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history of head of school girls rowing regatta victoria

1993 VIC Head of Schoolgirls' Regatta

The regatta host this year was Genazzano F.C.J. College.

The regatta had grown to 22 events. Quad sculls were now a permanent event on the program.

Administratively, the innovation this year a timing system.

A special general meeting of the association was held in September 1992 to adopt the principles for the operation of the regatta from 1994 onwards. It defined the respective roles of the association and the host schools as follows:


(i) set out a detailed brief for the overall conduct of the Regatta and associated activities by the Host School. 

(ii) manage the merchandising side of the Regatta, in conjunction with the Host School. That for the 1994 Regatta 50% of nett profit on merchandising be returned to the Host School, with this percentage being reviewed subsequently. 

(iii) prepare a pro forma document by which schools can register their interest in taking on the role of Host School. 

(iv) conduct a ballot to pre-set the Host School role for 3 years ahead: the first such ballot to be in May 1993 for the 1995-1997 Regattas, with a 3-year cycle continuing thereafter. 

(v) monitor progress and assist the Host School annually in preparation for the Regatta. 

(vi) ensure that funds generated by the Regatta are used in the broadest and best interests of schoolgirl rowing, and ensure that funds raised by the Host School be used for the development of rowing in the Host School. 

Host school

(i)    conduct the Regatta in a manner consistent with the agreed specifications.

(ii)    work in with the Committee, the previous and the subsequent Host Schools in conducting the regatta.

1993 Program cover


Organising Committee and Officials

Head of the Schoolgirls Regatta Committee: Susie Palfreyman (President), Nick Green (Vice-President), Sarah Jameson, Jim Spithill (Secretary), Stephen Mollard, Mal Batten, Rob Zahara, David Palfreyman, John Hale, Fiona Morris, David Boykett, Peter Shakespear and Simon Harrison.

Regatta host: Genazzano F.C.J. College. Convenors were J Cary and P Gartlan. The announcers were S Hinton and Noel Donaldson.

Jury: Ron Podbury (Referee), Noel Clark, Robert Allan, Ian Murray, John Virgona, Nadia Gishen, Jane Greig, Felicity Brand, Sophie Lloyd, Rhys Parsons, Len Licter, Ralph Murphy, L M Pickford, Robin Murphy, Stephen Pennicott, Stephen Gillon, Hubert Frederico, John Fairbank and William Waterfield.

Open Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Open Division 1

Final A

1st        Fintona - Danielle Cooper, Cch: Jack Bennett

2nd        Morongo - Sally Tyack, Cch: Dick Garrard

3rd        Geelong High 

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 1

Final A

1st        Genazzano - Bow: Megan Kelly, 2: Sarah Rea, 3: Anna Tehan, Str: Katherine Cary, Cox: Peta Bartlett, Cch: Richard Harvey

2nd        Morongo - Bow: Sarah-Jane Walker, 2: Elisha McCallum, 3: Sarah-Jane Deckert, Str: Kate Etter Shank, Cox: Freya Fidge, Cch: Bob Morell

3rd        Geelong High

Coxed Four Open Division 1

Final A

1st        Lauriston - Bow: Sophie Loras, 2: Sarah Paterson, 3: Jess Morrison, Str: Sam Tilbrook, Cox: Cathy Knight, Cch: Nick Green

2nd        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Fiona McGauchie, 2: Jacqui Campbell, 3: Penny Gude, Str: Poss Herbert, Cox: Naomi Tootell, Cch: Lyall McCarthy

3rd        Carey Grammar - Bow: Penelope Short, 2: Cassandra Allen, 3: Catherine Jones, Str: Virginia Cross, Cox: Christine McKay, Cch: J. Spithill, N. Forbes

4th        St Catherine’s - Bow: Prue Hayden, 2: Jenny MacPherson, 3: Abbey Blackshaw, Str: Georgie Johnston, Cox: Catherine More-Nase, Cch: D. Grogan, L. Cumper

Eight Open Division 1

Final A

1st        Lauriston - Bow: Amber Paterson, 2: Belinda West, 3: Eliza Blair, 4: Georgia Grant, 5: Sophie Loras, 6: Sarah Paterson, 7: Jess Morrison, Str: Sam Tilbrook, Cox: Cathy Knight, Cch: Nick Green, P. Wollard

2nd        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Lou Gardner, 2: Kimba Squire-Wilson, 3: Hilary Doyle, 4: Rosie Gude, 5: Jacqui Campbell, 6: Fiona McGauchie, 7: Poss Herbert, Str: Penny Gude, Cox: Georgina Searle, Cch: Lyall McCarthy, David Wood

