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history of head of school girls rowing regatta victoria

2014 VIC Head of Schoolgirls' Regatta

The Head of the Schoolgirls Committee celebrated 30 years of existence at this regatta and announced a new five year commitment to hold the regatta in Geelong until 2019.

The Mayor Darren Lyons confirmed the deal at a meeting of the Principals and committed to the work to maintain the river to ensure fairness of racing.

Josie Millard in her welcome paid tribute to those who conceive the regatta so many years ago. "Their vision ensured that thousand of Victorian women have participated in our wonderful sport of rowing." She added a personal note to her tribute. "Finally, I would like to personally thank Susie Palfreyman. Susie started this regatta for us 30 years ago because she wanted us to have a focus. She knew that the training and the social and emotional developmental process would be so much more valuable if our efforts were focused on a goal. So she helped create a goal - and our goal then continues to be the focus of schoolgirl rowing in Victoria - the Head of the Schoolgirls' Regatta. Sandy, Caz, Sue, Clare and I won the Division 1 4+ in 1985 at the very first HOSG Regatta. I still remember that day - it was such an amazing, exhilarating feeling. On behalf of my crew I would like to thank Susie - for her vision changed our lives and continues to change girls' lives." 

Full results can be found through this link.

2014 HOSG Program Cover

2014 Programme Cover


Organising Committee and Officials

Head of the Schoolgirls Regatta Committee: Josie Millard (President), Lachlan Becket and Steve Mollard (Vice-Presidents), Sophie Rigg (Secretary), Sandy Barnes (Treasurer), Grant Cosgriff (Executive Officer), Rachel Thomas, James Petering, Brigette Carlile, Christian Neeson, Tim Dolphin, Martin Francis, Brenton Terrell, Andrew O'Brien, Nick Wells and Jane Mitchell

Regatta personnel: Laura Schouten (regatta secretary), Roger Wilson, Andrew Biggin and Bethany Keats (race commentary), Alice Evans, James Scott, Nick Gall, Edwina Gadsby and Lynne Charge (event management)

Jury: Greg Falk (President of the Jury), Robin Murphy, Lesley Skevington, Tony Lawless,Ben Radcliffe, Rod Florence, Terry Blyth. Eric Waller, Glenn Bottrell, Paul Hardgreaves, Christine Hardgreaves, David Pitt, Rene Klupacs and Robert Allen.

Open Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Open Division 1

(1,500 metres)

Final C



Final B





Final A





Final C

1st    Strathmore Secondary - Sienna Smith, Cch: Glenn Bottrell, Barry Gardner

2nd    Sacred Heart College - Mollie Clark-Fernandes, Cch: Ian Bridgland

Final B

1st    Ivanhoe Girls Grammar - Catherine Lobbe, Cch: Matt Jeffery, Tim Cleary, Paul Blanchfield

2nd    Preshil - Georgia Lenton-Williams, Cch: David Ochert

3rd    St Ignatius College - Jessica Dougherty, Cch: Dick Garrard

4th    Suzanne Cory High - Emily Lew, Cch: David Ochert

Final A

1st    Sacred Heart Yarrawong - Sara Williams, Cch: Wesley Canny

2nd    Cae Melbourne - Lauren Hurley-Pearson, Cch: David Ochert

3rd    Melbourne GC - Sky Froebel, Cch: David Ochert

4th    Lowther Hall - Ria Thompson, Cch: Jacqueline Roy

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 1

(1,500 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Firbank GS - Bow: Greta Dickson, 2: Lauren McElroy, 3: Amanda Bateman, Str: Kate Duggan, Cox: Kimberley Petryshyn, Cch: Alastair Isherwood

2nd    Korowa AGS - Bow: Sinead Matthews, 2: Caitlin Jennings, 3: Kate Oliver, Str: Anna Dixon, Cox: Sarah Syme, Cch: Adam Jeffery

3rd    Ruyton GS - Bow: Charlotte Wirtz, 2: Alana Grollo, 3: Laura McLaughlan, Str: Lucy Fowler, Cox: Sarah Kanat, Cch: Matt Wilson

4th    Strathcona - Bow: Issy Duyker, 2: Steph Thom, 3: Annie Biggins, Str: Michelle Benington, Cox: Isabella Thom, Cch: Jackson Harrison

Coxed Four Open Division 1

(1,500 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    PLC Melbourne - Bow: Imogen Williams, 2: Anna Willis, 3: Stephanie Boone, Str: Tessa Rivett, Cox: Sandra Suen, Cch: Brenton Terrell, Alice Draffin

2nd    Lowther Hall - Bow: Emma Rowe, 2: Lucy Gregg, 3: Bridie Duffus, Str: Amy Roscoe, Cox: Laila Farouque, Cch: Demi Konstantilakis

Final A

1st    Ballarat & Clarendon - Bow: Marion Peters, 2: Hilary Jones, 3: Madeleine Ross, Str: Sarah Maher, Cox: Ellie Dowling, Cch: Ross Henderson

2nd    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Harriet Fitzpatrick, 2: Stephanie McMullin, 3: Georgia Delahunty, Str: Edwina Fry, Cox: Clare Stewart, Cch: Bill Gribble

3rd    Lauriston GS - Bow: Claire Lucas, 2: Mia McLauchlan, 3: Elly Maimur, Str: Georgia Sinclair, Cox: Lauren Briggs, Cch: Ion Poppa

4th    Shelford GS - Bow: Georgia Church, 2: Christy Landwehr, 3: Florrie Potter, Str: Jessica Vo, Cox: Jin Tong Long, Cch: Alexandra Thompson

Eight Open Division 1

(1,500 metres)

Final B




Final A





Final B

1st    Geelong College - Bow: Zoe Dixon, 2: Kirsten Caithness, 3: Morgan Perry, 4: Annanbel Scott, 5: Rebecca Finlay, 6: Zoe Gorell, 7: Katie-Rose Campbell, Str: Ella Vernon, Cox: Madeleine Brown, Cch: Alan Darker

2nd    Wesley - Bow: Jazz Jones, 2: Majella Jones, 3: Georgia Bowman, 4: Jessica Carlisle-Goldblatt, 5: Isabella Goodwin, 6: Olivia Gardiner, 7: Elly Shugg, Str: Alexandra Ellem, Cox: Marie Heloury, Cch: Phoebe Stanley, Katrina Blaubaum

3rd    Caulfield GS - Bow: Ariadne Paras, 2: Miet Engelhardt, 3: Perri Dudley, 4: Freya Tulloch, 5: Annie Ward Ambler, 6: Taylor Jackson, 7: Holly Mills, Str: Vivienne Wild, Cox: Stephanie Tran

Final A

1st    Methodist LC - Bow: Millie St Hill, 2: Emily Andolfatto, 3: Georgia Sheed, 4: Madeline Bernard, 5: Bec Joyce, 6: India Dempsey, 7: Elise Franetic, Str: Stephanie Michelmore, Cox: Sarah Ben-David, Cch: Alison Crowe

2nd    Loreto - Bow: Katherine Kennedy, 2: Maggie Dunn, 3: Ruby Johnson, 4: Clare Ward, 5: Bronte Evans, 6: Georgia Woodley, 7: Jessica Kilroe-Smith, Str: Jacqueline Hart, Cox: Eliza Lincoln-Price, Cch: Tom Gibson, Annabelle Orr

3rd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Olivia Grimwade, 2: Georgina Fowler, 3: Diamantina Kloufetos, 4: Isabella Darby, 5: Arabella Fox, 6: Ellie Howe, 7: Jackie Parry, Str: Lucy Gough, Cox: Lucinda Ralph, Cch: Kade Greenland, Annabelle Eaton

4th    St Catherine’s - Bow: Lucy Gullifer, 2: Mathilda Middleton, 3: Lucinda Payne, 4: Coco Garner Davis, 5: Julia Zwar, 6: Sophie Joubert, 7: Jessie Gleeson, Str: Sophia Fleetwood, Cox: Emma Markakis, Cch: Will Bernard

