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history of head of school girls rowing regatta victoria

2012 VIC Head of Schoolgirls' Regatta

The regatta highlights were the wins of Selma Richter in the open scull, Loreto Toorak taking our the open quad, Melbourne Girls Grammar the eight and Ballarat Grammar the four.

Although not introduced until 2015, schools were asked for their input into extending the regatta to three days. The rationale for the change being the existing 20 hours of racing over 2 days, the impact of adverse weather conditions and a duty of care owed to competitors and officials.

The other change for the regatta was the appointment of a medical officer for the regatta, to supplement first aid and surf life saving.

After being a significant contributor to the regatta from almost its foundation, Rob Zahara retired as Vice-President. His work for the Committee over 22 years was profound. President Josie Millard provided a heartfelt tribute to Rob in the regatta program.

Grant Cosgriff and Rob Zahara hard at work at 2010 regatta

Full results can be found through this link.

2012 programme cover


Organising Committee and Officials

Head of the Schoolgirls Regatta Committee: Josie Millard (President), Robert Zahara and Steve Mollard (Vice-Presidents), Susie Lachal (Secretary), Christian Neeson (Treasurer), Grant Cosgriff (Executive Officer), Sophie Rigg, James Petering, Lachlan Beckett, Bradd Denham, Trish Morgan, Martin Francis, Greg Van Prooyen, Tim Murdoch and Jane Mitchell/Guy Begley and Leisa Wilson/Lauren McGowan.

Regatta personnel: Laura Schouten and Alice Evans (regatta secretaries), Roger Wilson and Andrew Biggin (race commentary), Nick Gall, Nicola Bergelin and Simon Gadsden (event management).

Jury: Robin Burrows (referee), David Pitt, Grace Blake, Robin Murphy, Rebecca De Grandi, Phil Reynolds, Lesley Skevington, Paul Hardgreaves, Glen Bottrell, Christine Hardgreaves, Ben Radcliffe, Tony Lawless, Greg Longden and Greg Falk.

Open Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Open Division 1

(1,500 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Frankston HS - Samantha Little, Cch: Neville Smith

2nd    Wesley - Elenna Niteros

Final A

1st    Melbourne GC - Selma Richter

2nd    Clonard - Caitlin Ross, Cch: Sam Elliott

3rd    St Columba’s College - Tara Bowman, Cch: Barry Gardner, Glenn Bottrell

4th    Emmanuel College - Rachel Mahony, Cch: Val Bertrand

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 1

(1,500 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Loreto - Bow: Annie-Rose Robson, 2: Tara Harrington, 3: Charlotte Russo, Str: Amelia Freezer, Cox: Alice Date, Cch: Charlotte McNamara

2nd    Sacred Heart - Bow: Melissa Cowell, 2: Luci Hedley, 3: Johanna Mousley, Str: Olivia Pecchiari, Cox: Ellie Wassell, Cch: Wayne Nitschke

3rd    Ruyton GS - Bow: Prue Heron Paterson, 2: Ellen Kett, 3: Lucy Aitken, Str: Kashi Mogensen, Cox: Catie Callander, Cch: Matt Wilson

4th    Strathcona - Bow: Amelia Hough, 2: Tahlia Mollard, 3: Anna Cornwell, Str: Sophie Bangs, Cox: Delia McKeon, Cch: Sam Morrison

Coxed Four Open Division 1

(1,500 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Stella Fulton, 2: Vicki Powell, 3: Anna Fairbairn-Calvert, Str: Sarah Mair, Cox: Clara Toohey, Cch: Bill Gribble

2nd    Melbourne GC - Bow: Bridget Pearl, 2: DiDi Woodruff, 3: Marielle Stratikopoulos, Str: Maddie Paterson, Cox: Claire Guy, Cch: David Wollermann

3rd    Shelford GS - Bow: Alice Hann, 2: Camilla Roberts, 3: Rosita Wickes, Str: Emily Macfarlane, Cox: Elise Matthews, Cch: Cameron Graham

4th    Wesley - Bow: Rachel Ben-David, 2: Phoebe Gardner, 3: Hester Lyon, Str: Charlotte Wesselmann, Cox: Cassandra Charlaftis

Eight Open Division 1

(1,500 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Haileybury - Bow: Leisa Jeffrey, 2: Kymberly Seccull, 3: Zoe Reed, 4: Claire Patterson, 5: Holly Treverton, 6: Ellie Magdziarz, 7: Bridget Jones, Str: Brooke Martin, Cox: Katani LaRocca, Cch: Connie Vanderwerp

2nd    St Catherine’s - Bow: Coco Carter, 2: Pip Sutherland, 3: Harriet Cooper, 4: Charlotte Young, 5: Ainsley Raggatt, 6: Olivia Walmsley, 7: Grace Macciolli, Str: Kate Meggitt, Cox: Fi Wilson, Cch: Emily Hamilton, Bradd Denham

Final A

1st    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Darcie Douglas-Scarfe, 2: Olivia Douglas, 3: Rachael Caldwell, 4: Phoebe Rennie, 5: Georgina Howe, 6: Claudia Hofbauer, 7: Alexandra Lane, Str: Katherine Michelmore, Cox: Sarah Udovenya, Cch: Annabelle Eaton, Michael Steele

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Jordy Finch, 2: Caitlan Makridis, 3: Simone Morris, 4: Bee Lovick, 5: Olivia Honore, 6: Phoebe Allen, 7: Imogen Barnett, Str: Hedda Cooper, Cox: Camilla Phillips, Cch: Benedict Quinlan, Alison Crowe

3rd    Genazzano - Bow: Olivia Zago, 2: Emily Biasotto, 3: Sam O'Shaughnessy, 4: Grace Chesterfield, 5: Olivia Sibillin, 6: Didi Williams, 7: Isabelle McMahon, Str: Isabella Kerr, Cox: Jessica Douglas, Cch: Lachlan Beckett

4th    Lauriston GS - Bow: Emily Hinton, 2: Jessica Adams, 3: Alexandra Jeuniewic, 4: Georgia Wallis, 5: Sophie Coltman, 6: Edwina Happell, 7: Sarah McGlashan, Str: India McKenzie, Cox: Lily Lowenstern, Cch: Ion Popa, Tom Abramowski

Single Scull Open Division 2A

(1,000 metres)