3rd        MLC - Bow: Melissa Olass, 2:  San Reed-Smith, 3: Jocelyn Finlay, 4: Annalise Coles, 5: Sasha Bond, 6: Tamara Brawn, 7: Amanda Coster, Str: Andy Werner, Cox: Lucy James, Cch: Cathy Horne, David Palfreyman

4th        Genazzano - Bow: Simone Van Megan, 2: Jacqueline Murphy, 3: Katherine Wall, 4: Rebecca Butler, 5: Sallie Hammond, 6: Sara Arndt, 7: Stefanie Chiera, Str: Kate McGuinness, Cox: Anne Werner, Cch: Stephen Mollard

Single Scull Open Division 2A

Final A

1st        Mathew Flinders - Yvonne Van Der Ploeg, Cch: Lex Quinn

2nd        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Sarah Marshall, Cch: David Boykett, Jack Bennett

3rd        Firbank Grammar - Stephanie Fast, Cch: Chris Long

4th        St Catherine’s - Nadia Gishan, Cch: Alex Cuthbertson

Single Scull Open Division 2B

Final A

1st        Toorak College

Coxed Four Open Division 2

Final A

1st        Lauriston - Bow: Amber Paterson, 2: Belinda West, 3: Eliza Blair, Str: Georgie Grant, Cox: Sophie McKinnon, Cch: P. Woollard

2nd        Ballarat & Queens - Bow: Emma Dalkin, 2: Kirsten Toole, 3: Sarah Chibnall, Str: Stephanie Garth, Cox: Lettita Armstong, Cch: Geoff Forsyth, Rob Gray

3rd        MLC - Bow: Melissa Glass, 2: San Reid-Smith, 3: Amanda Coster, Str: Andy Werner, Cox: Rachel Wener, Cch: Cathy Horne

4th        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Kimba Squire-Wilson, 2: Hilary Doyle, 3: Rosie Gude, Str: Louise Gardner, Cox: Georgina Searle, Cch: David Woo

Coxed Four Open Division 3

Final A

1st        Morongo - Bow: Serran Buchholz, 2: Tamsin Crocker, 3: Prue Waayers, Str: Amy Sanders, Cox: Georgina Walker, Cch: Chris Black

2nd        PLC - Bow: Meaghan Barry, 2: Rhiannon Bevan-John, 3: Paula Ewing, Str: Nik Booth, Cox: Alice O’Mullane, Cch: Lloyd Cosgrove

3rd        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Sarah Chomley, 2: Susannah Mahar, 3: Matria Barraclough, Str: Laura Bird, Cox: Emma Bowen, Cch Bill Searle, Liz McCarthy

4th        MLC - Bow: Marni Kerse-Boom, 2: Maquita Corr, 3: Sonya Bamford, Str: Jenny Carr, Cox: Debbie Winthrop, Cch: Gina Douglas

Coxed Four Open Division 4

Final A

1st        Firbank Grammar - Bow: Rebecca Brown, 2: Emily Durbam, 3: Anna Kikakis, Str: Johanna Teasdale, Cox: Belinda Tainsh, Cch: John Downie

2nd        Toorak College - Bow: Caty Berg, 2: Kristy Nuttal, 3: Emily Bennett, Str: Teagan Kerley, Cox: Sarah Vandervalde, Cch: Gary Theobald, Fiona Morris

3rd        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Elizabeth MacKnight, 2: Susannah Pern, 3: Catherine Maple-Brown, Str: Morven Murray, Cox: Prill Eggers, Cch: Carolyn Grills

Coxed Four Open Division 5

Final A

1st        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Thea Christiem, 2: Penelope Agar, 3: Annabel McPhee, Str: Olivia Tipler, Cox: Penny Kay, Cch: James Bowden

2nd        Catholic College Sale - Bow: Melissa Lazzaro, 2: Charmaine Pratt, 3: Chiara Centra, Str: Jessica Lazzaro, Cox: Francis Simollenaars, Cch: James Brown

3rd        Morongo - Bow: Simone Grace, 2: Sarah Lamb, 3: Emily Groves, Str: Robyn Bradbury, Cox: Claire Matson, Cch: Anne South

4th        Loreto MH

Coxed Four Open Division 6

Final A

1st        Toorak College - Bow: Eliza Linton, 2: Amy Rickards, 3: Jacque Johnson, Str: Monique Henwood, Cox: Michelle McConnell, Cch: Fiona Morris, Michael Korbell

2nd        Catholic College Sale - Christine Goodison, 2: Melanie Wijgers, 3: Michelle Templeton, Str: Rebecca Vanstone, Cox: Susan Smolenaars, Cch: Ian Howard

3rd        Genazzano - Bow: Michelle Moran, 2: Sarah Tobin, 3: Briony Cutts, Str: Anita Basile, Cox: Bridget Mangan, Cch: Tony O’Callaghan

