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History of the Tasmanian SATIS Head of the River rowing regatta

1930 SATIS Head of the River

Saturday, April 26 - Tamar River:

The 1930 Head of the River was raced on the 1 mile and ⅛th long Home Reach course on the Tamar River. The same 5 crews entered the 1930 race as they did in 1929:

-    Clemes College,

-    Friends’ High School,

-    Hutchins School,

-    Launceston Church Grammar School, and

-    Scotch College

The Mercury reported that there was keen public interest for the regatta. Hutchins School were able to regain the Golden Fleece Cup from Clemes College. Hutchins won the race by a convincing margin of 4 lengths over Clemes.

Hutchins School (far left) at the finish of the 1930 Head of the River (Source: The Mercury, 28 April 1930)

Hutchins School (far left) at the finish of the 1930 Head of the River (Source: The Mercury, 28 April 1930)


The following is an account by The Mercury of the 1930 race: 

“Hutchins had the No. 1 position on the eastern shore, then coming Friends', Clemes, Scotch, and Grammar, nearest to the western bank. The crews were ready 10-minutes before time, and there were still two minutes to go when the gun was fired. Hutchins and Scotch started off very fast at 44, Friends' and Grammar were timed at 40, and Clemes' stroke set 36. In the first 300 yards Hutchins, with a beautiful shoulder lift and leg drive, forged ahead from Clemes, who were slightly in advance of Grammar, Friends', and Scotch. When a quarter of a mile had been covered Hutchins, still showing splendid blade work, were out a length from Grammar, who had run into second place. Clemes, who were a llttle ragged at this stage, were half a length behind Grammar, and Scotch and Friends, racing level, were a similar distance to the rear of Clemes. At the half distance Clemes was improving rapidly, and lifting their boat well through the water they passed Grammar. A length and a half ahead Hutchins looked unbeatable. The piling, which starts the final stretch, found Hutchins a good three lengths ahead of Clemes, then coming Grammar, Friends', and Scotch. With a burst Hutchins came away in the last stretch, and passed the line four lengths ahead of Clemes. Grammar, who were third, were two lengths behind Clemes. Friends' were fourth, about a length to the rear of Grammar, with Scotch last, half a length behind. No time taken.”

Organising Committee:

Tasmanian Rowing Association


Starter: Senator B. Sampson

Judge: Mr. J. S. Dean

Winners of the 1930 Golden Fleece Cup - Hutchins School
(Source: Hutchins School Magazine, June 1930)

First Four

Golden Fleece Cup

1⅛ miles

No Time Taken

Margin: 4, 2, 1, ½ lengths

1st Hutchins School – Bow: J. C. Hudson, 2: H. J. Whelan, 3: B. Hood, Str: E. R. Clive, Cox: R. E. Rodway

2nd Clemes College – Bow: K. F. Kean, 2: N. M. Blundstone, 3: A. I. Palfreyman, Str: A. E. Palfreyman, Cox: V. B. Palfreyman

3rd Launceston Church Grammar – Bow: G. J. Cook, 2: L. N. Gollan, 3: R. B. Glendow, Str: L. R. McIntyre, Cox: D. T. Gee

4th Friends’ High School – Bow: K. W. Wells, 2: W. A. Watson, 3: W. O’Coleman, Str: T. L. Martin, Cox: R. N. Wells

5th Scotch College –  Bow: O. B. May, 2: T. V. Tandy, 3: G. M. Wardlaw, Str: J. M. Hood, Cox: A. W. Briggs


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Hutchins School Magazine, June 1930

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