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history of head of school girls rowing regatta victoria

1997 VIC Head of Schoolgirls' Regatta

Loreto Mandeville Hall hosted the regatta this year with a 28 event program.

Of note on the administrative side was the sponsorship of Active for Life.

Jim Spitill, Secretary of the Regatta Association noted in the program:

One of the features of this regatta is the way it continues to grow and change year by year. One reason for this is the Host School system which creates the opportunity for each school to contribute new ideas in turn. No doubt this will continue over the next three years as Sacred Heart College Geelong (1998), Firbank Anglican School (1999) and Caulfield Grammar School (2000) take up the challenge of conducting the event.

The 1997 Host School Loreto Mandeville Hall has actively pursued the area of sponsorship with the co-operation of the Victorian Rowing Association through General Manager Jane Allen. And so we have for the first time The Active for Life Head of the Schoolgirls' Regatta with VicHealth as major sponsor through its Life. Be In It program. We thank VicHealth and welcome its support. Clearly this regatta exemplifies many of the messages that VicHealth promotes. As support sponsor we welcome Clarks shoes and look forward to their on-going association with the regatta.

Jim also mentioned that the Association was in turn sponsoring the Victorian Women's Youth Eight. Eight of the nine in the crew had come to the sport through this regatta.

1997 Programme Cover


Organising Committee and Officials

Head of the Schoolgirls Regatta Committee: Susie Palfreyman (President, Rob Zahara (Vice-President), John Hale (Treasurer), Jim Spithill (Secretary), Stephen Mollard, Pam Westendorf, John Downie, Deirdre Fraser, Geoff Barden, Michael West, Rene Klupacs, Ron Podbury and Brenton Terrell.

Regatta Committee: Loreto Mandeville Hall were the regatta hosts. Rob Blair (Regatta Secretary)

Jury: Ron Podbury (Referee), Robin Murphy (Assistant Referee), Robert Allen, Noel Clark, Rod Florence, Jane Brieg, Kelly Jenkins, Emma Kelson, Sophie Lloyd, Nadia Gishen, Sally Pianta, Natalie Brown, Sandy Collins, Bernie Crimmins, Ian Murray, Jane Withers, Rene Klupcas and Ralph Murphy.

Open Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Open Division 1

Final A

1st        Mathew Flinders - Meghann Jones, Cch: Dick Garrard

2nd        Oberon - Amanda Haynes, Cch: Don Bridges, Andrew Logan

3rd        Carey Grammar Grammar - Susannah Jones

4th        Avila - Tanya Figiel, Cch: S. Morell

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 1

Final A

1st        MLC - Bow: Edwina Howell, 2: Kate Pirrie, 3: Sally Gentle, Str: Katie Davies, Cox: Rebecca Lawton, Cch: Georgia Radcliffe-Smith

2nd        Genazzano - Bow: Mieke Boynton, 2: Gabrielle Stewart, 3: Rebecca Rush, Str: Cassandra Frost, Cox: Chantal Vallence, Cch: Sue Herold

3rd        Sacred Heart - Bow: Anneliese Jens, 2: Irene Haase, 3: Marnie Dahlhaus, Str: Kate McManus, Cox: Aleisha Klupacs, Cch: Lisa Wilson, Stewart Wilson

4th        Loreto MH - Bow: Stephanie Keenan, 2: Miriam Slattery, 3: Clare O’Neil, Str: Emily Tribe, Cox: Lucie Douex, Cch: Field Rickards

Coxed Four Open Division 1

Final A

1st        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Georgiana Consett, 2: Samantha Clarke, 3: Rosa Marchetti, Str: Charlotte Coote, Cox: Moyan Phillips, Cch: Geoff Hunter

2nd        Wesley - Bow: Sally McManamy, 2: Amy Felman, 3: Crystal Antica, Str: Sharron Waters, Cox: Kylie McArdie, Cch: Craig Adrians

3rd        Carey Grammar - Bow: Megan Genat, 2: Catherine Bingham, 3: Carin Black, Str: Claire McFarlane, Cox: Jocelyn Clifford, Cch: Ingrid Jusy

