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history of corowa rowing club

1991 Trans Tasman Juniors Regattas– Lake Wivenhoe Qld AUS

The men’s eight was the winning National Championship schoolboy eight from Newington College in Sydney. The other crews were the best performing juniors from the National Championships. Australia won all eight races and therefore the point score for the challenge.

1991 Junior Team

1991 Australian Junior Team

1991 Australian Men's Junior Eight

1991 Australian Men's Junior Eight

Australian Team

  • Men's Junior Eight
    • Bow: Michael Cooney (NSW)
    • 2: Ben Nelson (NSW)
    • 3: David Donnelly (NSW)
    • 4: Nick Wainman (NSW)
    • 5: Adam White (NSW)
    • 6: Matthew Long (NSW)
    • 7: Geoff Stewart (NSW)
    • Str: James Stewart (NSW)
    • Cox: Piak Moses (NSW)
    • Cch: Michael Morgan (NSW)
  • Men's Junior Double Scull
    • Bow: Robert Walker (NSW)
    • Str: Duncan Free (QLD)
    • Cch: Reg Free (QLD)
  • Women's Junior Four
    • Bow: Caitilin Fraser (VIC)
    • 2: Thane Dumbrell (VIC)
    • 3: Bronwyn Thompson (VIC)
    • Str: Felicity Moore (ACT)
    • Cch: Ellen Randell (ACT)
  • Women's Junior Double Scull
    • Bow: Carmen Klomp (SA)
    • Str: Anna Ozolins (SA)
    • Cch: Brenton Terrell (SA)
  • Manager: Graeme Boykett (VIC)

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