4th        Ballarat & Clarendon - Bow: Janet Rattray, 2: Sally Morrish, 3: Sarah Garner, Str: Jamie Hughes, Cox: Seona Ringin, Cch: Jane Cowles

Year 10 Race Results

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Single Scull Year 10 Division 1

Final A

1st        Toorak College

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 1

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Lucy Cameron, 2: Sam Kimpton, 3: Christina Parks, Str: Anna McFadgen, Cox: Elodie Chambers, Cch: Annabelle Eaton

2nd        MLC - Bow: Alanya Van De Wiel, 2: Lucinda Corr, 3: Camille Aimes, Str: Lisa Williams, Cox: Katherine Fell, Cch: Bronwyn Monger

3rd        Genazzano - Bow: Jane Lynch, 2: Kate Trahair, 3: Kate O’Brien, Str: Beth Clarke, Cox: Rebecca Brezzi, Cch: Mario Laing

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 1

Final A

1st        Genazzano - Bow: Sarah McArdle, 2: Catherine Pritchard, 3: Clare Molan, Str: Anne Jurcevic, Cox: Sarah Clancy, Cch: Julian Cross 

2nd        Geelong College - Bow: Meg Jones, 2: Elly Young, 3: Vicki Mol, Str: Athena Lucas, Cox: Zoe Harkin, Cch: Andrew Gibson

3rd        Loreto MH - Bow: Alice Hume, 2: Camille Reidy, 3: Belinda Gibson, Str: Fionna Scott, Cox: Edwina Holbeach, Cch: Gus Higgins

4th        MLC - Bow: Anna Ervin, 2: Annie Carter, 3: Jo Mitsikis, Str: Giulia Johnston, Cox: Amy Tidd, Cch: Rachael Haverfield

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 2

Final A

1st        Morongo - Bow: Nicole Heikkila, 2: Philippa Ritchie, 3: Megan Bone, Str: Natasha Lindros, Cox: Kristie Brown, Cch: Dean Montgomery

2nd        Lauriston - Bow: Zoe Eggleston-Smith, 2: Lisa Addison, 3: Kate Habesberger, Str: Lucinda Gabriel, Cox: Katherine Squires, Cch: C. Wade

3rd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Amanda Fawkner, 2: Tanith Collison, 3: Poppy Tremane, Str: Louisa Green, Cox: Anna Schumann, Cch: Bec Joyce

4th        Toorak College - Bow: Fiona Whelan, 2: Carlie Smith, 3: Carolyn Smith, Str: Kim Hudd, Cox: Rebecca Hardy, Cch: Gary Theobald

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 3

Final A

1st        MLC - Bow: Tammie Hocking, 2: Sally Chapman, 3: Eliza Harvey, Str: Kristin Findlay, Cox: Anita Xidakis, Cch: Andrea Trembath, Bronwyn Thompson

2nd        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Ursula Tingate, 2: Ella Turle, 3: Bryony Appleby, Str: Sally McAdam, Cox: Chiquita Siletto, Cch: Sarah Smith, Andrew Berman

3rd        Lauriston - Bow: Elizabeth Bailleau, 2: Rebecca Piercy, 3: Sally Linley, Str: Corneilia Showalter, Cox: Unknown, Cch: J. Nevens

4th        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Sally Manning, 2: Alex Lawisohn, 3: Angela Hanson, Str: Fiona McDonald, Cox: Corrinne Chan, Cch: Anna Rusden

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 4

Final A

1st        Morongo - Bow: Melanie McRae, 2: Jodie Day, 3: Annabelle Senior, Str: Alison Warrior, Cox: Caroline Renick, Cch: Clair McKechnie

2nd        MLC - Bow: Michaela Colbeck, 2: Pip Russell, 3: Kara Sankhulani, Str: Hayley Webb, Cox: Eliza Johnston, Cch: Caitlin Fraser

3rd        Genazzano - Bow: Anne Batrouney, 2: Melissa D’Amico, 3: Daniella Korwin-Walford, Str: Olivia Kerr, Cox: Bridget Mar, Cch: Peter Findlay

4th        Geelong High 

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 5

Final A

1st        MLC - Bow: Justine Lau, 2: Sarah Jackson, 3: Stephanie Russell, Str: Stephanie White, Cox: May Kwong, Cch: George Costello, Melissa Lawton

2nd        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Alison Ho, 2: Regan Richards, 3: Regan Richards, Str: Tamara McNaught, Cox: Katie Kovac, Cch: Netasha Gooding

3rd        MLC - Bow: Mia Rowe, 2: Shana Noonan, 3: Kate Matters, Str: Angela Horman, Cox: Samantha Frankenburg, Cch: Sarah Harris

4th        Genazzano

Year 9 Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 1

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Olivier Hiddlestone, 2: Sky McRae, 3: Sashi Folk, Str: Kate Griffin, Cox: Phillamena Bruce, Cch: Susie Brown