4th        MLC - Bow: Michelle Eastwood, 2: Jean Tait, 3: Catriona Oliver, Str: Michelle Tuck, Cox: Karin Skipworth, Cch: Brenton Terrell

Eight Open Division 1

Final A

1st        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Kate Cromie, 2: Serena Milne, 3: Julia North, 4: Ruth Langford, 5: Rosa Marchetti, 6: Samantha Clarke, 7: Georgiana Consett, Str: Charlotte Coote, Cox: Natalie Wright, Cch: Geoff Hunter, Debbie Clingeleffer

2nd        MLC - Bow: Edwina Howell, 2: Katie Davies, 3: Catrina Oliver, 4: Kate Pirrie, 5: Michelle Tuck, 6: Jean Tait, 7: Michelle Eastwood, Str: Sally Gentle, Cox: Rebecca lawton, Cch: Georgia Radcliffe-Smith, Brenton Terrell

3rd        Lauriston - Bow: Lucy Cohen, 2: Catherine Haslock, 3: Callie Pearce, 4: Emily Wilmoth, 5: Sally Crittenden, 6: Eleanor Garnys, 7: Georgina Johnston, Str: Katherine Moore, Cox: Elizabeth Pearce, Cch: Nic Boileau, Georgina Dougles

4th        Caulfield Grammar - Bow: Jesse Davis, 2: Kristyn Harper, 3: Lisa Farrelly, 4: Cindy Needham, 5: Camilla Gadsden, 6: Heidi Gartner, 7: Jacqui MacDonald, Str: Kim Goldsworthy, Cox: Kate Pennecuick, Cch: Darren Balmforth, Samantha Tilbrook

Single Scull Open Division 2A

Final A

1st        Kilvington Baptist - Yvette Gray, Cch: Lucy Fyfield

2nd        Genazzano - Ricci Shepherd, Cch: Sue Herold

3rd        Firbank Grammar - Geogina Fast, Cch: Nikky Ross

4th        Lowther Hall - Leah Dickinson, Cch: Lisa Kernick

Single Scull Open Division 2B

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Melissa Clark, Cch: Paul Burgess

2nd        Geelong College - Kelly Hughes, Cch: Sue Campbell

3rd        Mathew Flinders - Rebecca Elliot, Cch: Sean Drew

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 2

Final A

1st        Sacred Heart - Bow: Elizabeth Leorke, 2: Michelle Woodman, 3: Prue Beaton, Str: Katie O’Tootle, Cox: Alison Ryan, Cch: Tony Rowan

2nd        Fintona - Bow: Olivia Chambers, 2: Rosie Thom, 3: Belinda Earle, Str: Ingrid Earle, Cox: Susie Munro, Cch: Julia Earle

3rd        Genazzano - Bow: Storm Robinson, 2: Carla Boynton, 3: Liz O’Brien, Str: Hannah Lenehan, Cox: Olivia Smith, Cch: Lisa Hammond

4th        Loreto MH - Bow: Georgiana Quinn, 2: Monique George, 3: Ellen Woodruff, Str: Colette Herman, Cox: Sara Woodruff, Cch: Phillip Bell

Coxed Four Open Division 2

Final A

1st        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Serena Milne, 2: Julia North, 3: Ruth Langford, Str: Kate Cromie, Cox: Georgie Knight, Cch: Debbie Clingeleffer

2nd        Lauriston - Bow: Lucy Cohen, 2: Catherine Haslock, 3: Katherine Moore, Str: Georgina Johnston, Cox: Emma Simpson, Cch: Georgina Douglas

3rd        Genazzano - Bow: Sarah O’Cannell, 2: Julie Deangellis, 3: Jo McBride, Str: Jane McGuinness, Cox: Liz Reid, Cch: John Downie

4th        Loreto MH - Bow: Pia Sabbadini, 2: Lucinda Gannon, 3: Catherine Stribley, Str: Charlotte Mulder, Cox: Meaghan O’Loughlin, Cch: Stuart Purves

