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History of World Professional Sculling

World Professional Sculling Championships

1901 George Towns (AUS) defeats Jake A Gaudaur (CAN) on Lake of the Woods, Ontario

£250 a side was the bet.

George Towns

George Towns

Jake Gaudaur

Jake Gaudaur

1904 George Towns (AUS) defeats Richard Tressider (AUS) in Australia

Margin 20 lengths.

Towns & Kemp

Overhauling the Boats

Kemp on the left, Towns on the right

Towns with Kemp

Towns launching for a spin with Kemp and Andreoli


Tressider's Training Quarters, Nielsen's Boatsheds

L-R: R. Tressider, J. Gallagher, C. Nielsen

Tresidder & Nielsen

Tressider carrying his boat ashore

Nielsen stepping out of his boat

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