2nd        Genazzano - Bow: Janelle King, 2: Virgini Arndt, 3: Emily Mulqueen, Str: Bridget Windle, Cox: Amana Spangher, Cch: Mario Laing

3rd        Carey Grammar - Bow: Chelsea Freer, 2: Katie Levis, 3: Nicola Belcher, Str: Kylie Brooke, Cox: Vanessa Sharp, Cch: Josie Millard

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 1

Final A

1st        Loreto MH - Bow: Alex Kastaniotis, 2: Nerita Bennetti, 3: Jenny Zahara, Str: Anna Chamberlain, Cox: Sophie Gannon, Cch: Sophie Morrison

2nd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Prue Lording, 2: Charlotte Strang, 3: Joe Pizzey, Str: Victoria Pearce, Cox: Phillippa Baker, Cch: Anna Stanley

3rd        Wesley College - Bow: Maxine Haverfield, 2: Brigette Nabert, 3: Nadine Kapitaniak, Str: Alison Poore, Cox: Jo Bandy, Cch: Richard Hamilton

4th        Lauriston - Bow: Hilary Poole, 2: Georgia McInnes, 3: Annemarie Pollard, Str: Shelly Tilbrook, Cox: Sophie Pike, Cch: T. Derham

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 2

Final A

1st        Loreto MH - Bow: Eliza Jacobs, 2: Hayley Richards, 3: Caroline Petricola, Str: Pia Taylor, Cox: Lucinda Gannon, Cch: Cath Bateman

2nd        Toorak College - Bow: Claire McKeowan, 2: Jane Rickards, 3: Rebecca Smith, Str: Anna Seletto, Cox: Kristy Hopgood, Cch: Fiona Morris

3rd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Gina Theophilis, 2: Annie Vinnicombe, 3: Linke Lovett, Str: Holly Sweet, Cox: Jess Pala, Cch: Sally Cumming

4th        Genazzano - Bow: Emily Ryan, 2: Donella Cutts, 3: Nina Brandt, Str: Jennifer Savage, Cox: Claire Shelton, Cch: Andrew Glass

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 3

Final A

1st        Genazzano - Bow: Davinia Whitehead 2: Janet Cameron, 3: Johanna Boland, Str: Nicole Van Helden, Cox: Anne Barlow, Cch: Roberta Stewart

2nd        Lauriston - Bow: Rachel Constantopoulos, 2: Sarah Archibald, 3: Krisitna Batchelor, Str: Hannah McKeand, Cox: Katherine O’Shea, Cch: B Grodski

3rd        Loreto MH - Bow: Hannah Smith, 2: Carla Pascoe, 3: Virginia Grant, Str: Shelley Fladgate, Cox: Brigid King, Cch: Mandy Loftus-Hills

4th        St Catherine’s - Bow: Chloe Paul, 2: Sarah Cumming, 3: Fiona Clemens, Str: Georgie Shew, Cox: Alex Brownlow, Cch: Tory Boag

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 4

Final A

1st        Catholic College Sale - Bow: Carolyn Wilson, 2: Brooke Vanstone, 3: Maree Hutchin, Str: Emma Luxford, Cox: Sarah Paterson, Cch: Ian Howard

2nd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Sally McPherson, 2: Kate Wylde, 3: Zoe Carr, Str: Sarah Gardener, Cox: Marite Batty, Cch: D. Thomas

3rd        Lauriston - Bow: Jessica Thompson, 2: Georgia Fraser, 3: Zoe Keon-Cohen, Str: Emily Anderson, Cox: Anneli Johansson, Cch: H. Devlin

4th        Wesley College - Bow: Fiona Laughlan, 2: Catherine Coxon, 3: Melanie Katsalidis, Str: Nikki Bullock, Cox: Nadine Treister, Cch: Melanie Gerster

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 5

Final A

1st        Loreto MH - Bow: Georgina Chamberlain, 2: Laura Mulcahy, 3: Aislinn O’Donnell, Str: Kathleen Fagan, Cox: Georgie Quinn, Cch: Alisa Fiddes, Therese Ryan

2nd        Strathcona - Bow: Anna Newnam, 2: Kris Townley, 3: Mardi McMillan, Str: Catherine Smethurst, Cox: Fiona McNaughton, Cch: Lloyd Casegrove

3rd        St Anne’s & Gippsland - Bow: Angela Rintoull, 2: Caroline Wilde, 3: Karen Higgins, Str: Denise Macready, Cox: Fiona Luckock, Cch: Barry Smith

4th        Wesley College - Bow: Nicole Hunter, 2: Sarah Myers, 3: Vibeke Pederson, Str: Kynewan Walker, Cox: Rebecca Beling, Cch: Emma Imwa


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