Coxed Four Open Division 3

Final A

1st        MLC - Bow: Angela Moore, 2: Sarah James, 3: Karl Entwistle, Str: Mary O’Connor, Cox: Katie Graham, Cch: Jess Morrison

2nd        Genazzano - Bow: Danielle Brunton, 2: Megan Gannon, 3: Emma Lawler, Str: Alex Neumann, Cox: Amanda Wilson, Cch: Richard Harvey

3rd        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Hilary McGeachy, 2: Anna Loughnan, 3: Jess Probert, Str: Sarah Latreille, Cox: Claire Matson, Cch: Kylie Lewis 

4th        Geelong College - Bow: Edwina Blackney, 2: Rachel Moll, 3: Nicole Raven, Str: Kiri Milsom, Cox: Peggy Fidge, Cch: Ken Smith

Coxed Four Open Division 4

Final A

1st        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Sophie Dennis, 2: Barbara Lemon, 3: Kate Lucas, Str: Sally Vincent, Cox: Sarah Landy, Cch: David O’Loughlin

2nd        Geelong College - Bow: Laura Morgan, 2: Charlotte Sutherland, 3: Bindi Menzies, Str: Lauren Fleetwood, Cox: Kelly Bollen, Cch: Leise Monotti

3rd        Firbank Grammar - Bow: Madeleine Tempany, 2: Louisa Vickers, 3: Nicole Scotis, Str: Alicia Snelling, Cox: Sarah Wilkinson, Cch: Johanna Teasdale

4th        St Michaels - Bow: Jane Loveday, 2: Alissa Lloyd, 3: Laura Barlow, Str: Anna Barton, Cox: Eliza Beck, Cch: Lucy Fyfield

Coxed Four Open Division 5

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Psyche Payne, 2: Jacinta Hayes, 3: Caroline Goulden, Str: Elizabeth Doody, Cox: Sophie Viska, Cch: Robert Kemp

2nd        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Emma Downie, 2: Andrea Campbell, 3: Maya Slattery, Str: Sarah Farley, Cox: Helen Doyle, Cch: Bree Watt

3rd        Loreto MH - Bow: Jessica Moretti, 2: Lucy Maule, 3: Nancy Sposato, Str: Emily Patricola, Cox: Erin Reade, Cch: Nanna Hedberg

4th        Geelong College - Bow: Josette Loomes, 2: Kate Saleh, 3: Donna Cornish, Str: Belinda Peardon, Cox: Annabel Idle, Cch: Nurray Johns

Coxed Four Open Division 6

Final A

1st        Loreto MH - Bow: Katsy Lee, 2: Emmaline Jones, 3: Anna-Marie Black, Str: Jodie Fry, Cox: Rachel McInerney, Cch: Ross Featherston

2nd        Christian College - Bow: Arlie Deans, 2: Jenny Mawson, 3: Daira Frazer, Str: Allan Schober, Cox: Alex Lightfoot, Cch: John Elliott

3rd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Alex Folie, 2: Georgina Tucker, 3: Karolinka Nyczek, Str: Caroline Vinecombe, Cox: Sally Long, Cch: Emma Stanley

4th        Geelong High School - Bow: Claire Summers, 2: Danel Edwards, 3: Lauren Headlam, Str: Kim Pinney, Cox: Lea Mathieson, Cch: Gordon Cowey

Year 10 Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Year 10 Division 1

Final A

1st        Genazzano - Kate Mulqueen, Cch: John Downie

2nd        Toorak College - Natalie Lyle, Cch: Dougall Ethell, P. Eckland

3rd        Sacred Heart - Tracey Huson, Cch: Leisa Wilson

4th        Lowther Hall - Michelle Haeusler, Cch: Lisa Kernick

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 1

Final A

1st        Lauriston - Bow: Amy Davideson, 2: Fiona Collins, 3: Diana Poole, Str: Natalie Stewart, Cox: Jessica Lake, Cch: Edward Archibald, Amber Paterson

