Pascale Pooley, Cox: Cassie Longmuir, Cch: Ashleigh Smith, Charlotte Harris-Nave

Final A

1st    Methodist LC - Bow: Alexandra Searles, 2: Amelia Webster, 3: Elodie Honore, 4: Amy Crosthwaite, 5: Alex Feehan, 6: Georgie Lanyon, 7: Laura Whitelaw, Str: Lucy Volard, Cox: Matilda Barrie, Cch: Meg Hutchins, Katie Minogue

2nd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Lily Johnson, 2: Annabelle Thompson, 3: Sammy Lynch, 4: Nina Breidahl, 5: Alice Taylor, 6: Bridget McDonald, 7: Georgia Lee, Str: Claire Peake, Cox: Louise Kelly, Cch: Michael Steele, Annabelle Eaton

3rd    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Meg Gubbins, 2: Camilla More, 3: Zara Brown, 4: Amelia Faulkner, 5: Emily Gibney, 6: Kelly Banks, 7: Helen McArthur, Str: Jessica Beauchamp, Cox: Meg Walker, Cch: John Grave

4th    Wesley - Bow: Emily Muir-Morris, 2: Kate Doery, 3: Alexa Madden, 4: Jessica Keys, 5: Sophie Ambrose, 6: Eliza Tivendale, 7: Stephanie Melrose, Str: Victoria Gillett, Cox: Erika Turner, Cch: Sarah Conlon, Laura Cordner

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 3

(1,500 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Firbank GS - Bow: Lucy Lyons, 2: Gabby Leonard, 3: Freya Whillas, Str: Camilla Fisher, Cox: Erin Puckeridge, Cch: Amanda Nickson

2nd    Melbourne GC - Bow: Georgia Hindle, 2: Paige Wieselmann, 3: Charlotte Jenkins, Str: Michala Barbas, Cox: Athlete Unknown, Cch: Lien Johns

Final A

1st    Sacred Heart - Bow: Gemma Ross-McGlynn, 2: Alyx Sadler, 3: Hannah Reivers, Str: Rhi Williams-Demmon, Cox: Madelaine Farrow, Cch: Michelle Grogan, Wayne Nitschke

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Chloe Sanford, 2: Lauren Balcombe, 3: Delia Burgess, Str: Millie O'Brien, Cox: Georgia Brander, Cch: Philipa Lewis

3rd    Loreto - Bow: Lauren Vaughan, 2: Emily Smith, 3: Anna Flanagan, Str: Sophie Clarke, Cox: Catherine Roberts, Cch: John Novak

4th    Korowa AGS - Bow: Kate MacFarlane, 2: Stephanie Gleeson, 3: Alexandra Edwards, Str: Jessica Edwards, Cox: Aurora Walker, Cch: Alison Turnbull

Coxed Four Open Division 3

(1,500 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Lauriston GS - Bow: Emily Vile, 2: Eleanor Madsen, 3: Molly Temay, Str: Stephanie Parsons, Cox: Lauren Briggs, Cch: Gary Fitzpatrick

2nd    St Catherine’s - Bow: Tonya Bernardo, 2: Sam Hess, 3: Bronwyn O'Brian, Str: Phoebe Gardner, Cox: Tia Mellios, Cch: Adam Jeffery

3rd    Genazzano - Bow: Alexandra O'Halloran, 2: Melissa Galbraith, 3: Elizabeth Di Fazio, Str: Georgia Daniel, Cox: Laura Romeo, Cch: David McGrath, John Leeming

4th    Toorak College - Bow: Arlie Miles, 2: Bonnie-Mae Rogers, 3: Lauren Barr, Str: Charlotte Noall, Cox: Katherin Sloan, Cch: Kate O'Halloran

Eight Open Division 3

(1,500 metres)

Final A




Final A

1st    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Gemma Hutley, 2: Sarah Ryan, 3: Georgie Clement, 4: Harriet Simpson, 5: Bella Cameron, 6: Marnie Derham, 7: Libby Head, Str: Olivia King, Cox: Samantha Wallace-Smith, Cch: Rob Kemp

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Kate Masters, 2: Rebecca Bartlett, 3: Ana Palmer-Huges, 4: Olivia Crosthwaite, 5: Jemima Bourke, 6: Felicity Evans, 7: Katherine Simson, Str: Dharshini Brennan, Cox: Eleanor Sweeny, Cch: Melissa Von Moger, Jacqueline Forbes, Stuart Alexander

3rd    Caulfield GS - Bow: Lilly Skacej, 2: Claire McMorrow, 3: Lauren Funnell, 4: Emily Scott, 5: Rachel Harris, 6: Jessica Hogg, 7: Alexandra Stone, Str: Emmy Nan Tie, Cox: Julia Bergin, Cch: Jess Hergott

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 4

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Brigid Brown, 2: Georgia Coles, 3: Adriana Marulli, Str: Jacqueline Butler, Cox: Jessica Burger, Cch: Pia Bertrand

2nd    Loreto - Bow: Matilda Parolini, 2: Charlotte Higgins, 3: Jasmin Cannizzo, Str: Sally Phillips, Cox: Erin Weibye, Cch: Sophie Russell

3rd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Phoebe Beard, 2: Issy Webster, 3: Anna Stephenson, Str: Sarah Jupp, Cox: Hannah Rouse, Cch: Daniel Walford, Hannah Lewis

