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2005 Youth Cup– West Lakes SA

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The following report of the regatta appeared on the Rowing Australia web site:

The winner of the Rusty Robertson Youth Cup for the most points at the 2005 Australian Youth Cup was decided during the last race of the regatta with the New Zealand North Island charging home to take Gold in the Women's Eight and in doing so securing enough points to claim the overall regatta. Tasmania was the best of the Australian teams taking third place behind New Zealand South Island and in front of Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.

The regatta, which was held at West Lakes in Adelaide, started in near perfect conditions on Friday 2 September. Racing in the small boat finals saw all teams sharing the medals, while a consistent overall performance put New Zealand South Island in a commanding lead in the overall points standing at the end of Day 1.

The excitement of the second day came in the Men's Coxless Four. Although Western Australia won convincingly, a fast finishing South Australian crew charged down the New Zealand North Island crew only to dead heat for the silver medal.

The final day started with Tasmania holding a narrow lead in the overall points score with five teams in contention for the Rusty Robertson Youth Cup, however, they struggled in both eights making it a tough ask to take out overall points. New Zealand South Island's Bronze medal in the Men's Eight, behind Western Australia and New South Wales, put them in the lead going into the final race, with three other teams within three points of the leader. New Zealand South Island's fourth place finish behind New Zealand North Island, Victoria and Queensland in the Women's Eight wasn't enough and allowed New Zealand North to claim the gold medal and the Rusty Robertson Youth Cup.

The regatta highlighted the strength of junior rowing in both Australia and New Zealand. With every team winning multiple medals, including six separate medallists in the two eight's races and the close battle for the Rusty Robertson Youth Cup, the standard of competition continues to improve each year. Congratulations to Barbara Fenner and all of the staff at the South Australian Rowing Association for hosting another successful

The final points score for the Rusty Robertson Trophy was as follows:

1st New Zealand North Island 94.5
2nd New Zealand South Island 92
3rd Tasmania 91
4th Victoria 89
5th New South Wales 85
6th Queensland 84
7th Western Australia 78
8th South Australia 56.5
9th ACT 50


Men's Scull–Division 1

E1: 1st NSW (Chambers), 2nd VIC (Mitchell), 3rd TAS (Baker), 4th QLD (Price), 5th NZ-N (Murtagh)
E2: 1st NZ-S (Sullivan), 2nd WA (Grant), 3rd ACT (Graham), 4th SA (Jackson)
Final A: 1st VIC (Mitchell), 2nd NSW (Chambers), 3rd NZ-S (Sullivan), 4th WA (Grant)
Final B: 1st TAS (Baker), 2nd SA (Jackson), 3rd QLD (Price), 4th NZ-N (Murtagh), 5th ACT (Graham)

Men's Scull–Division 2

E1: 1st QLD (Price), 2nd SA (Drought), 3rd NSW (Foran), 4th WA (Edwards), 5th VIC (Pascoe)
E2: 1st NZ SOUTH (Howard), 2nd TAS (Harris), 3rd NZ NORTH (Smits), 4th ACT (Wolfhagen)
Final A: 1st NZ SOUTH (Howard), 2nd SA (Drought), 3rd TAS (Harris), 4th QLD (Price)
Final B: 1st NZ NORTH (Smits), 2nd WA (Edwards), 3rd NSW (Foran), 4th VIC (Pascoe), 5th ACT (Wolfhagen)

Men's Quad

E1: 1st NSW, 2nd QLD, 3rd NZ NORTH, 4th SA, 5th ACT
E2: 1st TAS, 2nd VIC, 3rd NZ SOUTH, 4th WA
Final: 1st TAS (Tunovitsch, Baker, Williams, Brier), 2nd QLD (Gethin-Jones, McDonnell, Price, Price), 3rd VIC (Nickson, Bertrand, Pascoe, Mitchell), 4th NSW (Freeman, Townsend, Foran, Chambers)
Final B: 1st NZ NORTH (Oblerlin-Brown, Smits, Mutargh, Troupe-Paul), 2nd ACT (Wolfhagen, Graham, Curtois, Chenoworth), 3rd WA (Watson, Edwards, Franks, Grant), 4th NZ SOUTH (Storey, Howard, Sullivan, Garden), 5th SA (Swift, Jackson, Drought, Gora)

