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world junior rowing championships history

2017 World Junior Championships– Trakai Lithuania

2017 World Junior Championships logo

These Championships were conducted from 2nd to6th August 2017 at Trakai Lithuania.

2017 Australian Men's Double Scull

Men's Double Scull Gold Medallists

Bow: Cormac Kennedy-Leverett, Str: Fergus Hamilton

Medal Tally

Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Romania 2 2 2 6
2 Great Britain 2 1 1 4
3 Croatia 2     2
4 Germany 1 4 2 7
=5 Switzerland 1 1 1 3
=5 USA 1 1 1 3
7 Italy 1   1 2
=8 Australia 1     1
=8 Czech Republic 1     1
=8 Spain 1     1

The full medal tally can be found through this link.

Daily Summaries

Wednesday 2nd August 2017

Thursday 3rd August 2017

Friday 4th August 2017

Saturday 5th August 2017

Sunday 6th August 2017

Men's Results

Men's Scull

Men's Double Scull

This race report is from Rowing Australia.

Australia’s Junior Men’s Double Scull were crowned World Rowing Junior Champions after a convincing victory in Trakai, Lithuania. The duo of Cormac Kennedy-Leverett and Fergus Hamilton beat off competition from European World Champions, and race favourites, Germany, to snap up gold at their debut World Rowing Junior Championships.

Post-race, Hamilton said: “I loved that race, we really went for it. We managed to get out front and just hold it. We’ve actually only had four consistent weeks together rowing. This was a fantastic first experience and great course to race on.”

Drawn in Lane 4, the Australians were the youngest crew of the six vying for the world title and got out of the blocks quickly after the race had earlier had a faulty start. There was little between the top boats, with Australia, Greece, Belarus and Germany all pushing for an early lead, however it was Australia who crossed the 500 metre mark in the lead.

The crew, coached by Tom Abramowski, had half a canvas lead over Greece and Belarus as they approached the halfway mark and continued to build speed as they pulled ahead of their competitors. At the next marker, the duo put their foot down and began to stroke 37 and took a clear water advantage over Belarus who had overtaken Greece by this point.

Hamilton, from Melbourne Grammar School, and Kennedy-Leverett, from The Southport School, powered over the line in a time of 6 minutes 34 seconds and claimed their World Title in fine fashion.

Rowing Australia Deputy Performance Director, Jaime Fernandez said: “Congratulations to Cormac, Fergus and their coach Tom on a fantastic victory today.

“This was the first time that many of our Junior team had ever competed overseas at an event with such an unprecedented amount of entries. We believe, that while only one crew claimed gold this time around, there are many athletes in this team, and the pathway, who have podium potential and this is just the first stage of their journey.

2017 Australian Men's Double Scull

Victorious Men's Double

Cormac Kennedy-Leverett and Fergus Hamilton

Men's Quad Scull

Men's Pair

Men's Four

Men's Coxed Four

Men's Eight

Australian Team

Men's Double Scull - Gold

Bow: Cormac Kennedy-Leverett (QLD)
Str: Fergus Hamilton (VIC)
Cch: Tom Abromowski (VIC)

Men's Quad Scull - Ninth

Bow: Lachlan Stevenson (NSW)
2: Harry Crouch (NSW)
3: Jackson Kench (NSW)
Str: Daniel Samus (NSW)
Cch: Jason Baker (NSW)

Women's Double Scull - Thirteenth

Bow: Skyla Froebel (VIC)
Str: Taylor McCarthy-Smith (QLD)
Cch: Jonathan Trovas (QLD)

Women's Eight - Ninth

Bow:Jessica Thompson (VIC)
2: Georgia Thomson (VIC)
3: Brigid McKeagney-Douglas (VIC)
4:Taylor McCarthy-Smith (VIC)
5: Mimi Tuddenham (VIC)
6: Aphrodite Gioulekas (VIC)
7: Sophie Balson (VIC)
Str: Jane Perrignon (VIC)
Cox: Phoebe Georgakas (VIC)
Cch: Alison Crowe (VIC)

Women's Results

Women's Scull

Women's Double Scull

Women's Quad Scull

Women's Pair

Women's Four

Women's Eight

Australian Women's Double Scull

Women's Double

Bow: Skyla Froebel, Str: Taylor McCarthy-Smith

2017 Australian Women's Eight

Women's Eight

Bow:Jessica Thompson, 2: Georgia Thomson, 3: Brigid McKeagney-Douglas, 4:Taylor McCarthy-Smith, 5: Mimi Tuddenham, 6: Aphrodite Gioulekas, 7: Sophie Balson, Str: Jane Perrignon, Cox: Phoebe Georgakas

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