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history of corowa rowing club

1987 Trans Tasman Juniors Regattas– Penrith NSW AUS


The New Zealanders won all the sweep races and the Australian scullers won all their races. Accordingly, New Zealand once again won the Challenge.

Australian Team

  • Men's Scull
    • Janusz Hooker (NSW)
      Cch: Bruce Evans (NSW)
  • Men's Eight
    • Fletcher Coleman
      Glenn Wright (TAS)
      Anthony Duhs (ACT)
      James Baker (VIC)
      Cameron Begley (VIC)
      Simon Morrison (VIC)
      Paul Schreier (VIC)
      Peter Somerville (VIC)
      Guy Begley (VIC)
      Cch: David Poulson (TAS)
  • Women's Scull
    • Jenny Browne (QLD)
      Cch: Bob Bleakley (QLD)
  • Women's Four
    • Courtney Johnstone (QLD)
      Kiri Robson (QLD)
      Helen Ower (QLD)
      Kathy Taylor (QLD)
      Cox: Anne O'Keefe (QLD)
      Cch: David Ochert (QLD)
  • Manager: Tom Jack (QLD)

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