4th    Christian Col. Geelong - Bow: Sarah Collier, 2: Hannah McCoach, 3: Tegan Benic, Str: Felicity Mawson, Cox: Allison Collier, Cch: Jeff Sykes

Coxed Four Open Division 4

(1,000 metres)

Final A




Final A

1st    Firbank GS - Bow: Samantha Dick, 2: Juliana Stewart, 3: Rebecca Southgate, Str: Georgina Thring, Cox: Ella Finnis, Cch: Rachel Miller

2nd    Hamilton & Alexandra - Bow: Ainslee Walker, 2: Clare Mackarness, 3: Megan Champness, Str: Amelia Murphy, Cox: Eliza Hope

3rd    Loreto College - Bow: Frances Bailey, 2: Jayde Dridan, 3: Jane Antoniazzi, Str: Tara Sullivan, Cox: Claudia Griffin

Coxed Four Open Division 5

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Carey GS - Bow: Lauren Merakis, 2: Caroline Morgan, 3: Emilia McDonald, Str: Anna Grutzner, Cox: Dory Grivas, Cch: Caitlin Bice, Lara Stoll

2nd    Wesley - Bow: Shani Wu, 2: Caitlin Toohey, 3: Darcie Mignot, Str: Emily Johnson, Cox: Lena Jordan, Cch: Damian Nenna

3rd    Genazzano - Bow: Stephanie Skevington, 2: Katie Lovelock, 3: Meaghan Flanagan, Str: Tess Coles, Cox: Jacqueline Murphy, Cch: James Hoogenbosch

4th    Geelong College - Bow: Valeria Acosta Ruiz, 2: Phiillipa Cole, 3: Demi Della-Porta, Str: Lyndall Watson, Cox: Claire Allinson, Cch: Scott Chirnside

Coxed Four Open Division 6

(1,000 metres)

Final A



Final A

1st    Methodist LC - Bow: Kirsten Smooker, 2: Cailtin Young, 3: Heather Telford, Str: Isobel Poulton, Cox: Greta Hicks, Cch: Elly Brown, Rosie Marshman

2nd    Strathcona - Bow: Gabbi Tesoriero, 2: Victoria Kladouhos, 3: Maddy Lowes, Str: Anna Sallows, Cox: Bella Brady, Cch: Alexandra Dandanis

Year 10 Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Year 10 Division 1

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Frankston HS - Zoe Shields, Cch: Mary Hunter

2nd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Isabella Rankin-ward, Cch: Christian Neeson

Final A

1st    Melbourne GC - Selma Richter, Cch: David Carr-Smith

2nd    St Columbas College - Sarah Yandell, Cch: Glenn Bottrell, Barry Gardner

3rd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Athena Williamson

4th    St Columbas College - Tara Bowman, Cch: Glenn Bottrell, Barry Gardner

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 1

(1,000 metres)

Final B




Final A





Final B

1st    Melbourne GC - Bow: Camille Music, 2: Georgia Kuppers, 3: Arielle Bennet, Str: Maddie Paterson, Cox: Claire Guy, Cch: Aaron Braddy

2nd    Firbank GS - Bow: Madison Hamilton, 2: Abby Widijanto, 3: Sarah Cook, Str: Samantha Stephens, Cox: Emily Clapp, Cch: Ella Simmons

3rd    Korowa AGS - Bow: Abbey Ridder, 2: Emma Williamson, 3: Caitlin Lloyd-McDougall, Str: Emily Mellor, Cox: Erin Russell, Cch: Stephanie Walton

Final A

1st    Loreto - Bow: Tara Harrington, 2: Amy Pereira, 3: Annie-Rose Robson, Str: Charlotte Russo, Cox: Alice Date, Cch: Emma Roche, Mark Dwyer

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Gabby Haydon, 2: Caroline Neeson, 3: Hedda Cooper, Str: Olivia Honore, Cox: Camilla Phillips, Cch: Gina Hicks

3rd    Sacred Heart - Bow: Johanna Mousley, 2: Olivia Pecchiari, 3: Luci Hedley, Str: Bec Goring, Cox: Ellie Wassell

4th    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Isabella Nuske, 2: Georgina Howe, 3: Katherine Michelmore, Str: Alexandra Lane, Cox: Camilla Browne, Cch: Will Emmett, Georgia Walter

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 1

(1,000 metres)

Final C

No times

Final B




Final A





Final C

1st    Caulfield GS - Bow: Emily Davis, 2: Cecile Knights, 3: Isabelle Caithness, Str: Lara Stephens, Cox: Mika Parow, Cch: Greg Meredith

2nd    Loreto College - Bow: Meg O'Doherty, 2: Cassie James, 3: Micaela Dalli, Str: Taylah Blake, Cox: Bree Elliot

Final B

1st    Lowther Hall - Bow: Alison Kermonde, 2: Ruby Brady-Welsh, 3: Amanda Bramley, Str: Holly Neenan, Cox: Mariah Cartsidimas, Cch: Jared Cummings, Zoe Ryan

2nd    Ballarat & Clarendon - Bow: Libby Ford, 2: Montana Faull, 3: Ellen Leishman, Str: Jess Stepnell, Cox: Molly McCormick, Cch: Grace McDonald

3rd    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Kate Van Berkel, 2: Brooke Trainor, 3: Vicki Powell, Str: Stella Fulton, Cox: Isla Tobin, Cch: Anthony McKnight

4th    Toorak College - Bow: Bonnie McCowan, 2: Hannah Fairbridge, 3: Harriett Kelso, Str: Biddy Chaur, Cox: Monica Reid, Cch: Lucy Dick