Single Scull Open Division 2A

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Ballarat Grammar - Taylah Gibbs, Cch: Luke Pougnault

2nd    Lauriston GS - Sarah Sun, Cch: Sarah McGlashan

Final A

1st    Melbourne GC - Hayley Carstensen, Cch: David Ochert

2nd    St Columbas - Ivana Pugliesi, Cch: Barry Gardner, Glenn Bottrell

3rd    Corowa High School - Georgina Pearsall, Cch: Robert Eyers

4th    Korowa AGS - Yasmin Seeley, Cch: Stephanie Burgess

Single Scull Open Division 2B

(1,000 metres)

Final B


Final A





FInal B

1st    Lauriston GS - Brooklyn Staughton, Cch: Sarah McGlashan

DNF    Fintona GS - Brydie Parker, Cch: Alex Clark

Final A

1st    Firbank Gs - Rhiannon Sandiford, Cch: Samantha Stephens

2nd    Lowther Hall - Emma Lowry, Cch: Jacqueline Roy

3rd    Korowa Ags - Karina Savur, Cch: Stephanie Burgess

4th    Clonard - Tuesday King, Cch: Allan Chalmers

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 2

(1,500 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Firbank GS - Bow: Melanie Hickey, 2: Saskia Schneider, 3: Jemima Gee, Str: Eliza Grubb, Cox: Charlotte Curwen, Cch: Peter Campbell

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Matilda Rapke, 2: Sunnie Deng, 3: Tess O'Connor, Str: Stacey Mastras, Cox: Alexis Hancock, Cch: Jane McMahon

3rd    Strathcona - Bow: Sarah Martin, 2: Jane Merrylees, 3: Chelsea Newton, Str: Rebecca Gill, Cox: Olivia Evans, Cch: Jordan Smith

4th    Ruyton GS - Bow: Sophie Wilson, 2: Kate Leslie, 3: Emily Clifton Bligh, Str: Nicola Bonin, Cox: Bec Jackson, Cch: Clare Daly, John Benjamin

Coxed Four Open Division 2

(1,500 metres)

Final B


Final A




Final B

1st    PLC Melbourne - Bow: Amanda Zou, 2: Anwyn Arnott Tan, 3: Sierra Waycott, Str: Sean Yi Yip, Cox: Sharon Ru, Cch: Brenton Terrell, Alysha Batliwalla

Scratched    Ballarat HS - Bow: Joanne Lawrence, 2: Hannah Gluyas, 3: Emma Webster, Str: Angie Nikolic, Cox: Paris Bedggood-McNicoll

Final A

1st    Lauriston GS - Bow: Goldie Newton, 2: Laura Devonport, 3: India Ross, Str: Eloise Davie, Cox: Camilla Bongiorno, Cch: Elizabeth Lockwood

2nd    Ballarat & Clarendon - Bow: Lucy Joyce, 2: Libby Steele, 3: Chelsea Bryans, Str: Megan Lambert, Cox: Bronte Armstrong, Cch: Grace McDonald

3rd    Melbourne GC - Bow: Emily Merry, 2: Kate Merry, 3: Ruby Betts, Str: Steffany Campbell, Cox: Madeleine Ridgeway, Cch: Samuel Jeffreys

Scratched    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Zoe Burrows, 2: Mimi Ingram, 3: Monique Doust, Str: Edwina Williams, Cox: Kate Wilkie

Eight Open Division 2

(1,500 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Caulfield GS - Bow: Anna Granter, 2: Annabel Phillips, 3: Tessa Davidson, 4: Alex Lipman, 5: Stephanie Elliott, 6: Lana Prosenica, 7: Laura Eggers, Str: Isabella Care, Cox: Sachi Skurnik, Cch: Tatum Ambler

2nd    Carey GS - Bow: Sarita Barnett, 2: Matilda Hubbard, 3: Katie Harris, 4: Stephanie Bolam, 5: Kiara Perin, 6: Cecilia Fedi, 7: Mia Low, Str: Abbey Vines, Cox: Alexandra Wright, Cch: Mark Holliebone

Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Sarah Cust, 2: Jennifer Douglas, 3: Kate Mani, 4: Catherine Ingham, 5: Alicia Smaldino, 6: Rebecca Craggs, 7: Lucy Sedawie, Str: Madeleine Pane, Cox: Emily Rickard, Cch: Rachel Miller, Bethanie Storey

2nd    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Amy Underwood, 2: Jessica Grills, 3: Pru Illingworth, 4: Belle McDonald, 5: Lily Cassidy, 6: Isabelle Cameron, 7: Jilly Roberts, Str: Camilla A'Beckett, Cox: Juliette Moran, Cch: John Grave

3rd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Sarah Mytton, 2: Julia Velakoulis, 3: Helene Hansen, 4: Caroline Bett, 5: Bonnie Toogood, 6: Julia Clarke, 7: Lily Elliott, Str: Isabelle Clough, Cox: Lucy Price, Cch: Niamh Rees, Hannah Lewis, Alex Trumble

4th    Methodist LC - Bow: Alice Spencer, 2: Olivia O'Connor, 3: Monica Coleman, 4: Harriet Oates, 5: Anna Fisher, 6: Charlotte Serafini, 7: Annabel Lanyon, Str: Georgia Fink, Cox: Pip Clark, Cch: Hedda Cooper, Angus Tyers, Chloe Sanford

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 3

(1,500 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Methodist LC - Bow: Prudence Stoyles, 2: Georgia Johnson-King, 3: Sophia Dahm, Str: Kassandra De Boer, Cox: Nana Kwon, Cch: Georgia Watson

2nd    Ruyton GS - Bow: Eliza Pearce, 2: Maddy Benallack, 3: Josie Graham, Str: Bella Armstrong, Cox: Emma Fox, Cch: Charles Willey

3rd    Sacred Heart - Bow: Jacinta Ryan, 2: Justine Morgan, 3: Bridget McGivern, Str: Emily Bowker, Cox: Mackenzie Ryan, Cch: Alex Pender

4th    Strathcona - Bow: Erica Quan, 2: Jaimie Olorenshaw, 3: Anna Terry, Str: Marnie Oblak, Cox: Chloe Hulme, Cch: Genevieve Nenna

Coxed Four Open Division 3

(1,500 metres)

Final A




Final A

1st    Ballarat & Clarendon - Bow: Phoebe Ricciardi, 2: Xanthe Hadfield, 3: Sarah Robinson, Str: Isabella Mckay, Cox: Tayla Saunders, Cch: Jacqueline Ford

2nd    Loreto College - Bow: Breeley Rosenow, 2: Jemima Barbetti, 3: Emily Burnett, Str: Tegan Polkinghorne, Cox: Holly Dexter

3rd    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Laura Renyard, 2: Bella Macdonald, 3: Dominique Ritchie, Str: Isobel Fay, Cox: Zara Nevett

Scratched    Shelford GS - Bow: Freya Feddersen-Browne, 2: Bianca McMahon, 3: Ella Ballerini, Str: Bridgette Hynes, Cox: Sigrid Happell, Cch: Ebony Tsomaropoulos

Eight Open Division 3

(1,500 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Emma Collins, 2: Emma Darling, 3: Katie Clingeleffer-Woodford, 4: Isabelle Sanchez, 5: Tara O'Reilly, 6: Bella Dixon, 7: Kate Dow, Str: Laura Lewis, Cox: Lucy Cochrane, Cch: Rob Kemp

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Sarah Munday, 2: Sophie Watt, 3: Vanessa Crossman, 4: Alycia Tsiang, 5: Annabel Arnold, 6: Lucy Rouse, 7: Amelia Tomkins, Str: Olivia Parlapiano, Cox: Katie Lukis, Cch: Camilla Phillips, Caitlan Makridis

3rd    Loreto - Bow: Georgia Honan, 2: Madeleine Leyden, 3: Faith Gasparini, 4: Charlotte Casey, 5: Adela Michelson, 6: Isabel Vaughan, 7: Sarah Guy, Str: Abbey Snell, Cox: Antoinette Commins, Cch: Charles McDonald, Sophie Russell