Final B


Final A





Final B

1st    Christian Col. Geelong - Meaghan Foreman, Cch: Anita Whitehouse

Final A

1st    St Columba’s College - Sophie Wathen, Cch: Barry Gardner, Glenn Bottrell

2nd    Firbank GS - Isabelle Brownlee, Cch: Rebecca Southgate, Jane Biggin

3rd    Clonard - Jasmin Edgar, Cch: Sam Elliott

4th    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Annabel Debenham, Cch: Nick Bernard

Single Scull Open Division 2B

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Anna Munns, Cch: Nick Bernard

2nd    St Columba’s College - Sarah Yandell, Cch: Glenn Bottrell, Barry Gardner

3rd    Kardinia Int’l College - Georgia Delaney, Cch: Kara Wilson

4th    St Columba’s College - Rebecca Yandell, Cch: Barry Gardner, Glenn Bottrell

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 2

(1,500 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Loreto - Bow: Meghan Hester, 2: Sophie Barmby, 3: Sarah White, Str: Georgina Moir, Cox: Suzanna Linschoten, Cch: Claire Saundry

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Stephanie Clark, 2: Eva Moore, 3: Caroline Neeson, Str: Nicky Tomkins, Cox: Brodie Farrow, Cch: Kate McNamara, Jack Baker

3rd    Ruyton GS - Bow: Paige Adgemis, 2: Ruby Clifford, 3: Ali Bethune, Str: Ashleigh Appleby, Cox: Sarah Davey, Cch: Emma Thomason, Charles Willey, Chelsea Frawley

4th    Sacred Heart - Bow: Alex Pender, 2: Georgie Garby, 3: Caitlin Trevaskis, Str: Jaimee Tierney, Cox: Sophie Jahnecke, Cch: Michelle Grogan

Coxed Four Open Division 2

(1,500 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Kate Van Berkel, 2: Madeline Meek, 3: Marley Downey, Str: Jess Whiteside, Cox: Samantha Glenn, Cch: Luke Pougnault

2nd    Loreto College - Bow: Ella Pipkorn, 2: Bree Elliot, 3: Penny Compton, Str: Molly Wheatland, Cox: Bridget Campbell, Cch: Zoe Harper

3rd    Toorak College - Bow: Harriett Kelso, 2: Alexandra Johnson, 3: Mariah Arvanitakis, Str: Phoebe Hermiston, Cox: Bonnie McCowan, Cch: Scott Taylor

4th    Melbourne GC - Bow: Monique Macdade, 2: Lulu Ebeling, 3: Chiara Bold, Str: Southerly Jennings, Cox: Esther Lee-Scott, Cch: Elena Parker

Eight Open Division 2

(1,500 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Madeleine Guest, 2: Sibella Breidahl, 3: Meghan Finch, 4: Pepita Hosking, 5: Bea Heath, 6: Sascha Webster, 7: Gabrielle Clarke, Str: Tjuntu Muhlen-Schulte, Cox: Annabelle Turner, Cch: Stephen Craig, Caitlin Trumble

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Georgie Szymanski, 2: Camilla Arnold, 3: Stephanie Allen, 4: Joy Cheng, 5: Claudia Zucchelli, 6: Sarah Light, 7: Sarah Mullaly, Str: Liv May, Cox: Sarah Lethlean, Cch: Emily Von Moger, Warwick Kiel, Angus Tyers

3rd    Genazzano - Bow: Anna Pane, 2: Allanah Greer, 3: Sarah-Rose Stoneman, 4: Sarah Henderson, 5: Jessica Gray, 6: Lauren O'Connor, 7: Lucy Tomanovits, Str: Grace Knox, Cox: Elisabeth Maher, Cch: Nick Edwards

4th    Caulfield GS - Bow: Brittany Ryan, 2: Isabelle Caithness, 3: Hannah Schneider, 4: Phoebe Houghton, 5: Isobel Chiosso, 6: Zali Rayment, 7: Harriet Conron, Str: Lara Stephens, Cox: Evangeline Browne, Cch: Tatum Ambler

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 3

(1,500 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Methodist LC - Bow: Nisha Arasu, 2: Anastasia Hyde, 3: Erin McPherson, Str: Monika Harris, Cox: Anna Kjer-Nielsen, Cch: Stuart Alexander

2nd    Loreto - Bow: Amy Vaughan, 2: Avalon Frawley, 3: Isabella Casey, Str: Alice McDonald, Cox: Mollie Parkes, Cch: Thomas O'Dwyer

3rd    Ruyton GS - Bow: Lucy McNicholas, 2: Emily Clifton Bligh, 3: Bec Clayton, Str: Mieka Longmuir, Cox: Octavia Pini, Cch: Emily Scott, Peter Halliday

4th    Wesley - Bow: Georgia Carlin, 2: Sonja Kakouros, 3: Alex Baulch, Str: Lydia McCloskey, Cox: Nellie Malseed, Cch: Damian Nenna

Coxed Four Open Division 3

(1,500 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Geelong College - Bow: Rachel Odam, 2: Beatrice Fraser, 3: Arabella Doery, Str: Tayla Nott, Cox: Grace Forshaw, Cch: Megan Edgington

2nd    Melbourne GC - Bow: Jessica Eagle, 2: Mary Spyropoulos, 3: Elise Hooper, Str: Paige Mercer, Cox: Lotti Powell Wright, Cch: Sophie Cooper

Final A

1st    Carey GS - Bow: Caitlin Foster, 2: Natalie Thomas, 3: Madeleine Stanboultgis, Str: Stephanie Lloyd, Cox: Alice Daynes, Cch: Mark Holliebone, Richard Pryor

2nd    Lauriston GS - Bow: Ashley Moorhead, 2: Louise Marsden, 3: Alice McLauchlan, Str: Emily Buckland, Cox: Georgia Sim

3rd    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Olivia Johnstone, 2: Katelin Cartledge, 3: Melanie Millington, Str: Stephanie Headon, Cox: Lucy Brennan

4th    Loreto College - Bow: Georgia Murphy, 2: Georgia Leaney, 3: Alyssa McIntyre, Str: Tayla Seeary, Cox: Telisha Fowler, Cch: Alastair Shaw

Eight Open Division 3

(1,500 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Victoria Wetherall, 2: Adelaide Darling, 3: Polly Ritchie, 4: Olivia Wetherall, 5: Paxton McPherson, 6: Georgina Rule, 7: Georgina Perrignon, Str: Emma Hart, Cox: Phillipa Beauchamp, Cch: Rob Kemp

