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history of head of school girls rowing regatta victoria

Year 10 Scull Division 1 summary


1993Toorak CollegeNo time
1994Toorak College - Cassie McConnell, Cch: Tegan KerleyNo time
1995Genazzano - Kirsten McArdle, Cch: Darren BalmforthNo time
1996Toorak College - Sarah Lloyd, Cch: Dougall EthellNo time
1997Genazzano - Kate Mulqueen, Cch: John DownieNo time
1998Geelong HighNo time
1999Geelong High - Rebecca Chisholm, Cch: Jeff WattNo time
2000Canterbury GSC - Zara Love, Cch: John LathamNo time
2001Brauer - Kirsty Bertrand, Cch: Val BertrandNo time
2002Melbourne GC - Katie Franks, Cch: Barry GardnerNo time
2003Results missing
2004Results missing
2005Geelong HS - Laura Smith, Cch: Vicki Fisher4:15.79
2006Melbourne GC - Hannah Brown, Cch: Geoff Lowe, Kevin Bourke4:52.32
2007Melbourne Girls College - Ruby Kennedy-Mayne, Cch: Geoff LoweNo time
2008St Columbas College - Brittany Jones, Cch: Geoff Lowe4:34.53
2009Corowa High School - Chloe Williams, Cch: Robert EyersNo time
2010Melbourne GC - Selma Richter, Cch: David Carr-Smith4:53.24
2011Kardinia Int’l College - Georgia Delaney4:07.96
2012Ruyton GS - Marion Peters, Cch: James Peters4:33.74
2013Maribyrnong College - Sabrina Pilla, Cch: Barry Gardner4:15.18
2014Corowa High School - Megan Vogel, Cch: Wesley Canny3:58.50
2015South Oakleigh SC - Irene Makantasis, Cch: David Ochert4:32.88
2016Maribyrnong SC - Charlotte Morris, Cch: David Ochert4:17.39
2017Maribyrnong - Louisa Bongrain, Cch: Lachlan Beckett6:28.10
2019Christian College - Luka Currell, Cch: Leigh Hall-Sullivan4:12.63
2021Emmanuel College - Emily O'Toole4:19.69

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