2nd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Amy Burke, 2: Claire Stewart, 3: Bridget Ross, Str: Jessica Tallent, Cox: Annabelle Peters, Cch: Rebecca Joyce, Ben Sullivan

3rd        Firbank Grammar - Bow: Stefanie Oakes, 2: Amy Keenan-Dunn, 3: Fiona McKell, Str: Candice Pickering, Cox: Victoria Bulfin, Cch: Andrew Fast

4th        Ruyton - Bow: Katia Sanderson, 2: Georgie Lewis, 3: Sarah Anderson, Str: Eliza Catchlove, Cox: Lucinda Kew, Cch: John Curnow, Sally Peters, Graeme Boykett

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 1

Final A

1st        Geelong College - Bow: Rosie Bell, 2: Jane Butler, 3: Vanessa Hall, Str: Lucy Mills, Cox: Angela Hamilton, Cch: Andrew Gibson

2nd        Toorak College - Bow: Nicole Jackson, 2: Georgia Hobart, 3: Rachel Lockwood, Str: Liza Wallis, Cox: Claire Kimpton, Cch: Kath Bennett

3rd        MLC - Bow: Tanya Johnston, 2: Sarah Dalley, 3: Cherie Gendre, Str: Meg hutchins, Cox: Jodie Harrison, Cch: Caitlin Fraser

4th        Lowther Hall - Bow: Erin Cordwell, 2: Kate Dallard, 3: Kate Gavaghan, Str: Caroline Ayers, Cox: Miranda Malaniuk, Cch: Catherine Mason

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 2

Final A

1st        MLC - Bow: Holly Ames, 2: Jackie Young, 3: Helen O’Connor, Str: Sarah brown, Cox: Cathy Vellios, Cch: Perdy Mitchell

2nd        Loreto MH - Bow: Louise Lonergan, 2: Julia McDonald, 3: Elizabeth Harvey, Str: Genevieve Audley, Cox: Joanne Halpin, Cch: Jason Faranda

3rd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Emily Hope, 2: Madeline Jenkins, 3: Jessica Hyams, Str: Fiona Turner, Cox: Miranda Hanger, Cch: Daniel Fahy

4th        Firbank Grammar - Bow: Kate McLaughlin, 2: Louise Marshall, 3: Elizabeth Kinnon, Str: Amy McLean, Cox: Hannah Jeans, Cch: Kikky Ross

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 2

Final A

1st        Ruyton - Bow: Sophie Smibert, 2: Fiona Finlayson, 3: Gina Booth, Str: Kate Johnson, Cox: Lucy Terracall, Cch: Sophie Loras

2nd        Toorak College - Bow: Tess Sly, 2: Sarah Jay, 3: Ruth Hackel, Str: Amy James, Cox: Sandi Briglia, Cch: Alan Nosworthy

3rd        MLC - Bow: Jenny Brown, 2: Jess Dootues, 3: Marnie Shegidyn, Str: Lucy Adams, Cox: Kate Aurel-Smith, Cch: Tamara Brawn

4th        Carey Grammar Grammar - Bow: Marika Kitchen, 2: Paris Ogden, 3: Jasmine Powell, Str: Katherine Smith, Cox: Vanessa Griffin, Cch: Olivia Purves

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 3

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Lindsay Williams, 2: Alex Paton, 3: Carla Valmorbida, Str: Xanthe Ranger, Cox: Eliza Bartlett, Cch: Anna Stanley

2nd        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Sam Robinson, 2: Tori Lowen, 3: Bree Whittford, Str: Zoe Dillon, Cox: Sophie Jay, Cch: Will Cook, Danielle Jenner

3rd        Loreto MH - Bow: Olivia Burns, 2: Hannah Whiting, 3: Alison Pettigrew, Str: Sarah Cichy, Cox: Jessica Curley, Cch: Emma Taylor

4th        MLC - Bow: Sarah Coxon, 2: Sarah Brady, 3: Rowena McPherson, Str: Cassie Duncan, Cox: Monique Wickham, Cch: Michelle Tehan