2nd    Genazzano - Bow: Aimee Saitlik, 2: Julia Rabling, 3: Molly Sedawie, 4: Jade Valentino, 5: Madison Huysing, 6: Cristina Sgarbossa, 7: Tess Donoghue, Str: Meg O'Halloran, Cox: Penny Anderson, Cch: James Hoogenbosch, William Dowd, Clementine Arnold

3rd    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Edwina Teh, 2: Emma Dow, 3: Genevieve Maslin, 4: Brianna McCaffrey, 5: Kate Crozier, 6: Charlotte St Baker, 7: Camilla A'Beckett, Str: Emma Commins, Cox: Githika Cashmore, Cch: Debbie Clingeleffer-Woodford

4th    Loreto - Bow: Annabel Brandner, 2: Charlotte Cenedese, 3: Stephanie Meysztowicz, 4: Nikki Morabito, 5: Caitlin Pattison, 6: Rosie O'Neil-Donnellon, 7: Aisling Smith, Str: Madeleine Gorman, Cox: Ella Leyden, Cch: Darcy Frawley, Mark Dwyer

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 4

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Loreto - Bow: Lana Lavelle, 2: Meg Olney, 3: Amelia Kelly, Str: Annais Lombard, Cox: Kimberley Carvalho, Cch: Clare Jones, Matt Giulieri

2nd    Ruyton GS - Bow: Em Farrell, 2: Anna Martin Truelove, 3: Eliza Molony, Str: Lily Lachal, Cox: Isabelle Thomas, Cch: Shannon Contin

3rd    Korowa AGS - Bow: Olivia Godfrey, 2: Claudia Hartley, 3: Rebecca Hurley-Wise, Str: Georgia Cooke, Cox: Felicity Painter, Cch: Matt Jeffery

4th    Wesley - Bow: Georgia Strachan, 2: Elizabeth Doery, 3: Lekha Prasad, Str: Michelle Spisbah, Cox: Elizabeth Doery, Cch: Antonia Niteros

Coxed Four Open Division 4

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Ruyton GS - Bow: Lauren Harcourt, 2: Mia Raymond, 3: Karla Elkington, Str: Saskia McEldowney, Cox: Charlotte Jones, Cch: Nicholas Watson

2nd    Loreto College - Bow: Micaela Dalli, 2: Joanne Moneghetti, 3: Rose Russell, Str: Gabrielle Howard, Cox: Demi King, Cch: Nathan Sims

3rd    Lauriston GS - Bow: Jasmin Goldberg, 2: Kathleen Lou-O'Dea, 3: Alexandra Turnbull, Str: Holly Vincent, Cox: Julia Schwarcz

4th    Carey GS - Bow: Caroline Graham, 2: Stephanie Antonucci, 3: Isabella Cini, Str: Maddie Robson, Cox: Tarika Benson, Cch: Richard Pryor, Mark Holliebone

Coxed Four Open Division 5

(1,000 metres)

Final A




Final A

1st    Ruyton GS - Bow: Emily Clifton Bligh, 2: Emma Fox, 3: Eliza Davey, Str: Eliza Pearce, Cox: Chanel Assetta, Cch: Kate Scott

2nd    Loreto College - Bow: Nicole Quilliam, 2: Tayla Dudley, 3: Jessica Van Gaans, Str: Astin Briody, Cox: Claudia Griffin, Cch: Daniel Sharp

3rd    Shelford GS - Bow: Louise Witherow, 2: Sarah Paterson, 3: Ruby Ballerini, Str: Sophie Herman, Cox: Sarah Baker, Cch: Nick Wells

Coxed Four Open Division 6

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Jacinta Moloughney, 2: Erin Mulquiny, 3: Eimer O'Donnell, Str: Stephanie Gleeson, Cox: Charlotte Lawrence, Cch: Elizabeth Di Fazio, Jessica Burger

2nd    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Kate Scott, 2: Olivia O'Connor, 3: Jess Holder, Str: Bridget Heal, Cox: Lucy Bennett, Cch: Daisy Gubbins

3rd    Loreto College - Bow: Lauren Mullane, 2: Laura Brayshaw, 3: Ashlee Briody, Str: Tessa Kent, Cox: Matilda Coutts, Cch: Jess Nolan, Laura Kavanagh

4th    Loreto College - Bow: Emma Harris, 2: Erin Goh, 3: Courtney Norton, Str: Jessie Tunbridge, Cox: Lucy Demuth, Cch: Stef Seeary

Year 10 Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Year 10 Division 1A

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A




Final B

1st    Pascoe Vale Girls College - Nicole Butler, Cch: Glenn Bottrell, Glenn Bottrell

2nd    Fintona GS - Dimity Hanney

Final A

1st    Ruyton GS - Marion Peters, Cch: James Peters

2nd    Lauriston GS - India Ross, Cch: Hamish McGlashan

3rd    Melbourne GC - Elizabeth Azidis-Yates, Cch: Tessa Vandergriff

Scratched    Melbourne GC - Hayley Carstensen, Cch: Tessa Vandergriff

Single Scull Year 10 Division 1B

(1,000 metres)

Final B


Final A





Final B

1st    St Catherine’s - Isabelle Matthews, Cch: Annabelle Atkins

Final A

1st    Pascoe Vale Girls College - Indya Kirby, Cch: Barry Gardner, Glenn Bottrell

2nd    Padua College - Bridget Fisher

3rd    Melbourne GC - Chloe Bain, Cch: Tessa Vandergriff

4th    Clonard - Perri Digby, Cch: Allan Chalmers

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 1

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Sacred Heart - Bow: Megg Pickering, 2: Zelia Viegas, 3: Alanah Nicol, Str: Shannon Tierney, Cox: Georgia Pickering, Cch: Leisa Wilson

2nd    St Columba’s College - Bow: Stephanie Popovic, 2: Aoife McDonald, 3: Phoebe McArthur, Str: Lindsay Rattray, Cox: Rebecca Yandell, Cch: Barry Gardner, Glenn Bottrell

Final A

1st    Firbank GS - Bow: Kate Duggan, 2: Evelyn Turek, 3: Amanda Bateman, Str: Emily Shaw, Cox: Charlotte Curwen, Cch: John Saunders

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Elise Franetic, 2: Millie St Hill, 3: Sophie Melican, Str: Madeline Bernard, Cox: Pip Clark, Cch: Jonny O'Brien

3rd    Korowa AGS - Bow: Kate Oliver, 2: Anna Dixon, 3: Caitlin Jennings, Str: Lucy Matthews, Cox: Kimberley Ang, Cch: Regina Kennedy, Sally Baker

