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history of head of school girls rowing regatta victoria

2001 VIC Head of Schoolgirls' Regatta

The regatta again grew to 34 events.


However the big change this year was the introduction of a professional event manager by the host school Melbourne Girls Grammar School. At this regatta, MGGS retained responsibility over all key areas and the regatta continued to be owned by the Committee. An income splitting arrangement between MGGS and the event manager was put in place.

The event manager appointed was School Snowsports Development Foundation and the change was deemed a success. This event manager continued to run the event for a number of subsequent years. Furthermore, it led to the Association taking over management of the regatta in subsequent years. This was the last year of a school hosting the event. 

During discussions on this matter, it became clear that in speaking with Firbank and observing MLC regarding the conduct of 1999 and 2000 regattas, MGGS became aware that the scope of the tasks had increased enormously in recent years. They formed the view that alternative models were required. They subcontracted much of the work to SSDF but remained responsible for the delivery of the regatta. 

Also of interest at this time was the desire of the Committee to continue to choose it's own Jury. Over time this was changed to use a Rowing Victoria appointed Jury, with consultation, and Rowing Victoria equipment.

The City of Greater Geelong provided support for the temporary infrastructure costs for the event.

2001 Programme Cover


Organising Committee and Officials

Head of the Schoolgirls Regatta Committee: Susie Palfreyman (President), Robert Zahara and Jim Spithill (Vice-Presidents), Steve Mollard (Secretary), Rene Klupacs (Treasurer), Craig Adrians, Fleur Worboys, Josie Millard, Ron Podbury, Brenton Terrell, Leisa Wilson, Connie Vanderwerp, Robert Blair, Ruth Guy and Pam Westendorf.

Regatta personnel: Host school - Melbourne Girls Grammar. The event managers were School Snow Sports Development Foundation led by their general manager Rod Osborne, event manager Steve Nelson and development manager Josh Lyle. The regatta secretary was Rob Blair, Herb Ellerbock ran the computer systems, Roger Wilson undertook the commentary and the course was prepared by Bob Morell.

Jury: Robin Murphy (referee), Rob Allen, Ian Barry, Noel Clark, Garry Cook, Bernie Crimmin, Catherine Currie, Rod Florence, James Gobbo, Danielle Jenkins, Kelly Jenkins, Scott Johns, Emma Kelson, Rob Kemp, Rene Klupacs, Ralph Murphy, Ian Murray, John Nichols, David O'Grady, Ron Podbury, Dot Rycroft and Jim Spithill.

Open Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Open Division 1

Final A

1st        Canterbury GSC - Zara Love, Cch: Simon Crunden

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 1

Final A

1st        Sacred Heart - Bow: Sally Elliot, 2: Bianca Velluci, 3: Natalie Wright, Str: Johanna Panozzo, Cox: Louise Landers, Cch: Stuart Wilson

2nd        MLC - Bow: Bree Harris, 2: Caitlin Adams, 3: Lisa Terry, Str: Sarah Conlon, Cox: Lizzie Patrick, Cch: Paul Francis

3rd        Firbank Grammar - Bow: Lucy McNicol, 2: Claire Szatsnajder, 3: Alice Mentiplay, Str: Sarah Forbes, Cox: Chloe Loftes, Cch: Brenton Terrell

4th        Ruyton - Bow: Jane Marsden, 2: Laura Munckton, 3: Bonnie Coxon, Str: Briony Davenport, Cox: Emma Peyton, Cch: Mark Dusting

Coxed Four Open Division 1

Final A

1st        Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Anne Roberts, 2: Kate Kearney, 3: Alice King, Str: Jayne Guy, Cox: Harriet McKnght, Cch: Sam Hutchinson

2nd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Amy Lawford, 2: Diana Cooper, 3: Sarah Richardson, Str: Charlotte Ogilv, Cox: Annabel Burge, Cch: Timothy Fogarty, Ben Stewart

3rd        Ballarat Clarendon - Bow: Laura Fowler, 2: Sarah Heard, 3: Nicole Payne, Str: Mia Duncan, Cox: Lauren Chapman, Cch: Bruce Sarah

