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History of the Tasmanian SATIS Head of the River rowing regatta

1955 SATIS Head of the River

Saturday, April 30 - Derwent River 

First Four:

The 1955 raced used a different course from previous years on the Derwent River.  The new course was a mile rowing up river, starting from the Boyer warehouse wharf and finished in Cornelian Bay. 6 crews raced in the 1955 race:

-The Friends’ School

-Hutchins School

-Launceston Church Grammar School

-Scotch College

-St. Patrick’s College, and

-St. Virgil’s College

The Hutchins School Magazine wrote that the conditions were slightly choppy but still reasonable. St. Virgil’s were in front early, however the crew “struck trouble” and were unable to finish the race. This allowed Launceston Grammar to take the lead to win for the second year running, with St. Patrick’s finishing second. 


Organising Committee:

Tasmanian Rowing Association



First Four

Golden Fleece Cup

1⅛ miles




1st Launceston Church Grammar – 

2nd St. Patrick’s College – 

3rd Hutchins School – Bow: M. M. Bryden, 2: B. A. Hull, 3: R. B. Douglas, Str: I. R. S. Parker, Cox: M. C. Page

4th The Friends’ School –

5th - Scotch College – 

6th St. Virgil’s College (Stopped rowing after stroke caught a crab and his seat seized.)

The race was well within the grasp of St Virgil's to win being a length up on Grammar at the halfway mark before the stroke caught a crab.

Second Four

½ mile



1st St Virgil's College

2nd Launceston Grammar

3rd St Patrick's College

4th Hutchins School – Bow: C. Rankin, 2: R. B. Skinner, 3: S. J. B. Pixley, Str: E. C. Chen, Cox: T. A. Francombe

5th Friends School

6th Scotch College

Third Four

½ mile



1st Launceston Church Grammar – 

2nd St Virgil's College

3rd Friends School

4th St Patrick's College

5th Hutchins School – Bow: D. E. Blain, 2: H. Fergusson, 3: C. Taylor, Str: M. Gibson, Cox: M. Cooper

Fourth Four

½ mile



1st Launceston Grammar

2nd St Virgil's College

3rd Friends School

4th Hutchins School – Bow: F. E. M. Lilley, 2: G. Salmon, 3: N. King, Str: P. Brammall, Cox: C. Burbury


  • Hutchins School Magazine, December 1955
  • Launceston Examiner Monday 2nd May 1955 page 18 

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