4th    Genazzano - Bow: Rebecca Craggs, 2: Emma Lincoln, 3: Chloe Becerra, Str: Philippa Morrison, Cox: Chloe Alexander, Cch: Brigette Carlile

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 1

(1,000 metres)

Final B





Final A





Final B

1st    Lauriston GS - Bow: Laura Devonport, 2: Olivia Fenton, 3: Emma Lowe, Str: Isobel Caldwell, Cox: Alice Brady, Cch: Lauren Wilson

2nd    Haileybury - Bow: Danielle Frawley, 2: Christy Selemidis, 3: Zoe Preston, Str: Hannah Pastore, Cox: Felicity O'Brien, Cch: Ashleigh Farren

3rd    Geelong College - Bow: Charlotte Crawford, 2: Lucinda Murphy, 3: Lucy Allinson, Str: Brydie Rankin, Cox: Alexa Bedford, Cch: John Hill

4th    Loreto College - Bow: Maddison Peterkin, 2: Emily Burnett, 3: Kira Murphy, Str: Madeline Anderson, Cox: Zoe Wilson, Cch: Natalie Stryker

Final A

1st    Carey GS - Bow: Brigitte O'Neill, 2: Kate Burgess, 3: Sienna Jones, Str: Lucy Jepson, Cox: Ophelia Davenport, Cch: Alysha Batliwalla, Clare Hollebone

2nd    Wesley - Bow: Hannah Blackney, 2: Alexandra Ellem, 3: Olivia Gardiner, Str: Jackie Parry, Cox: Emma Wilkie, Cch: Emily Petricola

3rd    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Georgina Voss, 2: Isabella Mainwaring, 3: Isabella Greed, Str: Hannah Starkins, Cox: Erin Strong, Cch: Andrew Beauchamp

4th    Melbourne GC - Bow: Louella Exton, 2: Holly Fahey, 3: Elise Thorbecke, Str: Brianna Hayes, Cox: Eleanor Quantock, Cch: Caroline Edwards

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 2

(1,000 metres)

Final B




Final A





Final B

1st    Sacred Heart - Bow: Elizabeth Ballan, 2: Jess Farley, 3: Bridget McGivern, Str: Klara Wilkinson, Cox: Pep Salmon, Cch: Leisa Wilson, Gemma Walmsley

2nd    PLC Melbourne - Bow: Sumudu Setunge, 2: Imogen Williams, 3: Ji Anne Kwan, Str: Caitlin Wong, Cox: Sandra Suen

3rd    Lowther Hall - Bow: Emma Rowe, 2: Bridie Duffus, 3: Hannah Sallay, Str: Georgia Denham, Cox: Simone Mirigliano, Cch: Zoe Ryan

Final A

1st    Firbank GS - Bow: Molly Steele, 2: Iona Miller, 3: Greta Dickson, Str: Rachael Sargent, Cox: Kimberley Petryshyn, Cch: Lucy Haworth

2nd    Genazzano - Bow: Eilwen Jones, 2: Tess Kennedy, 3: Sophia Bendall, Str: Ciara O'Keeffe, Cox: Alice Dowell, Cch: Gabbie Lodge

3rd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Lily Elliott, 2: Olivia Grimwade, 3: Georgina Fowler, Str: Julia Honan, Cox: Anna Lane, Cch: Jess Renzella, Isabel Rothe

4th    Methodist LC - Bow: Matilda Rapke, 2: Annabel Lanyon, 3: Bec Joyce, Str: Tildy Dinnison, Cox: Charlie Byers-Armstrong, Cch: Harriet Bawden

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 2

(1,000 metres)

Final C



Final B




Final A





Final C

1st    Haileybury - Bow: Sophia Tan, 2: Emily Tyler, 3: Siobhan McDonnell, Str: Georgina Hepenstall, Cox: Miranda Fock, Cch: Gemma Walter

2nd    Hamilton & Alexandra - Bow: Rhiannon Kennedy, 2: Charlotte Dufty, 3: Georgina Morrison, Str: Georgia McClure, Cox: AJ Hill, Cch: Catherine Agar

Final B

1st    Lauriston GS - Bow: Claire Lucas, 2: Claire Lazarides, 3: Sophie Ralph, Str: Susanna Cartwright, Cox: Lauren Briggs, Cch: Darcy Hare

2nd    Shelford GS - Bow: Morgan Gregson, 2: Lizzy Hird, 3: Alex Kinsman, Str: Chloe Kamaretsos, Cox: Grace Appleford, Cch: Oliver Whitehead

3rd    Loreto College - Bow: Tess McDonald, 2: Alanna Bennetts, 3: Anna Tuncks, Str: Clare McErvale, Cox: Hannah McErvale, Cch: Natalie Stryker

Final A

1st    Carey GS - Bow: Georgia Craig, 2: Nicky Deev, 3: Nicola Hammond, Str: Zoe Younger, Cox: Olivia Newbold, Cch: Jordan Champness

2nd    Wesley - Bow: Celene White, 2: Alexandra Strachan, 3: Jacqueline Patishman, Str: Chilli Anderson, Cox: Emma Burrows, Cch: Zachary Smith

3rd    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Belle McDonald, 2: Lucy Moore, 3: Arabella Stanley, Str: Lotti Spence-Fletcher, Cox: Annabel Richardson, Cch: Kim Baker

4th    Caulfield GS - Bow: Katerina Gallucci, 2: Sarah Knowles, 3: Ariadne Paras, Str: Freya Tulloch, Cox: Isabelle Szyman, Cch: Alison Rady

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 3

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Prue Renehan, 2: Chloe Anderson, 3: Catherine Fitzgerald, Str: Sarah Cust, Cox: Jessica Van Haandel, Cch: Leah Tremewen

2nd    Loreto - Bow: Francesca Broome, 2: Imogen Bower, 3: Hattie Davenport, Str: Nicki Barnett, Cox: Meaghan Howard, Cch: Clare Daly

3rd    Firbank GS - Bow: Isabella Stafford, 2: Ellie Thornton, 3: Tatjana Frei, Str: Kerry Jonker, Cox: Georgia Goodings, Cch: Nicole Vanderzee

4th    Methodist LC - Bow: Sophia Dahm, 2: Anna Fisher, 3: Elena McGannon, Str: Lucy O'Shannessy, Cox: Sarah Ben-David, Cch: Jane McMahon

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 3

(1,000 metres)

