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Trans Tasman Regattas– 2003 Youth Cup, West Lakes SA

The following report appeared on the Rowing Australia web site for this regatta:

Victoria has won the overall pointscore at this year's Australian Youth Cup which was held at the Westlakes Rowing Course in Adelaide from 17th to 19th October 2003. It was an excellent three day regatta for some of the best under 21 rowers from all Australian states and New Zealand which was split into North and South Island. The emphasis was on teams. Each team composed of 9 male and 9 female members and had to include at least 2 lightweights and a coxswain.

Victoria scored a total of 106 points to win the Rusty Robertson Trophy. In second place was Queensland with 89 who just tipped out New Zealand North Island on 87. With points being awarded for all positions, 9 for 1st, 8 for 2nd and so forth, it resulted in very intense and exciting racing in the 64 races contested.

The climax of the regatta saw all team members race in the eights. The women's eight was won by New Zealand South Island just on a length in front of Victoria with the host state South Australia 3rd and finishing just in front of New Zealand North Island.

In the men's eight New South Wales took the Gold with New Zealand North Island taking silver just 0.6 seconds in front of Queensland.

Sarah Forbes from Victoria won the women's single scull in a very good time of 8.02.26 just one third of a length in front of Emma Feathery from New Zealand South Island.

The men's single scull was won by David Houston of Queensland in an excellent time of 7.09.23, narrowly beating Josef Klaasen of New Zealand North Island by 1.67 seconds.

On the Saturday evening the rowers attended a bar-b-que which as well as being a social event, tafforded them the opportunity to question some of Australia's elite rowers on how they achieved success. Questions covered a range of topics including the amount of training, study, goal setting and technique.

All rowers thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, which was convened by long time rowing stalwart from South Australia, Barbara Fenner, who is also on the FISA Youth Commission.

With the high cost of travel to Europe, The Youth Cup is an important part of the program for the development of rowers in Australia and New Zealand.


Men's Scull Div 1 A Final

1 QLD (David Houston) 7:09.23
2 NZ North Is (Josef Klaasen) 7:10.90
3 WA (David Kelly) 7:19.24
4 VIC (Tyson Chambers) 7:31.52

Men's Scull Div 1 B Final

1 TAS (Anthony Males) 7:24.82
2 SA (Mitchell Oliver) 7:31.71
3 NSW (Chad Pamer) 7:37.17
4 NZ South Is (Paul Arthurs) 7:38.20
5 ACT (Miles Foran) 7:52.71

Men's Scull Div 2 A Final

1 WA (John Polinelli) 7:18.81
2 QLD (Jackson Price) 7:25.46
3 SA (James McRae) 7:27.24
4 VIC (Tim Linke) 7:38.94

Men's Scull Div 2 B Final

1 N Z South Is (Damian Brook) 7:35.70
2 TAS (Matthew Wyton) 7:41.26
3 NSW (James Harding) 7:43.16
4 NZ North Is (Steven Kirk-Bernand) 8:04.80
5 ACT (David Halpin) 8:11.39

Men's Quad Scull A Final

1 WA 7:44.88 (Cade Zulsdorff, Steven Fletcher, John Polinelli, David Kelly)
2 VIC 7:45.77 (Michael Spiteri, Tyson Chambers, Tim Linke, Howard Sharp)
3 SA 7:46.45 (Polychanin, Adrian Oest, Mitchell Oliver, James McRae)
4 ACT 7:57.02 (James Crouch, Miles Foran, Mack Wilcox, Chris Ritchie)

Mens' Quad Scull B Final

1 NZ North Is 7:50.62 (Dumergue, Kirk-Bernand, Klaasen, Evans)
2 QLD 7:51.46 (Gunthorpe, Purcell, Price, Houston)
3 TAS 7:57.02 (Wyton, Finlayson, Males, Breier)
4 NSW 8:00.97 (Cole, Vining, Pamer, Harding)
5 NZ South Is 8:33.23 (Uru, Arthurs, Brook, Smith)

Men's Coxless Pair Div1 A Final

1 NZ South Island (McKellar, Gunderson) 6:50.50 92.6
2 NZ North Island (Gerritsen, Lack) 6:51.36 92.4
3 NSW (Field, Allsop) 6:58.37 90.8
4 QLD (Renton, Groeneveld) 7:08.94 88.6

