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world junior rowing championships history

1992 World Junior Championships– Montreal Canada

1992 Women Junior Pair

1992 Women's Junior Pair


The National Championships showed that Australia had some outstanding junior athletes with superb rowing by the selected crews. The strong SA presence was as a result of the SASI junior programme. The men's double gained selection after racing against the New Zealanders in the Trans Tasman Juniors with great success.

Results – Men

Men's Junior Single Scull

E1: 1st FRA, 2nd FIN, 3rd BUL, 4th SUI, BAN withdrawn
E2: 1st JPN, 2nd LAT, 3rd AUT, 4th HUN, CHI withdrawn
E3: 1st GER, 2nd SLO, 3rd INB, 4th TUN
R: withdrawn due to other withdrawals
SF1: 1st SLO, 2nd BUL, 3rd JPN, 4th FRA, 5th AUT, 6th TUN
SF2: 1st GER, 2nd FIN, 3rd LAT, 4th HUN, 5th INB, 6th SUI
Final B: 7th FRA, 8th AUT, 9th HUN. 10th SUI, 11th INB, 12th TUN
Final: 1st SLO (Erik Tul) 7:01.72, 2nd GER (Marco Geisler) 7:06.36, 3rd FIN (Tim Schonberg) 7:19.18, 4th LAT 7:25.52, 5th BUL 7:28.78, 6th JPN 7:32.63

Men's Junior Double Scull

E1: 1st FRA, 2nd AUS, 3rd CRO, 4th JPN, 5th HUN
E2: 1st GER, 2nd CAN, 3rd POL, 4th NOR, 5th GBR
E3: 1st DEN, 2nd ITA, 3rd ARG, 4th GRE
R: 1st NOR, 2nd GRE, 3rd HUN, 4th JPN, 5th GBR
SF1: 1st FRA, 2nd CAN, 3rd DEN, 4th CRO, 5th ARG, 6th GRE
SF2: 1st GER, 2nd ITA, 3rd AUS, 4th NOR, 5th POL, 6th HUN
Final B: 7th POL 6:40.92, 8th NOR 6:41.03, 9th ARG 6:51.77, 10th HUN 6:57.30, 11th CRO 6:59.73, 12th GRE 7;11.67
Final: 1st GER (Danilo Winkler & Daniel Poenisch) 6:37.62, 2nd AUS 6:40.93, 3rd FRA 6:41.30, 4th ITA 6:42.26. 5th DEN 6:42.69, 6th CAN 6:52.44

Men's Junior Quad Scull

E1: 1st TCH, 2nd DEN, 3rd POL, 4th ITA, 5th MEX
E2: 1st GER, 2nd SWE, 3rd RUS, 4th SUI, 5th CHI
E3: 1st GBR, 2nd AUT, 3rd NED, 4th POR
R: 1st SUI, 2nd ITA, 3rd CHI, 4th POR, 5th MEX
SF1: 1st GER, 2nd TCH, 3rd AUT, 4th RUS, 5th POL, 6th CHI
SF2: 1st DEN, 2nd SWE, 3rd ITA, 4th SUI, 5th GBR, 6th NED
Final C: 12th POR, 13th MEX
Final B: 7th POL, 8th RUS, 9th NED, 10th SUI, 11th CHI
Final: 1st TCH 6:06.57, 2nd GER 6:09.46, 3rd AUT 6:09.94, 4th DEN 6:11.92, 5th SWE 6:13.60, 6th GBR 6:17.47, 7th ITA 6:20.69

Men's Junior Coxless Pair

E1: 1st CRO, 2nd INB, 3rd GRE, 4th BEL, 5th LTU, 6th HUN
E2: 1st GER, 2nd FRA, 3rd AUS, 4th TCH, 5th GBR
R1: 1st AUS, 2nd INB, 3rd BEL, 4th GBR, 5th HUN
R2: 1st TCH, 2nd FRA, 3rd GRE, 4th LTU
Final B: 7th GRE 7:10.50, 8th BEL 7:13.90, 9th GBR 7:17.16, 10th LIT 7:20.01, 11th HUN 7:21.36
Final: 1st GER 6:53.51 (Bjoern Siebert & Mark Kleinschmidt), 2nd AUS 6:56.77, 3rd TCH 7:01.03, 4th FRA 7:02.86, 5th INB 7:02.86, 6th CRO 7:17.68

Men's Junior Coxed Pair

Final: 1st GER 7:20.68, 2nd FRA 7:22.86, 3rd GBR 7:24.58, 4th USA, 7:29.02, 5th RUS 7:56.40

Men's Junior Coxless Four

E1: 1 st FRA, 2 nd BEL, 3 rd CRO, 4 th DEN, 5 th UKR
E2: 1 st GER, 2 nd GBR, 3 rd ITA, 4 th ARG
R1: 1 st ITA, 2 nd BEL, 3 rd UKR, 4 th ARG
R2: 1 st GBR, 2 nd CRO, 3 rd DEN
Final B: 7 th DEN, 8 th UKR, 9 th ARG
Final: 1 st GBR 6:15.64, 2 nd GER 6:17.04, 3 rd FRA 6:20.89, 4 th CRO 6:23.15, 5 th ITA 6:26.41, 6 th BEL 6:29.58

