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history of corowa rowing club

Trans Tasman Regattas– 1979 Colts Series

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1979 Program

The series was conducted in New Zealand at three locations, Picton, Wanganui and then Lake Karapiro. A squad from Mosman Womens Rowing Club also raced winning two pair races but failing in the three four oared races.


The NSW team lost the best of three series of races with only the eight registering a win in the men's events. The New Zealand crew was good breaking 6 minutes at Lake Karapiro in difficult conditions.

Michael Wilson was no match for Gary Reid in the singles with Michael Wilson conceding at the time that Reid was far too strong for him.

The lightweight four was competitive with the New Zealand crew but was still beaten every time in tight margins.

Men's Eight

Picton: 1st NSW, 2nd NZL, 3rd Avon, margin 2 lengths, time: 5:50.7.
This race some interest with the NZL crew losing an oar temporarily after 350 metres putting them back into third place. They rowed through the Avon crew after this incident and finished second.
Wanganui: 1st NZL, 2nd NSW, margin 3 lengths, time: 5:45.0 This race was within a length for the first 1000m but blew out in the last 1000m.
Lake Karapiro: 1st NZL, 2nd NSW, 3rd Waikato, Margins 3/4 & 3.5 lengths. Time: 5:55.4
This race also had its problems with the NSW crew breaking a rudder and then colliding with NZL. The two man's oar was also broken in the collision. The race was restarted 2 hours later after repairs.

Start of Men's Eight race

Second start in the men's eight at Lake Karapiro

Men's Lightweight Four
Picton: 1st NZL, 2nd NSW, 3rd Canterbury Margin 3/4 length
Wanganui: 1st NZL, 2nd NSW Margin 3/4 length
Lake Karapiro: 1st NZL, 2nd NSW Time: 6:41.3. Margin 3/4 length

NZ lightweight four

New Zealand Lightweight Four winning at Picton

Men's Pair

Picton: 1st NZL, 2nd NSW, 3rd Wellington
Wanganui:1st NZL, 2nd NSW Margin 1.5 lengths
Lake Karapiro: 1st NZL, 2nd NSW, 3rd North Shore Time: 7:39. Margin 1 length. The race at Lake Karapiro was also restarted after all crews jumped the start. The NSW crew led early but crabbed losing 3/4 length. The crew was never able to regain the lead.

Men's Pair

The men's pair start at Lake Karapiro

Men's Scull
Picton: 1st NZL No 1 Gary Reid, 2nd NSW No 1 Michael Wilson, 3rd Avon No 3 Gerry Dwyer
Wanganui: 1st NZL Gary Reid, 2nd Michael Wilson Margin 8 lengths
Lake Karapiro: 1st NZL No 1 Gary Reid (7:43), 2nd NSW No 1 Michael Wilson, 3rd NZL No 2 G Dockary, 4th NSW No 2 B Henson. Margins: 8 & 4 lengths.

Women's Pair
Picton: 1st NZL, 2nd Mosman No 1, 3rd Mosman No 2
Wanganui: 1st Mosman, 2nd NZL
Lake Karapiro: 1st Mosman, 2nd NZL, 3rd Mosman No 2 Time: 3:50.6. Margins: 2.5 and 3 lengths

Women's Four
Picton: 1st NZL, 2nd Mosman, 3rd Porirua
Wanganui: 1st NZL, 2nd Mosman Margin 4 lengths
Lake Karapiro: 1st NZL, 2nd Mosman, 3rd Hamilton Time 3:39.5. Margin 1.75 lengths

NSW Team

The NSW team consisted of 16 oarsmen comprising a men's eight, pair, lightweight four and sculler.

NSW team

1979 NSW Team

Back row left to right - Russell Higgins, Steve Evans, Jim Battersby, Graham Jones, Campbell Holmes a Court, Peter Dall, Jordi Martin, Greg Fitzgerald, Mark Campbell, Peter Stroud
Front row left to right - Don Croot, Michael Wilson, Frank Male, Richard Luxford, Graham Edmonds, Steve Dadour, Dominic O'Loughlin, George Hansen

Men's Scull No 1
Michael Wilson

Men's Scull No 2
George Hansen

Men's Pair
Dominic O'Loughlin
Richard Luxford
Cch: Frank Male

Men's Eight
Bow: Graham Edmonds
2: Jordi Martin
3: Graham Jones
4: James Battersby
5: Mark Campbell
6: Greg Fitzgerald
7: Peter Dall
Str: Campbell Holmes a Court
Cox: Steve Dadour
Cch: Frank Male

Men's Lightweight Four
Russell Higgins
R Glendinning
John Cantor
Steve Evans
Cch: Peter Stroud

Manager: Don Croot

Fitzgerald, Jones, Luxford & Dadour

Fitzgerald, Jones, Luxford & Dadour in New Zealand

Mosman Women's Team

Women's Four
D C McCormick
A Horne
Lindy Nisbett
S J McCormick

Women's Pair No 1
Jill Mangelsdorf
S Gay Allen
Cch: Malcolm Shaw

Women's Pair No 2
Not known

New Zealand Team

Men's Scull No 1
Gary Reid
Cch: Harry Mahon

Men's Scull No 2
G Dockary
Cch: P McQuinn

Men's Pair
B Mabbot
Keith McRobbie

Men's Eight
Bow: Roger White-Parsons
2: Mark Meates
3: Barrie Mabbott
4:Keith Trask
5: Shane O'Brien
6: Scott Worfold
7: Chris White
Str: Geoff Horan
Cox: Grant Thorpe
Cch: Harry Mahon

Men's Lightweight Four
Richard Glenn
Robert Turner
Dean Hollobon
Kevin Flutey
Cch: Pat McQuinn

Women's Pair
Pam Jackson
Sally-Anne Jackson
Cch: Ian Brougham

Women's Four
Raewyn Lofthouse
Christine Hamilton
Cheryl Leonard
Deborah Brown
Cox: Denize Schoch
Cch: Ian Brougham

men's pair training

Men's Pair training at Wanganui

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