Men's Coxless Pair Div 1 B Final

1 TAS (Johnson, Cornock) 7:05.72 89.3
2 ACT (Crouch, Roper) 7:10.40 88.3
3 VIC (Rowley, Nicholls) 7:10.65 88.2
4 WA (Stroud, Hughes) 7:31.40 84.2
5 SA (Craven, Donaldson) 8:10.04 77.5

Men's Pair Div 2 A Final

1 NSW (Hietbrink, Sheridan) 7:00.40
2 WA (Franks, Fletcher) 7:03.59
3 QLD (Farrell, Pickett) 7:10.89
4 VIC (McKenzie-McHarg, Williams) 7:33.36

Mens' Pair Div 2 B Final

1 TAS (Roach, Tunevitch) 7:23.02
2 NZ North Is (Corbett, Lewis) 7:25.35
3 SA (Limmer, Spiel) 7:47.82
4 A C T (Hawke, Cook) 7:55.98
NZ *South Is (Stallard, Wright) Not judged as over age

Men's Four A Final

1 NSW 7:36.38 (Hietbrink, Sheridan, Field, Allsop)
2 NZ North Is 7:42.98 (Corbett, Lewis, Gerritsen, Lack)
3 TAS 7:54.09 (Roach, Johnson, Cornock, Tunevitch)
4 QLD 8:12.25 (Farrell, Pickett, Renton, Groeneveld)

Men's Four B Final

1 WA 8:19.24 (Skipworth, Stroud, Polinelli, Franks)
2 VIC 8:19.38 (Nicholls ,Williams, McKenzie-McHarg, Rowley)
3 SA 8:54.88 (Limmer, Spiel, Donaldson, Craven)
4 ACT 9:02.37 (Halpin, Hawke, Cook, Roper)
NZ *South Is NOT JUDGED OVER AGE (Stallard, Wright, McKellar, Gunderson)

Men's Eight A Final

1 NSW 6:22.36 (Cole, Vining, Hietbrink, Harding, Pamer, Sheridan, Allsop, Field c:Lister)
2 NZ North Is 6:27.47 (Evans, Dumergue, Corbett, Kirk-Bernand, Klaasen, Lewis, Gerritsen, Lack c:Horan)
3 QLD 6:28.14 (Gunthorpe, Purcell, Farrell, Price, Renton, Groeneveld, Pickett, Houston c:Springhall)
4 VIC 6:31.57 (Spiteri, Nicholls, Williams, Rowley, Chambers, McKenzie-McHarg, Sharp, Linke c:Coleman)

Men's Eight B Final

1 WA 6:36.04 (Zulsdorff, Skipworth, Franks, Fletcher, Hughes, Stroud, Polinelli, Kelly c:Smith)
2 SA 6:41.87 (Limmer, Polychanin, Oest, Spiel, Donaldson, Craven, McRae, Oliver c:Game)
3 NZ South Is 6:43.64 (Stallard, Uru, McKellar, Wright, Brook, Gunderson, Smith, Arthurs c:Sutherland)
4 TAS 6:44.04 (Roach, Finlayson, Wyton, Males, Tunevitch, Johnson, Cornock, Breier c:Colvin)
5 ACT 7:00.13 (Halpin, Hawke, Cook, Foran, Crouch,
Wilcox, Ritchie, Roper c:Davis)

Men's Lwt Double Scull A Final

1 ACT (Wilcox, Ritchie) 6:44.73
2 WA (Zulsdorff, Skipworth) 6:46.84
3 N Z South Is (Uru, Smith) 6:49.04
4 QLD (Gunthorpe, Purcell) 7:06.98

Men's Lwt Double Scull B Final

1 TAS (Breier, Finlayson) 6:49.85
2 VIC (Spiteri, Sharp) 6:58.31
3 NSW (Cole, Vining) 7:00.95
4 NZ North Is (Evans, Dumergue) 7:05.77
5 SA (Polychanin, Oest) 7:17.45


