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history of corowa rowing club

1995 Australasian Under 22 Regatta– Lake Wivenhoe Qld AUS

(Non-Australian Representative Regatta)

The Australian Rowing Council decided in 1994 that they would not continue with the format of the Under 23 Trans Tasman Series in future due to a number of factors including - better competition at the Nations Cup, the financial support of State Institutes to make these tours and less disruption from the dislocation of athletes for training. 

A series based upon a younger age group was suggested. An Interstate and New Zealand Under 22 series was conducted at Lake Wivenhoe in Queensland on 11th and 12th August 1995. A point score system was again used with Australia retaining the Rusty Robertson Trophy. An Australian and New Zealand Universities eights challenge race was also conducted.

A full set of race results can be found through this link.


Men's Scull

Final B: 1st SA, 2nd NZL, 3rd QLD A, 4th VIC, 5th TAS, 6th QLD B
Final: 1st David Cameron (Lwr Clarence) 7.16.87, 2nd Sydney (Matthew O'Callaghan) 7.20.41, 3rd QLD A (Smith) 7.21.26, 4th Nepean (Inglis) 7.23.12, 5th Sydney (Murray) 7.29.07, 6th UTS (Turner) 7.42.21

Men's Double Scull

1st Sydney, 2nd SYD/UTS 6.42.53, 3rd QLD A 6.45.60, 4th QLD B 7.02.19, 5th UQBC/Comm 7.07.54, 6th NZL 7.08.59

Men's Quad Scull

1st Syd/Nepean 6.07.90, 2nd QLD 6.20.12

Men's Lightweight Scull

1st QLD A 7.22.81, 2nd Sydney 7.23.54, 3rd QLD A 7.31.44, 4th VIC 7.33.81, 5th Sydney 7.41.34, 6th Sydney 8.02.69

Men's Lightweight Double Scull

1st QLD A 6.56.12, 2nd NZL 7.00.33, 3rd NZL Uni 7.19.39

Men's Pair

Final B: 1st Nep/UNSW, 2nd QLD, 3rd VIC, 4th Mosman, 5th SA#4, 6th QLD
Final: 1st NZL 6.47.90, 2nd UTS/Sydney 6.53.16, 3rd VIC 6.56.28, 4th SA A No 1 7.06.30, 5th VIC 7.08.40, 6th QLD A 7.09.57

Men's Four

E1: 1st NZL, 2nd VIC, 3rd VIC, 4th QLD B, 5th SA #2
E2: 1st Nepean Composite, 2nd QLD A, 3rd NZL Uni, 4th SA #1
Final B: 1st QLD B, 2nd SA #2, 3rd SA #1
Final: 1st NZL 6.11.80, 2nd QLD A 6.17.01, 3rd VIC 6.18.33, 4th Nepean 6.18.68, 5th VIC 6.19.47, 6th NZL Uni 6.33.27

Men's Eight

1st NSW 5.40.00, 2nd NZL 5.44.88, 3rd QLD 5.52.67, 4th VIC 5.56.63, 5th SA 6.03.25

Men's Lightweight Pair

1st VIC 7.09.01, 2nd QLD 7.10.92, 3rd NZL 7.12.11, 4th Sydney 7.12.96, 5th QLD, 6th NZL

Men's Lightweight Four

1st Sydney 6.16.90, 2nd QLD A 6.22.16, 3rd NZL 6.31.04

Women's Scull

Final B: 1st SA #2, 2nd QLD B
Final: 1st SA No 1 (Anna Tree) 8.19.37, 2nd QLD A (Khaleda O'Neill) 8.21.44, 3rd ACT (Sally Bell) 8.25.04, 4th QLD 8.30.34, 5th QLD B 8.31.19, 6th QLD B 8.54.81

Women's Double Scull

E1: 1st Sydney, 2nd SA #2, 3rd NZL, 4th ACT, 5th QLD B
E2: 1st QLD A, 2nd SA #1, 3rd Syd Uni, 4th ACT, 5th Syd Uni
Final B: 1st ACT, 2nd QLD B, 3rd Syd Uni
Final: 1st QLD A 7.31.30, 2nd NZL, 3rd Sydney, 4th SA A No 1, 5th SA A No 2, 6th Syd Uni