4th    Geelong College - Bow: Charlotte Kay, 2: Emma Threadgold, 3: Emily Angliss, 4: Ella Wood, 5: Lucy Allinson, 6: Elizabeth Hanrahan, 7: Lilli Moran, Str: Ebony Sefton, Cox: Olivia Clark, Cch: Courtney Blythe

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 4

(1,500 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Methodist LC - Bow: Ella Jackson, 2: Angelica Santini, 3: Sophie Melican, Str: Emily Farrow, Cox: Lucy O'Shannessy, Cch: Liv May

2nd    Strathcona - Bow: Tess Hewitt, 2: Jaimie Norbury, 3: Elle Morley, Str: Amelia Cronin, Cox: Rebecca Furlan, Cch: Anna Cornwell

3rd    Genazzano - Bow: Yihsan Richardson, 2: Casey Targett, 3: Tahlia Furlan, Str: Imogen Kuner, Cox: Mary Gilmour, Cch: Charlie Lockwood, Lizzie Carty

4th    Strathcona - Bow: Claire Watson, 2: Maddy Lack, 3: Amber Crittenden, Str: Sophia Harrison, Cox: Ashton Parker

Coxed Four Open Division 4

(1,500 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Ballarat & Clarendon - Bow: Jamilah Parker, 2: Bree Hearn, 3: Danielle Gingell, Str: Jacqueline Menhennet, Cox: Eliza Millen, Cch: Emma Dwyer

2nd    Damascus - Bow: Georgia Edwards, 2: Tahnya Robson, 3: Nina Kerr, Str: Bianca Litchfield, Cox: Athlete Unknown, Cch: Ben Davies

3rd    Melbourne GC - Bow: Ruby Horton, 2: Mirielle Regan Gomm, 3: Alison Warrick, Str: Una Memery, Cox: Nicola Crowley, Cch: Tessa Vandergriff

4th    Loreto College - Bow: Felicity Cole, 2: Elise Karslake, 3: Prue Steggall, Str: Athlete Unknown, Cox: Lain Adams

Coxed Four Open Division 5

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Melbourne GC - Bow: Jasmine Moya, 2: Lucy Kilduff, 3: Maggie Williams, Str: Camille Hepworth, Cox: Lorraine Phung, Cch: Emma Clampett

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Gilda Good, 2: Ruth Healy-McFarlane, 3: Catie Lear, Str: Gabrielle Chesbrough, Cox: Georgia Roem, Cch: Simone Morris, Jordy Finch

3rd    Ballarat & Clarendon - Bow: Felicity Burgess, 2: Olivia Clark, 3: Georgia Goldsworthy, Str: Ellen Robertson, Cox: Alyssa Britnell, Cch: Rachael Maher

4th    Damascus - Bow: Athlete Unknown, 2: Athlete Unknown, 3: Chloe England, Str: Katie Barnett, Cox: Athlete Unknown, Cch: Peter Moon

Coxed Four Open Division 6

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Methodist LC - Bow: Hayley Gooden, 2: Coco Kirkcaldie Bowell, 3: Katherine Roem, Str: Niamh Waters, Cox: Esther Brierley, Cch: Jordy Finch, Simone Morris

2nd    Melbourne GC - Bow: Ceilla Berman, 2: Violet Davies-Brown, 3: Lily Li, Str: Alice Richardson, Cox: Ingrid Lee Scott

3rd    Ballarat & Clarendon - Bow: Ellie Morrish, 2: Jessica Brumby, 3: Charlotte Gorman, Str: Kristen Ham, Cox: Abbey Van Vugt

4th    Strathcona - Bow: Katherine Holloway, 2: Sammy Cox, 3: Olivia Newman, Str: Lily Sawers, Cox: Nicci Marie Dimatos, Cch: Tahlia Mollard

Year 10 Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Year 10 Division 1

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Corowa High School - Megan Vogel, Cch: Wesley Canny

2nd    Balwyn High School - Katie Dunoon, Cch: Paul Blanchfield, Matt Jeffery, Tim Cleary

3rd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Phoebe Fitzpatrick, Cch: Annie Hatfield, Alexandra Lane

4th    Presentation College - Madeleine Edwards, Cch: David Ochert

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 1

(1,000 metres)

Final C




Final B





Final A





Final C

1st    Sacred Heart - Bow: Matilda O'Connell, 2: Sophie Harper, 3: Claudia Pecchiari, Str: Moni Mithen, Cox: Zelda Farley, Cch: Leisa Wilson

2nd    PLC Melbourne - Bow: Zoe Yap, 2: Elise Clemm, 3: Abi Assender, Str: Anna Ponnampalam, Cox: Anwyn Arnott Tan, Cch: Cassie Beveridge

3rd    Buckley Park - Bow: Rebecca Maretic, 2: Imogen Thomas, 3: Sophie Tessier, Str: Georgia Taylor, Cox: Zoe Muscat, Cch: Glenn Bottrell, Barry Gardner

Final B

1st    Kardinia Int’l College - Bow: Miranda Fitzgerald, 2: Olivia Sneler, 3: Claire du Vallon, Str: Annika Hoffmann, Cox: Kate Bieser, Cch: Stewart Cowey

2nd    Genazzano - Bow: Elizabeth McCarthy, 2: Gabriella Morgan, 3: Chloe Hunt, Str: Stephanie Zago, Cox: Adita Singh, Cch: Chloe Jones

3rd    Fintona GS - Bow: Sarah Burger, 2: Zara Wotherspoon, 3: Anna Reid, Str: Zoe Schwerkolt, Cox: Estelle Hanney, Cch: Matt Jeffery

4th    Lowther Hall - Bow: Tessa Brady-Welsh, 2: Hannah Kempster, 3: Zara Mason, Str: Rachael Hatherley, Cox: Katherine Wilkinson, Cch: Emily Gregg

Final A

1st    Firbank GS - Bow: Hannah Dawes, 2: Harriet Spittle, 3: Eliza Davey, Str: Michaella Ballas, Cox: Tess Mattheisson, Cch: Andrew Novak

2nd    St Catherine’s - Bow: Ella Swann, 2: Annie Anezakis, 3: Frances Curtis, Str: Georgie Gleeson, Cox: Adelaide Cester, Cch: Emily Hamilton, John Saunders

3rd    Loreto - Bow: Eliza Howard, 2: Aisling Utri, 3: India Marks, Str: Dalia Edward, Cox: Emma Wright-Smith, Cch: David McGrath, Jessica Burger

4th    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Emma McGrath-Cohen, 2: Emma Caldwell, 3: Sara Court, Str: Anisija Gillian, Cox: Isabelle Dye, Cch: Daniel Walford, Ellen Rennie

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 1

(1,000 metres)

Final C




Final B





Final A





Final C

1st    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Elonie Hooper, 2: Cayley Atkinson, 3: Grace Stewart, Str: Rachael Gay, Cox: Kaye Quarrell

2nd    Clonard - Bow: Grace Smith, 2: Kate Wiedemann, 3: Briley Monahan, Str: Jessica Smigowski, Cox: Megan Rabie, Cch: Jim Brady

3rd    Melbourne GC - Bow: Mila Marston, 2: Liliana Martin, 3: Jessica Brommeyer, Str: Sophie Smyth, Cox: Hannah Steiner, Cch: Grace Lillywhite

Scratched    Ballarat HS - Bow: Kristie Hunt, 2: Ashley Gercovich, 3: Amity Musgrove, Str: Maddi Wilson, Cox: Isabella Treadwell

Final B

1st    Wesley - Bow: Hannah McLeish-Moss, 2: Gemma Robinson, 3: Olivia Spanos, Str: Alison West, Cox: Margarita Bassova, Cch: Damian Nenna

2nd    Shelford GS - Bow: Molly Hann, 2: Isabel McPherson, 3: Millie Wheeler, Str: Rosie Murray, Cox: Jennifer Ades, Cch: Ted Delaney-Small