4th        Loreto MH - Bow: Jacqueline Funder, 2: Melanie Pingersma, 3: Edwina Scanlon, Str: Alecia Mustey, Cox: Celina Vines, Cch: Angus Higgins

Eight Open Division 1

Final A

1st        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Kate Farrell, 2: Sarah Luckock, 3: Tori Batters, 4: Eliza Heathcote, 5: Sophie Slopper, 6: Andy Burke, 7: Ariella Webb, Str: Chloe Delany, Cox: Anna Landy, Cch: Geoff Hunter

2nd        Caulfield Grammar - Bow: Jeanette Lambert, 2: Ashley Cornish, 3: Shannon Breen, 4: Anna Varney, 5: Jackie Deeble, 6: Jody Milne, 7: Allira Ritchie, Str: Mia Van Rompaey, Cox: Monique Small, Cch: Cam Hall

3rd        Geelong College - Bow: Phillipa Wayers, 2: Jessica Crossley, 3: Kara Bell, 4: Brydie Meek, 5: Charlotte O’Loughlin, 6: Lucy Simms, 7: Phoebe Cole, Str: Lucy Forbes, Cox: Tamara Wooley, Cch: Rob Gardner 

4th        Carey Grammar - Bow: Cassey Vannatter, 2: Kate Carroll, 3: Brooke Galloway, 4: Marianne Pitard, 5: Emma Wardrop, 6: Jennifer Marshall, 7: Sanchia Rodrigues, Str: Kate Fitzpatrick, Cox: Jordie Whitehead, Cch: Pam Westendorf

Single Scull Open Division 2A

Final A

1st        Geelong HS - Melissa Russell, Cch: Vicki Fisher

Single Scull Open Division 2B

Final A

1st        Princess Hill - Sophia Englezos, Cch: Mark Dwyer

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 2

Final A

1st        Loreto MH - Bow: Elizabeth Ames, 2: Jacqui Low, 3: Ellie Patterson, Str: Felicity Whelan, Cox: Jessica Pies, Cch: John Downie

2nd        Ruyton - Bow: Kate Simon, 2: Michelle Hillman, 3: Emily Ramsey, Str: Sarah Bamford, Cox: Melissa Finlayson, Cch: Daniel Meehan

3rd        Sacred Heart - Bow: Ellen Fennelly, 2: Bridget Kelly, 3: Georgina O’Laughlin, Str: Fiona Kelly, Cox: Aleisha Klupacs, Cch: Tony Rowan

4th        Fintona - Bow: Philippa Daives, 2: Rebecca Apostolopoulos, 3: Victoria Woolley, Str: Joanne Spain, Cox: Nectaria Cavalieros, Cch: Guy Vicars

Coxed Four Open Division 2

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Louise Kavals, 2: Monica George, 3: Dianna Dickinson, Str: Camilla Deague, Cox: Morgan Cloke, Cch: Annabelle Eaton

2nd        Firbank Grammar - Bow: Sarah-Jane Blunt, 2: Aletia Daniels, 3: Helen Arblaster, Str: Gemma Corke, Cox: Natalie Blunt, Cch: Susie Palfreyman

3rd        MLC - Bow: Claire Merrifield, 2: Georgia Skinner, 3: Hayley Forrest, Str: Jennifer Loton, Cox: Lydia Fisher, Cch: Bec Lawton

4th        MacRobertson Girls HS - Bow: Tess Macrea, 2: Emma Franks, 3: Georgia Fowler, Str: Belinda Morris, Cox: Emma Kefford, Cch: Tom Seymour

Eight Open Division 2

Final A

1st        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Alexandra McCallum, 2: Jane Watson, 3: Emily McMullin, 4: Aimee Leech, 5: Emily Blanch, 6: Sarah Lazar, 7: Julia Danne, Str: Harriet Morgan, Cox: Sophie Grainge, Cch: Kevin O’Brien, Dan Fahy

2nd        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Fiona Hawker, 2: Aimee Wilde, 3: Liz Baker, 4: Fran Squires, 5: Sarah Peek, 6: Rose Baulch, 7: Jeanne North, Str: Sarah Vickery, Cox: Sarah Cahill, Cch: Kim Klopper