Men's Pair–Division 1

E1: 1st WA, 2nd SA, 3rd TAS, 4th NSW, 5th QLD
E2: 1st NZ SOUTH, 2nd VIC, 3rd ACT, 4th NZ NORTH
Final: 1st WA (Seroka, Williams), SA (Schar, Coudraye), 3rd NZ SOUTH ( Brook, Twigg), 4th VIC (McKenzie, Swann)
Final B: 1st TAS (McMaster, Williams), 2nd NSW (Allsop, Boyce), 3rd NZ NORTH (Scott, O'Halloran), 4th QLD (Thompson, Dancer), 5th ACT ( Watkins, Curtois)

Men's Pair–Division 2

E1: 1st NZ NORTH, 2nd NSW, 3rd TAS, 4th SA, 5th ACT
E2: 1st NZ SOUTH, 2nd QLD, 3rd VIC, 4th WA
Final: 1st NZ NORTH (Corkill, Lissington), 2nd NZ SOUTH (Tait, Bowles), 3rd QLD (Croagh, Greenland), 4th NSW ( Hammond, Alfred)
Final B: 1st WA (Ellis, Olsen), 2nd TAS (Matthews, Rafferty), 3rd VIC (Scharp, Abramowski), 4th SA (Hodkinson, Shelton), 5th ACT ( Pagan, Colquhoun)

Men's Four

E1: 1st WA, 2nd NZ NORTH, 3rd NSW, 4th NZ SOUTH, 5th ACT
E2: 1st SA, 2nd QLD, 3rd TAS, 4th VIC
Final: 1st WA (Seroka, Olsen, Ellis, Williams), 2nd SA (Hodkinson, Shelton, Coudraye, Schar), 3rd NZ NORTH (Corkill, Lissington, Scott, O'Halloran), 4th QLD (Croagh, Thompson, Dancer, Greenland)
Final B: 1st NSW (Hammond, Boyce, Allsop, Alfred), 2nd TAS (Matthews, Harris, McMaster, Rafferty), 3rd NZ SOUTH (Bowles, Tait, Brook, Twigg), 4th VIC (Ambramowski, Scharp, McKenzie, Swann), 5th ACT (Pagan, Watkins, Colquhoun, Cain)

Men's Eight

E1: 1st WA, 2nd NZ NORTH, 3rd TAS, 4th VIC, 5th ACT
E2: 1st NSW, 2nd NZ SOUTH, 3rd QLD, 4th SA
Final: 1st WA (Watson, Franks, Grant, Edwards, Williams, Ellis, Olsen, Seroka, c:Warren), 2nd NSW (Townsend, Freeman, Hammond, Boyce, Foran, Chambers, Allsop, Alfred, c:Lister), 3rd NZ SOUTH (Storey, Sullivan, Howard, Bowles, Tail, Brook, Twigg, Garden, c:Heveldt), 4th NZ NORTH (Oblerlin-Brown, Troupe-Paul, Murtagh, Smits, Scott, Lissington, Corkill, O'Halloran, c:Taylor)
Final B: 1st TAS (Matthews, Rafferty, Baker, Harris, McMaster, Williams, Tunovitsch, Brier, c:Reece), 2nd QLD (McDonnell, Gethin-Jones, Thompson, Price, Price, Dancer, Greenland, Croagh, c:McGrath), 3rd SA (Swift, Drought, Jackson, Shelton, Hodkinson, Schar, Coudraye, Gora, c:Laub), 4th VIC (Nickson, Bertrand, Abramowski, Scharp, Pascoe, Swann, McKenzie, Mitchell, c:Caldwell), 5th ACT (Pagan, Watkins, Colquhoun, Wolfhagen, Curtois, Graham, Chenoweth, Cain, c:Burnett)

2005 Queensland Men's Eight

2005 Queensland Men's Eight

Men's Lightweight Single Scull

E1: 1st WA, 2nd NSW, 3rd SA
E2: 1st QLD, 2nd VIC, NZ NORTH ineligible
Final: 1st WA (Sokolov), 2nd QLD (Fortune), 3rd NSW (Buckland-Kerr), 4th VIC (Bickerstaff)
Final B: 1st SA (Thiele), NZ NORTH (Barbalich) ineligible

Men's Lightweight Double Scull

E1: 1st TAS, 2nd NSW, 3rd NZ North, 4th QLD, 5th SA
E2: 1st WA, 2nd VIC, 3rd NZ SOUTH, 4th ACT
Final A: 1st TAS (Tunovitsch, Brier), 2nd NSW (Freeman, Townsend), 3rd WA (Franks, Watson), 4th VIC (Nickson, Bertrand)
Final B: 1st NZ NORTH (Oblerlin-Brown, Troupe-Paul), 2nd SA (Swift, Gora), 3rd QLD (McDonnell, Gethin-Jones), 4th NZ SOUTH (Storey, Garden), 5th ACT (Chenoweth, Cain)

