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history of corowa rowing club

1984 Trans Tasman Juniors– Lake Burley Griffin ACT Australia


The Men's eight was a composite crew from three Melbourne schools, namely Brighton Grammar, Wesley College and Caulfield Grammar. Other crews were also welcomed to race in the event and Queensland crews did so. Andrew Fairfield-Smith came from Canberra Grammar School and Sandra Kerr from Leichhardt Rowing Club.


Men's Eight

In the first race New Zealand easily accounted for the Australian representative crew with the other crews following further behind. In the second race, New Zealand won again but a Queensland crew finished second, a composite Victorian crew third and the Australian crew fourth.

Australian Eight

Australian Eight

Men's Single

New Zealand's Mark Gardiner defeated Andrew Fairfield-Smith on both occasions, the first time by only 0.42 seconds and the second by six seconds. Andrew went onto compete at the World Junior Championships and finished twelfth.

Women's Single Scull

Nicki Payne of New Zealand accounted also for Sandra Kerr on both occasions.

Australian Team

  • Men's Schoolboy Eight
    • Bow: Oriesti Kyriakopoulos (VIC)
    • 2: Richard Wraith (VIC)
    • 3: Anthony Bowyer (VIC)
    • 4: Cameron Clemens (VIC)
    • 5: Jason Veale (VIC)
    • 6: David McLeod (VIC)
    • 7: Andrew Shugg (VIC)
    • Str: Heath Ruddock (VIC)
    • Cox: Stuart Greenbaum (VIC)
  • Men's Schoolboy Scull
    • Andrew Fairfield-Smith (ACT)
  • Women's Schoolgirl Scull
    • Sandra Kerr (NSW)

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