3rd        Caulfield Grammar - Bow: Natasha Van der Kraan, 2: Brooke Dewar, 3: Amy Boston, 4: Tash Chernov, 5: Jess Cheeseman, 6: Nicole Hanger, 7: Laura Wiezenfeld, Str: Georgie Hill, Cox: Sophie Andrew

4th        Geelong College - Bow: Claudia Muhor, 2: Natalie Pye, 3: Johanna McCartney, 4: Jennifer Reeve, 5: Kate Anderson, 6: Lisa Gray, 7: Veronica Milsom, Str: Alicia Wooley, Cox: Megan Gingell, Cch: Sean Drew

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 3

Final A

1st        MLC - Bow: Heather Saunders, 2: Amy Cross, 3: Julia McLaren, Str: Caroline Brown, Cox: Penny Spicer, Cch: Hannah Every

2nd        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Annie Harrison, 2: Olivia Blair, 3: Nikki Craig, Str: Mary Wynn, Cox: Sheila Smith, Cch: David Douglas

3rd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Alex Skinner, 2: Jess Pettigrew, 3: Kiera McNeice, Str: Verity Benson, Cox: Rosie O’Brien, Cch: James Gertsman

4th        Genazzano - Bow: Jessica Wraith, 2: Gemma Downey, 3: Sara Nairn, Str: Anna Sweeney, Cox: Clair Lefebvre, Cch: Adrian Lawrence

Coxed Four Open Division 3

Final A

1st        Ballarat High - Bow: Lucy Martin, 2: Tegan Willey, 3: Sarah Daley, Str: Prue Martin, Cox: Amy Anders, Cch: Chloe Martin, Ian Martin

2nd        MLC - Bow: Alison Miller, 2: Kate Delany, 3: Sarah Carnegie, Str: Sarah Mackie, Cox: Jess Bartlett, Cch: Troy Kooloos

3rd        Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Simone Heirich, 2: Sarah Curwen-Walker, 3: Sophie Guthrie, Str: Laura Van der Broek, Cox: Kristy Greene, Cch: Anna Gray

4th        Loreto MH - Bow: Sara Clark, 2: Louise Pearce, 3: Claire O’Dowd, Str: Sophie Price, Cox: Alexandra Suffren, Cch: Sarah Chibnall

Coxed Quad Scull Open Division 4

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Susie Middleton, 2: Krissie Singline, 3: Sarah Street, Str: Jessica Wade, Cox: Clem Watson, Cch: Cals Frost

2nd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Maddy Simpson, 2: Sarah Rodd, 3: Polly Viska, Str: Katherine Reinbach, Cox: Lucy Ferguson, Cch: Jason Nevins

3rd        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Georgina Margetts, 2: Allana Prince, 3: Edwina Dane, Str: Sarah Cullen, Cox: Stephanie Best, Cch: Steven Craig

4th        MLC - Bow: Tenille Hennam, 2: Bec Maddock, 3: Alex Lewis, Str: Laura Dorgan, Cox: Brodie Flint, Cch: Deanna Horman

Coxed Four Open Division 4

Final A

1st        Melbourne GC - Bow: Tarryn Gillies, 2: Georgina Elrington, 3: Kalina Barboutov, Str: Sam Maloney, Cox: Laura Brown, Cch: Simon Harrison

2nd        Hamilton - Bow: Liddy Plowright, 2: Simone Hutson, 3: Madie Phillip, Str: Fiona Frawley, Cox: Sarah Sutherland, Cch: Andrew Sutherland

3rd        Matthew Flinders - Bow: Rebekah Dunbabin, 2: Christine Harrison, 3: Nicole Richardson, Str: Jessica Kaires, Cox: Carle Wall, Cch: Andrew Dunbabin

4th        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Kate Summons, 2: Eliza Holyman, 3: Sally Folleta, Str: Nirvana Denton, Cox: Tess Morris, Cch: Nadine Kapitaniak 

Coxed Four Open Division 5

Final A

1st        Melbourne GC - Bow: Ophelia Tevelein, 2: Kate Hatzopoulos, 3: Kate Lawrey, Str: Natasha Karos, Cox: Sarah Brown, Cch: Jan Honnens,