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 4

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Rebecca Troon, 2: Anna Crawford, 3: Amanda Hodder, Str: Jacqui Pearse, Cox: Fleur Forsyth, Cch: Bryan Wilson

2nd        MLC - Bow: Diana Hughes, 2: Sally Axsentieff, 3: Suzie Young, Str: Annabel Cunningham, Cox: Zoe Pirrie, Cch: Amanda Coster

3rd        Loreto MH - Bow: Olivia Garvey, 2: Sarah Butler, 3: Zoe Kitchen, Str: Natalie Flegg, Cox: Prudence Tehan, Cch: Justine Joyce, Sandra McKellar

4th        MLC - Bow: Hannah Crowley, 2: Laura Stansfield, 3: Cathy McBride, Str: Elissa Conlon, Cox: Unknown, Cch: Sarah Broadbent

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 5

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Rebecca Parker, 2: Rosie Cirrito, 2: Jessica Wilson, Str: Anna Lucas, Cox: Georgina Hinton, Cch: Prue Lording

2nd        Loreto MH - Bow: Caroline Conlon, 2: Elizabeth Fox, 3: Hannah Price, Str: Rebecca Wendland, Cox: Helen Beatty, Cch: Alice Hume

3rd        Loreto MH - Bow: Lisa Wendland, 2: Eliza Curtain, 3: Kristen Doyle, Str: Amber Madden, Cox: Katie Lonergan, Cch: Kill Burston

4th        MLC - Bow: Stephanie Tribe, 2: Jacki Junkeer, 3: Jane Grant, Str: Anna Ryan, Cox: Lauren Harry, Cch: De Fraser, Hillary Poole

Year 9 Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Year 9 Division 1

Final A

1st        Toorak College - Kylie Lloyd, Cch: Dougall Ethell

2nd        St Catherine’s - Claire Cuscaden, Cch: Fiona Wilde, James Dyer

3rd        Loreto MH - Patricia Nigro, Cch: Erica Neale

4th        Robinvale - Julie Turnbull, Cch: Stephen Goodwin

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 1

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Amanda Fordyce, 2: Megan Benson, 3: Anna Riordan, Str: Melissa Kavals, Cox: Kate Mann, Cch: Annabelle Eaton

2nd        Genazzano - Bow: Victoria Quinn, 2: Catherine Phillips, 3: Vanessa Atkin, Str: Philippa Boland, Cox: Alex Morrison, Cch: Sarah Jenkins

3rd        Loreto MH - Bow: Gianna Sabbadini, 2: Madeline Scanlon, 3: Phoebe Nolan, Str: Michelle Funder, Cox: Simone Ball, Cch: Sarah Lachal

4th        Sacred Heart - Bow: Emily West, 2: Johanna Panozzo, 3: Angela McMahon, Str: Kimberly Lester, Cox: Lauren Hudson, Cch: Rene Klupacs

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 1

Final A

1st        Firbank Grammar - Bow: Kate Schafer-Tanovic, 2: Victoria Goddard, 3: Philippa Burrows, Str: Kristy Strain, Cox: Amanda May, Cch: James Martin, Geoff Barden

2nd        Geelong College - Bow: Miranda Hobby, 2: Sophie Halsall, 3: Louisa Smeeton, Str: Dannielle Teasdale, Cox: Leah Martella, Cch: Robert Kemp

3rd        Carey Grammar Grammar - Bow: Joanne Fifer, 2: Susan Kumnick, 3: Alex Clarke, Str: Samantha Beveridge, Cox: Lavinia Spain, Cch: Kate Humme

4th        Toorak College - Bow: Nataliem Stephens, 2: Tessa Warden, 3: Briony Clarke, Str: Kate Anderson, Cox: Lee Halligan

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 2

Final A

1st        Firbank Grammar - Bow: Rachel Taylor, 2: Alexandra Teal, 3: Lucinda Thornborrow, Str: Alexandra Buchanan, Cox: Alanna Maroney, Cch: Christian Ryan