3rd    Toorak College - Bow: Isabella Cuming, 2: Abbie Westley, 3: Candace Hewitt-Thomas, Str: Beth Dahlsen, Cox: Natalie Cocks, Cch: Clare Gilheany

4th    Loreto College - Bow: Caitlin Bell, 2: Laura-Anne Fay, 3: Eva Gillett, Str: Monica Young, Cox: Rebecca O'Dowd

Final A

1st    Carey GS - Bow: Imogen Gerraty, 2: Chloe Bouw, 3: Jessica Williams, Str: Jessica Evans, Cox: Ruby O'Neill, Cch: Josh McCormach

2nd    Ballarat & Clarendon - Bow: Emily Grant, 2: Georgina Jackson, 3: Alice Coltman, Str: Julia Kittelty, Cox: Amelia Allen 

3rd    Caulfield GS - Bow: Amelia Ghali, 2: Alice Edmonds, 3: Anna McFadyen, Str: Brooke Mynott, Cox: Charlie Marcolin, Cch: Greg Meredith

4th    Ballarat HS - Bow: Kristie Hunt, 2: Ashley Gercovich, 3: Amity Musgrove, Str: Maddi Wilson, Cox: Isabella Treadwell

Single Scull Year 10 Division 2

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Shelford GS - Alex McFadden

2nd    Sacred Heart - Olivia Brandimarti

Final A

1st    Carey GS - Emily Drew, Cch: Madeleine Stanboultgis

2nd    Ruyton GS - Alice Kent, Cch: Tom Watson

3rd    Lauriston GS - Millie Taylor, Cch: Meg Maitland

4th    Ruyton GS - Saskia Poes, Cch: Tom Watson

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 2

(1,000 metres)

Final B





Final A





Final B

1st    Korowa AGS - Bow: Eliza Smith, 2: Lauren Howell, 3: Amelia Catanach, Str: Aashraya Kumar, Cox: Julia Crute

2nd    Sacred Heart - Bow: Hannah Plummer, 2: Gabrielle Spriggs, 3: Sophie Savickas, Str: Isobel McGowan, Cox: Jahkarli Romanis

3rd    PLC Melbourne - Bow: Mandy Lin, 2: Rachel Graven, 3: Grace Han, Str: Grace Chen, Cox: Shiho Ozeki

4th    Lowther Hall - Bow: Georgia Lynch, 2: India Pinkney, 3: Zoe Kermonde, Str: Alexandra Wilkinson, Cox: Laila Farouque, Cch: Jack Sandow

Final A

1st    Firbank GS - Bow: Audrey Gilmore, 2: Milly Ward, 3: Hannah Small, Str: Elizabeth Scott, Cox: Ava Gilmore, Cch: Katelyn Johnson

2nd    Loreto - Bow: Matilda Ferrari, 2: Nicole Pereira, 3: Isabella Quiroga, Str: Annabelle Sleeman, Cox: Kate Brady, Cch: Sarah Trapani

3rd    Methodist LC - Bow: Emily Joyce, 2: Bridget Henry, 3: Amelia Weeks, Str: Jessica Joyce, Cox: Carolyn Yii, Cch: Nicky Tomkins, Chloe Sanford

4th    Genazzano - Bow: Lily Barr, 2: Emma Vergano, 3: Erin Donoghue, Str: Isabella Biffi, Cox: Eliza Straford, Cch: Grace Knox

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 2

(1,000 metres)

Final C




Final B





Final A

No time

Final C

1st    Shelford GS - Bow: Chloe Yeats, 2: Pip Monti, 3: Ella Murphy, Str: Chloe McLennan, Cox: Zoe Canestra, Cch: Emily Vile

2nd    Geelong College - Bow: Emma Gorell, 2: Chloe Wynter, 3: Lucinda Milner, Str: Kennedy McMaster, Cox: Millie McArthur, Cch: Susan Campbell

3rd    Clonard - Bow: Fiona Hamilton, 2: Rachael Semmler, 3: Esther Gray, Str: Chloe Forster, Cox: Ebony Bull-Russell, Cch: Adrian Keats

Scratched    Loreto College - Bow: Bridget Heagney, 2: Megan Taylor, 3: Lauren Powell, Str: Jaya Keogh, Cox: Zoe Myrianthis

Final B

1st    Lauriston GS - Bow: Alexandra Chua, 2: Ruby Somerton, 3: Hannah Kastrinakis, Str: Holly Shannon, Cox: Isabella Thornton, Cch: Grace Mead

2nd    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Neve Lockhart, 2: Han Smyth, 3: Holly Chatham, Str: Sarah Wilkie, Cox: Lily Bingham

3rd    Melbourne GC - Bow: Jenna Sullivan, 2: Kiralee Carden, 3: Mia Hastie, Str: Lola Di Donato, Cox: Billie Calwell, Cch: Andriana Ganotis

4th    Ballarat & Clarendon - Bow: Amy Tadgell, 2: Catherine Phillips, 3: Holly McEldrew, Str: Annabelle Nash, Cox: Ciara Harrison, Cch: Eliza Vincent, Clare Ellis

Final A

1st    Loreto - Bow: Anita Donnoli, 2: Mathilde Clark, 3: Eliza Maher, Str: Sophie Penny, Cox: Isabelle Pidcock, Cch: Michael Smith

2nd    Caulfield GS - Bow: Pip Hennessy, 2: Claire Tucker-Morrison, 3: Amy Dumas, Str: Matilda Heselev, Cox: Emily Krassaris, Cch: Bronwyn Labrooy

3rd    Wesley - Bow: Stephanie Harvie, 2: Emily Eyles, 3: Juliette Gardiner, Str: Isabella Bembic, Cox: Pippa Bilby, Cch: Zoe Castran, Alice Arch

4th    Carey GS - Bow: Emily Edwards, 2: Alexandra Hogg, 3: Cara Ooi, Str: Rose Morarty, Cox: Paris Terrill, Cch: Tori Gluning

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 3

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    St Catherine’s - Bow: Lucy Johnson, 2: Georgina Cheale, 3: Coco Burrell, Str: Katherine Zhaou, Cox: Mia Lansell, Cch: Alex Hewitt

2nd    Korowa AGS - Bow: Kate Roberts, 2: Lilliana Novembre, 3: Laura Bricknell, Str: Madeline Howell, Cox: Stefanie Moisi

Final A

1st    Loreto - Bow: Alexandra Berry, 2: Francesca Johnston, 3: Maeve Rapkins, Str: Ellie Jaensch, Cox: Isabella Zubcic, Cch: Clementine Arnold

2nd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Alana Salomon, 2: Sarah Jasper, 3: Bella Logie-Smith, Str: Lily Harrison, Cox: Kate Price, Cch: Emma Nicholson

3rd    Genazzano - Bow: Helen Crews, 2: Cassie Smith, 3: Amelia Scopece, Str: Tess Giliberto, Cox: Mietta Simpson, Cch: Isabella Kerr

4th    Methodist LC - Bow: Hannah Marshall, 2: Emily Jarman, 3: Mia Purbrick, Str: Phoebe McKenzie, Cox: Annabel Smyth, Cch: Felicity Jacob

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 3

(1,000 metres)

Final C


Final B




Final A





Final C

1st    Shelford GS - Bow: Annabel Macfarlane, 2: Ellisheva Aleksenitser, 3: Kimberley Scanlon, Str: Saffia Phipps-Booth, Cox: Audrey Halliday, Cch: Holly Hughes

Final B

1st    Loreto College - Bow: Madeline Wills, 2: Annabelle Troup, 3: Annika Harris, Str: Georgia Harraway-Jones, Cox: Georgina Parkin

2nd    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Ruby Gedye, 2: Hannah Kozaris, 3: Kayla Davies, Str: Payton Russell, Cox: Claudia Opie

3rd    Melbourne GC - Bow: Daniella Rogers, 2: Ella Fryer-Smith, 3: Adeline Dotchin, Str: Claire Armitage, Cox: Emily Townsend, Cch: Gemma Music

Scratched    Haileybury - Bow: Imogen Lane, 2: Isabella Edwards, 3: Holly Harris, Str: Paris Braim, Cox: Eliza Ganim, Cch: Sarah McWilliam