Final A

1st    Carey GS - Bow: Courtney Higlett, 2: Stephanie Lloyd, 3: Charlotte McFarlane, Str: Rachel Bett, Cox: Lily Walters-Quan, Cch: Emily Muir, Hannah Cossins

2nd    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Yasmin Howes, 2: Sarah Thompson, 3: Alexandra Kaye, Str: Amelia Cameron, Cox: Gretel Sharp, Cch: Debbie Clingeleffer-Woodford

3rd    Methodist LC - Bow: Cluny McPherson, 2: Stephanie Clark, 3: Lilly Andolfatto, Str: Jordy Finch, Cox: Brodie Farrow, Cch: Hannah Kent

4th    Shelford GS - Bow: Grace McMahon, 2: Camilla Roberts, 3: Rosita Wickes, Str: Clementine Bachet, Cox: Greta Waters, Cch: Cameron Graham, Nick Wells

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 2

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    PLC Melbourne - Bow: Yi Yi Yeap, 2: Georgie Hall, 3: Caroline Godfrey, Str: Karla Nielsen, Cox: Angie Judd, Cch: Daniel Brighthope

2nd    Firbank GS - Bow: Louise Pennington, 2: Angelique Galvin, 3: Meg Exell, Str: Georgina Huse, Cox: Jade Galvan, Cch: Victoria Fisher

Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Sarah-Rose Stoneman, 2: Grace Chesterfield, 3: Josephine Arthur, Str: Gabrielle Henderson, Cox: Sigrid Svensson, Cch: Andrew Novak

2nd    Loreto - Bow: Isabella Casey, 2: Bella Tostevin, 3: Eliza Sholly, Str: Amelia Freezer, Cox: Mollie Parkes, Cch: Matt Giulieri

3rd    Ruyton GS - Bow: Mikaela Warren, 2: Charlotte Inge, 3: Annabelle Jones, Str: Paige Adgemis, Cox: Sarah Davey, Cch: Skye Stansfield

4th    St Catherine’s - Bow: Sophie Gray, 2: Ali Naylor, 3: Olivia Carmichael, Str: Natalie Relf, Cox: Ali Dvorscek

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 2

(1,000 metres)

Final C



Final B




Final A





Final C

1st    Carey GS - Bow: Stephanie Marshall, 2: Tori Pepperell, 3: Claire McGillivray, Str: Lauren Oswin, Cox: Bianca Censori, Cch: Allegra Blain, Courtney Dunbabin

2nd    Matthew Flinders - Bow: Jacquelyn Baker, 2: Sophie Ruf, 3: Hannah Barnes, Str: Selena Baziotopoulos, Cox: Verity Williams, Cch: Casey McGarigle

Final B

1st    Geelong College - Bow: Danielle Roberts, 2: Lucy Duffield, 3: Maddie Steel, Str: Francoise Hill, Cox: Hannah Chirnside, Cch: Susan Campbell, John Hill

2nd    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Melissa Haase, 2: Kate Fay, 3: Mikaela Haintz, Str: Milly Van Rijn, Cox: Kate Wilkie

3rd    Loreto College - Bow: Astin Briody, 2: Jess Simpson, 3: Jordan McKay, Str: Ashlee Wilkes, Cox: Megan Campbell

Final A

1st    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Emma Commins, 2: Claire Moore, 3: Charlotte Morrison, Str: Jacqueline Brookes, Cox: Sophie Parsons, Cch: Kim Baker

2nd    Lauriston GS - Bow: Emma Chan, 2: Sarah Lockwood, 3: Jacqui Allen, Str: Katie Lewis, Cox: Lily Lowenstern, Cch: Allison Hendon, Emma Webley

3rd    Haileybury - Bow: Sarah McWilliam, 2: Lucy Janssen, 3: Leisa Jeffrey, Str: Claire Patterson, Cox: Katani LaRocca, Cch: Connie Vanderwerp

4th    Methodist LC - Bow: Georgie Szymanski, 2: Camilla Arnold, 3: Maddie Lawson, Str: Liv May, Cox: Leah Sleaby, Cch: Jonny O'Brien, Julia Lake

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 3

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Strathcona - Bow: Ellen Sudholz, 2: Darby Lyndon, 3: Nicky Williams, Str: Klara Morey, Cox: Kat Johnstone, Cch: Michael Cornwell

2nd    Korowa AGS - Bow: Emily Riley, 2: Laura Thomson, 3: Maddy Dart-Lipton, Str: Anna Sklousky, Cox: Zoe Moskovic, Cch: Sally Baker

Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Alisha Monaco, 2: Emma Kennedy, 3: Carina Pezzimenti, Str: Isabelle McMahon, Cox: Chiara Mant, Cch: Gabbie Lodge

2nd    Loreto - Bow: Avalon Frawley, 2: Emily Avery, 3: Steph Skerrett, Str: Alice McDonald, Cox: Rebecca Tsotsos, Cch: Claire Saundry, Carly Gilbert

3rd    Methodist LC - Bow: Simone Morris, 2: Jessica Brown, 3: Eva Moore, Str: Caitlan Makridis, Cox: Sarah Lethlean, Cch: Warwick Kiel

4th    Ruyton GS - Bow: Emily Tulloch, 2: Courtney Donelly, 3: Ali Bethune, Str: Stephanie Cowley, Cox: Sarah Henson, Cch: Laura Tulloch

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 3

(1,000 metres)