ACT Team
Men Women
James Crouch Sarah Cook
Robert Roper Tara Huntley
David Hawke Jenny Bradley
Ben Cook Yasmin Burraston
Miles Foran Jessie Foran
David Halpin Clare Lutton
Mack Wilcox Rachal Robertson
Chris Ritchie Newton
Ben Davis Tanner
NSW Team
Men Women
Alexander Field Hally Hames
Ian Allsop Elizabeth Northcott
Damon Hietbrink Reynolds
Rupert Sheridan Eliza Grant
Chad Pamer Sarah Murdoch
James Harding Megan Crawford
Cole Tegan Richardson
Vining Brynne Allen
Toby Lister Ali Williams
NZ North Island Team
Men Women
Gerritsen Kate Saunders
Lack Arna Short
Corbett Davies
Lewis Boss
Josef Klaasen Burridge
Steven Kirk-Bernand Gordon
Evans Crosland
Dumergue Lawson
Horan Maxwell
NZ South Island Team
Men Women
McKellar Emma Feathery
Gunderson Kristie Weenink
Stallard Bell
Wright Salis
Paul Arthurs Thomas
Damian Brook Jackson
Uru Marshall
Smith Maher
Sutherland Taylor
Queensland Team
Men Women
Sam Renton Natalie Seebeck
Ben Groeneveld Emma McCarthy
Ben Farrell Prothero
Sam Pickett Alison Scobbie
David Houston Marshall
Jackson Price Melissa Scattergood
Timothy Gunthorpe Benson
Darryn Purcell Laura Kanaris
Springhall Clements
South Australian Team
Men Women
David Craven Steph Monson
Tim Donaldson Annelise Johnson
Limmer Jacqueline Bain
Brad Spiel Melissa Hart
Mitchell Oliver Dixie Sachse
James McRae Mandy Vishnich
Polychanin Sandow
Adrian Oest Brooke Willshire
Thomas Game Araminta Dunstone
Tasmanian Team
Men Women
Johnson Gemma Youl
Cornock Renee George
Matthew Roach Megan Hibbs
Blair Tunevitch Elanna Wade
Anthony Males Bianca Heron
Matthew Wyton Charlotte Walters
Will Breier Dolan
Sean Finlayson Sanchia Rodrigues
Scott Colvin Charlotte Brolsma
Victorian Team
Men Women
Steve Rowley Sarah Forbes
Luke Nicholls Lisa Sznatsznajder
Cameron McKenzie-McHarg Nalini Blacker
Williams Angley
Tyson Chambers Emma McCarthy
Tim Linke Sarah Heard
Michael Spiteri Sarah Chisholm
Howard Sharp Russell
Georgie Coleman Elizabeth Patrick
West Australian Team
Men Women
Stroud Caitlin Trumble
Hughes Catherine Timms
Perrin Franks Hilman
Fletcher Cigulev
David Kelly Anna Szczurowski
John Polinelli Willis
Cade Zulsdorff Geddes
Skipworth Dempsey
Zoe Smith Connor McCombe


Women's Scull Div 1 A Final

1 VIC (Sarah Forbes) 8:02.26
2 NZ South Island (Emma Feathery) 8:03.69
3 SA (Steph Monson) 8:08.76
NSW (Hally Hames) DNF

Women's Scull Div 1 B Final

1 ACT (Sarah Cook) 8:09.00
2 QLD (Natalie Seebeck) 8:09.56
3 TAS (Gemma Youl) 8:36.08
4 NZ North Island (Kate Saunders) 8:50.21
5 WA (Caitlin Trumble) 9:00.48

Women's Scull Div 2 Final A

1 VIC (Lisa Sznatsznajder) 8:01.60
2 ACT (Tara Huntley) 8:02.11
3 QLD (Emma McCarthy) 8:11.69
4 NZ North Island (Arna Short) 8:42.27

Women's Scull Div 2 Final B

1 NZ South Island (Kristie Weenink) 8:27.64
2 NSW (Elizabeth Northcott) 8:33.43
3 SA (Annelise Johnson) 8:43.28
4 WA (Catherine Timms) 9:00.76
5 TAS (Renee George) 9:06.82

Women's Quad Scull A Final

1 VIC 8:57.70 (Blacker, Angley, Sznatsznajder, Forbes)
2 SA 8:59.22 (Hart, Johnson, Bain, Monson)
3 NZ South Is 9:04.93 (Bell, Feathery, Weenink, Salis)
4 NSW 9:12.88 (Reynolds, Grant, Northcott, Allen)