Final A

1st    Caulfield GS - Bow: Molly Kennedy, 2: Abbey Hants, 3: Amy Hudson, Str: Lexie Perrott, Cox: Rowena Moran, Cch: Harriet Houghton

2nd    Carey GS - Bow: Taylah Williams, 2: Ellie Boglis, 3: Georgia Gentis, Str: Stephanie Andrews, Cox: Ellie Atkins, Cch: Rachel Bett

3rd    Lauriston GS - Bow: Isabella Backwell, 2: Madeleine Williams, 3: Isabella Harris, Str: Bianca Joiner, Cox: Bridget Armstrong, Cch: Meg Maitland

4th    Geelong College - Bow: Claudia Cheatley, 2: Lili Cox, 3: Alanda Walder, Str: Athlete Unknown, Cox: Maysie Sadler, Cch: Christine McGlade

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 4

(1,000 metres)

Final A

No time

Final A

1st    Methodist LC - Bow: Kara Stefanos, 2: Ashleigh Backman, 3: Maya Mohyeddin, Str: Kendra Krause, Cox: Emilia Predebon, Cch: David Parkinson

2nd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Clara Daley, 2: Jemima Livesey, 3: Jen Harrison, Str: Anna Waters, Cox: Violet Leonard, Cch: Matthew Caulfield

3rd    Loreto - Bow: Charlotte Wilson, 2: Amelia Christie, 3: Ciara Boyd-Squires Long, Str: Tess Nossal, Cox: Lily Ward, Cch: Tara Harrington

4th    Genazzano - Bow: Grace Dowell, 2: Laura Crivelli, 3: Emily Zdilar, Str: Ruby Randles, Cox: Sophia Di Mattina, Cch: Sarah Henderson

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 4

(1,000 metres)

Final B




Final A





Final B

1st    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Felicity Hall, 2: Samantha Turner, 3: Sarah Hallyburton, Str: Rebekah Porter, Cox: Fletcha Bryan-Wakeling

2nd    Damascus - Bow: Paris Lloyd, 2: Olivia Stevenson, 3: Emily Boucher, Str: Stacey Ross, Cox: Mackenzie Amos, Cch: Ben Davies

3rd    Ballarat & Clarendon - Bow: Eliza Wright, 2: Jenisi Kelderman, 3: Zoe Jones, Str: Kate Walker, Cox: Anita Craggs, Cch: Bess Burgess, Natasha Wrigglesworth

Scratched    Ballarat HS - Bow: Katie Riddel, 2: Danielle Jenner, 3: Rachel Scott, Str: Kellie Egan, Cox: Nia Bentley 

Final A

1st    Carey GS - Bow: Miranda Nash, 2: Elisha Hoban, 3: Georgina Steel, Str: Stephanie Andrews, Cox: Eliza Williams, Cch: Caroline Morgan

2nd    Caulfield GS - Bow: Maddison Konstantatos, 2: Jo McWhinney, 3: Erica Hatzipantelis, Str: Olivia Morgan, Cox: Abby Chung, Cch: Amelia Faulkner

3rd    Loreto - Bow: Caitlin Harrison, 2: Hayley Betts, 3: Samantha Sheldon, Str: Domenique Cosentino, Cox: Grace Gibson, Cch: Annais Lombard, Tobias Wehr-Candler

4th    Lauriston GS - Bow: Caitlin Batten, 2: Zoe Westmore, 3: April Roe, Str: Zari Moss, Cox: May Warner, Cch: Jessica Adams, Emily Hinton

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 5

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Loreto - Bow: Emilia Dalton, 2: Isabella Hummerston, 3: Emma Bosnar, Str: Monique Paterson, Cox: Emilia Meirelles, Cch: Caitlin Moran

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Alexandra Price, 2: Hayley Binns, 3: Jessica Rowell, Str: Lucy Diggle, Cox: Olivia Bryan, Cch: Georgia Brander, Ashleigh Farrow

3rd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Ella Furphy, 2: Indi Robertson, 3: Annabel Brand, Str: Olivia Fleming, Cox: Addy Thompson, Cch: Phoebe Rennie

4th    Genazzano - Bow: Layla El-Fahkri, 2: Emma Borin, 3: Bridgitte Buhler, Str: Chloe Vale, Cox: Gemma Steedman, Cch: Katie Lovelock

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 5

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Carey GS - Bow: Annabel Nichols, 2: Catherine Jenkins, 3: Sophie Ryan, Str: Mary-Ann Herten, Cox: Jessica Mueller, Cch: Catherine Dyer

2nd    Caulfield GS - Bow: Lily Connolly, 2: Ruby Hart, 3: Emma Bolton, Str: Georgina Phillips, Cox: Georgia Troupakis, Cch: Bridget Lane

3rd    Geelong College - Bow: Edith Arcdekker, 2: Constance Potts, 3: Jessica Stewart, Str: Phillipa McQuinn, Cox: Rebecca McGrath, Cch: James McGlade

4th    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Ella Cochrane, 2: Jemima James, 3: Lucy Fletcher, Str: Natasha Bryson, Cox: Ellie Lord, Cch: Jessica Beauchamp

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 6

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Catriona Mount, 2: Jaymie Alexeyeff, 3: Georgina Heard, Str: Carla Matthews, Cox: Natalie Baring-Gould, Cch: Sam O'Shaughnessy

2nd    Loreto - Bow: Charlotte Barmby, 2: Miranda Rey-Fleming, 3: Sienna Armato, Str: Charlotte Jones, Cox: Caitlin Maher, Cch: Liz Olney

3rd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Annabel Holt, 2: Maia O'Connor, 3: Astra Ricardo, Str: Gemma Ciardulli, Cox: Maddy Gray, Cch: Darcie Douglas-Scarfe, Claudia Hofbauer

4th    Methodist LC - Bow: Mishka Meaker, 2: Sarah Cochrane, 3: Sammie Caine, Str: Ella McCoy, Cox: Alicia Walker, Cch: Cluny McPherson, Erin McPherson

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 6

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Mathilda Harley, 2: Elise Giagnorio, 3: Alice Ryle, Str: Josephine Higgs, Cox: Sophia Brooks Ehrlich

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Alice Dexter, 2: Natalia Kyrkilis-Rogozinski, 3: Paige Jones, Str: Neave Moran, Cox: Carolyn Yii, Cch: Emily Cerini

Final A

1st    Geelong College - Bow: Jala Cleaver, 2: Louise McDonald, 3: Sara Urquhart, Str: Grace Newnham, Cox: Lilli Balaam, Cch: Patrick Spinazzola

2nd    Carey GS - Bow: Catherine Lawrence, 2: Alexandra Petersen, 3: Ciara O'Grady, Str: Ella Cahill, Cox: Samantha Lazenkas, Cch: Melanie Davey

3rd    Carey GS - Bow: Ashleigh Rizio, 2: Phemie Maloney-McCall, 3: Isabella Fitzpatrick, Str: Max Di Petta, Cox: Ashleigh White, Cch: Stephanie Karras

4th    Loreto - Bow: Victoria Vlasakakis, 2: Clare Wheelahan, 3: Georgina O'Leary, Str: Aoife Ross, Cox: Isabella Hanlon, Cch: Alice McDonald, Amy Vaughan

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 7

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Loreto - Bow: Georgia Holt, 2: Sofia Sadki, 3: Isabella Bonthorne, Str: Alexandra Gauci, Cox: Lucinda Tivendale, Cch: Alice Date

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Erica Yoshimura-Hill, 2: Jasmine Srblin, 3: Anna Allan, Str: Jessie Paeglis, Cox: Isabelle-Julie Ferrari, Cch: Sarah Mullaly

3rd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Aithne Tobin, 2: Hilary Porter, 3: Hannah Inkster, Str: Abby O'Sullivan, Cox: Anika Kapur, Cch: Georgina Halse

4th    Genazzano - Bow: Samantha Pereira, 2: Mia Georgandas, 3: Seerat Ohri, Str: Freya Greer, Cox: Saacha Neilson, Cch: Elisabeth Maher, Jessica Gray