Final B





Final A





Final B

1st    Lowther Hall - Bow: Monique Shaw-Robert, 2: Georgia Hepburn, 3: Alice Clark, Str: Jacqueline Roy, Cox: Melissa Morton, Cch: Jared Cummings, Zoe Ryan

2nd    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Chloe Lynch, 2: Kate Gillett, 3: Emily O'Beirne, Str: Anastasia Costelloe, Cox: Ashley Nikolovski, Cch: Emmie Taylor

3rd    Melbourne GC - Bow: Emily Markos, 2: Karla Maraventano, 3: Monique Macdade, Str: Jayde Kominiarski, Cox: Rebecca Lionnet, Cch: David Wollermann

4th    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Rebecca Crute, 2: Georgia Grant, 3: Olivia Johnstone, Str: Alex Lia, Cox: Kara Roberts

Final A

1st    Lauriston GS - Bow: Georgina Wallis, 2: Alice McLauchlan, 3: Harriet Palliser, Str: Georgina Joubert, Cox: Lucinda Jenkins, Cch: Elizabeth Lockwood, Lizzie Mcmahon

2nd    Carey GS - Bow: Jessie Seear, 2: Kate Higlett, 3: Amy Carlile, Str: Elissa Dannock, Cox: Elise Bone, Cch: Lucy Arthur, Caroline Hart

3rd    Wesley - Bow: Elizabeth Motton, 2: Eve Bell, 3: Annabel Mason, Str: Simone Petropoulos, Cox: Ellen Rankin, Cch: Hannah Martin

4th    Haileybury - Bow: Athlete Unknown, 2: Athlete Unknown, 3: Caitlyn Cruse, Str: Sarah Pradolin, Cox: Chanel Cook, Cch: Ashleigh Farren

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 4

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Daisy Pisasale, 2: Alice Keith, 3: Catriona McLaren, Str: Grace Knox, Cox: Jessica Basso, Cch: Leah Tremewen

2nd    Sacred Heart - Bow: Ainslie Chisholm, 2: Alice Buckley, 3: Haley Consedine, Str: Josie Fisher, Cox: Erin Ryan, Cch: Lauren McGowan

3rd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Tjuntu Muhlen-Schulte, 2: Gabrielle Burgess, 3: Eliza Sellars-Jones, Str: Samantha Rouse, Cox: Claudia Elliott, Cch: Emma Goetz

4th    Ruyton GS - Bow: Molly Lombardi, 2: Eliza Molony, 3: Shimona Lai, Str: Imogen Shute, Cox: Catie Callander, Cch: Sophie Purdue

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 4

(1,000 metres)

Final B




Final A





Final B

1st    Caulfield GS - Bow: Anna Uhe, 2: Isobel Chiosso, 3: Brittany Ryan, Str: Sabrina Templeton, Cox: Phi-Anh Pham, Cch: Ashleigh Morrison

2nd    Loreto College - Bow: Alanah Murphy, 2: Louise Proelss, 3: Chloe Gilbert, Str: Naomi Prenc, Cox: Claudia Griffin

3rd    Hamilton & Alexandra - Bow: Michaela Biggins, 2: Frances Perry, 3: Brittany Hill, Str: Victoria Ball, Cox: Eliza Hope

Final A

1st    Carey GS - Bow: Bronwen Main, 2: Ellie Masson, 3: Natalie Thomas, Str: Maddie Robson, Cox: Jasmine Eliott, Cch: Jordan Champness, Eleanor Bulford

2nd    Lowther Hall - Bow: Sarah Taylor, 2: Cara Hartney, 3: Erin O'Malley, Str: Georgia Marks, Cox: Emily Gregg, Cch: Jared Cummings, Zoe Ryan

3rd    Lauriston GS - Bow: Bridie Hyland, 2: Chessie Keebaugh, 3: Nicole Hunter, Str: Jacqueline Micallef, Cox: Lauren Wilson, Cch: Anita Schmidt

4th    Wesley - Bow: Linley Mahony, 2: Charlotte Imer, 3: Annie Xia, Str: Georgia Cox, Cox: Edwina Orchard, Cch: Michael Zippel

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 5

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Genevieve Rathgeber, 2: Erin Mulquiny, 3: Sarah Henderson, Str: Cristina Sgarbossa, Cox: Emily Richardson, Cch: Alice Alexander, Eloise Hollins, Helene Hill

2nd    Loreto - Bow: Tenille Gilbert, 2: Caitlin Foster, 3: Paige Dummett, Str: Georgina Lupson, Cox: Claudia Howcroft, Cch: James Smith

3rd    Methodist LC - Bow: Nina Quin, 2: Emily Farrell, 3: Emily O'Beirne, Str: Madi Bolton, Cox: Clem Lester, Cch: Harriet Bawden

4th    Ruyton GS - Bow: Danni Booth, 2: Anna Martin Truelove, 3: Georgia Browne, Str: Rose Savage, Cox: Zoe Mulcahy, Cch: Nicholas Watson, Emily Caroll

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 5

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Clonard - Bow: Abbey Cairney, 2: Josephine Mirachi, 3: Danielle Posadowski, Str: Rebecca Sheahan, Cox: Tegan Horniblow

2nd    Caulfield GS - Bow: Olivia Brewer, 2: Eliza Byrne, 3: Isabella Muto, Str: Stephanie Keenan, Cox: Genevieve Barlow, Cch: Charlotte Dutton

Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Nicola Nemaric, 2: Emily Dyson, 3: Jacinta Moloughney, Str: Georgia Frost, Cox: Penny Anderson, Cch: Zoe Bertrand

2nd    Clonard - Bow: Caitlin Ross, 2: Angie Sparks, 3: Jasmin Edgar, Str: Charlotte Perdrisat-Murphy, Cox: Tracey Collett, Cch: Rebekah De Grandi

3rd    Methodist LC - Bow: Elenor Powell, 2: Imogen Fairweather, 3: Ella Molnar, Str: Jessie Benbow, Cox: Stephanie Hannington, Cch: Krystina Wallis, Ashleigh Forbes

4th    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Victoria Wetherall, 2: Delia Chandler, 3: Elizabeth Sutherland, Str: Jemima McKenzie, Cox: Amelia Austin, Cch: Sophie Jarrold

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 6

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Caulfield GS - Bow: Stacey Kapes, 2: Rayali Banerjee, 3: Madeleine Harper, Str: Jessica Lyon, Cox: Jordan Steunenberg, Cch: Mathew Rook

2nd    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Poppy Spence-Fletcher, 2: Tiff Gray, 3: Matilda Ballinger, Str: Dania Daud Mah, Cox: Bella Carnegie, Cch: Lucy Brayshaw

Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Allanah Greer, 2: Stephanie Douvos, 3: Eimer O'Donnell, Str: Anneliese Searle, Cox: Danielle Garcia, Cch: Madeleine Frost

2nd    Loreto - Bow: Aisling Smith, 2: Sophie Barmby, 3: Harriet Haig, Str: Madeleine Gorman, Cox: Kate Bourke, Cch: Sophia Robinson

3rd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Freya Cameron, 2: Ally Horne, 3: Patrice Long, Str: Olivia Crutchfield, Cox: Helena Tan, Cch: Nick Bernard

4th    Wesley - Bow: Charlotte Ward, 2: Samantha Potter, 3: Lucy Kenny, Str: Rachel Ben-David, Cox: Zoe Gelman-Malan

Year 9 Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Year 9 Division 1

(1,000 metres)

Final B


Final A





Final B

1st    Sacred Heart, Kyneton - Lauren Szmalko, Cch: Glenn Bottrell, Barry Gardner

Scratched    Christian Col. Geelong - Caitlin Burns, Cch: Ian Bridgland

Final A

1st    Emmanuel College - Angela Meade

2nd    Braeur SC - Rachel Mahony

3rd    Heritage College - Samantha Walker, Cch: Sue Chapman-Popa, Rosie Popa

4th    St Columbas College - Sophie Wathen, Cch: Glenn Bottrell, Barry Gardner

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 1

(1,000 metres)

Final B





Final A





Final B

1st    Strathcona - Bow: Ashleigh Gale, 2: Georgie Tobias, 3: Lucy Chiodo, Str: Olivia Manson, Cox: Katrina Dickinson, Cch: Alice Sawers, Michael Cornwell

2nd    Korowa AGS - Bow: Hannah Matthews, 2: Sophie Taylor, 3: Annabel Richards, Str: Lena Schlevogt, Cox: Felicity Painter, Cch: Stephanie Walton

3rd    Fintona GS - Bow: Esther Le Couteur, 2: Antonia Rowson, 3: Saskia Rowson, Str: Rebecca Lee, Cox: Isobel McIntyre, Cch: Caitlin Murray, Simon Harrison

4th    Gippsland Grammar - Bow: Imogen Aitken, 2: Claire Purcell, 3: Mikayla Colley, Str: Sarah Trett, Cox: Katie Clough, Cch: James Quarrington

Final A

1st    Loreto - Bow: Lana Lavelle, 2: Annais Lombard, 3: Amelia Kelly, Str: Sarah Contin, Cox: Suzanna Linschoten, Cch: Clare Jones, Andrew Short

2nd    Genazzano - Bow: Lauren O'Connor, 2: Olivia Mort, 3: Meg O'Halloran, Str: Bronte Bilston-Gourley, Cox: Emma Nicholas, Cch: Rimian Rodriquez

3rd    Sacred Heart - Bow: Alex Pender, 2: Georgette Paatsch, 3: Anastasia Murray, Str: Jaimee Tierney, Cox: Sophie Jahnecke, Cch: Leisa Wilson

4th    Methodist LC - Bow: Sarah Light, 2: Claudia Zucchelli, 3: Erin McPherson, Str: Phoebe Allen, Cox: Audrey Barrie, Cch: Hannah Markoff

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 1

(1,000 metres)

Final B





Final A





Final B

1st    Haileybury - Bow: Jessie Hewitt, 2: Alexandra Kersy, 3: Tahnee Weston, Str: Amanda Deed, Cox: Talana Sica, Cch: Clare Strange

2nd    Loreto College - Bow: Alyssa McIntyre, 2: Penny Compton, 3: Ella Pipkorn, Str: Annie Poulton, Cox: Demi King

3rd    Frankston HS - Bow: Meg Ferrier, 2: Amy Hill, 3: Laura Kelly, Str: Samantha Little, Cox: Louise Kelly, Cch: Mary Hunter, Scott Taylor

4th    Lowther Hall - Bow: Belinda Mercuri, 2: Hannah Sallay, 3: Jeanie Clark, Str: Holly Isherwood, Cox: Shae Isherwood, Cch: Jared Cummings, Zoe Ryan

Final A

1st    Caulfield GS - Bow: Rebecca Ingleton, 2: Lauren Kangisser, 3: Julia Cowell, Str: Maddie Steel, Cox: Ashleigh Rothel, Cch: Kirsten Meyer

