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history of corowa rowing club

1988 Trans Tasman Juniors Regattas– Lake Karapiro NZ

New Zealand again won the challenge with Australia not winning a race in the two test series.

Warren Gibson reported in the Austrlain Rowing magazine that both our scullers faced stronger scullers from New Zealand in Rachel Smith and Craig MacLean. The women's crew from WAIS were defeated comfortably. The men's eight from Victoria challenged the New Zealanders during the middle stages of the race but could not match the New Zealanders.

Australian Team

  • Men's Eight
    • Bow: James Shipton (VIC)
    • 2: John Hannan (VIC)
    • 3: Justin Lachal (VIC)
    • 4: Matthew Jones (VIC)
    • 5: Josh Mantello (VIC)
    • 6: Marcus Hanna (NSW)
    • 7: James Sawyer (NSW)
    • Str: Peter Hughes (NSW)
    • Cox: Martin Nicholas (NSW)
    • Cch: Jeff Lawrence (VIC)
  • Women's Four
    • Bow: Paula Matthews (WA)
    • 2: Jemma Aldridge (WA)
    • 3: Alicia Day (WA)
    • Str: Josslyn Else (WA)
    • Cox: Lisa Reed (WA)
    • Cch: Warren Gibson (WA)
  • Men's Sculler
    • Gary Lynagh (Qld)
  • Women's Sculler
    • Maki Takkan (Qld)
  • Manager: Tom Jack (QLD)

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