Year 9 Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Year 9 Division 1

(1,000 metres)

Final A



Final A

1st    Galen Catholic College - Paige Cooper, Cch: Wesley Canny

2nd    Euroa Secondary College - Charlotte Morris, Cch: Neil Lodding, Neville Smith

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 1

(1,000 metres)

Final C




Final B





Final A





Final C

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Emily Passaris, 2: Hannah Macdonald, 3: Alex Somerville, Str: Ruby Binios, Cox: Emily Attard, Cch: Isabella Kerr

2nd    Sacred Heart - Bow: Georgia Burns, 2: Phoebe Savickas, 3: Hannah Attard, Str: Adrienne Mithen, Cox: Erin Ryan, 

3rd    Frankston HS - Bow: Virginia Garnier, 2: Asha Tiktin, 3: Emily Smith, Str: Jessica Carrie, Cox: Louise Kelly, Cch: Mary Hunter, Glenn Fischmann

Final B

1st    Fintona GS - Bow: Charlotte Kirkham, 2: Annie Rehe, 3: Sophie Schwerkolt, Str: Claudia Crock, Cox: Sally Zhang, Cch: Lucy Laussen

2nd    Hamilton & Alexandra - Bow: Clare Jackson, 2: Olivia Hawthorne, 3: Claire Paulet, Str: Elly McLean, Cox: Sara Kosch, Cch: Andy Sutherland

3rd    PLC Melbourne - Bow: Serena Yong, 2: Isabella Mansfield, 3: Bryley Field, Str: Emily Roos, Cox: Eliza Morison, Cch: Emma Hall

4th    Strathcona - Bow: Jessica Walsh, 2: Sarah Van der Hock, 3: Clare Duyker, Str: Tess Plowman, Cox: Rebecca Furlan, Cch: Michael Cornwell

Final A

1st    Firbank GS - Bow: Ellen Keen, 2: Hollie Brodribb, 3: Ashleigh Leferve, Str: Annie Grant, Cox: Tess Mattheisson, Cch: John Novak

2nd    Loreto - Bow: Kate Ioannou, 2: Grace Johnson, 3: Bella Hume, Str: Nicole Enriques, Cox: Molly Howard, Cch: Alex Saundry

3rd    Korowa AGS - Bow: Isobel Rook, 2: Meg Waring, 3: Anna Richards, Str: Maddy Seeley, Cox: Julia Crute

4th    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Millie Page, 2: Sarah Ward-Ambler, 3: Elisabeth Wong-Hansen, Str: Amanda Twigg, Cox: Bridget Lansell, Cch: Annie Hatfield

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 1

(1,000 metres)

Final B





Final A





Final B

1st    Melbourne GC - Bow: Eliza Funston, 2: Scarlet Kohane, 3: Lara Taylor, Str: Isobel Lindsay-Geyer, Cox: Olivia Johnston

2nd    Clonard - Bow: Laura Heard, 2: Lauren Shalders, 3: Stella Sodomaco, Str: Lydia Wiffen, Cox: Rosie Semmler, Cch: Roman Tomczak

3rd    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Annie Hills, 2: Anna Klopak, 3: Hattie Macdonald, Str: Tash Whiteside, Cox: Claire Murray 

4th    Loreto College - Bow: Chelsea Lewis, 2: Indya Hayes, 3: Miranda Roscoe, Str: Grace Hoffmann, Cox: Isabella Dodd

Final A

1st    Geelong College - Bow: India Watson, 2: Zara Edgar, 3: Layla Murrihy, Str: Eliza Lawson, Cox: Edwina Doery, Cch: Louise Monotti

2nd    Wesley - Bow: Nikita Singleton, 2: Larissa McBurney, 3: Mia Parsons, Str: Georgia Rose, Cox: Olive Speakman-Hamlin, Cch: Emily Petricola, Henry Hosking

3rd    Toorak College - Bow: Chloe Hamilton-Smith, 2: Clemmy Anderson, 3: Annabel Zampatti, Str: Asia Letch, Cox: Olivia Crowder, Cch: Katie O'Halloran

4th    Shelford GS - Bow: Chelsea Landwehr, 2: Abby Patrick, 3: Kamala Schroeder, Str: Lucy Adlard, Cox: Mackenzie Topfer, Cch: Chris Williams

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 2

(1,000 metres)

Final B





Final A





Final B

1st    Ruyton GS - Bow: Gen Leslie, 2: Jean Mitchell, 3: Annabelle McPhail, Str: Eleanor Price, Cox: Alannah Harris, Cch: Tom Watson

2nd    Korowa AGS - Bow: Isabella Georgakis, 2: Natasha Lloyd-Healy, 3: Tahlia Crossley, Str: Olivia Baumgarten, Cox: Georgia Carra

3rd    Canterbury Girls SC - Bow: Pippa Mansie, 2: Madeleine Burgess, 3: Mimi Hunter, Str: Holly Mansie, Cox: Anique Price, Cch: Emma Williamson, Paul Blanchfield

4th    PLC Melbourne - Bow: Jenny Cho, 2: Joeun Yoon, 3: Elena Stefanakos, Str: Zoe Ranganathan, Cox: Eliza Morison, Cch: Emma Draffin

Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Anna Baring, 2: Brigid McKeagney-Douglas, 3: Sarina Conti, Str: Emily Kneale, Cox: Caroline Straford, Cch: Alice Skidmore, Grace Knox

2nd    Firbank GS - Bow: Taylor Mawkes, 2: Gigi Sherwood, 3: Sarah Webster, Str: Jade McElroy, Cox: Ava Gilmore, Cch: Katelyn Johnson

3rd    Loreto - Bow: Madeleine Harpur, 2: Elodie Latour, 3: Annabelle Gorman, Str: Clare Stacey, Cox: Anna Cattanach, Cch: Florence McDonald

4th    St Catherine’s - Bow: Elsa Robertson, 2: Lucy Kelly, 3: Elizabeth Raymond, Str: Sasha Christian, Cox: Marni Jacobson, Cch: Madeleine Shackell

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 2

(1,000 metres)

Final C

No time

Final B





Final A





Final C

1st    Clonard - Bow: Maddison O'Connor, 2: Alexandra Binedell, 3: Ellen Doyle, Str: Faith Smith, Cox: Indiana Utomo, Cch: Jan Keats

2nd    Wesley - Bow: Alice Ferre, 2: Christi Brassey, 3: Jacqui Piskopos, Str: Piper Crothers, Cox: Annelise Savedra, Cch: Madeline Brenker, Mitchell Carlisle-Goldblatt

Final B

1st    Shelford GS - Bow: Alex Beza, 2: Monique Leong, 3: Claudia Giblin, Str: Mardi Denham-Roberts, Cox: Rachel De Sousa, Cch: Maddison Matheson

2nd    Ballarat HS - Bow: Keely Irwin, 2: Hayley Parr, 3: Chloe Hurdsfield, Str: Portia Hughes, Cox: Maddy Harwood

3rd    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Amanda Clough, 2: Georgina Fay, 3: Georgia Hunt, Str: Leah Purtell, Cox: Lillian Hearn

4th    Ballarat & Clarendon - Bow: Meg McDougall, 2: Katie Alizzi, 3: Claire Richardson, Str: Amelia McCallum, Cox: Georgia Emery, Cch: Emma Littlejohn, Catherine Littlejohn

Final A

1st    Loreto College - Bow: Portia Haase, 2: Tia McLachlan, 3: Caitlyn Gittings, Str: Bianca Laidlaw, Cox: Olivia Harwood, 

2nd    Loreto - Bow: Chloe Burke, 2: Catherine Wicks, 3: Amelia Grossi, Str: Liliana De Giusti, Cox: Isabelle Maher, Cch: Michael Smith

3rd    Toorak College - Bow: Gemma Grant, 2: Jess Chew, 3: Stephanie Reid, Str: Estella Izquierdo-Whelan, Cox: Hannah Morgan, Cch: Samantha Paterson