2nd    Carey GS - Bow: Laura Daly, 2: Georgia Stewart, 3: Ruby Long, Str: Ashley Morris, Cox: Lauren Frahamer, Cch: Mark Holliebone, Richard Pryor

3rd    Toorak College - Bow: Phoebe Hermiston, 2: Georgia Wilkins, 3: Mayrose Rolley, Str: Samantha Paterson, Cox: Lorren Chiodo, Cch: Jessica Harney

4th    Geelong College - Bow: Ella Fenton, 2: Tayla Nott, 3: Hannah Caithness, Str: Hannah Peace, Cox: Grace Scheiner, Cch: Susan Campbell

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 2

(1,000 metres)

Final B





Final A





Final B

1st    Firbank GS - Bow: Isabelle Brownlee, 2: Nastasia Bartlett, 3: Madeleine Holland-King, Str: Julia Mulholland, Cox: Sally Hay, Cch: Georgia Morgan

2nd    Strathcona - Bow: Catherine Gillies, 2: Charlotte McKinnon, 3: Rachelle Soumprou, Str: Eleanor Geilings, Cox: Rebecca Dickinson

3rd    Gippsland Grammar - Bow: Lucy Shepard, 2: Marnie Deller, 3: Alex Murphy, Str: Demi Redenbach, Cox: Isobell Rigall, Cch: Jim Kent

4th    PLC Melbourne - Bow: Charlotte Jays, 2: Elizabeth Ng, 3: Emma Erwin, Str: Catherine Perry, Cox: Laura Schnerring, Cch: Julia Caldwell

Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Jessica Gray, 2: Olivia Zago, 3: Lucy Tomanovits, Str: Sam O'Shaughnessy, Cox: Sarah Nicholas, Cch: Samuel Elder

2nd    Loreto - Bow: Isabella Incretolli, 2: Jacque Smith, 3: Frederica Haig, Str: Amy Vaughan, Cox: Jacqueline Cilia, Cch: Isabelle Scharp

3rd    Ruyton GS - Bow: Lily Lachal, 2: Ruby Mazzocco, 3: Bec Clayton, Str: Bella Aikman, Cox: Chanel Assetta, Cch: Matt Wilson, Skye Stansfield

4th    Methodist LC - Bow: Stephanie Allen, 2: Sarah Mullaly, 3: Amy Benbow, Str: Nicky Tomkins, Cox: Andrea Murray, Cch: Sasha Hyde, Elly Brown

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 2

(1,000 metres)

Final B

No times

Final A





Final B

1st    Loreto College - Bow: Olivia Carey, 2: Evangeline Theodoropoulos, 3: Nicole Quilliam, Str: Tayla Dudley, Cox: Eliza Dodd

2nd    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Natalie Pelech, 2: Jamie-Lee Leslie, 3: Winnie Dexter, Str: Stephanie Headon, Cox: Dominique Ritchie

3rd    Haileybury - Bow: Lillie Callow, 2: Chiara Dogliotti, 3: Eliza Solly, Str: Stephanie Bartels, Cox: Kayla Hartley, Cch: Samantha Stewart

Final A

1st    Caulfield GS - Bow: Hannah Schneider, 2: Zali Rayment, 3: Meg Harris, Str: Alexandra Fisher, Cox: Demi Mand, Cch: Bronwyn Labrooy

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Elise Warne, 2: Bee Lovick, 3: Kathy Wellings, Str: Sophia O'Beirne, Cox: Lauren Green, Cch: Marietta Ouzas, Jack Baker

3rd    Geelong College - Bow: Keeley Murrihy, 2: Molly Forshaw, 3: Zara Wilkens, Str: Amy Sheridan, Cox: Hannah Kent-Spark, Cch: Laura O'Rourke

4th    Carey GS - Bow: Anna Munns, 2: Heidi Frahamer, 3: Eliza Cremean, Str: Paige Warnes, Cox: Molly O'Neill, Cch: Dominy Joseph, Hannah Wallis

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 3

(1,000 metres)

Final C



Final B





Final A 





Final C

1st    Fintona GS - Bow: Georgia Abzatz, 2: Georgia McGuigan, 3: Angela Wang, Str: Katie Harker, Cox: Sarah Magner, Cch: Hannah Sutherland, Katherine Raw

2nd    Hamilton & Alexandra - Bow: Meghan Finch, 2: Indra Mari, 3: Jacinta Williams, Str: Chloe Hope, Cox: Madeleine Anonymous

Final B

1st    Sacred Heart - Bow: Jacqueline Vella, 2: Melissa McNaughton, 3: Mairead Flynn, Str: Jasmine Bautista, Cox: Josie Maher, Cch: Claire Blomley

2nd    Korowa AGS - Bow: Hazel Silcocks, 2: Mathilda Downie, 3: Kate McKimmie, Str: Laura Carra, Cox: Emma Moloney

3rd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Ellie Scala, 2: Georgia Benjamin, 3: Olivia Douglas, Str: Georgia Carlin, Cox: Emma Gates, Cch: Paris Thomson, Isabel Rothe

4th    PLC Melbourne - Bow: Sahar Hachem, 2: Paris Roberts, 3: Rebecca Chang, Str: Mary Argall, Cox: Jordan Smith, Cch: Christine Findlay

Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Anna Pane, 2: Molly Livingstone, 3: Grace Machutchison, Str: Gab Fee, Cox: Charlotte Lawrence, Cch: Bridget Lodge