Men's Junior Coxed Four

E1: 1 st GER, 2 nd BLS, 3 rd GBR
E2: 1 st ROM, 2 nd ITA, 3 rd USA
Final: 1 st GER 6:22.98, 2 nd ROM 6:26.15, 3 rd ITA 6:26.58, 4 th GBR 6:32.10, 5 th USA 6:33.03, 6 th BLR 6:41.30

Men's Junior Eight

E1: 1 st RUS, 2 nd GBR, 3 rd ITA, 4 th SUI
E2: 1 st GER, 2 nd USA , 3 rd ESP
R: 1 st USA , 2 nd GBR, 3 rd ESP, 4 th ITA, 5 th SUI
Final: 1 st USA 5:47.06, 2 nd GER 5:48.20, 3 rd RUS 5:54.44, 4 th GBR 6:00.40, 5 th ITA 6:01.71, 6 th ESP 6:04.25

Australian Team

Men's Double Scull - Silver

  • Bow: Sinclair Taylor (QLD)
  • Str: Tim Kent (QLD)
  • Cch: Ted Egerton (QLD)

Men's Coxless Pair – Silver

  • Bow: David Cameron (NSW)
  • Str: Duncan Ashby (VIC)
  • Cch: Steve Evans (NSW)

Women's Double Scull - Silver

  • Bow: Carmen Klomp (SA)
  • Str: Anna Ozolins (SA)
  • Cch: Brenton Terrell (SA)

Women's Coxless Pair - Gold

  • Bow: Alison Davies (SA)
  • Str: Victoria Toogood (SA)
  • Cch: Simon Gillett (SA)

Manager: David Taylor (NSW)
Doctor: Dr David Coles (ACT)
Selectors: David Yates (VIC), Dennis Hatcher (VIC), David Poulson (TAS)

Results – Women

Women's Junior Single Scull

E1: 1st GER, 2nd FRA, 3rd POR, 4th SUI, 5th LAT
E2: 1st CRO, 2nd AUT, 3rd INB, 4th LTU
E3: 1st RUS, 2nd POL, 3rd BUL, 4th HUN
R: 1st SUI, 2nd LTU, 3rd HUN, 4th LAT
SF1: 1st GER, 2nd POL, 3rd CRO, 4th INB, 5th HUN, POR excluded
SF2: 1st RUS, 2nd FRA, 3rd SUI, 4th LTU, 5th AUT, 6th BUL
Final B: 7th INB, 8th BUL, 9th AUT, 10th LTU, 11th HUN
Final: 1st GER 8:04.13, 2nd RUS 8:20.62, 3rd POL 8:22.77, 4th CRO 8:23.12, 5th FRA 8:28.58, 6th SUI 8:41.13

Women's Junior Double Scull

E1: 1st RUS, 2nd BEL, 3rd SWE, 4th BUL
E2: 1st GER, 2nd AUS, 3rd CAN, 4th JPN
R: 1st AUS, 2nd SWE, 3rd CAN, 4th BEL, 5th BUL, 6th JPN
Final B: 7th JPN 8:19.13, 8th BUL 8:31.17
Final: 1st GER 7:46.58 (Kristina Erbe & Manuela Lutze), 2nd AUS 7:56.92, 3rd RUS 8:04.93, 4th SWE 8:08.49, 5th CAN 8;10.29, th BEL 8;16.67

Women's Junior Quad Scull

E1: 1st GER, 2nd TCH, 3rd NED, 4th GBR, 5th JPN
E2: 1st RUS, 2nd HUN, 3rd ESP, 4th ITA
R1: 1st TCH, 2nd ITA, 3rd ESP, 4th JPN
R2: 1st HUN, 2nd NED, 3rd GBR
Final B: 7th ESP, 8th JPN, 9th GBR
Final: 1st RUS 6:53.45, 2nd GER 6:54.66, 3rd HUN 6:56.88, 4th TCH 7:02.58, 5th NED 7:09.66, 6th ITA 7:18.74

Women's Junior Coxless Pair

E1: 1 st GER, 2 nd USA , 3 rd GBR, 4 th FRA
E2: 1 st AUS, 2 nd RUS, 3 rd TCH
R: 1 st RUS, 2 nd GBR, 3 rd USA , 4 th TCH, 5 th FRA
Final: 1 st AUS 7:59.13, 2 nd GER 8:11.39, 3 rd RUS 8:12.71, 4 th TCH 8:19.21. 6 th USA 8:24.85

Women's Junior Four

E1: 1st ROM, 2nd USA , 3rd GBR, 4th LAT
E2: 1st TCH, 2nd GER, 3rd CAN
R: GER, 2nd USA , 3rd CAN, 4th GBR, 5th LAT
Final: 1st TCH 7:22.29, 2nd GER 7:24.73, 3rd ROM 7:33.70, 4th CAN 7:45.87, 5th USA 7:46.81, 6th GBR 7:56.19

Women's Junior Eight

Final: 1st GER 6:31.74, 2nd TCH 6:35.03, 3rd USA 6:47.75, 4th LAT 7:00.14, 5th GBR 7:07.08

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