4th    Carey GS - Bow: Maddy Jackson, 2: Georgina Bartley, 3: Maddison Ding, Str: Ines McKay, Cox: Emily Munroe, Cch: Elly Fennessy

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 3

(1,000 metres)

Final B




Final A





Final B

1st    Sacred Heart - Bow: Georgia Purcell, 2: Annabelle Brown, 3: Holly Kilmartin, Str: Felicity Rush, Cox: Charli Allen

2nd    Kardinia Int’l College - Bow: Yuki Izumitani, 2: Romy Fawcett, 3: Miki Izumitani, Str: Ellen Gorman, Cox: Dana Jobling, Cch: Claire Dennis

3rd    Ruyton GS - Bow: Natasha Borash, 2: Isobel Whelan, 3: Katrina Weigold, Str: Samantha Murphy, Cox: Olivia Dalton, Cch: Prue Heron Paterson

Final A

1st    Loreto - Bow: Louisa Pedley, 2: Emily Moore, 3: Grace Sutherland, Str: Mimi Tuddenham, Cox: Beatka Emmerson, Cch: Zoe Bertrand

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Lauren Heale, 2: Amy Walsh, 3: Ella Davis, Str: Emily Richards, Cox: Sarah Kaehne, Cch: Ellen Lucas

3rd    Genazzano - Bow: Caitlin Law, 2: Natasha Conway, 3: Hannah Stiles, Str: Mia Van Gulick, Cox: Olivia Peters, Cch: Isabelle McMahon

4th    St Catherine’s - Bow: Julia Rossi, 2: Arrabella Houghton, 3: Stephanie Wills, Str: Georgia Deacon, Cox: Jessica Devlin, Cch: Alexandra Hewett

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 3

(1,000 metres)

Final B





Final A





Final B

1st    Wesley - Bow: April Brassey, 2: Mia Dugandzic, 3: Elena Dimitropoulos, Str: Katya Syngeniotis, Cox: Isabelle Haddad, Cch: Hester Lyon, Jessica Jackson

2nd    Ballarat & Clarendon - Bow: Mackenzie Gould, 2: Alex Ross, 3: Maddison Porter, Str: Georgette Baker, Cox: Rowena McKindlay, Cch: Claire Boatman, Claire Russell

3rd    Shelford GS - Bow: Charley Malligan, 2: Astrid Nissila-Browne, 3: Emily Stringer, Str: Matilda Robinson, Cox: Jamie Olijnyk, Cch: Alexandra Whitehead

4th    Clonard - Bow: Hannah Wilson, 2: Rosie Semmler, 3: Grace Smith, Str: Alissa Grisenti, Cox: Lydia Wiffen, Cch: Jim Brady

Final A

1st    Carey GS - Bow: Matilde Fedi, 2: Lorna Pellegrino, 3: Caroline Heggie, Str: Lilly Clift, Cox: Angie Knowles, Cch: Victoria Steel

2nd    Caulfield GS - Bow: Tayla Hind, 2: Zoe Scott, 3: Eliza Williams, Str: Alida Fullagar, Cox: Patricia Masel, Cch: Marisa Pineo

3rd    Loreto College - Bow: Chloe Jackson, 2: Ailish Murphy-McKay, 3: Danielle Smith, Str: Abbey Murphy, Cox: Stephanie Anderson, 

4th    Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Lily Kay, 2: Sophie Grills, 3: Sophie Draffin, Str: Tess Meaden, Cox: Sophie Walton

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 4

(1,000 metres)

Final B




Final A




Final B

1st    Ruyton GS - Bow: Sarah Cheang, 2: Natasha Berti, 3: Ashling Moten, Str: Aimee Tucker, Cox: Tara Naidu, Cch: John Benjamin

2nd    Sacred Heart - Bow: Emily Nutku, 2: Carmel-Renee Alvaro, 3: Chelsea Cox, Str: Ailish Seaton, Cox: Siobhan Killury

3rd    Fintona GS - Bow: Antonietta Di Censo, 2: Natalia Rettich, 3: Freya Rayson- Hill, Str: Leticia Feldt, Cox: Rachel Lou, Cch: Samantha Stewart

Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Rebecca Feneley, 2: Lily O'Shaughnessy, 3: Abbie Ryan, Str: Chloe Psyhogios, Cox: Maya Bennett, Cch: Jessica Douglas

2nd    Loreto - Bow: Claudia Scidone, 2: Millicent Madsen, 3: Chloe Goutallier, Str: Julia Hill, Cox: Claire Bird, Cch: Tara Harrington

3rd    Methodist LC - Bow: Kyna Xu, 2: Stephanie Pitt, 3: Chloe Sheats, Str: Ali Tsigaras, Cox: Melanie Edwards, Cch: Georgie Lanyon

Scratched    Firbank GS - Bow: Isabel McNamara, 2: Natalie Shand, 3: Neve Kayes, Str: Alex Gee, Cox: Ashley Chong, Cch: John Reddaway

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 4

(1,000 metres)

Final C


Final B





Final A





Final C

1st    Melbourne GC - Bow: Ciara Esposto, 2: Eliza Astill, 3: Chloe Webber, Str: Brianna Spinks, Cox: Madison Firman

Final B

1st    Melbourne GC - Bow: Chloe Liston, 2: Alice Bills, 3: Lanika Brommeyer, Str: Lauren Thompson, Cox: Meshi Seymour-Pessah

2nd    Loreto College - Bow: Ella Higgins, 2: Erin Gillespie, 3: Ella McGurk, Str: Hannah McErvale, Cox: Gabrielle Middleton

3rd    Shelford GS - Bow: Madison Wilkie, 2: Eliza Christie, 3: Louise O'Grady, Str: Rou Wei Long, Cox: Sarah McFadden, Cch: Hannah Pike

4th    Haileybury - Bow: Emma Dibble, 2: Lauren Tarrant, 3: Lily Rice, Str: Sarah Watt, Cox: Annabelle Armstrong, Cch: Claire Patterson

Final A

1st    Damascus - Bow: Lily Chancey, 2: Phoebe Bentley, 3: Mollie Chew, Str: Ashlee Smith, Cox: Riley Dart

2nd    Carey GS - Bow: Liz Cameron, 2: Olivia Glanvill, 3: Lauren Moloney, Str: Eliza Berryman, Cox: Nene Cahill, Cch: Lily Walters-Quan

3rd    Carey GS - Bow: Caroline Macdonald, 2: Hannah Jackson, 3: Esther Palliser, Str: Matisse Bracken, Cox: Anastasia Stathopoulos, Cch: Madi Hickey

4th    Toorak College - Bow: Matilda Hellier-Lovick, 2: Erin O'James, 3: Baylie McGain, Str: Emilia Day, Cox: Lily Stickland, Cch: Keely Wareham

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 5

(1,000 metres)

Final B




Final A





Final B

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Lucy Livingstone, 2: Mary Kogionis, 3: Bridget Miles, Str: Olivia Fox, Cox: Marie Iliadis, Cch: Georgia Webb, Allanah Greer

2nd    Korowa AGS - Bow: Cecila Carrasco, 2: Emma Kealey, 3: Brie Cotton, Str: Nicola Ma, Cox: Georgia Carra 

3rd    Sacred Heart - Bow: Bianca Zanghi, 2: Kate Napper, 3: Charlotte O'Donnell, Str: Ebony Ballan, Cox: Tara Cunneen

Final A

1st    Methodist LC - Bow: Amelia O'Gorman, 2: Nasia Delis, 3: Charlotte Ditchfield, Str: Phoebe Wolf, Cox: Phoebe Georgakas, Cch: Laura Whitelaw

2nd    Firbank GS - Bow: Jasmine Wilson-Cohen, 2: Francesca Catalano, 3: Mia Gardiner, Str: Matilda Kelso, Cox: Sue Lee, Cch: Alyssa Brady

3rd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Eliza Sharp, 2: Charlotte Mills, 3: Lauren Crouch, Str: Madeleine Galea, Cox: Olivia Klotz, Cch: Annabel Dixon