Women's Single Scull Division 1

E1: 1st VIC, 2nd QLD, 3rd ACT, 4th NZ NORTH, 5th SA
E2: 1st TAS, 2nd NSW, 3rd NZ SOUTH, 4th WA
Final: 1st TAS (Charlotte Walters), 2nd VIC (Georgia Nelson), 3rd NSW (Laura Robinson), 4th QLD (Martina Schmidt)
Final B: 1st NZ SOUTH (Rosslyn Knox), 2nd WA (Karolina Hayes), 3rd ACT (Brydie Foran), 4th NZ NORTH (Tracey Dobson), 5th SA (Alyssa Parsons)

Women's Single Scull - Division 2

E1: 1st SA, 2nd WA, 3rd ACT, 4th TAS, 5th QLD
E2: 1st NZ SOUTH, 2nd NZ NORTH, 3rd VIC, 4th NSW
Final: 1st NZ SOUTH (Rebecca Pierce), 2nd NZ NORTH (Kristy Graveson), 3rd SA (Maja Fiddler), 4th WA (Libby Alderman)
Final B: 1st ACT (Emma Cook), 2nd VIC (Carly McKay), 3rd TAS (Carly Cottam), 4th QLD (Kassandra Surmon), 5th NSW (Robyn Smith)

Women's Quad Scull

E1: 1st TAS, 2nd NZ SOUTH, 3rd QLD, 4th NSW, 5th SA
E2: 1st VIC, 2nd NZ NORTH, 3rd ACT, 4th WA
Final: 1st TAS (Cottam, Hibbs, Walters, Fenger), 2nd VIC (Wilson, Madigan, McKay, Nelson), 3rd NZ NORTH (Stanford, Alexander, Graveson, Dobson), 4th NZ SOUTH (Salis, Pope, Pierce, Knox)
Final B: 1st QLD (Quinn, Surmon, Schmidt, Fisher), 2nd NSW (Matthews, Robinson, Smith, Smith), 3rd SA (Hyde, Shean, Parsons, Fiddler), 4th ACT (Winkworth, Ledger, Foran, Cook), 5th WA (Jones, Nowland, Timms, McGill)

Women's Lightweight Single Scull

E1: 1st TAS, 2nd QLD, 3rd WA, NZ SOUTH ineligible
E2: 1st VIC, 2nd NSW, SA scratched, ACT ineligible
Final: 1st VIC (Alison McAtamney), 2nd TAS (Ella Flecker), 3rd NSW (Jacky Peile), 4th QLD (Claire Chapman)
Final B: 1st WA (Georgie Dicks), NZ SOUTH (Sara Hanning) & ACT (Katie Duncan) ineligible

Women's Lightweight Double Scull

E1: 1st TAS, 2nd VIC, 3rd NZ NORTH, 4th WA, 5th SA
E2: 1st NZ SOUTH, 2nd QLD, 3rd NSW, 4th ACT
Final: 1st TAS (Hibbs, Fenger), 2nd VIC (Wilson, Madigan), 3rd NZ SOUTH (Salis, Pope), 4th QLD (Quinn, Fisher)
Final B: 1st NZ NORTH (Stanford, Alexander), 2nd NSW (Smith, Matthews), 3rd WA (Jones, Nowland), 4th ACT (Winkworth, Ledger), 5th SA (Hyde, Shean)

Mixed Double Scull

E1: 1st WA, 2nd QLD, 3rd NSW, TAS ineligible
E2: 1st VIC, 2nd SA/ACT, NZ NORTH/SOUTH ineligible
Final: 1st QLD (Fortune, Chapman), 2nd WA (Sokolov, Dicks), 3rd VIC (Bickerstaff, McAtamney), 4th SA/ACT (Thiele, Duncan)
Final B: 1st TAS (Flecker, Faletic), 2nd NZ NORTH/SOUTH (Barbalich, Hanning), 3rd NSW (Buckland, Peile)

Mixed Quad Scull

Final: 1st SA/TAS/VIC/WA (Thiele(SA), Flecker(Tas), McAtamney(Vic), Sokolov(WA)), 2nd ACT/NZ/NSW/QLD (Duncan (ACT), Hanning (NZ), Buckland (NSW), Fortune (QLD)), 3rd NZ/QLD/VIC/WA (Barbalith (NZ), Chapman (QLD), Bickerstaff (Vic), Dicks (WA))