2nd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Cynthia Lucas, 2: Felicity Paterson, 3: Victoria Murphy, Str: Felicity Young, Cox: Nellie McGowan, Cch: Sophie Viska

3rd        Dimboola - Bow: Melissa Miller, 2: Nyree Hutchins, 3: Alison Colyer, Str: Eva Pitt, Cox: Renee Newton, Cch: John Nichols

4th        Hamilton - Bow: Catherine Dyer, 2: Emily Smith, 3: Hannah Kitchen, Str: Rebecca Forrest, Cox: Jessica Boden, Cch: Christopher Lefler

Coxed Four Open Division 6

Final A

1st        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Alice Coates, 2: Krystalla Pearce, 3: Camilla Clemente, Str: Retta Berryman, Cox: Margarita Varigod, Cch: Andrew O’Brien

2nd        MLC - Bow: Alice Hobday, 2: Sarah Nash, 3: Mim Robertson, Str: Eliza Swinburne, Cox: Emma Burns, Cch: Holly Ames

3rd        MLC - Bow: Alice Brown, 2: Bec Grant, 3: Claire Dagley, Str: Katie Tatoulis, Cox: Annabelle Johnston, Cch: Emma Fitzclarence

4th        MLC - Bow: Alex Barclay, 2: Liz Day, 3: Sarah Dixon, Str: Louisa Martin, Cox: Kate Herbert, Cch: Negar Athari

Year 10 Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Year 10 Division 1

Final A

1st        Brauer - Kirsty Bertrand, Cch: Val Bertrand

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 1

Final A

1st        Sacred Heart - Bow: Lauren McGowan, 2: Racheal Mrhar, 3: Heidi Wilson, Str: Ashleigh Kuit, Cox: Shannon Landers, Cch: Leisa Wilson

2nd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Fiona Richardson, 2: Susie Widmer, 3: Leila Anderson, Str: Nikki Smith, Cox: Jess Baxter, Cch: Dan Grogan

3rd        MLC - Bow: Alice Patrick, 2: Matie Minogue, 3: Bec Wright, Str: Ginny Atkins, Cox: Sarah Gelbart, Cch: Brent McDonald

4th        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Maria Katsouranis, 2: Virginia Nettle, 3: Andrea Cannon, Str: Kenna Soso, Cox: Jessica Davies, Cch: Chris Gillon, Brooke Penning

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 1

Final A

1st        Geelong College - Bow: Jessica Collins, 2: Abby George, 3: Hayley Johnston, Str: Phoebe Stanley, Cox: Alex Pye, Cch: Ken Smith

2nd        MLC - Bow: Catherine Head, 2: Caroline Kronborg, 3: Katrina Blaubaurn, Str: Georgie Harbeck, Cox: Martine Holberton, Cch: Tim Widmer

3rd        Ballarat Clarendon - Bow: Daniella Hicks, 2: Katherine Thewlis, 3: Tori Perrin, Str: Prue Dimond, Cox: Kate Davies, Cch: Elizabeth Leorke

4th        Lauriston - Bow: Sarah Campbell, 2: Katie Fox, 3: Julia Brennan, Str: Caroline Barnett, Cox: Sophie Lewis, Cch: Sophie Morrison

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 2

Final A

1st        MLC - Bow: Rachel Erm, 2: Emy Huntsman, 3: Frances Smyth, Str: Aurora Ottaway, Cox: Julia Kilpatrick, Cch: Mary O’Connor

2nd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Edwina Barrington, 2: Jen Mathies, 3: Marina Carroll, Str: Daisy McHarg, Cox: Penrose Burge, Cch: Loretta Bourke

3rd        Sacred Heart - Bow: Elizabeth Jens, 2: Cassandra McDonald, 3: Brigit Womeresley, Str: Claire Strickland, Cox: Melanie Saric, Cch: Leisa Wilson

4th        Genazzano - Bow: Georgia Cleeve, 2: Georgie Belfield, 3: Susie McKenzie, Str: Meg Daniher, Cox: Alison Speck, Cch: Martin Francis