Final B





Final A





Final B

1st    Geelong College - Bow: Madeleine Brown, 2: Annie Foley, 3: Olympia Wild, Str: Annanbel Scott, Cox: Isla Dobie, Cch: Christine McGlade

2nd    Haileybury - Bow: Kiara Stokeld, 2: Dominique Smit, 3: Gabby Kent, Str: Lauren Genoni, Cox: Ashleigh Francke, Cch: Kirsty Wynn

3rd    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Miranda Fenton, 2: Amy Ahearn, 3: Stephanie Cartledge, Str: Ellen O'Donohue, Cox: Anna Klopak

4th    Shelford GS - Bow: Camille Murphy, 2: Rachel Beck, 3: Michaela Hughes, Str: Kaitlin Russell, Cox: Romi McGraw, Cch: Samuel Jeffreys

Final A

1st    Carey GS - Bow: Giorgia Grant, 2: Samantha White, 3: Ella Harris, Str: Anna White, Cox: Isabella Di Nello, Cch: Bridget Cremean

2nd    Lauriston GS - Bow: Matilda McGuire, 2: Olivia Freeman, 3: Eloise Davie, Str: Georgia Sinclair, Cox: Holly Mead, Cch: Grace Mead, Stephanie Parsons

3rd    Wesley - Bow: Lara Nathie, 2: Majella Jones, 3: Eliza Sabbatucci, Str: Sophia Dearie, Cox: Irene Tzelepis, Cch: Alice Arch

4th    Melbourne GC - Bow: Ruby Betts, 2: Charley Longstaff, 3: Emily Merry, Str: Camille Hepworth, Cox: Lily Von Gies, Cch: Elise Regan Gomm

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 4

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Bethanie Storey, 2: Tess McIntosh, 3: Emma Douglas, Str: Caillin Flynn, Cox: Kate Frawley, Cch: Prip Lodge, Lilly Alexander

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Brianna Stephens, 2: Alexandra Herrington, 3: Paris Jones, Str: Lucinda Bowra, Cox: Annabel Tarrent, Cch: Holly Kelly

3rd    Loreto - Bow: Jacqueline Mattner, 2: Sophie Russell, 3: Mimma Roach, Str: Laura Cafari, Cox: Aimee Dummett, Cch: Roz Stanley

4th    Strathcona - Bow: Maddy Chetcuti, 2: Cheyenne Bradley, 3: Elle Morley, Str: Anna Wittwer, Cox: Rachael Cox, Cch: Emily Cornwell

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 4

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Loreto College - Bow: Chelsea Bennett, 2: Veronica Norton, 3: Felicity Cole, Str: Ebony O'Neil, Cox: Georgia Waller

2nd    Kardinia Int’l College - Bow: Alexandra Keily, 2: Elizabeth Eden, 3: Matisse Patterson, Str: Sophie Walsh, Cox: Sarah Ryan, Cch: Phil Ryan

Final A

1st    Carey GS - Bow: Mia Fitton, 2: Anna McDonald, 3: Chloe Ansell, Str: Holly Martin, Cox: Zoe Gallent, Cch: Tori Gluning

2nd    Melbourne GC - Bow: Kate Merry, 2: Scarlett McClure, 3: Annabel Lee, Str: Isobel Freeman, Cox: Sarah Williams, Cch: Sian Sharpe

3rd    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Rebecca Shaw, 2: Louisa Christie, 3: Alexandra Kent, Str: Malakye Carroll, Cox: Angela Zheng, Cch: Emmie Taylor

4th    Caulfield GS - Bow: Eleanor Herbert, 2: Madison Harvey, 3: Isabella Care, Str: Catherine Hronakis, Cox: Sophie Lowrie, Cch: Stephanie Eaves

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 5

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Simone Karambelas, 2: Olivia Watson, 3: Alice Hibbard, Str: Matilda McDonald, Cox: Amelia Larsen, Cch: Freya Brolsma

2nd    Genazzano - Bow: Elizabeth Simpson, 2: Kate Mani, 3: Amelia Clark, Str: Molly Pisasale, Cox: Gabby Downes, Cch: Georgia Daniel

3rd    Melbourne GC - Bow: Skye MacDade, 2: Jasmine Moya, 3: Bronte Morrison, Str: Ginger Clark, Cox: Lorraine Phung, Cch: Andrew Wood-Collier

4th    Loreto - Bow: Isabella Roberts, 2: Lauren Bastone, 3: Emily Tuddenham, Str: Lara Shearer, Cox: Tara Impala, Cch: Matthew Caulfield

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 5

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Carey GS - Bow: Cecilia Fedi, 2: Eli Higlett, 3: Phoebe Hutson, Str: Madeleine Gilfillan, Cox: Gabrielle Dupe, Cch: Emily Avery

2nd    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Phoebe Chirnside, 2: Emma Szepe, 3: Zara Stewart, Str: Madde McCartney, Cox: Lily Judd, Cch: Brittany Fitzpatrick

3rd    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Amy Graves, 2: Martha Ollason-Brown, 3: Ashleigh Smart, Str: Sophie Batten, Cox: Ruby Hill, Cch: Lucy Brayshaw

4th    Caulfield GS - Bow: Milly Dwyer, 2: Alexandra Sinclair, 3: Lucy Ansell, Str: Arielle Meretz, Cox: Georgia Simm, Cch: Georgia Campbell

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 6

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Methodist LC - Bow: Camille Lourdes, 2: Emily Andolfatto, 3: Gilda Good, Str: Ruth Healy-McFarlane, Cox: Imogen Beams, Cch: Felicity Evans

2nd    Carey GS - Bow: Jane Watson, 2: Isabella Viero, 3: Mariel Dalton, Str: Alexandra Wright, Cox: Cassie Dyson, Cch: Caroline Morgan, Anna Grutzner

Final A

1st    Loreto - Bow: Cienna Irwin, 2: Aimee Burn, 3: Cassandra Votzourakis, Str: Annabelle Knight, Cox: Vivian Cheng, Cch: Emma Quirk

2nd    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Billie Hook, 2: Hebe Colquhoun, 3: Hailey Holloway, Str: Pru Illingworth, Cox: Emily Kliman, Cch: Jessica Beauchamp

3rd    Genazzano - Bow: Emily Rainford-Galjar, 2: Rachael Lee, 3: Molly O'Halloran, Str: Erica Sinni, Cox: Laura Bengasino, Cch: William Stoltz

4th    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Bella Brady, 2: Rebecca Shaw, 3: Alabama McMurrick, Str: Bridget Sharp, Cox: Georgia Sherwood, Cch: Kelly Banks