2nd    Ruyton GS - Bow: Lauren Harcourt, 2: Emma Caddywould, 3: Annabelle Tucker, Str: Lucy Aitken, Cox: Charlotte Jones, Cch: Matt Wilson, Laura Tulloch

3rd    Loreto - Bow: Meg Olney, 2: Alice Marks, 3: Nikki Morabito, Str: Maddy Quirk, Cox: Claudia Radzikowska-Tanas, Cch: Kate Conlan

4th    Firbank GS - Bow: Rebecca Parish, 2: Sarah Mackley, 3: Arabella Robinson, Str: Tansy Mutimer, Cox: Jessy Woodward, Cch: James Bell

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 3

(1,000 metres)

Final B




Final A





Final B

1st    Geelong College - Bow: Sophie Radalj, 2: Claire Rogers, 3: Courtney Andrews, Str: Sarah Meager, Cox: Lilli Cashman, Cch: Jenny Hayles

2nd    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Samantha Glenn, 2: Lucy Savona, 3: Erin Goh, Str: Kimberley Barnes, Cox: Monique Doust

3rd    Shelford GS - Bow: Rose Siracusa, 2: Sophie Herman, 3: Lola Baldwin, Str: Erin Kirker, Cox: Candace Hughes, Cch: Nisha Patel

Final A

1st    Methodist LC - Bow: Imogen Barnett, 2: Nisha Arasu, 3: Justine Cain, Str: Elizabeth Hedding, Cox: Georgia Sze-Tho, Cch: Rosie Marshman, Stuart Alexander

2nd    Caulfield GS - Bow: Emily Hastie, 2: Kate Bresnan, 3: Phoebe Houghton, Str: Tara Pritchard, Cox: Meg Hudson, Cch: Eliza Kirby

3rd    Carey GS - Bow: Madeleine George, 2: Genevieve Saccon, 3: Gina O"Neill, Str: Madeleine Stanboultgis, Cox: Ruby Long, Cch: Tori Wandke, Claire Cooney

4th    Hamilton & Alexandra - Bow: Rhiannon Kennedy, 2: Alexandra Lacey, 3: Georgina Morrison, Str: Madeleine Anonymous, Cox: Chloe Hope

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 4

(1,000 metres)

Final B




Final A





Final B

1st    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Madeleine Guest, 2: Philippa Henderson, 3: Sarah Russell, Str: Aurora Shmith, Cox: Ella Crothers, Cch: Natalie Crosby, Ellen Rennie

2nd    Melbourne GC - Bow: Nicole Baxter, 2: Lotti Powell Wright, 3: Hannah Coffey, Str: Rocharne Brady, Cox: Madison Brown, Cch: Elena Parker

3rd    Strathcona - Bow: Katherine Donnarumma, 2: Eleni Serghis, 3: Chloe Nall, Str: Georgia Scott, Cox: Kaiva Kaimins, Cch: Katherine Brown, Stephen Mollard

Final A

1st    Ruyton GS - Bow: Zoe Hogan, 2: Karla Elkington, 3: Mieka Longmuir, Str: Saskia McEldowney, Cox: Hannah Borash, Cch: Matt Wilson, Sophie Purdue

2nd    Genazzano - Bow: Katherine Costello, 2: Gigi Woodburn, 3: Emily Treacey, Str: Georgia Webb, Cox: Julia Donovan, Cch: William Dowd

3rd    Firbank GS - Bow: Caroline Thomas, 2: Gabriella Xipolitos, 3: Angela Briggs, Str: Francesca Squillacciotti, Cox: Sarah Askwith, Cch: Clara Jessop, Nicole Vanderzee

4th    Methodist LC - Bow: Monika Harris, 2: Isabelle Thomas, 3: Hannah Jenkinson, Str: Lauren Diggle, Cox: Emily Cerini, Cch: Emma Adams, Hannah Clark

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 4

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Methodist LC - Bow: Emma Heale, 2: Julia Druitt, 3: Megan Anneveldt, Str: Madeleine Devereux, Cox: Laura Travis, Cch: Emily Von Moger, Claire Endersbee

2nd    Caulfield GS - Bow: Betsy Syme, 2: Sarah de Bondt, 3: Alice Reid, Str: Chelsea Neave, Cox: Tess Whitford, Cch: Amy Stubbs

3rd    Geelong College - Bow: Crista Gekas, 2: Jacqui Grange, 3: Melody Philpott, Str: Alana Hocking, Cox: Lily Pipkorn, Cch: Alice Morgan

4th    Carey GS - Bow: Emily Abery, 2: Amelia James, 3: Asha Khan, Str: Madeleine Coco, Cox: Charlotte Nicholls, Cch: Michael Censori

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 5

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Melbourne GC - Bow: Candyce King, 2: Elise Hooper, 3: Mahalia Gorrie, Str: Alena Andronis, Cox: Tully Berry, Cch: Owen Symington

2nd    Korowa AGS - Bow: Annapurani Kumar, 2: Maddie White, 3: Maddy Toft, Str: Stephanie Baroudi, Cox: Sachi Mylius, Cch: Jordan Faulkhead

Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Nicola Gunnis, 2: Molly Sedawie, 3: Jade Valentino, Str: Madison Huysing, Cox: Adele White, Cch: Corey Connell

2nd    Ruyton GS - Bow: India Caudry, 2: Mia Raymond, 3: Georgia Bowden, Str: Charlotte Graham, Cox: Daniella May, Cch: Matt Wilson, Emily Caroll