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 2

Final A

1st        Geelong College - Bow: Elizabeth Fagg, 2: Annabelle Crawford, 3: Cara Jilich, Str: Angela Paton, Cox: Sophie Betts, Cch: Ken Smith 

2nd        MLC - Bow: Verity Woinarski, 2: Rachel Howsman, 3: Henni Arup, Str: Natasha Reid, Cox: Lucy Goldwater, Cch: Mike Raisbeck

3rd        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Sam Wilson, 2: Anna Collins, 3: Sarah Crowley, Str: Emma Dunn, Cox: Ali Knight, Cch: Jo Bliss

4th        Toorak College - Bow: Claire Hopkins, 2: Melissa Stephens, 3: Lucy Dicks, Str: Natalie Thomas, Cox: Lucy Bowtell, Cch: Natalie Lyle

Coxed Quad Scull Year 10 Division 3

Final A

1st        Loreto MH - Bow: Kate Argentino, 2: Samantha Mustey, 3: Clare Arbon, Str: Kristyn Campbell, Cox: Andrea Pahor, Cch: Ken Loveday

2nd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Lily Shelton, 2: Meg Berryman, 3: Esther Edqvist, Str: Georgie Swan, Cox: Maija McCoy, Cch: Kate Olsen 

3rd        MLC - Bow: Millie Inman, 2: Tej Mettho, 3: Erin Pratt, Str: Emma Hounsell, Cox: Natasha Christov, Cch: Fiona Milne

4th        Sacred Heart - Bow: Lauren Sharp, 2: Kelly Guthridge, 3: Elizabeth Elliot, Str: Brook Manders, Cox: Tamie Robertson, Cch: Leisa Wilson

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 3

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Hannah Torii, 2: Annabelle O’Brien, 3: Rebecca Dredge, Str: Stephanie Spring, Cox: Fiona Duthie, Cch: Julia Luthbert

2nd        Korowa - Bow: Louise Quince, 2: Leisl Woods, 3: Alison Downes, Str: Helen Tawton, Cox: Sarah Cox, Cch: Sarah Techritz

3rd        Toorak College - Bow: Kate Alexander, 2: Hannah Bowen, 3: Jess Robbins, Str: Jacqui Young, Cox: Danielle Emerson, Cch: Gary Tsundo

4th        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Althea Hartley, 2: Alexis Derham, 3: Georgie Nelson, Str: Julia Davies, Cox: Leah McKenzie, Cch: Katie Gladman

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 4

Final A

1st        MLC - Bow: Jemima Hogg, 2: Laura Consalvo, 3: Jess Smith, Str: Beth King, Cox: Belina Hii, Cch: Kathy McBride

2nd        Loreto MH - Bow: Amy Pollard, 2: Laura Wagg, 3: Lilian Richards, Str: Hannah O’Shaughnessy, Cox: Sophie Ball, Cch: Emily Petricola

3rd        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Claire Kilpatrick, 2: Verity Male, 3: Sheridn Harley, Str: Eleanor Pascall, Cox: Kim Dang, Cch: Alastair Wilson

4th        Geelong Grammar - Bow: Millie Gates, 2: Merryn Clancy, 3: Hayley Doyle, Str: Lucy Speirs, Cox: Eve Johnson, Cch: Cameron Dow

Coxed Four Year 10 Division 5

Final A

1st        MLC - Bow: Amy O’Brien, 2: Jessica Mitchell-Bryant, 3: Renee Clark, Str: Sophie Parsons, Cox: Laura Borelli, Cch: Melissa Walton

2nd        Genazzano - Bow: Nicole Gurguis, 2: Camille Cranenburgh, 3: Zoe Nikakis, Str: Erir Burgess, Cox: Sally James, Cch: Elizabeth Barlow

3rd        Loreto MH - Bow: Gabrielle Berends, 2: Dominique Spanos, 3: Sophie Groom, Str: Jessica Gamble, Cox: Georgina Flood, Cch: David Owen

4th        Loreto MH - Bow: Kate Rawling, 2: Jess Foley, 3: Claire Gibbs, Str: Jane Tehan, Cox: Vanessa Leoncelli, Cch: Jaye Lau

Year 9 Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Single Scull Year 9 Division 1

