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history of head of school girls rowing regatta victoria

Senior Scull Division 2A summary


1992Strathcona - Sarah Gaidzkar, Cch: Sarah HallowsNo time
1993Mathew Flinders - Yvonne Van Der Ploeg, Cch: Lex QuinnNo time
1994St Catherine’s - Meredith Williams, Cch: Alex CuthbertsonNo time
1995Toorak College - Cassie McConnell, Cch: Jack BennettNo time
1996Toorak College - Cassie McConnell, Cch: Jack BennettNo time
1997Kilvington Baptist - Yvette Gray, Cch: Lucy FyfieldNo time
1998St Columba’s - Anna Kelly, Cch: Mark DwyerNo time
1999Star of the Sea - Annie Howard, Cch: Simon CrundenNo time
2000Brauer College - Rebecca Watts, Cch: Val BertrandNo time
2001Geelong HS - Melissa Russell, Cch: Vicki FisherNo time
2002Parkdale - Laura Schouten, Cch: Simon CrundenNo time
2005MLC - Sonia Interandi, Cch: Katie Minogue4:17.29
2006Sacred Heart - Nina Guerra, Cch: Carolyn West, Leisa Wilson4:37.92
2007Genazzano FCJ College - Molly Lynch, Cch: Matt WilsonNo time
2008Melbourne GC - Rachel Paule, Cch: Geoff Lowe4:55.02
2009Emmanuel College - Bernadette Meade, Cch: Tom Bertrand, Kirsty WrightNo time
2010Aitken College - Brynley Cooper, Cch: Kevin Bourke4:49.87
2011Firbank GS - Miriam Rembold, Cch: Nicole Vanderzee4:59.06
2012St Columba’s College - Sophie Wathen, Cch: Barry Gardner, Glenn Bottrell4:39.59
2013Ruyton GS - Charlotte Wirtz, Cch: Harry Allen4:16.85
2014Melbourne GC - Hayley Carstensen, Cch: David Ochert4:08.62
2015Firbank GS - Jamie Worboys, Cch: Samantha Stephens6:34.56
2016Loreto - Toorak - Grace Johnson, Cch: Sophie Russell7:00.43
2017Carey Grammar - Georgie Bolam, Cch: Brad Kerr6:50.64

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