3rd    Loreto - Bow: Meghan Hester, 2: Camille Mance, 3: Millie Mustey, Str: Katie Moore, Cox: Madeleine Tehan, Cch: Shannon Contin, Michael Benson, Peter Halliday

4th    St Catherine’s - Bow: Anna Shackell, 2: Alexandra Veall, 3: Amelia Nestel, Str: Tish Wiseman, Cox: Sarah Brooke, Cch: Kelsey Winney

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 5

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Haileybury - Bow: Megan Bezuidenhout, 2: Athlete Unknown, 3: Amanda Wang, Str: Olivia Rewell, Cox: Athlete Unknown, Cch: Melissa Allen

2nd    Wesley - Bow: Jazzy Bade-Boon, 2: Corinna Lagerberg, 3: Cassandra Charlaftis, Str: Annika Lammers, Cox: Ellie Schnizler, Cch: Virginia Heal

Final A

1st    Caulfield GS - Bow: Cassandra Hatzipantelis, 2: Laura Stiles, 3: Jessica Rau, Str: Simone Tribe, Cox: Evangeline Browne, Cch: Megan Fraumano

2nd    Carey GS - Bow: Olivia O'Connor, 2: Maddy Northover, 3: Brigitte Kelleher, Str: Kate Azarnikow, Cox: Anneliese Harriss, Cch: Rhiannon Brooks

3rd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Olivia Burggraf, 2: Claire Ellis, 3: Annabel Debenham, Str: Amelia Tivey, Cox: Ella Crothers, Cch: Charlotte Righetti

4th    Methodist LC - Bow: Dayle Barnett, 2: Lucinda Lloyd-Jones, 3: Maddy Balson, Str: Hannah Dart, Cox: Anna Kjer-Nielsen, Cch: Madeleine Thomas, Rose Houghton

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 6

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Caulfield GS - Bow: Lauren Kangisser, 2: Brigitte Annois, 3: Maire Kashyap, Str: Megs Moran, Cox: Bronte Spielvogel, Cch: Adele Knights

2nd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Molly Cookson, 2: Lydia Kretowicz, 3: Alice Wharton, Str: Hannah McIvor, Cox: Leticia Atkinson, Cch: Sarah Nicholson

Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Julia Rabling, 2: Aimee Saitlik, 3: Olivia Romanin, Str: Kate Cosgrave, Cox: Victoria Altomare, Cch: Olivia Hannan

2nd    St Catherine’s - Bow: Harriet Cooper, 2: Sarah Brash, 3: Claire Borthwick, Str: Natalie Georgakopoulos, Cox: Olivia Hocking-Brown, Cch: Emily Hamilton

3rd    Loreto - Bow: Caitlin Pattison, 2: Laura Stacey, 3: Eliza Harrison, Str: Georgina Moir, Cox: Kimberley Carvalho, Cch: Florence McDonald, Darcy Frawley, Peter Halliday

4th    Carey GS - Bow: Georgia Swanton, 2: Courtney Andrews, 3: Steph Kenealy, Str: Alice Macdonald, Cox: Lucy Macdonald, Cch: Georgia Dyer, Sian Salmon

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 7A

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Loreto - Bow: Jessica Xi, 2: Rachel Ye, 3: Matilda Donovan, Str: Steph Pidcock, Cox: Suzanna Linschoten, Cch: Liz Olney, Peter Halliday

2nd    Caulfield GS - Bow: Shiara Jayasekera, 2: Ashleigh Dodd, 3: Eliz Bilal, Str: Lauren Barton, Cox: Ashleigh Rothel, Cch: Michelle Burke, Haley Mason, Marisa Pineo

Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Madeline De Bono, 2: Christina Mattia, 3: Madeline Ampt, Str: Madeline Barr, Cox: Georgia Di Salle, Cch: Clementine Arnold

2nd    St Catherine’s - Bow: Emily Dvorcsek, 2: Clare Field, 3: Zoe Allatson, Str: Nakita Wilson, Cox: Annabelle Horman, Cch: Harriette Curtis

3rd    Ruyton GS - Bow: Jasmine Hoban, 2: Henrietta Gelber, 3: Annabel Rodway, Str: Siena Geddes, Cox: Emily Scott, Cch: Krysten Egan

4th    Caulfield GS - Bow: Georgia MacLaren, 2: Daisy Connolly, 3: Caroline Halley, Str: Grace Rowsthorn, Cox: Sophie Jolly, Cch: Kate Tyson

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 7B

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Jodie Nguyen, 2: Danielle Pezzi, 3: Siena Lethbridge, Str: Bridget Kennedy, Cox: Christina Napoleone, Cch: Maddie Kingham

2nd    St Catherine’s - Bow: Hannah Roberts, 2: Caroline Kudelka, 3: Alexandra Murrell, Str: Briar Fenton, Cox: Madeleine Goodman, Cch: Lily Baker

3rd    Loreto - Bow: Rosie O'Neil-Donnellon, 2: Ashleigh McDonald, 3: Lily Quinn, Str: Zoe Williamson, Cox: Ella Leyden, Cch: Gemma Kenna, Peter Halliday

4th    Carey GS - Bow: Eleanor Sweeney, 2: Ellen Guilfoyle, 3: Kate Cohn, Str: Kimberley Shannon, Cox: Ellie Schonberg, Cch: Andrew De Morton, Pat Arundell


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