Final A

1st        Melbourne GC - Katie Franks, Cch: Barry Gardner

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 1

Final A

1st        MLC - Bow: Maggie Marsh, 2: Tess Elliot, 3: Eloise Booth, Str: Lisa Wollerman, Cox: Sarah Gundlach, Cch: Holly Ames

2nd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Georgie Seckull, 2: Catherine Hutton, 3: Georgia Beattie, Str: Victoria Prowse, Cox: Cynthia Sear, Cch: Nick Brooks

3rd        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Georgina Tandy, 2: Alexandra Dane, 3: Kate Hilbert, Str: Amelia McColl, Cox: Ziba Ghadamian, Cch: Jessica Hyams, Julian Voller

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 1

Final A

1st        Clonard - Bow: Elise Gercke, 2: Kate Skinner, 3: Nyssa Lonsdale, Str: Jenny Humeniuk, Cox: Hayley Clark, Cch: John Rayson

2nd        Geelong College - Bow: Chloe Noble, 2: Natasha Cluley-Bolsin, 3: Serena Peardon, Str: Chloe Henderson, Cox: Jacky Doran, Cch: Sue Campbell

3rd        Melbourne GC - Bow: Meg Wood, 2: Alla Ladd, 3: Jessica Davidson, Str: Kelly West, Cox: Ayla O’Brien, Cch: Larissa Prior

4th        Carey Grammar - Bow: Robyn Peters, 2: Stef Spiller, 3: Megan Graham, Str: Rachelle Pitard, Cox: Olivia Stewart-Holmes, Cch: Rebecca Michael, Kim Smiley

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 2

Final A

1st        MLC - Bow: Ingrid Stead, 2: Amy Dixon, 3: Elana Harari, Str: Caroline Arden, Cox: Lucy Jacobs, Cch: Molly Bobeff, Alice Dore

2nd        Ruyton - Bow: Sarah Bennett, 2: Clare Bull, 3: Helen Silver, Str: Emma Weekly, Cox: Hannah Cropley, Cch: Sarah Coxon

3rd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Stephanie Kelahar, 2: Annabelle West, 3: Anna Segal, Str: Sophie Rodd, Cox: Anna Daish, Cch: Prue Lording

4th        Sacred Heart - Bow: Jacqueline Baranski, 2: Rachel Fry, 3: Amelia Taylor, Str: Casey Hardiman, Cox: Amy Guy, Cch: Alan Fry

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 2

Final A

1st        MLC - Bow: Jess Medland, 2: Alia Slamet, 3: Sarah Piper, Str: Jaide Crosbie, Cox: Sophia Tsiligiannis, Cch: Lauren Harry

2nd        Geelong College - Bow: Hannah Cooke, 2: Philippa Herd, 3: Sarah Schofield, Str: Jacqueline Fagg, Cox: Kate Goldsworthy, Cch: Megan Voice

3rd        Firbank Grammar - Bow: Scarlett Blewhett, 2: Polly McNicol, 3: Emma Johnson, Str: Susie Dawes, Cox: Sophie Timms, Cch: Lucy Pring

4th        Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Laura Taylor, 2: Kate Coughlan, 3: Prue McLaughlan, Str: Claire Wills, Cox: Whitney, Cch: Bill Gribble

Coxed Quad Scull Year 9 Division 3

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Anna Glynn, 2: Inge Jabara, 3: Claire Hatherley, Str: Georgie Roberts, Cox: Annette Adams, Cch: Louisa Blanche

2nd        MLC - Bow: Emma Zalcman, 2: Louisa Whitehead, 3: Glen White, Str: Isabelle Sinclair, Cox: Eliza Skinner, Cch: Jane Terry

3rd        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Margaret Moon, 2: Alice Wells, 3: Kim Clayton-Greene, Str: Sophie Byrne, Cox: Samantha Margets, Cch: Hardy Cubasch

4th        Ruyton - Bow: Persephone Wales, 2: Phillipa Allan, 3: Emily McKendry, Str: Harriet Munckton, Cox: Nicola Rodger, Cch: Gina Booth

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 3

Final A

1st        MLC - Bow: Elise Fredrick, 2: Penny Henderson, 3: Alicia Carter, Str: Georgie Langmead, Cox: Lauren Cockrell, Cch: Meg Hutchins 

