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history of corowa rowing club

1997 Australasian Under 22 Regatta– Sydney NSW AUS

(Non-Australian Representative Regatta)

This regatta took on the same format as in 1996. The Rusty Robertson Trophy was won by New Zealand, 32 points to Australia's 30 points.

The Castaway trophy between the States was won by NSW 33 points, second VIC with 25 points and third QLD with 11 points.

The conditions on the second day were difficult and slow as the race time for the events on the second day show.

The following report feom Sally Bacon appeared in the Australian Rowing magazine:

Day two saw perfect conditions for the Aussies to go head to head with the Kiwis. Racing went as:
ML2- Barlow/ Robson (Vic) 7:26:53, Bedford/Butler (Qld) (7:35.15),
W1X Kaime Kohleis (8:24:56) (Qld), Elena Rose [8:39:33] (ACT),
MIX Peter Hardcastle (NSW) (7:30:15) Mark Dusting (Vic) (7:34:90)
W2- Shanahan/Forrest (NZ) (7:04:40) Mongan/ Dunlop (ACT) (7:09:13)
WL1X Christine Camiller (Vic) (8:15:53) Tanva Newman (Vic) (8:16:22)
ML1X Karl Parker (NSW) (7:30:92) Ben Cantwell (Vic)
ML4- Goldsmith/ Gilbert / Robertson /Bulling(NZ) (6:50:00).

The blustery conditions on day three tested all crews with the NSW men's eight (7:37:25) and NZ women's eight (8:16:84) catching waves to the finish line ahead of the NZ (7:45:12) and Victoria (8:30:89) respectively. Other results:
W2X Talbot/ Tree (SA) (9:37:02) Evans/Scoggins (NZ) (9:46:60),
M2X Mael/Geluk (NZ) (8:09:91) Hardcastle/Laurich(NSW) (8:16:48),
WL2X Newman/Brand (Vic) (9:42:31)
ML2X Fokes/Parker (NSW) (9:06:09),
W4- (SA) (8:41:69)
M4- (NZ) (7:31:16) NSW Woodward / Welch / Long/ Kirkham (7:33:90).
W4, NSW (8:21:44) M4X, NZ (7:44:33).


Men's Single Scull

1st NSW 7:30.15 (Peter Hardcastle), 2nd VIC 7:34.90 (Mark Dusting)

Men's Double Scull

1st NZL 8:09.91 (Mael/Geluk), 2nd NSW 8:16.48 (Hardcastle/Laurich)

Men's Four

1st NZL 7:31.16, 2nd NSW 7:33.90 (Woodward/Welch/Long/Kirkham)

Men's Eight

1st NSW 7:37.25, 2nd NZL 7:45.12

Men's Lightweight Single Scull

1st NSW 7:30.92 (Karl Parker), 2nd VIC (Ben Cantwell)

Men's Lightweight Double Scull

1st NSW 9:06.09 (Fokes/Parker)

Men's Lightweight Pair

1st VIC 7:26.53 (Barlow/Robson), 2nd QLD 7:35.15 (Bedford/Butler)

Men's Lightweight Four

1st NZL 6:50.00 (Goldsmith/Gilbert/Robertson/Bulling)

Women's Single Scull

1st QLD 8:24.56 (Kaime Kohleis), 2nd ACT 8:39.33 (Elena Rose)

Women's Double Scull

1st SA 9:37.02 (Talbot/Tree), 2nd NZL 9:46.60 (Evans/Scoggins)

Women's Pair

1st NZL 7:04.40 (Shanahan/Forrest), 2nd ACT 7:09.13 (Mongan/Dunlop)

Women's Four

1st NSW 8:21.44, 2nd NZL 7:44.33

Women's Eight

1st NZL 8:16.84, 2nd VIC 8:30.89

Women's Lightweight Single Scull

1st VIC 8:15.53 (Christine Camilla), 2nd VIC 8:16.22 (Tanya Newman)

Women's Lightweight Double Scull

1st VIC 9:42.31 (Newman/Brand)

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