Year 9 Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Year 9 Division 1A

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B 

1st    Frankston HS - Louise Kelly, Cch: Mary Hunter, Scott Taylor

2nd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Savannah Noack

Final A

1st    Siena College - Peta Terrell

2nd    Braemar College - Bridgette Hardy, Cch: Sue Chapman-Popa, David Ochert

3rd    Melbourne GC - Violet Davies-Brown, Cch: Tessa Vandergriff

4th    Strathcona - Sophia Harrison, Cch: Michael Cornwell

Single Scull Year 9 Division 1B

(1,000 metres)

Final B


Final A




Final B

1st    Fintona GS - Kylie Zhang, Cch: Lucy Crock, Georgia Harty

Final A

1st    Kardinia Int’l College - Fairley McPherson, Cch: David McPherson

2nd    Mentone Girls Grammar - Nadia Oosthuizen

3rd    Loreto - Grace van Veenendaal, Cch: Matt Giulieri, Alex Saundry

Scratched    Ave Maria College - Sabrina Pilla, Cch: Glenn Bottrell, Barry Gardner

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 1

(1,000 metres)

Final B





Final A





Final B

1st    Strathcona - Bow: Jaimie Norbury, 2: Holly Hunt, 3: Marnie Oblak, Str: Steph Thom, Cox: Delia McKeon, Cch: Michael Cornwell

2nd    Kardinia Int’l College - Bow: Fairley McPherson, 2: Amelia Elsworth, 3: Shannon Dillon, Str: Emma Ferguson, Cox: Jemima Phillips, Cch: David McPherson

3rd    Lowther Hall - Bow: Leshaye Di Stefano, 2: Lucy Gregg, 3: Amy Roscoe, Str: Ria Thompson, Cox: Simone Mirigliano, Cch: Emily Gregg

4th    Sacred Heart - Bow: Meg Blood, 2: Sarah Mousley, 3: Hayley Blake, Str: Emily Bowker, Cox: Zelda Farley, Cch: Lauren McGowan

Final A

1st    Loreto - Bow: Katherine Kennedy, 2: Jacqueline Hart, 3: Kate Pereira, Str: Jessica Kilroe-Smith, Cox: Sadie Mason, Cch: Matt Giulieri, Florence McDonald

2nd    Firbank GS - Bow: Hannah Holbrook, 2: Lauren McElroy, 3: Rhiannon Sandiford, Str: Charlotte Barrow, Cox: Molly Ingram, Cch: John Saunders

3rd    Genazzano - Bow: Alicia Smaldino, 2: Hannah Utri, 3: Gemma Sibillin, Str: Ciara Jackson, Cox: Mary Gilmour, Cch: David McGrath

4th    St Catherine’s - Bow: Jessie Gleeson, 2: Julia Zwar, 3: Olivia Menzies, Str: Lucy Gullifer, Cox: Eliza Court

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 1

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Melbourne GC - Bow: Hannah Mitchell, 2: Alana Bolger, 3: Mckinley Ryder, Str: Mallory Shelton, Cox: Jessica Cuddy, Cch: Elise Regan Gomm

2nd    Geelong College - Bow: Rebecca Finlay, 2: Katie-Rose Campbell, 3: Zoe Gorell, Str: Kirsten Caithness, Cox: Olivia Clark, Cch: Louise Monotti

Final A

1st    Toorak College - Bow: Alix Westley, 2: Sinead Waterson, 3: Laura Day, Str: Tess Rolley, Cox: Zoe Summers

2nd    Haileybury - Bow: Kelly Albury, 2: Lucy Pearce, 3: Rebecca Knott, Str: Juliette Berry, Cox: Anna Lewis, Cch: Sally Trudzik

3rd    Wesley - Bow: Isabella Goodwin, 2: Georgia Bowman, 3: Georgia McMahon, Str: Prue McLardie-Hore, Cox: Jao Carminati, Cch: Richard Parker

4th    Shelford GS - Bow: Chloe Patterson, 2: Bridgette Hynes, 3: Lucy Chesterfield, Str: Christy Landwehr, Cox: Xanthe Matheson, Cch: Matilda Barrie

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 2

(1,000 metres)

Final B




Final A





Final B

1st    Ruyton GS - Bow: Laura Aldous, 2: Josie Graham, 3: Maddy Benallack, Str: Lucy Fowler, Cox: Elena Ancarola, Cch: Nick Watson

2nd    PLC Melbourne - Bow: Tessa Rivett, 2: Leeyarna Kannlappan, 3: Brittany Argent, Str: Stephanie Boone, Cox: Sarah Hall

3rd    Strathcona - Bow: Erica Quan, 2: Steph Lee, 3: Sarah Foster, Str: Hannah Mclean, Cox: Sophie Homes-Smith, Cch: Phoebe McMahon

Final A

1st    Firbank GS - Bow: Jaime Worboys, 2: Saskia Schneider, 3: Madison Benton, Str: Clare Cameron, Cox: Elena Maratos, Cch: Katelyn Johnson

2nd    Genazzano - Bow: Lucy Sedawie, 2: Ella Menzies, 3: Emma McKay, Str: Alice Quinlan, Cox: Emily Rickard, Cch: Alice Alexander

3rd    St Catherine’s - Bow: Annabel Young, 2: Sophie Joubert, 3: Isabelle Ferrali, Str: Juliette Cody, Cox: Emma Thompson

4th    Methodist LC - Bow: Georgia Woodley, 2: Bella Grooby, 3: Amy Arundel, Str: Georgia Fink, Cox: Ada Dong, Cch: Georgia Brander

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 2

(1,000 metres)

Final B




Final A





Final B

1st    Shelford GS - Bow: Sidney Denham-Roberts, 2: Ella Ballerini, 3: Sarah Barker, Str: Marnie McBride, Cox: Sigrid Happell, Cch: Madeline Brenker

2nd    Toorak College - Bow: Abbie Westley, 2: Vanessa Bradbury, 3: Kate Hollyock, Str: Beth Dahlsen, Cox: Hannah Ben'Mrad, Cch: Clare Gilheany

3rd    Geelong College - Bow: Elizabeth Hanrahan, 2: Ella Wood, 3: Abby Brierly, Str: Emma Dixon, Cox: Amanda Ioannou, Cch: Alice Morgan

Final A

1st    Melbourne GC - Bow: Loulou Saleres, 2: Harriet Harte, 3: Edith McLellan, Str: Chloe Betts, Cox: Elizabeth Everett, Cch: Sian Sharpe