Women's Quad

1st QLD 6.50.60, 2nd SA No 1 6.56.97, 3rd ACT 7.01.97, 4th SA No 2 (Josephine Lips, Sally Haynes, Karen Moore & Andi Furmage) 7.04.81

Women's Lightweight Scull

Final B: 1st SA #2, 2nd SA #3, 3rd SUBC
Final: 1st ACT (Creswell) 8.18.76, 2nd ACT (Lohse) 8.22.30, 3rd QLD A (McCallum) 8.28.03, 4th St George (Watson) 8.29.63, 5th SA (Karen Moore) 8.30.21, 6th ACT (Clare Gillespie-Jones) 9.00.20

Women's Lightweight Double Scull

1st NZL 7.47.52, 2nd Syd Uni 8.28.96

Women's Pair

1st Sydney 7.42.22, 2nd NZL, 3rd VIC, 4th St George, 5th VIC, 6th SA No 1

Women's Four

1st NZL 7.03.10, 2nd VIC 7.15.11, 3rd Syd Uni 7.22.10, 4th NZL Uni 7.32.48, 5th QLD A 7.35.75, 6th Syd Uni 7.37.19

Women's Eight

1st NZL 6.33.48, 2nd VIC/St George 6.39.73, 3rd Syd Uni 6.52.44,

Women's Lightweight Pair

1st VIC, 2nd NZL, 3rd QLD A, margins 14.17 & 37.30

Women's Lightweight Four

1st SA (Josephine Lips, Sally Haynes, Karen Moore & Andi Furmage) 7.30.60, 2nd QLD A 7.42.37 

University Challenge
Women's Eight

1sy NZL 6.36.31 (Jane Charlton, Jenni Wiggle, Louise Parker, Jane Cleverland, Belinda Ryan, Kate Pearson, Katrina Higginson, Rochelle Saunders and coxed by Felicity Berry Lincoln), 2nd AUS 6.36.51 ( Kathleen Burke, Sarah Chibnall, Sarah Lachal (str), Karen Moore, Bianca Noorman, Tami Stone, Anna Tree, Kate Yound and coxed by Jummy Pollack)

Men's Eight

1st AUS 5.48.31 (Jason Baker, Michaal Burke, Anthny Cook, Robert Douglas, Matthew Kesby, Zac Kirkham, Finghin Murray, Matthew O'Callaghan and coxed by Paul Beitzel), 2nd NZL, margin 10 seconds. 


NB: These were not Australian teams.

Men's Sculling

David Cameron (NSW)
Matthew O'Callaghan (Sydney)
Mike Smith (QLD)
Cameron Turner (UTS)
Martin Inglis (Nepean)
Murray (Sydney)
Sires (TAS)
Roberts (NZL)
Watt (VIC)
Scott Simpson (QLD)
O'Shanesy (SA)
Woodman (QLD)
Jell (QLD)
Hacmagyi (Mosman)
Scott Wilson (UQBC)
Andrew Broadfoot (VIC)

Women's Scullers

Karen Moore (SA)
Sally Haynes (SA)
Andi Furmage (SA)
Josephine Lips (SA)
Creswell (ACT)
McCallum (QLD)
Watson (St George)
Lohse (ACT)
Clare Gillespie-Jones (ACT)
Irving (SUBC)
Taffe (VIC)
Cameron (SUBC)
Laing (SUBC)
Mitchell (SUBC)
Christine Camiller (VIC)
Anna Tree (SA)
Sally Bell (ACT)
Khaleda O'Neill (QLD)

Men's Sweep

James Baker (VIC)
Smallman (NZL)
Matthew Long (Sydney)
Voges (QLD)
Tom Skidmore (VIC)
Ovcaric (QLD)
Ryan (SA)
Jason Faranda (VIC)
Matthew Souter (Mosman)
Nepean (Bezer)
Mike Morrsion (QLD)
Lunn (SA)
Golding (SA)
Quarterman (QLD)
Jon Bell (QLD)
Joseph Lyons (SA)

1995 Australian Unioversities Eight

Australian Women's Universities Eight

1995 Australian Universities Men's Eight

Australian Men's Universities Eight

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