2nd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Bridie Doyle, 2: Katherine Shiels, 3: Annabelle Wilson, Str: Phoebe Hammon, Cox: Stephanie Poole, Cch: Tanya Johnston

3rd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Julia Lang, 2: Isabella Curtis, 3: Charlotte Leech, Str: Samantha Healy, Cox: Steph Rusden, Cch: Sarah Brown, Annabelle Peters

4th        Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Lauren Pitson, 2: Penny Boadie, 3: Karina Duncan, Str: Rachel Pitson, Cox: Sarah Pickavance, Cch: Pat Gabb, Bob Bateman

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 4A

Final A

1st        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Rebecca Hudson, 2: Claire Miller, 3: Emily Bennet, Str: Jessie Smith, Cox: Alexandra Smibert, Cch: Richard Nesseler

2nd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Edwina Born, 2: Melissa Wade, 3: Belinda Simmons, Str: Mary Stewart, Cox: Unknown, Cch: Jessica Tallant, Amy Bourke

3rd        Firbank Grammar - Bow: Sarah Bartholomeusz, 2: Georgina Trivett, 3: Kate O’Halloran, Str: Lauren Dutch, Cox: Emma Hill, Cch: Kate Schafer

4th        Loreto MH - Bow: Claudine Wright, 2: Lucie Chalmers, 3: Emily Freezer, Str: Isobelle Jones, Cox: Emily Varenti, Cch: Nerita Benetti

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 4B

Final A

1st        St Catherine’s - Bow: Amy Ross-Edwards, 2: Gena Summons, 3: Georgia Morgan, Str: Caroline Kelly, Cox: Jasna Dixon, Cch: Eliza Bartlett

2nd        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Claudia Cameron, 2: Stephanie Daly, 3: Lisa Callaghan, Str: Sofija Lane, Cox: Amanda Crofts, Cch: Richard Ross

3rd        MLC - Bow: Kate Bailey, 2: Steph Csefalvay, 3: Alex Wheelan, Str: Alison Crowe, Cox: Anusha Galbally, Cch: Lucy Adams

4th        Loreto MH - Bow: Emma Simpson, 2: Romy Low, 3: Karen Merwart, Str: Emma Kingsbury, Cox: Meghan Sweeney, Cch: Melissa Clarke

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 5A

Final A

1st        Ruyton - Bow: Sophie Hindle, 2: Natasha Anderson, 3: Felicity Connon, Str: Elizabeth Davenport, Cox: Tessa Piccolo, Cch: Milly Terracall

2nd        Loreto MH - Bow: Rebecca Green, 2: Georgina Balmer, 3: Lucy Freer, Str: Emma Mulkearns, Cox: Rafaella Baker, Cch: Vivienne Ringersma

3rd        Firbank Grammar - Bow: Liana Krassas, 2: Lauren Hartigar, 3: Alison McAtamney, Str: Julia Bell, Cox: Simone Adams, Cch: Kristy Strain

4th        Loreto MH - Bow: Bridger Allanadale, 2: Anthea Kypreos, 3: Samantha Barrett, Str: Sarah Mann, Cox: Celia Doyle, Cch: James David

Coxed Four Year 9 Division 5B

Final A

1st        MLC - Bow: Renee Canzoneri, 2: Briony McKenzie, 3: Cassandra Webb, Str: Isabelle Murphy, Cox: Julia Karge, Cch: Negar Athari, Jaye Stirling 

2nd        Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Emma Cohen, 2: Annabelle Reid, 3: Kate Marron, Str: Muala Bethall, Cox: Pamela Dyson, Cch: James Marburg

3rd        St Catherine’s - Bow: Victoria Hargreaves, 2: Alex Foxcroft, 3: Cara Foley, Str: Alex Hoffman, Cox: Loretta Miu, Cch: Megan Shiels, Emma Ronald

4th        Geelong College - Bow: Rebecca Ewer, 2: Rebecca Kerr, 3: Haeley Brown, Str: Eliza Rose, Cox: Katie Grieg, Cch: Sally Watt


2001 regatta programme

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