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history of corowa rowing club

Photos of the 2006 Trans Tasman Youth Cup

2006-M1xDiv1 medallists
2006-M1xDiv2 medallists
2006-M2Div1 final1
2006-M2Div1 final2
2006-M2Div1 medallists
2006-M2Div2 final1
2006-M2Div2 final2
2006-M2Div2 medallists
2006-M4 medallists
2006-ML1x Medallists
2006-M4x Medallists
2006-M8 medallists
2006-ML2x Medallists
2006-Mixed 2x 4x Medallists
2006-Mixed 2x Medallists
2006-W1x Div1 medallists
2006-W1xDiv2 final0
2006-W1xDiv2 final1
2006-W1xDiv2 final2
2006-W1xDiv2 medallists
2006-W4x Medallists
2006-W2Div1 medallists
2006-W2Div2 medallists
2006-W4 medallists
2006-W8 medallists
2006-WL1x Medallists
2006-WL2x Medallists

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