Women's Quad Scull B Final

1 QLD 8:40.24 (Kanaris, Benson, McCarthy, Seebeck)
2 TAS 8:45.17 (Heron, Walters, Youl, Wade)
3 ACT 8:53.15 (Burraston, Bradley, Robertson, Newton)
4 NZ North Is 9:01.30 (Davies, Short, Saunders, Boss)
5 WA 9:08.03 (Hilman, Cigulev, Trumble, Timms)

Women's Pair Div 1 A Final

1 N Z South Is (Thomas, Jackson) 7:31.60
2 VIC (McCarthy, Heard) 7:34.61
3 ACT (Foran, Lutton) 7:45.02
4 NZ North Is (Burridge, Gordon) 7:53.25

Women's Pair Div 1 B Final

1 NSW (Murdoch, Crawford) 7:48.49
2 WA (Szczurowski, Willis) 7:49.34
3 QLD (Prothero, Scobbie) 7:52.47
4 SA (Sandow, Willshire) 7:59.08
5 TAS (Heron, Walters) 8:09.97

Women's Pair Div 2 A Final

1 NSW (Richardson, Allen) 7:43.41
2 NZ South Is (Marshall, Maher) 7:43.81
3 NZ North Is (Crosland, Lawson) 7:48.82
4 VIC (Chisholm, Russell) 8:03.75

Women's Pair Div 2 B Final

1 QLD (Marshall, Scattergood) 8:05.66
2 ACT (Robertson, Newton) 8:10.12
3 TAS (Dolan, Rodrigues) 8:19.27
4 WA (Geddes, Dempsey) 8:23.68
5 SA (Sachse, Vishnich) 8:25.43

Women's Four A Final

1 NZ South Is 8:58.98 (Thomas, Jackson, Marshall, Maher)
2 NSW 9:07.32 (Murdoch, Crawford, Richardson, Hames)
3 VIC 9:34.92 (Chisholm, Russell, McCarthy, Heard)
4 WA 10:37.19 (Szczurowski, Willis, Dempsey, Geddes)

Women's Four B Final

1 ACT 9:06.52 (Foran, Lutton, Huntley, Cook)
2 NZ North Is 9:12.76 (Crosland, Gordon, Burridge, Lawson)
3 QLD 10:00.59 (Marshall, Prothero, Scobbie, Scattergood)
4 SA 10:22.82 (Sachse, Vishnich, Sandow, Willshire)
5 TAS 10:52.18 (George, Hibbs, Dolan, Rodrigues)

Women's Eight A Final

1 NZ South Is 7:02.78 (Thomas, Jackson, Marshall, Feathery, Weenink, Salis, Ball, Maher c:Taylor)
2 VIC 7:06.47 (Blacker, Angley, Sznatsznajder, Russell,
Chisholm, Heard, McCarthy, Forbes c:Patrick)
3 SA 7:09.00 (Sachse, Vishnich, Johnson, Monson, Sandow, Willshire, Bain, Hart c:Dunstone)
4 N Z North Is 7:09.31 (Boss, Davies, Saunders, Gordon, Crosland, Short, Burridge, Lawson c:Maxwell)

Women's Eight B Final

1 QLD 7:20.25 (Benson, Scattergood, Marshall, Prothero, McCarthy, Seebeck, Scobbie, Kanaris c:Clements)
2 ACT 7:22.74 (Burraston, Bradley, Robertson, Newton, Foran, Cook, Huntley, Lutton c:Tanner)
3 WA 7:25.71 (Cigulev, Hilman, Trumble, Dempsey, Timms, Szczurowski, Geddes, Willis c:McCombe)
4 NSW 7:29.22 (Grant, Reynolds, Northcott, Allen, Richardson, Crawford, Murdoch, Playsted c:Williams)
5 TAS 7:31.08 (George, Hibbs, Dolan, Rodrigues, Heron, Walters, Youl, Wade c:Brolsma)

Women's Lwt Double Scull A Final

1 NZ North Is (Davies, Boss) 7:32.68
2 SA (Bain, Hart) 7:36.94
3 VIC (Blacker, Angley) 7:38.19
4 ACT (Bradley, Burraston) 7:40.80

Women's Lwt Double Scull B Final

1 NSW (Reynolds, Grant) 7:38.70
2 QLD (Benson, Kanaris) 7:41.05
3 TAS (Hibbs, Wade) 7:42.71
4 N Z South Is (Bell, Salis) 7:51.34
5 WA (Hilman, Cigulev) 8:01.18

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