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history of australian national rowing championships

2011 Australian Masters Championships, Lake Barrington TAS

Rated by many as one of the world’s best ‘natural’ rowing courses, Lake Barrington proved again how accurate that statement is. Wild westerly winds battered the mainland and the western coast of Tasmania, yet the course at Barrington remained relatively smooth and pleasant throughout the whole regatta.

Organising Committee Chairman Peter Wade (President of Rowing Tasmania) and his famous band of willing volunteers, delivered a special Tasmanian experience over the three-day regatta. According to many long-time competitors, the Tasmanian event was “the best ever”!! The Organising Committee went to extraordinary lengths to develop a ‘community’ spirit by bringing in log fire burners, extra tents, and local jazz bands to keep competitors entertained.

The Championships were the second largest ever held with some 4195 (plus 291 coxswains) ‘seats’, with close to 750 competitors.

Top Clubs included:

  • Canberra Rowing Club: 19 Gold, 11 Silver, 7 Bronze;
  • Melbourne Rowing Club: 17 Gold, 7 Silver, 3 Bronze; and
  • Melbourne University Boat Club: 14 Gold, 12 Silver and 3 Bronze.

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