2nd        Loreto MH - Bow: Honor Murdoch, 2: Kristie Lennox, 3: Alice Papaluca, Str: Anne-Maree O’Brien, Cox: Isabelle Kitchen, Cch: Pip Harry

3rd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Katrina Palmer, 2: Philippa Peardon, 3: Tia Notermans, Str: Sassi McCarthy, Cox: Melanie Wallace-Smith, Cch: Tom Kennedy

4th        Fintona - Bow: Anna Taylor, 2: Lucy King, 3: Natalie Trethowen, Str: Georgie Peirce, Cox: Kathryn Roberts, Cch: Danielle Hook

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 2

Final A

1st        MLC - Bow: Melissa Walton, 2: Julia Stribley, 3: Erin McCutcheon, Str: Sophie Mathers, Cox: Claire Wilkinson, Cch: Emily Trewartha

2nd        Geelong College - Bow: Amy Walker, 2: Leanne Ryan, 3: Claire Grieve, Str: Brooke Edwards, Cox: Rebecca Everett, Cch: Sue Campbell

3rd        Caulfield Grammar - Bow: Emily Mason, 2: Sally Milne, 3: Phalen Charles, Str: Sally Milne, Cox: Laura Armstrong, Cch: S. Higgenbotham

4th        Toorak College - Bow: Kate Gloury, 2: Clair Watson, 3: Paris Room, Str: Annalise Dinley, Cox: Michelle Keane, Cch: Scott Patterson

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 3

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Megan Shiels, 2: Anna Duncan, 3: Alice Bristow, Str: Kirsty Hicks, Cox: Clementine Inglis, Cch: Vanessa King, Fiona Harris

2nd        Toorak College - Bow: Libby Cawson, 2: Chantel Stone, 3: Lucy Weber, Str: Kathryn Stephenson, Cox: Rebecca Gilbert, Cch: Michelle McConnell

3rd        Loreto MH - Bow: Rachel Griffiths, 2: Bonnie Connellan, 3: Natalie Jane Edwards, Str: Samantha Dermatis, Cox: Belinda Bowman, Cch: Lachlan Spencer

4th        Genazzano - Bow: Catherine Poulton, 2: Astrid Griffiths, 3: Felicity Rusden, Str: Lucy Courtney, Cox: Sarah Wilson, Cch: Adrian Lawrence

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 4

Final A

1st        Loreto MH - Bow: Emma Finney, 2: Stephanie Foley, 3: Annaliese Gannon, Str: Criseyda Robinson, Cox: Kate Edmonds, Cch: Sophie McKinnon

2nd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Charlotte Beeny, 2: Genevieve Colling, 3: Tess Lander-Lambourne, Str: Skye Pockran, Cox: Susannah Lempriere, Cch: Ingrid Hopper

3rd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Emily Payne, 2: Sarah Sladen, 3: Georgina Evans, Str: Aimee Hocking, Cox: Amy Freeman, Cch: Meredith Williams, Sophie Rigg

4th        Firbank Grammar - Bow: Christina Orr, 2: Stephanie Salmon, 3: Vicki Farizis, Str: Clementine Godfrey, Cox: Lauren Cook, Cch: Ben Robson

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 5

Final A

1st Loreto MH - Bow: Sarah Portelli, 2: Rebecca Nolan, 3: Jane Stewart, Str: Jennifer Hopkins, Cox: Vanessa Van der Muhll, Cch: Jenny Zahara

2nd Loreto MH - Bow: Beth Jones, 2: Aisling Fay, 3: Jane Strong, Str: Stephanie Maule, Cox: Jessica Ries, Cch: Belinda Gibson

3rd Loreto MH - Bow: Leah Betts, 2: Anne Flynn, 3: (name withheld), Str: Zoe Croker, Cox: Emily Tenchard, Cch: James Birrell

4th Loreto MH - Bow: Kate Vines, 2: Natalie Carter, 3: Rebecca Prescott, Str: Bonnie Savage, Cox: Beth LaBrooy, Cch: Ben McKenzie


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