4th    St Catherine’s - Bow: Eve Alexiadis, 2: Eleanour Smalley, 3: Mackenzie Leyden, Str: Lucy Skyrme-Jones, Cox: Emily Lloyd, Cch: Andrew Curnow

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 5

(1,000 metres)

Final B





Final A





Final B

1st    Melbourne GC - Bow: Claudia Burgner, 2: Madeline Tolson, 3: Stephanie Moya, Str: Kate Mc Kenna, Cox: Grace McGarry

2nd    Toorak College - Bow: Sunday Gibson, 2: Annika Skoglund, 3: Rhylee Snooks, Str: Grace Dymond, Cox: Katy Watt, Cch: Mayrose Rolley

3rd    Geelong College - Bow: Rose Cashman, 2: Lily Potter, 3: Grace Bond, Str: Issy Thomas, Cox: Charlotte Consedine

4th    Loreto College - Bow: Olivia Houlihan, 2: Alana Spratling, 3: Grace Maher, Str: Isabel Fraser, Cox: Madeline Rowe

Final A

1st    Carey GS - Bow: Ellie Colquhoun, 2: Claudia Jane, 3: Grace Perin, Str: Alexandra Klupacs, Cox: Georgia White, Cch: Stephanie Marshall

2nd    Haileybury - Bow: Vy Kim Ngo, 2: Zoe Kodila-Jones, 3: Maisie Ralphsmith, Str: Avalon Ekberg, Cox: Bridie Storton, Cch: Brooke Martin

3rd    Carey GS - Bow: Tayla McAuliffe, 2: Tess Brookman, 3: Bronte Arnott, Str: Emilie Reddish, Cox: Camille Edwards, Cch: Lauren Oswin

4th    Caulfield GS - Bow: Amber Nilsson, 2: Caitlyn Reidy, 3: Laura Knowles, Str: Charlotte Cock, Cox: Matisse Pugh, Cch: Isabelle Caithness

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 6

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Strathcona - Bow: You Min Ahn, 2: Julia McKenzie, 3: Amber Sinclair, Str: Ava Dullard, Cox: Molly Baxter, Cch: Ashleigh Gale

2nd    St Catherine’s - Bow: Paris Nicolaou, 2: Alice Renn, 3: Chloe Thompson, Str: Eliza Byrne, Cox: Anouska Paul, Cch: Jack Tivey, George Fitzpatrick

Final A

1st    Firbank GS - Bow: Kristy Mailing, 2: Tessa Murray, 3: Emma Landy, Str: Freya Powell, Cox: Ava Gilmore, Cch: Elizabeth Di Fazio

2nd    Loreto - Bow: Eleanor Brown, 2: Kiona Maro, 3: Georgia Baker, Str: Molly Jensen, Cox: Amelia Paterson, Cch: Alice McDonald

3rd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Bianca Chamberlain, 2: Piera Mitchell, 3: Millie Page, Str: Jemima Allen, Cox: Isabella Best, Cch: Katherine Michelmore, Edward Robinson

4th    Genazzano - Bow: Allegra Salinas-Byrne, 2: Claudia Kuner, 3: Samantha Miller, Str: Allegra Jenkins, Cox: Eliza Pitney, Cch: Jade Valentino, Madison Huysing

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 6

(1,000 metres)

Final B



Final A





Final B

1st    Carey GS - Bow: Lucy Dear, 2: Isabella Gillot, 3: Steph Thompson, Str: Meredith Egan, Cox: Lucy Francis, Cch: Martin Tinney

2nd    Melbourne GC - Bow: Mia Richter, 2: Sophia Maisey, 3: Ella Tamblyn, Str: Scarlet Kohane, Cox: Alison Galcin Riffat

Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Niamh Lewis, 2: Eliza Forrest, 3: Elizabeth Te Lintelo, Str: Tess Corridon, Cox: Sarah Fetherstonhaugh, Cch: Will Doble

2nd    Methodist LC - Bow: Caitlin Chan, 2: Eryn Dessiniotis, 3: Isabelle Worth, Str: Alexandra Dunn-Delvaen, Cox: Ruby Kidd, Cch: Phoebe Allen

3rd    Loreto - Bow: Jacquiline Marangos, 2: Charlotte Davies, 3: Shae Souter, Str: Alex Barber, Cox: Annabel Wright, Cch: Meghan Hester, Nikki Morabito

4th    Carey GS - Bow: Emily Tonkin, 2: Claire Goldsmith, 3: Katherine West, Str: Evie Belcher, Cox: Remy Knight, Cch: Charles Hay

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 7

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final B

1st    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Francesca De Palma, 2: Rachel Williamson, 3: Andrea Yan, Str: Isabella Giannini, Cox: Sophie Smith, Cch: Olivia Douglas, Rachael Caldwell

2nd    Firbank GS - Bow: Hannah Booth, 2: Ally Waldron, 3: Tess McLellan, Str: Ellie Garbett, Cox: Isabella Hennig, Cch: Jack Canty

3rd    St Catherine’s - Bow: Stephanie Jones, 2: Emmerson Bindley, 3: Penelope Ainalis, Str: Catherine Tiplady, Cox: Angela Huang, Cch: Natasha Hiscock

4th    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Elizabeth Blyth, 2: Saskia Day, 3: Giulia Raneri, Str: Madeleine Morrison, Cox: Claude Whittaker, Cch: Meghan Finch

Final A

1st    Genazzano - Bow: Grace Ross-Farrell, 2: Ella MacIsaac, 3: Ashlin Holdsworth, Str: Georgia Mulvogue, Cox: Bridget Wilson, Cch: Thomas Lincoln

2nd    St Catherine’s - Bow: Brit Pearson, 2: Madison Quinn, 3: Ingrid Crossing, Str: Isabella Loughlin, Cox: Antonina Kudryashova, Cch: Sarah Banting

3rd    Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Gilda Jones, 2: Gina Cheston, 3: Lily Ferguson, Str: Georgia Seamer, Cox: Georgia Scott, Cch: Sascha Webster

4th    Methodist LC - Bow: Liesl Mogensen, 2: Tamara Dhankhar, 3: Jordon Lewis, Str: Kiara La'Brooy, Cox: Khai Ling Chan, Cch: Rebecca Bartlett

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 7A

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Carey GS - Bow: Steghanie Zumbo, 2: Siana Deligannis, 3: Lucy Campbell, Str: Lillian Liberg, Cox: Sally Arnold, Cch: Tamara Charlwood

2nd    Genazzano - Bow: Eugenie Dessent, 2: Stephanie Peric, 3: Alexandra Scalzo, Str: Grace Rokebrand, Cox: Jacinta Papadopoulos, Cch: Max Arundel

3rd    Methodist LC - Bow: Poppy Murphy, 2: Bella Smith, 3: Giorgia Sgarbossa, Str: Amy Jayasinhe, Cox: Rebecca Noonan, Cch: Imogen Barnett, Georgie Szymanski

4th    Loreto - Bow: Anna-Lisa Noble, 2: Neve Donovan, 3: Charlotte Buettner, Str: Kathryn Sabljak, Cox: Isabella Topy, Cch: Angus Dunn

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 7B

(1,000 metres)

Final A





Final A

1st    Caulfield GS - Bow: Heidi Kilian, 2: Lauren Thomas, 3: Kaila Manassa, Str: Emma Sumner, Cox: Lucinda Kuriata, Cch: Mia Antonopoulos

2nd    Strathcona - Bow: Matilda Murphy, 2: Laura Martin, 3: Holly Mitchell, Str: Jamie Kirby, Cox: Ashton Parker, Cch: Amy Martin

3rd    Melbourne GC - Bow: Alexandra Jarman, 2: Courtney Mc Kenzie, 3: Meghan Mc Kenzie, Str: Sarah Patterson, Cox: Jessica Hare, 

4th    Carey GS - Bow: Johanna Dimpfel, 2: Gabrielle Lindeman, 3: Emily Walsh, Str: Jasmine Morrison, Cox: Claire Musgrave, Cch: Laura Daly


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