  Men Women
Bow Rob Pagen Michaela Ledger
2 Tom Watkins Clare Winkworth
3 Lochie Colquhoun Merryn Steer
4 Marcus Wolfhagen Christabelle Northam
5 Wayne Curtois Brydie Foran
6 Reese Graham Sarah Cook
7 Jack Chenoweth Tara Huntly
Str Jason Cain Emma Cook
Cox Hugh Burnett Tegan Burnett
Emerg   Katie Duncan
Coach Ian Morgan Taryn Langdon
New Zealand–North Island
  Men Women
Bow Graeme Oblerlin-Brown Cassie Stanford
2 Mark Troupe-Paul Sarah Alexander
3 Daniel Murtagh Tracey Dobson
4 Ronald Smits Alexandra Ritchie
5 Ben Scott Kristy Graveson
6 Scott Lissington Erin Tolhurst
7 Cameron Corkill Emma Hodges
Str Liam O'Halloran Gabrielle Rogers
Cox Mark Taylor Anna Barrett
Emerg Keiran Barbalich  
Coach David Rodger Norman Charlton
New Zealand–South Island
  Men Women
Bow John Storey Gianna Salis
2 Joseph Sullivan Ellen Pope
3 James Howard Rosslyn Knox
4 Ben Bowles Kelly Thomas
5 Reuben Tait Rachel Gallagher
6 Damien Brook Mary Lister
7 Jamie Twigg Tamsin Gilbert
Str Adam Garden Rebecca Pierce
Cox Sam Heveldt Megan Aujard (SA)
Emerg   Sara Hanning
Coach Dave Hill Sergio Salis
New South Wales
  Men Women
Bow William Townsend Alison Smith
2 Luke Freeman Natalie Matthews
3 Asher Hammond Laura Robinson
4 Edward Boyce Robyn Smith
5 Miles Foran Sarah Phillips
6 William Chambers Brynne Allen
7 Richard Allsop Yasmin L'Estrange
Str Terrence Alfred Laura Polin
Cox Toby Lister Alison Williams
Emerg Timothy Buckland-Kerr Jacky Peile
Coaches Nick Lloyd & Mark Beer Alan Bennett & Jack Snape
  Men Women
Bow TimMcDonnell Katie Quinn
2 Tom Gethin-Jones Kassandra Surmon
3 Alex Thompson Martina Schmidt
4 Jackson Price Hannah Marrinan
5 Lewis Price Kylie Duff
6 David Dancer Kate Beasley
7 Kade Greenland Emma Herron
Str Tom Croagh Laura Fisher
Cox Brendan McGrath Sascha Rhodes
Emerg Sam Fortune Claire Chapman
Coaches Robert McNeil & Ben Shaw Peter Howard & Jo Weaver

2005 Queensland Women's Eight

2005 Queensland Women's Eight

South Australia
  Men Women
Bow Andrew Swift Maja Fiddler
2 Tom Drought Sarah-Jane Hyde
3 Andrew Jackson Alyssa Parsons
4 Tom Shelton Lara Shean
5 Tom Hodkinson Laura Osti
6 Jarrad Schar Jessica Turner
7 Bryn Coudraye Emma Zwar
Str Beau Gora Annelise Johnson
Cox James Laub Lucy Hyde
Emerg Cameron Thiele  
Coaches Phil Martin & Mark Sparnon Phil Blesing & Ron Mobbs
  Men Women
Bow Jarrod Matthews Megan Hibbs
2 Will Rafferty Carly Cottam
3 James Baker Anna Christensen
4 Nick Harris Ailsa Tremaine
5 Brad McMaster Caitlin Smith
6 Dane Williams Ingrid Fenger
7 Blair Tunovitsch Charlotte Walters
Str Will Brier Elanna Wade
Cox Shaun Reece Lizzy McQuestion
Emerg   Ella Flecker
Coaches James Russell Claire Playsted