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Emma McShane, 2: Olivia Heasley, 3: Stacey Mastras, Str: Claudia Plowright, Cox: Rachel Colman, Cch: Claire Endersbee

3rd    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Zoe Nevett, 2: Emily Oliver, 3: Maegan Osmond, Str: Chelsea Trainor, Cox: Kristen Varnis

4th    Haileybury - Bow: Alexandra Gibson, 2: Aili Cato, 3: Meg Hazell, Str: Paige Martin, Cox: Lauren Tzilantonis, Cch: Melissa Allen

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 3

(1,000 metres)

Final B




Final A





Final B

1st    Ruyton GS - Bow: Stephanie Bolam, 2: Nicola Bonin, 3: Bec Jackson, Str: Alice Hannebery, Cox: Jennifer Weigold, Cch: Sarah Bush

2nd    Korowa AGS - Bow: Karina Savur, 2: Annika Wagar, 3: Nicola Gleeson, Str: Sophie Macfarlane, Cox: Kathryn Ng, Cch: Jordan Faulkhead

3rd    Fintona GS - Bow: Smita Bhattacharjee, 2: Elena Couper, 3: Sylvie Le Couteur, Str: Brydie Parker, Cox: Estelle Hanney, Cch: Caitlin Cellini

Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Ciara Ward, 2: Catherine Ingham, 3: Isobel Anderson, Str: Caity Krumples, Cox: Phoebe Richardson, Cch: Madeleine Frost

2nd    Loreto - Bow: Ruby Kerr, 2: Bronte Evans, 3: Sarah Guy, Str: Madeleine Smith, Cox: Angela Connors, Cch: Clare Daly

3rd    Methodist LC - Bow: Mia Davies, 2: Lucia Pirc, 3: Emily Farrow, Str: Bella Dixon, Cox: Isabella Holckner, Cch: Felicity Jacob

4th    St Catherine’s - Bow: Daisy Wood, 2: Sophie Ford, 3: Manon Dennison, Str: Grace Lightfoot, Cox: Harriet Renn

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 3

(1,000 metres)

Final B




Final A





Final B

1st    Haileybury - Bow: Tania Ellison, 2: Grace Knight, 3: Jamie Sturgess, Str: Mikayla Smith, Cox: Hayley McKenna, Cch: Felicity Adamson

2nd    Toorak College - Bow: Jaymie Moynihan, 2: Bella Dunksinson, 3: Candace Hewitt-Thomas, Str: Stephanie Farag, Cox: Natalie Cocks, Cch: Kirsten Hood

3rd    Shelford GS - Bow: Bianca McMahon, 2: Mia Psofimis, 3: Freya Feddersen-Browne, Str: Grace Kennedy, Cox: Imogen Phillips, Cch: Grace Blake

Final A

1st    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Tayla Hewat, 2: Mimi Ingram, 3: Ellen Stephens, Str: Jane McConchie, Cox: Stephanie Leishman

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Kassandra De Boer, 2: Tess O'Connor, 3: Annabel Mahon, Str: Amelia Tomkins, Cox: Rachael Park, Cch: Chloe Sanford

3rd    Carey GS - Bow: Matilda Hubbard, 2: Shanti Benson, 3: Saska Balshaw, Str: Grace Butcher, Cox: Katherine Burns, Cch: Josh McCormach

4th    Caulfield GS - Bow: Katie O'Rielly, 2: Celia Grigg, 3: Alex Nixon, Str: Robyn Kalkhoven, Cox: Karis Oka, Cch: Megan Fraumano

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 4

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Ruyton GS - Bow: Niamh McCarthy, 2: Jemma Billinghurst, 3: Claudia Aikman, Str: Bella Armstrong, Cox: Chloe Rosenberg, Cch: Mia Antonopoulos, Stephanie Mirabito

2nd    Strathcona - Bow: Tess Hewitt, 2: Olivia Newman, 3: Rebecca Gill, Str: Sammy Cox, Cox: Sasha Giourouki, Cch: Genevieve Nenna

Final A

1st    Methodist LC - Bow: Emma Jaynes, 2: Catie Lear, 3: Alice Spencer, Str: Isobel Smart, Cox: Katie Lukis, Cch: Georgie Lanyon

2nd    Loreto - Bow: Sarah McNamara, 2: Abbey Snell, 3: Ruby Johnson, Str: Claudia Petruccelli, Cox: Stephanie Morgan Schlicht, Cch: Camilla Doyle

3rd    Firbank GS - Bow: Hannah Matthiesson, 2: Halley Derera, 3: Eliza Nugent, Str: Eliza Grubb, Cox: Kimberley Petryshyn, Cch: Freya Breidahl

4th    Genazzano - Bow: Caitlin O'Toole, 2: Chelsea Snell, 3: Hannah Kelly, Str: Casey Targett, Cox: Georga Prawdiuk, Cch: Giulia Cassarino

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 4

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Carey GS - Bow: Olivia Yammouni, 2: Eddie Lewinsky, 3: Kiara Perin, Str: Eliza Wade, Cox: Lauren Di Pietro, Cch: Eliza Dyer

2nd    Melbourne GC - Bow: Steffany Campbell, 2: Lauren Bowe, 3: Alice Richardson, Str: Olivia O'Connor, Cox: Nicola Crowley, Cch: Emma Clampett

3rd    Caulfield GS - Bow: Anna Granter, 2: Harriet Nunan, 3: Amy Vadiveloo, Str: Perri Dudley, Cox: Annie Hicks, Cch: Marisa Pineo

4th    Wesley - Bow: Isabella Michaelides, 2: Olivia Vandenbossche, 3: Sienna Heron, Str: Julia Kay, Cox: Eloise Bagnara, Cch: Rachel McCloskey, Joshua Hetzel

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 5A

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Melbourne GC - Bow: Eileen Cheong, 2: Maddie Bradley, 3: Oriana Mato, Str: Christina Li, Cox: Jamie Roubin, Cch: Tessa Vandergriff, David Wollermann

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Olivia McGrath, 2: Emma Pham, 3: Sophie Watt, Str: Natasha West, Cox: Sabrina Maier, Cch: Ellen Lucas

Final A

1st    Methodist LC - Bow: Georgia Johnson-King, 2: Ella Jackson, 3: Madeleine Beesey, Str: Gabrielle Chesbrough, Cox: Anja Keith, Cch: Alex Clark