2005 Tasmanian Men's Eight

2005 Tasmanian Men's Eight training in Tasmania

  Men Women
Bow Tom Nickson Heidi Wilson
2 Tom Bertrand Elsie Madigan
3 Tom Abromowski Elizabeth Dwyer
4 Alexander Scharp Jessica Cook
5 Andrew Pascoe Georgia Nelson
6 Tom Swann Carly McKay
7 Lachlan McKenzie Emily Muir
Str Nick Mitchell Victoria Prowse
Cox Ronel Caldwell Kate Fitzgibbon
Emerg Phil Bickerstaff Alison McAtamney
Coach Tom Courtney Brenton Terrell
Western Australia
  Men Women
Bow Alexander Watson Bronte Nowland
2 Perrin Franks Catherine Timms
3 Rhys Grant Tenielle McGill
4 Jayden Edwards Hannah Jones
5 Joshua Williams Emily Randles
6 Jeremy Ellis Morag McCallum
7 Peder Olsen Libby Alderman
Str Adam Seroka Karolina Hayes
Cox Roland Warren Connor McCombe
Emerg Alexsandr Sokolov Georgie Dicks
Coaches Antonio Maurogiovanni & James Jones Antonio Maurogiovanni & Gonzalo Briones

Results (continued)

Women's Pair - Division 1

E1: 1st NZ NORTH, 2nd QLD, 3rd VIC, 4th WA, 5th SA
E2: 1st ACT, 2nd NZ SOUTH, 3rd NSW, 4th TAS
Final: 1st ACT (Huntly, Cook), 2nd NZ NORTH (Ritchie, Tolhurst), 3rd NZ SOUTH (Gilbert, Lister), 4th QLD (Duff, Beasley)
Final B: 1st NSW (L'Estrange, Polin), 2nd WA (McCallum, Randles), 3rd VIC (Muir, Prowse), 4th TAS (Smith, Wade), 5th SA (Zwar, Johnson)

Women's Pair - Division 2

E1: 1st QLD, 2nd VIC, 3rd TAS, 4th WA, 5th SA
E2: 1st NZ NORTH, 2nd ACT, 3rd NSW, 4th NZ SOUTH
Final: 1st ACT (Northam, Steer), 2nd NZ NORTH (Hodges, Rogers), 3rd VIC (Dwyer, Cook), 4th QLD (Herron, Marrinan)
Final B: 1st NSW (Phillips, Allen), 2nd TAS (Christensen, Tremaine), 3rd NZ SOUTH (Gallagher, Thomas), 4th SA (Turner, Osti), 5th WA (McGill, Timms)

Women's Four

E1: 1st NSW, 2nd VIC, 3rd WA, 4th SA, 5th TAS
E2: 1st ACT, 2nd QLD, 3rd NZ NORTH, 4th NZ SOUTH
Final: 1st NSW (Phillips, Allen, L'Estrange, Polin), 2nd ACT (Steer, Northam, Huntly, Cook), 3rd QLD (Duff, Marrinan, Herron, Beasley), 4th VIC (Dwyer, Cook, Muir, Prowse)
Final B: 1st NZ NORTH (Hodges, Rogers, Ritchie, Tolhurst), 2nd NZ SOUTH (Gallagher, Thomas, Gilbert, Lister), 3rd WA (Hayes, Alderman, McCallum, Randles), 4th TAS (Christensen, Tremaine, Smith, Wade), 5th SA (Turner, Osti, Zwar, Johnson)

Women's Eight

E1: 1st NZ NORTH, 2nd VIC, 3rd WA, 4th NSW, 5th TAS
E2: 1st QLD, 2nd NZ SOUTH, 3rd ACT, 4th SA
Final: 1st NZ NORTH (Stanford, Alexander, Dobson, Ritchie, Graveson, Tolhurst, Hodges, Rogers, cox:Barrett), 2nd VIC (Wilson, Madigan, Dwyer, Cook, Nelson, McKay, Muir, Prowse, cox: Fitz-Gibbon), 3rd QLD (Quinn, Surmon, Schmidt, Marrinan, Duff, Beasley, Herron, Fisher, cox: Rhodes), 4th NZ SOUTH (Salis, Pope, Knox, Thomas ,Gallagher, Lister, Gilbert, Pierce, cox: Aujard (SA))
Final B: 1st TAS (Hibbs ,Cottam, Christensen, Tremaine, Smith, Fenger, Walters, Wade, cox: McQuestion), 2nd WA (Nowland, Timms, McGill, Jones, Randles, McCallum, Alderman, Hayes, cox: McCombe), 3rd SA (Fiddler, Hyde, Parsons, Shean, Osti, Turner, Zwar, Johnson, cox: Hyde), 4th NSW (Smith, Matthews, Robinson, Smith, Phillips, Allen, L'Estrange, Polin, cox: Williams), 5th ACT (Ledger, Winkworth, Steer, Northam, Foran, Cook, Huntly, Cook, cox: Burnet)

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