2nd    Firbank GS - Bow: Lara Opat, 2: Darcie Clarke, 3: Alicia Yokoyama, Str: Emily Bullock, Cox: Lauren Carroll, Cch: Grace Killmer

3rd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Marion Wilson, 2: Holly Britt, 3: Mana Ohashi, Str: Elizabeth Richardson, Cox: Georgia Kamvissis, Cch: Georgia Walter, Olli Langdon

4th    Ruyton GS - Bow: Tess Macallan, 2: Sophia Currie, 3: Alana Grollo, Str: Schrader McLeay, Cox: Isabelle Thomas, Cch: Amy Moore, Felicity Allen, Emma Ulrick

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 5B

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Isabella Nilsson, 2: Emma Rogerson, 3: Freya Lauersen, Str: Annabel Dyson, Cox: Stella Genser, Cch: Lilli Craig

2nd    Strathcona - Bow: Maddie Bowden, 2: Sarah Abrahams, 3: Claire Watson, Str: Lily Sawers, Cox: Madelene Saligari, Cch: Reuben Inglis

Final A

1st    Loreto - Bow: Emilie Guy, 2: Alex McCombe, 3: Eliza Murphy, Str: Ruby McDonald, Cox: Francesca Scheriani, Cch: Rebecca Olle, Bridget Moran

2nd    Firbank GS - Bow: Melanie Hickey, 2: Amelia Acheson, 3: Madeleine Clark, Str: Fleur Goodman, Cox: Charlotte Curwen, Cch: Georgia Morgan

3rd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Lauren Martin, 2: Freya Madders, 3: Emme Richardson, Str: Hattie Chew, Cox: Irini Levou, Cch: Isabel Coburn

4th    Genazzano - Bow: Sarah Biasotto, 2: Alexandra Fox, 3: Naomi Brooks, Str: Madeleine Pane, Cox: Lily Rokebrand, Cch: Ruby Heffernan

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 5

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Loreto - Bow: Vanessa Hope, 2: Elizabeth Papapetrou, 3: Molly Stephenson, Str: Isabel Wright, Cox: Melissa Tran, Cch: Charles McDonald

2nd    Melbourne GC - Bow: Maggie Williams, 2: Kerime Guresci, 3: Eidan Doidge, Str: Molly Cacopardo, Cox: Saskia Blow, Cch: Courtney Higlett

3rd    Carey GS - Bow: Katherine Muir, 2: Renee Zumbo, 3: Kristin Cooke, Str: Bella-Daisy Charlwood, Cox: Ginger Barro, Cch: Josh Lloyd

4th    Genazzano - Bow: Johanna Curtain, 2: Tahlia Furlan, 3: Ailish Dempsey, Str: Georgia Dow, Cox: Miranda Hill, Cch: Chloe Jones

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 6

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Carey GS - Bow: Alanna Baschera, 2: Viktoria Magdalinos, 3: Hannah Pugh, Str: Mercedes Poutakidis, Cox: Maddie Webster, Cch: Tori Gluning

2nd    Melbourne GC - Bow: Hannah Robinson, 2: Manon Toussat, 3: Megan Kelly, Str: Helena Argiriou, Cox: Rosa Cass-Simpson, Cch: Andrew Wood-Collier

Final A

1st    Loreto - Bow: Maggie Dunn, 2: Adela Michelson, 3: Charlotte Casey, Str: Scarlett Dunell, Cox: Aileish O'Keefe, Cch: Alexa Madden

2nd    Melbourne GC - Bow: Ceilla Berman, 2: Cate Gifford, 3: Stephanie Toussat, Str: Echo Nadin, Cox: Bonita Dowding, Cch: Andriana Ganotis

3rd    Genazzano - Bow: Rachel Macfarlane, 2: Bridget Connelly, 3: Andisen Short, Str: Emma Lawrence, Cox: Kate Renney, Cch: Emily Massey

4th    Carey GS - Bow: Charlotte White, 2: Maree Marinelis, 3: Emma Aynsley, Str: Rachael Esler, Cox: Ellie Gluning, Cch: Tyler Brenchley

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 7

(1,000 metres)

Final C





Final B




Final A





Final C

1st    Caulfield GS - Bow: Stephanie Psaradellis, 2: Samantha Grant, 3: Darcy Lubich, Str: Rebecca Trytell, Cox: Tayla Duncan, Cch: Alexandra Stone

2nd    Carey GS - Bow: Grace Elliot, 2: Issy Stevens, 3: Gen Thompson, Str: Adrienne Gamble, Cox: Charlotte Hansford, Cch: Tamara Charlwood

3rd    Caulfield GS - Bow: Naomi Bichler, 2: Bonnie Usher, 3: Camilla Gray, Str: Akita Pham, Cox: Annie Hicks, Cch: Nicole Salamy

4th    Geelong College - Bow: Sarah Smith, 2: Ruby Brownless, 3: Shannessy Ward, Str: Arcadia De Young, Cox: Grace Forshaw, Cch: Claire Allinson

Final B

1st    Melbourne GC - Bow: Grace Bennett, 2: Amanda Scully, 3: Ingrid Lee Scott, Str: Una Memery, Cox: Zoe Lazarides, Cch: Alice Fotheringham

2nd    Caulfield GS - Bow: Sachi Skurnik, 2: Linda Zuo, 3: Gemma Bland, Str: Brianna Luckins, Cox: Abbey Gallop, Cch: Bridget Lane

3rd    Carey GS - Bow: Ann Wang, 2: Ebony Lowery, 3: Tegan Hockaday, Str: Sarita Barnett, Cox: Harriet Wing, Cch: Madi Hickey

Final A

1st    Methodist LC - Bow: Stephanie Kleores, 2: Grace Endersbee, 3: Heloise Pickering, Str: Annabel Arnold, Cox: Lauren Hadley, Cch: Jessica Durst, Olympia Ward

2nd    Loreto - Bow: Madeleine Leyden, 2: Isabella Werka, 3: Bronte Mather, Str: Isabella Manton, Cox: Chiara Donovan, Cch: Frances DiNatale, Emily Smith

3rd    Genazzano - Bow: Yihsan Richardson, 2: Imogen Kuner, 3: Constance Iliadis, Str: Jessica Landy, Cox: Isabella Lauria, Cch: Katie Lovelock, Brigid Brown

4th    Caulfield GS - Bow: Madeline Long, 2: Tayla Nelson, 3: Annabel Phillips, Str: Alisha Baswa, Cox: Natasha Spanos, Cch: Tessa Fraumano


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